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February 2012 client provided content with every new era comes change -debra swift


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February 2012 client provided content with every new era comes change -debra swift

  1. 1. With Every New Era comes change... INTRODUCE YOUR EARS TO THE FIRST AND ONLY INVISIBLE, EFFORTLESS, 24/7 HEARING AID. No Batteries to Change Written by No Daily Insertion/Removal Required Debra Swift Even Showerproof & HEARING AID SERVICE Clear, Natural Sound Quality Founder President of Swift AudiologyWe may like some of the changes that have occurred and we may The Lyric Hearing instruments are now extended wear, inserted byreally dislike others, but one thing is certain; there will always be Certified Professionals and programmed to correct your hearingconstant change in Technology. It doesn’t mean that we understand loss. They are worn 24/7 to sleep and even shower. They are replacedthem, but we somehow learn to utilize new electronic gadgets like cell in our office every 3-4 months. Totally invisible. Very natural and clearphones, computers, I-Pods etc....This era is certainly about information sound quality. Updated with every new improvement in technology asand communication! No more unanswered questions, right? We just you go, included in the original price. So we now have Extended weargoogle it! Have you ever googled Hearing Aids? Holy Cow ! As as well as Daily wear (the hearing aids we remove daily)someone who has devoted 25 years to becoming an expert on thesubject and building a Practice to be proud of (by any standards) I can Hearing aids are micro electronics (computers) with a number oftell you that it will boggle your mind and leave you frustrated in your channels, that work like graphic equalizers. The manufacturerssearch for Better Hearing! Our Patients tell us every day that they were have broken down the technology levels according to the number ofreferred to our Practice by their Dr., their insurance company, a friend channels, the advancements providing clarity of speech in noiseor family member, or because we have been in their community, in the and the amount of automatic noise reduction for background noisenewspapers and their mailboxes for so long, with a trusted reputation (noise that is uncomfortable and interferes with our conversations).and they always knew when they were ready to get help with their The more the Professional can customize the function of the hearinghearing needs, they would come to us. instruments on the software for the Patients hearing and lifestyle, the more advanced the technology level, the more automatic in noise andQ: Why are hearing aids different than other electronics that you the greater the understanding of speech in noise. (Which is where mostcan purchase on the internet or out of a magazine? Why are the of the difficulty occurs)prices for hearing aids all over the place, from a few hundred tothousands? Why is the Professional that fits the hearing aid so THUS; The difference in price. If you are finding a low price, youimportant, vs. I will just get one over the counter and do it myself? have a lower level of technology that will not have as much benefit forWhy do I need to have my ears inspected otoscopically and my clarity and comfort in noise, or when out socially. Some do fine withhearing Professionally tested before I get a hearing aid? What’s the introductory hearing aids if their lifestyle is home bound and they havedifference between all of these models (sizes) and manufacturers a mild to moderate hearing loss. Watch for the bait and switch ads(brands)? though, that get you in the door and then tell you what you really need! Compare Apples to Apples, not to oranges!These are the questions that will boggle your mind when researchingwhere to find the right hearing instruments with the most benefit at Another difference in pricing between providers, is if the hearingthe lowest price. Isn’t that what we all want when shopping for aids are bundled with all of the lifetime cleanings, services,anything? The best bang for our buck?! What do we generally do maintenance, replacement of all the tubings, receivers, microphonewhen we don’t know what to do, or where to go? WE DO covers, volume controls, battery doors, reprogramming with retestingNOTHING! Frozen with frustration and the fear of losing our of your hearing annually and as your brains acclimation levels change.money! We hear it every day! People that have needed help for years, Is verification testing to show the benefit of the hearing aids provided?but for all of the reasons listed above, they held back. (It used to be Are there referrals to Otolaryngologist when there is medical necessitysimple vanity, but microelectronics make hearing aids virtually or red flags? Free Batteries and extended warranties with the optionunnoticeable) to renew both when warranties expire? These services and batteries are worth much more than the cost that is built in, vs. buyingThe Answers: Hearing is a brain function. The ears are the pathway UN-BUNDLED or paying á la carte as you go. A per visit, or perand that pathway becomes damaged due to noise, aging, illnesses, service basis, will cost more if the Patient actually does what is requiredototoxic medications, or even hereditary factors. Almost 95% of for continued hearing benefit with the aids. That is actually why so manyhearing loss is sensorineural (nerve loss) and hearing aids are needed to end up in the drawer after a period of time. A good provider will set youmake up for the damaged hair cells (nerve). Hearing aids get the up on a program to cover all of these things on an on-going basis. Thenmissing information to the brain, so that the brain can cognitively you have value/benefit for the cost! Is it better to buy a Hearing Aid forprocess speech and the sounds of the world that keep us acclimated $1,000 that ends up in a drawer, with no service, or to pay a little moreand in communication with people! This is called Aural with bundled services, batteries, warranties that provides everythingRehabilitation and it is a process that takes time. you need for the life of the aids to hear well? If a Patient needs that price range, Swift has aids that include bundled services with them.Studies posted in the Archives of Neurology have linked hearing loss We explain the differences and you make an educated choice! We offerto Alzheimers/ Dementia. For every 10% of hearing loss that goes many options and you are never stuck with your choice if it isn’tuntreated over a prolonged period of time, the risk for developing satisfactory.Alzheimers is increased by 20%. We have certainly seen therelationship between hearing loss and Dementia for years in our Think about how much moisture from perspiration, wax and dead skinPractice. How can we remember what we don t hear or understand end up in this electronic device when worn daily. If aids aren’t driedclearly? The brain slows cognitively and it takes extra effort to and vacuumed out, how will they perform well? Humans are about 80%understand conversations, which is not only tiring but frustrating, moisture. The ear produces cerumen (wax) in an oily form as naturesembarrassing and impacts the persons self confidence and well being, cleansing system. So if maintenance is not provided, the benefit willaccording to a National Council on Aging study. This study has shown diminish over time. The average life on daily wear hearing aids shouldthat untreated hearing loss can lead to isolation and depression as well. be a minimum of three to five years for customized (molded) products,Wearing Hearing Aids daily reverses these affects thru aural but well over that if they are behind the ear, or receiver in the canal/rehabilitation. over the ear styles. Durability and performance depend on how dry and how clean we keep the aids. Again, it doesn’t matter how long they lastSo with this new era is enlightenment, as to the importance of our if you don’t continue to hear well, so this requires hearing tests andhearing as it relates to the quality of our life. It is no longer a pride reprogramming to update annually (unless the hearing changesissue, or just a convenience. The average age of the hearing aid wearer dramatically due to health issues, treatments, or trauma).is now headed toward 55-65 (it used to be 80). This is in large part dueto the baby boomers with hearing loss and the fact that we have been Swift Audiology is proud to help its Patients continue to hear well formade more aware of the impact of hearing loss in our careers, family the past 25 years! We remove the fear and risk by offering Free Trials,and social life (partially from observing this negative impact in our 45 day returns and 90 days to trade to another type or technology if notGrandparents and Parents lives). Why do we see ads everywhere about satisfied.hearing aids? Because the need (market) is about to double to almost60 million and baby boomers want to remain active, youthful and Experience does matter when choosing a Professional. ALOT! Choosesharp! Everyone wants a piece of the action! Hearing aids, back when I a local Practice that you can trust, to help you find hearing aids thatstarted my Practice, were dirty words, a necessary evil! Today they are most functional and beneficial for your life-style. Swift Audiology!function digitally, providing greater benefit and are cosmetically Call 724.942.4700 or 724.222.9010 for a no cost, no obligationdiscreet or even invisible. Hearing screening and Demo today! January 30 - Feburary 3rd in our Peters Office Debra Swift, B.C.-H.I.S. Leslie Dunst Dr. Leslie Myers Swift Audiology is proud to offer you the Original Founder/President 25 Years in Practice MS.-CCCA Senior Audiologist Au.D., Dr. of Audiology opportunity to try LYRIC HEARING, invisible extended wear. Washington Peters Township FREE 30 Day, NO RISK TRIAL. 2107 N. Franklin Dr. 3035 Washington Rd. Washington Eye Center (Dr. Feuer/Happel Laser Bldg.) Call for your pre-screening appointment 724-222-9010 724-942-4700 to see if you’re a candidate. North Hills (As seen on CNN, The Doctors, Dr. Oz, 5900 Corporate Dr., Ste 260 Good Morning America, etc.) Pittsburgh Office & Research Park Renamed: McCandless Corporate Center Contact us at 724.942.4700 412-364-8338 724-222-9010 Lyric Clinic is at our Peters Twp. office. Pre-screenings may be done in the Washington office TOLL FREE: 1-800-331-3722 (EARS) Renew your relationships and life, through Better Hearing! -Advertisement- OR129