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Cold war- Mariam al-kethairi- Fatima Totten9A

Cold war- Mariam al-kethairi- Fatima Totten9A






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    Cold war- Mariam al-kethairi- Fatima Totten9A Cold war- Mariam al-kethairi- Fatima Totten9A Presentation Transcript

    • Done By: Mariam Al-Kethairi & Fatima Totten 9A
    • The Cold War was the continuing state fromroughly 1946 to 1991 of political conflict, militarytension, and economic competition betweenCommunist world, and the powers of the westernworld. There were two primarily sides which werethe Unites States and its allies, and the SovietUnion and the Satellite States.
    • America’s leader Truman wanted Europe to be free and to endcommunism and to spread prosperity and democracy.In the other hand, Russia wanted East Europe to become acommunist and to spread communism. And Stalin, Russia’s ruler,wanted Germany weak and divided which was the opposite of whatthe US wanted which led to starting the conflict and the cold war.The countries that Stalin decided to keepunder his reign were called the satellitestates, which are the countries that wereforced to become communist countriesThe tension between the US and Russia in freedom of choice and option led tocreating an imaginary line that separated free vs. not free which was called ‘iron curtain’ between the two countries. .
    • Truman responded in a doctrine know as ‘ Truman doctrine’ which statedthat the US would rescue and aid any country struggling againstcommunism just like how he helped Turkey and Greece.Truman also responded by putting effort to apply the ‘containment’ idealismwhich meant keeping communism within its existing borders and stopping itfrom spreading.He also responded by creating the Marshall Plan whichwas a US program to help countries that desperatelyneeded assistance.
    • Most of the people migrated from the east to recover and to askfor a better life by moving to the west side of Berlin, because thewest was doing better economically. Stalin had to block Berlinfrom eastern Europe and so he blocked all roads, railways,water ways and even shot anyone that tried to pass through.Stalin couldnt stand the west’s intervention and this resultedinto creating the physical border known as the Berlin Wall.Since Stalin blocked most possibilities the Allies did an airliftknown as the ‘Berlin Airlift’ that Stalin could not block since hewasn’t capable to blockade the skyAfter having the Allies create the airlift, Stalin’s plans failedwhich led him into giving up and results to the loss of gamble.