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  • 1. "world's highest garbage site".
    People have been married there
    Its cold
    Most people carry oxygen with them
    Not many people have been here
    People have die every year here
  • 2.
  • 3. Mount Everest: Tourism
    To understand the appeal of Mt Everest.
    To Know the problems created by tourists that come to Everest.
    To think about what should happen in the future.
  • 4. Where is Mount Everest? Name continent and country.
  • 5. Which route do most people use?
  • 6. What’s it like ?
    Base Camp
    Base Camp before south ridge
  • 7. What are the problems?
    Hundreds of people make an attempt at the world's highest peak each year, leaving oxygen tanks, food packaging and tents in their wake - excess weight discarded on the descent.
    While it took 30 years for the first 150 climbers to surmount Everest, the same number completed the expedition over a 3-day period in 2001.
    In 2004 there were some 379,000. They "are a bigger worry"
    Providing enough electricity & water for the small communities surrounding Everest becomes very challenging when there are tens of thousands of additional tourists & climbers competing for these resources.
    along the trail towards Everest there are now restaurants and cyber cafes and bars, and this just doesn't seem right.'
  • 8.
  • 9. Solutions
    The Nepalese authorities are now pushing climbers to use metal containers, which can be brought down in crushed form and then recycled, rather than plastic or glass.
    "if we keep the area clean, it means more business for tour operators, local people and porters".
    The Nepalese government now makes expeditions pay a deposit, which is only returnable if they bring their rubbish back down.
    Clean-up climbs, and financial incentives for porters to fill empty bags with mountain litter
    "Things are improving, the area is getting cleaner, people are much more cautious about their garbage,"
  • 10. Environmentalists
    Should we prevent access to Everest?
    Nepalese government
  • 11. Student outcomes
    All: know why people go to Everest. Can describe some problems and give one solution.
    Most: have an opinion on future of Everest. Know and describe attractions and explain problems.
    A few: can make links to attractions problems and solutions. They discuss issues with confidence. They are aware of many view points.