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Websites for upper elementary students.

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Sites for Student Learning

  1. 1. Virtual trips to museums around the world
  2. 2. Virtual tours of several national parks.
  3. 3. Shows students a picture and students Guess where that picture was taken. Students get points based on how close They guess the correct location. Students will use their prior knowledge of what they know about the earth’s geography/climate around the world
  4. 4. Students can view animal webcams all over the world
  5. 5. A free site for research about animals. Includes videos, pictures and information.
  6. 6. Students can learn answers to everyday questions. You can search by topic and grade level. There is a new Wonder each day. You can even submit questions too.
  7. 7. Explore an interactive Museum of Modern Art Learn about the art and solve puzzles
  8. 8. Hangout with your friends and Race around museums to collect Clues and find works of art.
  9. 9. Explore history all over the world through photos.
  10. 10. A site with simulations
  11. 11. Teacher created site for students, all subjects
  12. 12. This site has activities for all grade levels and all subjects.
  13. 13. This site has games and activities for Students. Includes all subjects.
  14. 14. Activities for all ages and all subjects. Lots of free materials here, But you can also get a subscription and get a free trial.
  15. 15. A site for art, creativity and story telling.
  16. 16. National Gallery of Art website for kids. Explore art and create your own.
  17. 17. With the Chrome browser you can build with virtual Legos. You can also do the “Academy” and be challenged to build Something specific.
  18. 18. Build a Lego comic. Tell a story.
  19. 19. Learn to code with Angry Birds and other fun characters.
  20. 20. Coding with a robot. Give the robot commands to get to the blue square.
  21. 21. Create a word cloud
  22. 22. Learn about animals and create new ones.
  23. 23. Keyboarding practice
  24. 24. Keyboarding practice. Upper and lowercase letters
  25. 25. Free typing site with lessons.
  26. 26. A keyboarding site with a 90 day free trial
  27. 27. Free typing site with lessons.
  28. 28. Keyboarding practice
  29. 29. Links to many free National Geographic magazines.
  30. 30. A site for online books. This requires a subscription, but you could get a free trial.
  31. 31. Create a story. Share it and print it. Free site, no login required.
  32. 32. Students write a story and draw the pictures. Students upload pictures and type the story and then they can order a hardcopy of their book for a fee.
  33. 33. Create a story online. Record your voice reading the story. Draw pictures for the story. Embed or share your story.
  34. 34. Create a story. Use the Story starter for ideas. Share and print your story
  35. 35. Students are given a story starter and asked to write more chapters in the book. After the story is finished it can be read online or have it published. In a classroom setting, students in the class would Write the next chapter in the book and then Students would vote on the chapter they like the best. This challenges students to write their best work. Students would continue writing Chapters until the book was completed.
  36. 36. / This site helps students organize ideas and helps with the writing proce
  37. 37. Follow along with an interactive story and practice the use of parts of speech.
  38. 38. Time travel through history with this game and learn about different cultures.
  39. 39. Upper level math game for students.
  40. 40. Solve a mystery while playing this game
  41. 41. Here’s an art activity the students can do at home
  42. 42. Educational sites for kids, organized by category