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20082563 hwangboram

  1. 1. │Introduce To communication│Prof. Micle│2012-10-15 About“The Infinity Challenge” SUBJECT TITLE „Television‟ 20082563 Hwang Bo-ram
  2. 2. Infinity Challenge is a Korean television entertainment program, distributed and syndicated by MBC. As of June and July 2009, it still has the largest market share for its timeslot; between 13.8 percent and 19.7 percent of Korean television viewers watch Muhan Dojeon at 6:40 PM everySaturday night. 2006 … Current Infinite Challenge is recognized as the first "Real- Variety" show in Korean television history.  Yoo Jae Suk, Park Myung Soo, Jeong Jun-ha, Jung Hyung Don, No Hong-chul, haha​​, Gil appeared. Picture  Characters have been constructed as visuals from silly conversations, extravagance, appellation and costumes.
  3. 3. The program is familiar to someaudiences in the West. The challengesare often silly, absurd, or impossibleto achieve, so the program takes onthe aspect of a satirical comedyvariety show rather than a morestandard reality or contest program.The narrative structure of Muhandojeon has its limit of the very basic monotonous structure of variety program genre. However, this limit has beenovercame by choosing unexpectableshows stories and wide ranges of distinctive items.
  4. 4. Infinite Challenge has the character ofeach six relatively large MC.6 is simply not to proceed with theprogram. Created to fit the characterof each confrontation.This gave the viewers to exotic fun. Theyre stimulated by every newchallenge, and they feel happy whenits members work hard for viewer. Also, impressive by its creativechallenge or attempt. Many of thechallenges.
  5. 5. The reason that the program is gaining FUN MOVE JOY popularity.Laughter generated fromMuhandojeon is one focused onthe body which characters of INTIMACY SYMPATHY PASSIONbelow the averages intentionallycreate "low class" comedy. And inthis point, audiences feelinstinctive pleasures deeply LEARNING HOPE EFFORTrelated with jolly laughter fromthe body.
  6. 6. “Infinite Challenge”replayed the honorand emotions of the A human drama was broadcastedWinter Olympics where they members all helped eachIf these games were for laughter, other out.the main attraction of the showwas for emotional ending. Thefinal mission was to climb 90m ofski jump slope as a group and pullout the flag located at the top.Yoo Jae Suk, who climbed to thetop first, slid down the slope tohelp out Gil who was stuck at themiddle of slope and helped himclimb to the top. Park Myung Sooand Jung Jun Ha showedsomething that would be in a warmovie, saying things like “Leaveme and go!” The membersshowed that they can do whateverthey have the determination to do,and once again tested the beliefthey have for one another.
  7. 7. The beginning of However, as time Now Infinite After weekend, a this show was not goes by with a lot Challenge became lot of people talk so good. of efforts of the most popular about an episode members, at TV show in Korea. of this program present, which Recession Interest Growth PopularityAn audience rating when people think As a lot of people they watched on was so low that of some TV watch and love this TV the lastpeople related with program which show, naturally its Saturday and they this show were they enjoy on influence also gets sometimes follow worried about the weekends, they bigger and bigger. what they watchedclosing of the show. usually think about like 7 comedians in and choose Infinite the show. Challenge.
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