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Personal brand and Social Media Strategy

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Huzefa chini socialmediadeck

  1. 1. The ball is passed to Huzefa! Stops the ball at his feet and looks up!
  2. 2. Dribbles past defender! Makes some space for himself!
  3. 3. He Shoots!! He Scores!!! GOOOOAAAAAL!!!!
  4. 4. Hi I am Huzefa Chini As you can make out I am a Sports Enthusiast! Not only am I a Sports Enthusiast but am also an influential Sports Analyst and Marketer!
  5. 5. How can I say I am influential?
  6. 6. Klout is a social media analytics tools which measures your influence online High Klout Score Consistently influential Influential about relevant topics
  7. 7. I administrate a number of Groups fan clubs and pages on Facebook where I interact with people who share similar interests The groups which I am a part of Pages which I own. A few of which are my own business ventures as I also manage business pages for other Organizations
  8. 8. I have my very own blog for which I write Sports articles and present Sports analysis Scan this QR code to access my blog Click here to view my blog at The Football Banter
  9. 9. Not only do I write about Sports but I also oversee Web analytics for my blog and strategize on how to make it better and reach more people Generated 228 page views from 20-27th Nov
  10. 10. I regularly tweet about sports and other topics I am interested in For more information like the above on Sports, Analytics and Marketing Follow me on twitter at
  11. 11. I take it a bit further and use the analysis skills I have learned and use it in fantasy pools and fantasy leagues Consistently finishing in the top 20% of overall players every season
  12. 12. I also actively write content and make decks for Slideshare regarding business, analytics and other professional fields of my interest. So far I have uploaded three decks and will continue to create relevant content To access my Slideshare documents click here
  13. 13. I also get news regarding the latest trends in business, marketing and advertising from LinkedIn groups Above is my LinkedIn profile and on the right are some of the groups I follow and participate in. To view my LinkedIn profile Click on the link
  14. 14. How do I use my analytical skills?
  15. 15. I take complicated Information And make it easier for you!
  16. 16. I can build Spreadsheets and databases and make complicated information like this And make them into simple to understand reports like this
  17. 17. This is me. And like in every sport I dream of greatness and strive to be recognized as the best at what I do. I am hard working, competitive and passionate and most of all I enjoy what I do
  18. 18. Contacts and Links Phone: 647-779-8910 E-mail(Google+): Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: SlideShare: Klout: Blog: