Cold war beginnings shamma d. 9 b
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Cold war beginnings shamma d. 9 b






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Cold war beginnings shamma d. 9 b Cold war beginnings shamma d. 9 b Presentation Transcript

  • The Cold war : BeginningsShamma Al dhaheri 9B
  • THE COLD WAR: The cold war was the continuing state fromroughly 1946 to 1991 of political conflict, military tension and economic competition between thecommunist world (soviets ,satellite state and allies) and the western world (United states and its NATO allies) .
  • WHAT WERE THE REASONS BEHIND THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN RUSSIA AND AMERICA AT THE END OF WWII?The reasons behind the differences between Russiaand America at the end of WWII was that Russia is a communist country and the U.S is a democraticcountry, which is the opposite of communist, Russia wanted to spread communism and stalin wanted germany to stay weak and divided.
  • H OW D I D P R E S I D E N T T RU M A N R E S P O N D T O S OV I E T D O M I N A T I O N O F E A S T E R N EUROPE?President Truman responded to the soviet domination of the eastern Europe by his policy “truman doctrine” . He stated that the U.S would support any country threatened by communism.
  • W H A T W E R E T H E C AU S E S A N D R E S U LT S O F S T A L I N S B L O C K A G E O F BERLIN?The causes and results of stalins blockage of berlin because it was pasrt of weatern europe and because he thought if he had berlin hostage it would stop the allies. He failed because the allied had an airlift .