RIC Hearing Aids Testimonial McMurray PA


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RIC Hearing Aids Testimonial McMurray PA

  1. 1. F R U S T R AT E D O V E R H E A R I N G L O S S ? A Tiny Electronic Device, Turned Back Time Attorney John McIlvaine and Restored The Quality Of My Life!W hen we were younger adults, we had a different set of concerns and focus.Career choices, finding love, raising our kids, Swift Audiology and showed me his very discreet Hearing Aid. I literally had to get right up to his ear and study it, to even see it! He had The benefits I experience daily with the OPEN, RECEIVER-IN-THECANAL, are too many to described! They not only help meproviding for our family financially and how to compared several different practices and communicate with my family again, withoutpay for a house. Professionals. He decided he would be in the frustration, but they have helped me in my work Now as mature adults, everything changes. best hands with Swift Audiology. They offered a and social life immensely! I love the outdoorsOur focus shifts to maintaining our Health so 45 day no risk trial period for return, or he could and the sounds of nature and animals. Nothingwe can enjoy what we worked so hard for, actually exchange the hearing instruments he makes me happier than hearing all of thosethroughout our lives. We want to travel a little chose for another type or brand, for up to 90 sounds and experiencing the beauty of this earthmore, remain social and enjoy the days. He couldn’t loose! In talking with him, he again! Talk about stress relief! I didn’t realizeGrandchildren. That takes not only energy, but was very happy with his hearing results and with how tense I was from NOT hearing, until Ithe ability to hear and communicate with our Swift Audiology. could hear again. Nor could I even imagine howworld. We all want to remain in control of our Debra Swift, founder and President, has much I was really missing!lives and stay active, sexy, healthy and youthful, 25 years experience in practice. She utilizes the The consequences of doing nothing, are faras long as possible! Admit it, we all want to love latest state of the art testing and fitting worse than the little bit of money and time it- be loved, and to enjoy this life! computers. She has built her practice from the took to get me back to feeling like myself again! In the past several years, my life began ground up, has three locations and employs Why don’t you just pick up the phone andto slowly change and actually turned into only highly credentialed Professionals. She gave call Swift Audiology like I did. Consider me aa very lonely and isolated existence. The ones him several different options and price ranges to friend, and take my advice, you won’t be sorryI loved the most didn’t even want to talk with choose from, to meet his needs. Another you did! Call them at 724-942-4700. You canme and were very frustrated with me. My favorable thing about Swift Audiology, is that even call toll free at 1-877-459-4413. They areGrandchildren, who mean the world to me, they offer a wide variety of brands and even offering a special program right now. Youwould talk to their Grandmother like I wasn’t manufacturers, so you know you aren’t locked can save a significant amount of money and geteven in the room. They constantly repeated into just one type. He said Debra really free batteries and extra warranties!their words to me, like I was an idiot and would explained everything to him in a way he clearlyfinally raise their voices like they were mad at was able to understand and was able make hisme. I finally quit asking them to repeat own choice, from the options presented, that hebecause I was embarrassed and quite frankly, felt comfortable with.didn’t want them to know I didn’t understand YOU GUESSED IT! I went to Swiftwhat they said. The distance between us was Audiology and I couldn’t be happier I did! I ambecoming so devastating to me, that I found hearing again, I feel like my life is back tomyself really quite sad and even depressed at normal, and my family is actually talking to metimes. As for my wife, it was like living with a again! They are just as happy as I am! I askedstranger after almost 47 years of marriage. I myself why I waited and suffered so long? Whythink she was even more frustrated than I was! would anyone choose to live with hearing loss Finally, I decided to look for help. Where that is so frustrating, when it just takes a visit towould I go? There are ads everywhere I looked, Swift Audiology to get your quality of life back!including in my mailbox! They all looked alike. I This Hearing Instrument that I wear isn’t evenremember thinking, “I don’t care what I pay for noticed by anyone unless I show them! It wasHearing help- it’s too much if it doesn’t work! I affordable with the payment terms I arranged,don’t want to go from one place to another, and every dime is worth it. I have spent moresearching for the best Hearing Aid at the money on things that come and go, with nocheapest price, and then end up putting it in the benefit to me, or my family, long term! I learneddrawer! I have too many friends who have done that wearing hearing aids actually has athat. I just feel like my life is out of control!” rehabilitative benefit to my ability to understand Finally, one of my best friends told me about speech and for my brain to remain sharper. Debra Swift, B.C.-H.I.S. Leslie Dunst Melissa Carnes Leslie Myers Original Founder/President MS.-CCCA AuD., AuD., 25 yr. + Senior Audiologist Dr. of Audiology Dr. of Audiology Peters Township | October/November 2011 | incommunitymagazines.com 61