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Hearing Aids McMurray PA

  1. 1. Studi Show Hearing Aids Improve your Quality  Life A merican adults have become more savvy when it comes to their healthcare. They regularly get their blood pressure and cholesterol checked; they are exercising and eating better. But one very important aspect of health care often gets overlooked: Hearing of a rich sound environment. Understanding speech is an exercise for the brain. How do you remember what you don’t even hear or process correctly? You know the old saying..”Use it or lose it!” Tests! That’s right. Hearing loss is a chronic health condition that So…why aren’t you getting your hearing tested?!? If you thought affects more than 20 million adults over the age of 45 in the United that hearing aids don’t work, or you’ve heard that many people leave States, and is the 3rd most common chronic health condition in theirs in a drawer instead of wear them, we have news for you: persons over the age of 65 (AAA task force, 2007). The 9 out of 10 people who wear hearing aids say that their quality of life consequences of hearing loss can be devastating. The inability to has improved since purchasing hearing aids! (Most recent, Better effectively communicate can impact a person’s social, emotional, Hearing Institute survey). and mental well-being, ultimately leading to a diminished quality of How do I become a successful hearing aid user? life. The National Council on Aging study "Consequences of There are three major factors that can lead to success. First, choose a Untreated Hearing Loss,” shows benefit and improvement in ones hearing health care provider with a good reputation. Counseling is emotional and mental abilities, as well as improved social skills, self extremely important and can have a greater impact on your confidence, and relationships when hearing loss is treated with satisfaction than even the particular hearing instrument chosen. It is hearing aids. Overall, that means an improved quality of life for important that he or she takes the time to educate you, listen to your hearing aid users. needs, properly program the aids and counsel you on what to expect How does hearing loss impact my social life? with your new hearing aids. Second, YOU can contribute to your The ability to communicate with family and friends is one of the success! Remember that it is a process. Work with the professional great joys in life. It also becomes a necessity when communicating to find something that best meets your needs. It’s not always a quick with your physician, or doing business over the telephone. fix, so don’t give up. Your brain has to acclimate to hearing again. Untreated hearing loss can add stress to your relationships. Just to Finally, it is important for you and your provider to choose a hearing ignore your spouse’s (and others) frustration over having to instrument that is best suited for you. The newer technology is part constantly repeat themselves, or sitting out of conversations because of the reason that more and more people are happy with their you can’t follow along, further distances you from loved ones and hearing aids. But, there are many different options - one size does your world. not fit all. Do not believe the old “myth” that hearing aids end up in a How does hearing loss impact my emotional well-being? drawer. Old myth = old school! There are many factors that lead to Hearing loss can cause frustration and loneliness, as well as lead successful hearing aid use. Most importantly, find a provider who to depression and anxiety. The simple act of listening can be will spend the time counseling you and working with you until a exhausting when you have to use more energy just to figure out solution is found. Get your hearing tested and try a pair of what someone has said, and many find it easier to just avoid hearing aids for yourself. Become one of the 90% whose life has social situations. Isolation is a result of untreated hearing loss. improved with hearing aids…you deserve it! The Professionals at Barriers begin to develop a wall. You begin to slow, age and Swift Audiology will not let you down! distance from life. By Dr. Leslie Myers AuD How does hearing loss impact my mental abilities? (On the staff of Swift Audiology) Untreated hearing loss can contribute to memory loss and affect the brain’s ability to process information. The connections from your ears to your brain can weaken and slow down if the brain is deprived Your trusted • $1,000 Off Per Pair of Phonak or Hearing GNResound Digital Hearing Instruments • Free Hearing Screenings Health Care • Walk-in Cleaning Clinic Provider • All Make Repairs • Free Batteries & Follow-up Care for over • Risk Free Trials, Return or Trade Privileges • Accept Most Insurances 24 Years • 0% Financing to Fit Any Budget ORTH512 & HEARING AID SERVICE TOLL FREE: 1-877-459-4413 Peters Township Washington North Hills 3035 Washington Rd. 2107 N. Franklin Dr. 5900 Corporate Dr./Ste. 260 Dr. Feuer/Happel Laser Washington Eye Center Pittsburgh Office & Debra Swift B.C.-H.I.S. Building (off Chestnut Street near Wild Things) Research Park President/Founder 24 years 724-942-4700 724-222-9010 1-800-331-3277 Debra Swift, B.C.-H.I.S. Leslie Dunst Melissa Carnes Leslie MyersOriginal Founder/President MS.-CCCA AuD., AuD., 24 yr. + Senior Audiologist Dr. of Audiology Dr. of Audiology Peters Township | August/September 2011 | incommunitymagazines.com 77