Mashups with popular & social networks can increase value for publisher's content.
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Mashups with popular & social networks can increase value for publisher's content.



I've made this presentation for Dennis Publishing, but alas they didn't think Facebook could generate more revenues for them. ...

I've made this presentation for Dennis Publishing, but alas they didn't think Facebook could generate more revenues for them.

Thus I've started my own initiative to create car related mashup that will be launched in Facebook. I'll include RSS feed / content from regional / national car magazines. Can I generate substantial more visitors towards their content?



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Mashups with popular & social networks can increase value for publisher's content. Mashups with popular & social networks can increase value for publisher's content. Presentation Transcript

  • Componence Chameleon Generate more exposure and closer relations with readers for content of Dennis publishing through mashups and social networks By Ha Vo Componence April 2009 (c) Componence 2009 Getting real value from popular Web 2.0 platforms
    • Use social networks and mashups to find the LongTail!
  • Ad revenues keep falling in for magazines and newspapers
  • Publishers need new ways to revenues and cost reduction
    • Advertising income probably dropped with 50% or worse. So money is needed. But from what?
    • Leads to subscriptions! Those are stable, but can we get more new leads than cancellations?
    • Lower costs of marketing / print / editorial. Firing editors will help, but can you keep the editorial quality?
    • Better service to keep the customers, preventing them from writing that letter to cancel the subscription.
    • More value out of current content . But how? Social networks definitely have value, but interfacing with them can be expensive.
  • Web 2.0 power can combat these challenges!
    • Cost reduction - Push the content effectively to your readers, get close to their online comfort zones like Facebook, Twitter & iGoogle. Get more frequent returning visitors and let them tell about you to their friends and colleagues .
    • Create viral crowdsourcing or lead generation campaigns. Trigger your readers with subscription discounts and get them to provide valuable user generated content for editorial purposes.
    • Create more interesting propositions - add value to your content through mashups that integrate with popular Web 2.0 platforms like YouTube, Flickr, Twitter and Amazon. This gives more value to your online subscription.
    • Personalize your proposition – use implicit and explicit user preferences from Facebook, Delicious, LastFM, MySpace, Twitter, Flixster to customize your proposition .
  • The LongTail strategy – means more revenue!
    • According to wikipedia:
      • Given a large enough availability of choice, a large population of customers, and negligible stocking and distribution costs, the selection and buying pattern of the population results in a power law distribution curve … favoring the upper 20% of the items ("hits" or "head") against the other 80% ("non-hits" or "long tail")
    • % of books sold at least once a week?
      • Traditional book shop with 100 titles about 20%
        • Top 20% generate 80% of turnover
      • with 1.000.000 titles > 90%
        • Top 10% generate 25% of turnover
  • Social networks & mashups = LongTail
    • Combine dozens of interactive combinations
      • Take your own content, links, blogs, products, images
      • Add Google News, Tweeds, Technorati (blogs), Delicious (bookmarks), YouTube (movies), Flickr (images), Google Maps, Amazon (e-commerce), …
    • Offer your proposition in various social media
      • Twitter, Blogs, Delicious, Facebook, MySpace, iGoogle, Youtube, Flickr, Flixster, Digg, Stumble Upon, …
    • Be smart and personalize your offering
      • Explicit preferences from user profiles (Facebook, Flixter, MySpace, LastFM, Delicious, TripAdvisor)
      • Implicit preferences from Twitter, Delicious, through advanced (search) classification technology.
  • Changing the online paradigm
    • SEO marketing, Multi channel
    • They’re all pull strategies
    • Your content & services are available on a few locations on the web
    • The focus is about your current proposition of content and services
    • You and search engines are the ones who pull attention to your websites
    • It takes a lot of time & effort to learn about user’s preferences .
    • Personalization is explicit and difficult .
    • Mashups & SMM
    • They’re about push strategies
    • Your content & services are available through many popular locations on the web
    • The focus is about complementing your proposition with external popular content & services
    • You focus on letting readers tell others about your proposition
    • Real user preferences are direct available .
    • Personalization can be made implicit and instant
    How hard can you pull compared with your competitors? Is your proposition interesting enough to let users spread the word?
    • Create a compelling proposition that is worth to pay for!
  • Mashups
    • Personal desired combination of information and services gathered from different sources on the web.
      • No need for new websites, reuse content into new mashups for customer needs
      • Faster time to market, less investments, more added value
    • Find success in combinations that are tailored to viewers preferences in their comfort zones .
      • Get fan interaction and e-commerce right there where music lovers spend most their time.
  • Popular mashups Source:
  • Mashups: enrich your content with free Web API’s
    • There are 1273 Web 2.0 platforms that offer their content and services online through Web APIs
    • The most used are Google Maps, Flickr, YouTube, Amazon, MS Virtual Earth, eBay, Twitter, Yahoo Maps en
