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  1. 1. The Power of Gratitude 感 恩 的 力 量 Inspirational quotes on gratitude, thankfulness, and praise. 鼓舞人心的話語
  2. 2. Expressing gratitude for the miracles in your world is one of the best ways to make each moment of your life a special one. You will find that you will want to contribute to the needs and wants of others without any expectation of acknowledgment. When you have gratitude in your heart, you will find a new willingness to give to others so that they, too, might experience the joys that you feel. 對你生活中發生的每件事情, 表示感恩, 將使你生命中每一刻都變得特別。 當你心中滿懷感恩,你就有願望,將你的歡樂散播給別人。 你會毫不思索的,想要滿足別人的需要。
  3. 3. Gratitude is a tangible force. The more you feel it, the more reasons you will find to feel it. Gratitude is a miraculous force, like a magical magnet, generating and then attracting so much more than you have already received. It is like a living energy, clearing the way for you to become so much more than you have already experienced. 感恩具有實際的力量,你愈有感覺,你就愈想找理由接近。 感恩神奇的力量,像一塊磁石,你擁有愈多,你的力量就愈大。 展現生命的能量,感恩使你經驗到更多過去沒有經驗過的事。
  4. 4. Gratitude is an emotional response of love that wells up within when one is confronted by the awesome design of life. Without a continual affirmation and prayer of thanks and appreciation, our mind becomes bored, and our heart dulls. We withdraw from the world, resigned to our struggle alone. Gratitude is a way out of difficulty‚ pain‚ and isolation. 感恩是愛的一種情緒反應,當人遭遇到嚴肅的生命問題時, 感恩就會湧上心頭。 反之,感恩會使我們遠離困難, 痛苦,與孤獨。 沒有持續的感謝,讚美, 我們的頭腦將變得空洞, 心變得 晦暗 , 彷彿世界已經遠離而去,認命的接受上帝的安排。
  5. 5. It is impossible to feel worry, anger, depression, or any negative emotion of any kind in the presence of genuine gratitude. A beautiful sunny day and a dark, stormy day cannot occur in the same place at the same time. So does the practice of gratitude redirect our minds away from fear and toward the truth, clearing out all negativity, pain, and suffering. 當你心中充滿感恩時,就不可能感覺到憂慮,生氣 , 沮喪 那些負面情緒。   豔陽高照與風雨交加,不可能同時同地存在。  感恩將使我們面向事實真理,掃除悲傷,痛苦。
  6. 6. Each day offers a reason for gratitude, and we need to look for those special moments and remember them. Good health, the ability to help others, and the support of good friends are all reasons to be grateful. Nothing in life should be taken for granted.  我們安排一個時刻,每天找個理由感恩。  健康身體,有能力幫助別人,支持朋友… . 都是感謝的理由。 人生中每一樣事都有感恩的理由。
  7. 7. When gratitude becomes a way of life, success, happiness, and health become the norm. As soon as we feel gratitude, everything changes. It can transform a situation where you feel sadness and loss that, in turn‚ draws more sadness and loss to you, to one of joy and happiness. The very same situation is immediately transformed when viewed with a heart filled with gratitude. 當感恩成為生活的一部份,成功,快樂,健康就是常態。 只要你心存感恩,你會看到事情的變化,悲傷化為歡樂,損失卻演變為知足常樂。 用感恩的心觀察每一樣事,都會發生相同的立即效果。
  8. 8. How does one practice gratitude? Focus on the abundance in your life rather than the lack. Look for things that trigger gratitude in your life, even if they may seem insignificant at first. Soon you will automatically begin to feel buoyant and joyful. You can practice gratitude each day with each word, each thought‚ and each gesture. Even though you may have lists of needs and wants, ask yourself what it is you have to be grateful for now. 如何實行感恩呢? 將你想要的列一張表,問問自己,那些是要表示感謝的。 生活中許多事都能觸動你感激之心,不久你心情就快樂起來。 將焦點集中在你富裕的一面,而不是你欠缺的另一面。
  9. 9. Gratitude is free—there is no cost. Nature's miracles, such as the flowers in bloom, the leaves when they turn bright colors in the fall, or the sky when it's blue, remind us of the simple pleasures in life. 感 恩 不 需 要 成 本 自然現象,花兒開了,秋天的葉子換了顏色,藍天白雲,這些簡單的事務,讓我們心也跟著愉快開朗起來。
  10. 10. Gratitude changes the way we view life and ourselves. Difficult situations that were once intolerable and seemingly unchangeable, transform. We feel better about ourselves and our ability to positively affect our environment and our world. Depression lifts, conflict turns to harmony, and stress releases to peace. The moment we feel gratitude, the situation begins to lighten, and then we can see the opportunities to create change. 遭遇到不能忍受或不能改變的事實時,感恩讓我們改變了人生 感恩的感覺出現時,情況變得晴朗,我們看到了改變的機會。 我們提昇了自己,看到了我們能力在崗位上發揮,消沈志氣恢復生氣,衝突變成和睦,緊繃變得舒緩和平。
  11. 11. Have a preventative maintenance program for resignation, cynicism, and doubt. Every day, more than once, search your mind for all that you have to be grateful for. 有任何方法可以防止 放棄, 嘲諷, 懷疑的心態嗎? 每天不止一次的, 找尋內心裏的感激之情。
  12. 12. The key to a happy, healthy, successful life is gratitude. Gratitude not only heals, it rejuvenates the body. If you doubt this, just take a look at someone's face that has been ravaged by years of resentment. They will look drawn and haggard. Then look at someone who has lived their life in gratitude. They will be radiant with health and aliveness. 能過一個快樂,健康,成功的人生關鍵在於感恩。 感恩能恢復你的健康,也能讓你保持年輕。看看那些心懷怨恨 飽經風霜的臉。 他們顯得憔悴,再看心懷感恩的人,他們 容光煥發 , 散發出健康活力。 
  13. 13. "You cannot be grateful and unhappy at the same time." Even the highest and finest of the pleasures of this life are bound to come to an end. 你不可能同時心存感激,又不快樂。 即使要走向人生終點,感恩能讓我們得到最高與最好的滿足。
  14. 14. Love is the power that heals our lives, and love is the power that will ultimately heal this world. Gratitude comes from love. It is the natural expression of a loving heart. Therefore, whenever we express gratitude, we align ourselves with the power that heals us. Giving thanks and praise spreads healing energy and makes our lives and the world a better place to be and live. 愛使生命與世界充滿意義。 感恩來自於愛,也是愛心的自然表現。 讓感謝讚美充斥在美好的人生與世界當中。 因此無論何時的感恩,就是在發揮調整治療自己的能力。
  15. 15. It is always our choice how we want to live our lives. the very act of gratitude transforms the negative experience into a positive one. By choosing to maintain an attitude of gratitude, we are assured of living a happy, healthy, successful life. 我們可以選擇, 我們想要的生活方式。 選擇感恩的態度,也是確保生活的快樂、健康與成功。 每一次感恩的行動,讓負面經驗轉而變為正面積極,將使個人受益無窮。 ~祝朋友永遠健康快樂~