Bionic Bio-Elite Fertilizer


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Bio-Elite organic fertilizer is a fully sustainable replacement for common NPK fertilizers. It offers an opportunity to make productive use of organic waste materials from MSW, agriculture and forestry as well as animal manure without the usual difficulties associated with direct use in the fields. the technology

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Bionic Bio-Elite Fertilizer

  2. 2. What is Bio-Elite™ FERTILIZER ? • Bio-Elite fertilizer is a natural N/P/K substitute produced from a combination of waste biomass and animal manure in a controlled mechanical process facilitated by a unique selection of fungi and bacteria. • A process patent has been issued to Mr. Wolfgang Wondrak for this innovative approach. • International Distribution licensed by Bionic Group.
  3. 3. Characteristics of the Bio-Elite Fertilizer Bio-Elite is a 100% organic fertilizer… produced exclusively from natural bio-waste products based on a patented composting & fermentation process facilitated by a highly efficient fungi and bacteria mix with a texture similar to top soil containing nutrients directly accessible to plant roots insoluble in water and therefore no leeching works as a multi-crop long term fertilizer delivering nutrients at the right time, thus improving taste and increasing shelf life of products securing boosted growth-rates and better pest resistance containing no antibiotics residues, no pathogenic germs or any other hazardous substances sterilized due to the high temperature fermentation process with heavy metal contents below German and EU limits praised in several scientific studies and field tests all confirming the extraordinary characteristics and effectiveness of this unique product.
  5. 5. Advantages of Bio-Elite Fertilizer On pasture and lawn: long term effect of up to 4 years induces 4-5 times the root mass development provides for extremely endurable grass cover pH of 7,0 preventing acidification and moss growth improved nutrient – moisture balance
  6. 6. Advantages of Bio-Elite Fertilizer Trees and shrubs Bio Elite Fertilizer remains active for 5-10 years for trees with low nutrient uptake, for fruit trees 1-3 years Water storage capacity 1 m³ fertilier can store up to 500 – 600 ltrs of water water remains available for 3 – 6 weeks at + 30° C in the soil Heavy precipitation of 35 – 40 mm / m² are absorbed within 2-4 minutes avoiding erosion
  7. 7. Advantages of Bio-Elite Fertiliser Advantages for landscape management: Reduction of irrigation requirement by 15 – 25 % Long term fertilization No contamination of ground water with nitrates and phosphates 60 – 70 % humus content Low maintenance Low plant losses
  8. 8. Bio-Elite in farming The use of Bio-Elite offers many advantages to the farmer: No change of the available farming equipment needed On farm production of a high quality NPK replacement with extraordinary results Accelerated processing, 3 months instead of 6 compared to usual composting Sterilization of the manure and disintegration of pathogenic germs Better soil activity and better water storage (15-25%) Elimination of soil germs Higher growth rate and better fruits Stabilization of yield and adaption to climate change Reduction of synthetic fertilizer requirements, 50% in the first year, later increasing to 90% Plant accessible nutrients are water insoluble No contamination of groundwater Reclamation of soil through fast growth-rates and better soil activity Additional income to the framer by selling an organic fertilizer Optimal way of using animal manure without typical issues
  9. 9. Bio-Elite in renaturing and soil improvement Results after one year of Bio Elite use. Bio-Elite is especially useful for the reclamation of eroded soil
  10. 10. Continuous soil improvement Eroded soil Stabilisation of the soil through reforestation The continuous improvement of land from eroded soil to valuable farmland, opposed to radical change of land use, saves resources, preserves the environment and supports a small carbon footprint By improving soil with Bio-Elite : • 5 times faster growth of biomass • up to 4 crop seasons under irrigation Use of Bio-Elite for 3 years No additional synthetic fertilizer required
  11. 11. Reducing the CO² footprint Radically improving the soil compensates many climate change disadvantages CO2 absorption rates can be increased from the very beginning ( Significantly positive CO² balance reached much earlier) Eroded soils are wasted for further sustainable agriculture Soil stabilization through reforestation nutrient pumps Production of many valuable crops. Possible maize and other corn  Low, reforestation phase  Medium, renaturation phase  High, Bio-Elite The continuous improvement of land from eroded soil to valuable farmland, instead of radical change of land use, saves resources and preserves the environment
  12. 12. Production 13
  13. 13. Bio-Elite License-system Farming Sales-Organisation Husbandry Bio-Elite Production Agriculture waste (lawn, harvest residues, digester effluents) Fields Municipalities Farmers Cooperatives Markets Garden center End user License fees Consulting Quality control Fungi & bacteria Take-off contract Animal manure Biomass Mikro organisms Organic Fertilizing Better growth-rate Higher yield Hygienisation Better soil Reduced water comsumption Better nutrient absorbtion Water Indisolvable minerals Pure organic fertilizing Better Quality & Production rate Additional income Fotos © Liske/pixelio Free Sale (available agro equipment)