  • Make your content more compelling! Virals Voting Rating Crowdsourcing Comment More interesting formats Less churn More repetitive visits Personalized propositions Publishers already try to do it by themselves with own news, blogs, videos, jobs etc. So why not with popular UGC?
  • Your mashup is worth a subscription if
    • Your proposition is like a one stop shop – offering readers a combination with your and popular content and services. The more you can offer , the more compelling it is to keep coming .
    • It saves your readers time - they don’t need to search on other websites for other content that is relevant.
    • It´s tailored to your readers preferences – use the explicit and implicit data from your readers profiles from the Web 2.0 platforms that hey use frequently.
    • They contain something exciting to have your readers tell and show to their friends .
    Just consider tabloids or magazines. Would they still be worth a subscription if they only had news? So no pictures, columns, readers questions and sweepstake contests?
    • Push your content into the comfort zones of your readers!
  • Social networks are unstoppable!
    • In the UK, social sites account for one in every six minutes the average internet user spends online
    • It’s not just young people anymore . Facebook gets more 35+ and Twitter also get 50+
    • They spend more and more time there. Since 2008 – more messages in social networks than e-mails
    • UK Internet visits to Social Networks and Forums have overtaken Adult websites
    Source: Nielsen online – February 2009 Source: Hitwise – January 2009
  • Social networks grow & change rapidly Source:
  • Facebook users in UK grow 19% in 3 months Source: Facebook interface
  • Facebook penetration – UK 5 th position Source: Facebook interface
  • Online shopping through SN’s grows Source: – April 2009
  • Let your story be spread around …
    • 78% of 26,486 say consumer recommendations are the most credible form of advertising (source: global Nielsen survey)
    • Online social network users were three times more likely to trust their peers’ opinions over advertising when making purchase decisions (source: JupiterResearch - March 2007)
    • 64% of consumers reported wanting to see user ratings and reviews (source: Forrester 2008)
    • 82% of marketers agree that collaboration with customers will prevail over marketing (source: 1to1 Media survey of the 1to1 Xchange panel - April 2008)
    • #1 : Social Networks are the most popular sites for the coveted 18-24 year old age group. That’s right, social networks beat search engines, web based email and most surprisingly porn (source:Time 2008)
  • Get close & personal with your readers! Social media marketing Sharing Social tagging Retweed More frequent visits Closer to readers Personalized propositions Personal mashups Publishers usually make sure that – offline – their magazines, tabloids, newspapers are as close as possible to the crowd. So why not online? Less churn
  • Your proposition will bind readers more if
    • It’s compelling enough for your readers to take you along into their comfort zone like Facebook, iGoogle, desktop, mobile. Then you’re just a click a way to be viewed again.
    • the right implicit and explicit preferences are carefully used to personalize the offering .
    • Readers are engaged with the right online and offline follow up around the user generated content.
    • It´s localized to also let communities have real interactions and chatter around you offline.
    Through personalization and localization the LongTail can be achieved. When done right, the benefits can be so much greater than the costs!
    • How can you really achieve these goals?
  • Chameleon is our mashup platform It will fit easily on top of your current IT platform Chameleon layer Wicket – Portlet 2.0 Web APIs Connectable backend Shop & checkout Twitter Delicious Google Maps Facebook / Linked in Content Repository Search Services E-commerce services Webservice adapters Mashup A Where is the user? Mashup B Wordpress Blogger YouTube Flickr Content Scraping Rating Comment Share Tagging Enterprise Search
  • Enterprise standards and Web APIs
    • Supports multiple storage
    • Component based development with Spring, Camel, OSGi
    • Service framework with CXF
    • Security – Acegi
    • Caching – JBoss Cache
    • BPM – Spring modules
    • Search – Lucene
    • Popular Web APIs
    Chameleonsuite Middle Tier Services Business Services Content Google apps Open Social Communities Content Transformation Scraping Tagging … ESB / BPM OSGi Core Services Security Logging Monitoring Caching Work Flow Events SPRING Portletsuite Repository Versioning Multi Language Web DAV JSR-170 JSR-283 VCR Custom Wicket & Chameleon layer WS REST
  • Example: My Evo magazine in Facebook My Evo profile – a combination of My Evo & Facebook profile data Main news article from Evo online Mashup based on: Evo magazine + Evo community + Facebook profile data + YouTube movies YouTube videos about related movies – Chicks & cars
  • Potential to attract millions Facebook users Evo magazine: 2100 fans / members Aston Martinmagazine: > 200K / members Lamborghini: > 1 MLN fans / members Ferrari: > 2,5 MLN fans / members
  • We look forward to help you …
    • URGENT: Generate leads for your business!
      • With our viral lead generation and crowdsourcing solutions
      • Enabling readers to easily spread the word about the viral
    • SHORT TERM: Create mashup that are more compelling!
      • The lead generation concept is just a start
      • Where your content will really be next to user generated content
      • That will trigger readers to take your mashups into their comfort zones like Vista / MacOSX / iGoogle / Facebook (new channels)
    • LONGTERM: To create a Longtail mashup strategy
      • That will enable you to generate substantially more value out of your current content.
      • That will provide your organization with a stable footprint in the comfort zones of your clients.
      • That will make sure that your content and services are closer to your end users than ever before
    (C) Componence 2009 – Ha Vo –
    • How can we help you achieve these goals