Just The 'Basics' About Facebook

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Just The 'Basics' About Facebook

Just The 'Basics' About Facebook

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  • 1. Just The ‘Basics’ About Facebook
    Holli Vah Seliskar
    Kaplan University
  • 2. Getting Started on Facebook: Sign Up and Set Up
  • 3. Link Other Email Accounts
  • 4. Block Anyone You Want To!
  • 5. Add Controls
  • 6. Control WHO Can See You ANDWHAT People Can See
  • 7. Control What People Can See On Your Facebook Wall
  • 8. Things People Will NEVER Know
  • 9. Your Photos Are Safe on Facebook
  • 10. You Can Join Different Networks on Facebook
  • 11. You Can Receive Notifications
  • 12. You Can Go Mobile!
  • 13. Some Basic Features of Facebook Mobile
  • 14. Find Some Friends on Facebook!
  • 15. Make More Friends on Facebook!
  • 16. Have Fun on Facebook… Play Some Games on Facebook!
  • 17. Things to Remember About Facebook
    You don’t have to ‘friend’ everyone on Facebook.
    If you click ‘Ignore’ on a friend request, the person WILL NOT know.
    Accepting and Deleting later is OKAY!!!
    Use the ‘hide’ function when necessary and/or appropriate.
    Don’t write posts that you will regret later!
    Don’t be afraid to remove comments on your page if you don’t like the comment, etc.
    Removing an inappropriate comment is always OKAY!!!
    Untag notes, photos, etc., if you do not like the note, photo, etc.
    If you do untag something, be sure to change your privacy settings, to select who can and can’t view your notes, photos, etc.
    Familiarize yourself with privacy settings, and ALL Facebook settings…you WON’T regret it later!
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