  14. 14. Bio-Elite Marketing-System Farm Bio-Elite Marketing & Sales-System Bio-Elite production Take-off agreement Biomass & manure Micro organism Free Sale Own fields European Distribution Network Transportation by Logistic Partner Payment- System <- product -> money Accruals for guaranted payments Fixed price For product + annual Bonus Sales- & management License payment Know-How Transfer &. Consulting Local Partner additional R & D Packing in bags & pallettes Municipalities Farmers Collectives Markets Gardencenter Enduser
  15. 15. Bio Elite and animal husbandry Application of Bio-Elite Soil-Active Fungi (BEF) in animal husbandry results in: • Low odors through a strong reduction of ammonia • Improved stable climate which reduces mortality • The use of BEF in fields as a biologic fertilizer means the bound Nitrogen will remain in the soil instead of being leeched into the groundwater with the rain water. No more odors and no contamination of groundwater. • Acts as ion-exchanger and Nitrogen storage and increases soil quality • Optimal composition of mineral nutrition for plants through the Bio-Elite process • BEF destroys most pathogenic substances down to 30cm deep and reduces the natural life zone of harmful insects. This results in saving of insecticides. • In combination of Bio Elite fertilizer and soil-active fungi on 7 – 10 lawn fields it is possible to increase the production ratio of proteins, which is impossible to reach using pure mineral fertilizers. • Substitution of soy can be reached for dairy milk cattle in using the Bio-Elite System.
  16. 16. Bio-Elite Soil-Active The combination of selected fungi in that product, usable as litter for the stable-soil will result in elimination of pathogenic germs of animal hushbandry. Fungicides und insecticides are effective eliminated using Bio-Elite soil-active fungi and the Bio-Elite Fertiliser system. The sole usage of Bio-Elite Soil-active fungi is possible on agricultural areas with sufficient humus-balance. By using it in stables, pathogenic germs are destroyed and the NH4 emissions are reduced dramatically (up to 86 %.)
  17. 17. Bio-Elite in pig breeding Key-figures for pig keeping (1000 pigs) from • 5475 m³ liquid manure and • 912,5m³ solid manure and • 1900 m³ biomass The Bio-Elite System produces: ~ 5.000 m³ Bio-Elite Fertilizer.
  18. 18. Bio-Elite in cattle breeding Key-figures for cattle breeding (1000 heads of cattle) Out of • 8.000 m³ liquid manure plus • 13.800 m³ solid manure Combined with • 6.500 m³ biomass The Bio-Elite System produces approx. 17.000 m³ Bio-Elite fertilizer
  19. 19. Bio-Elite in chicken farming Key-figures for chicken farming (100.000 free range chicken) Out of • 1.150 m³ solid manure combined with • 350 m³ biomass a Bio-Elite production system produces approx. 1.000 m³ Bio-Elite Fertilizer
  20. 20. Reach of Bio-Elite Products Nutrient availability in the 1. year approx: 50 % Nutrient availability in the 2. year approx: 60 – 80 % Nutrient availability from the 3. year approx: 100 % (without addition of soil-active) Those availability levels are sufficient for hobby-farmers and ornamental plants. For commercial farming we recommend the addition of Soil-Active Fungi (BEF) to the Bio-Elite fertilizer Per liter BEF 30g Soil-Active Fungi Per hectar 150 – 220 kg Soil-Active Fungi nutrient availability of BEF fertilizer 1st year BED + Soil-active fungi = 80 % nutrient availability of BEF fertilizer 2nd year BED + Soil-active fungi = 100 %
  21. 21. Viability Separate viability calculations for the license production of Bio-Elite Fertilizers are available on request: Animal husbandry: • Pigs • Cattle • Poultry Farming use: • Soil improvement • Sugar-beet farming • Maize and corn farming • Vegetable farming
  22. 22. Bio-Elite in scientific research In 2011 and 2012, a large monitored field test (20 ha) showed very positive results for potatoes, wheat and maize. It was reported that good and very good yields could be achieved on highly eroded farm land. ( Soil quality index 8 or less) It has been reported, that it was possible to eliminate several insecticides, especially against mildew. Because of the additional usage of Bio-Elite Soil-Active Fungi no fungicide applications were needed. A leading German Institute reported: „Bio Elite Fertilizer exceeds all expectations. The possibilities, in sense of sustainable farming in combination with Bio-Elite Fertilizer, can not be fully judged yet.“ Prof. Dr. Edgar Klose IUT Institut Berlin
  23. 23. Scientific evaluations and certifications
  24. 24. Bio-Elite Products International Distribution by: Bionic Laboratories BLG GmbH Helwigstr. 41 64521 Groß-Gerau Mail: Web: Tel: +49 6152 – 9911861 Fax: +49 6152 - 9911859 Disclaimer: Bio-Elite™(patented process technology) Is a product of Bio-Elite and protected under i international patent laws by Wolfgang Wondrak e.K., Rosenthalweg 5 08340 Schwarzenberg, Germany All rights reserved, production without expressional permission prohibited