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Ss With Determtn
Ss With Determtn
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Ss With Determtn


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Published in: Education, Business
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  • 1. %Student Silhouette Read on ................................... “With determination and tenacity in pursuit, every goal is attainable.” Mani Singhal, a first year MBA student at the Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi, speaks to Satarupa Sen Bhattacharya about her aims, convictions and the strategies for success in the MBA entrance examinations. “ business and its dynamics to the Could you briefly describe your level that is required to perform educational background? Were effectively in the corporate world. you always one who I found that the industry interface had an exceptional academic the institutes provide during the record? Any other significant focussed on. The FMS test MBA programme exposes you to achievements - curricular or preparation was no different as the the intricacies of a manager’s extra-curricular? pattern in all entrance tests is I am a B.Com (Honours) responsibilities. My aptitude in almost the same with minor graduate from the Sri Ram College logical reasoning and my analytica variations. Moreover, since the of Commerce, Delhi University l ability were considerations in FMS test happens to be in January, and am currently pursuing MBA pursuing this career. “ students have enough time for from the Faculty of Management What was your preparation plan practice and to attain a reasonable Studies, Delhi. I have been a for the various management comfort level as far as handling diligent student throughout my entrance tests in terms of such variations is concerned. academic life and performed well timelines and other strategies? “ How did you prepare for the consistently. I won several Did you adopt any special extempore section of FMS? How academic distinctions and strategy for cracking the FMS would you advise candidates scholarships for academics in test? planning to take the FMS School as well as College. My preparation for all the entrance? However, I did manage to balance entrance tests spanned a period of Since I participated in many my studies with co-curricular over eight months. I devoted time debating and essay contests, I was activities in debating, essay writing everyday and divided it between pretty confident about facing the and recitation. Apart from that, I the sections on which the tests are extempore section of the FMS have also handled positions of based. Two to three hours daily in selection process. I would advise responsibility as the Head the initial four months was prospective candidates to consider Girl, Editor of school/college sufficient but as the final dates the Extempore as an exercise in magazines and as Treasurer in approached, I not only increased “ creative thinking. Most of the time, college events. the time devoted but also started the topics range from current to take tests in simulated Why did you decide on scenarios in business or economy conditions. The day following a management as your career to adages, old sayings, or even test was spent in analysing the option? Was it based on some abstract topics relating to a colour. mistakes made in the test and the research you did or on your Infact, the topic assigned to me was overall scope of improvement in aptitude? White. When you are faced with Management to me seemed a the score. Such analysis, I believe, such topics, it is more important to logical extension of my went a long way in providing me just keep speaking while background in commerce. It was with critical inputs about which connecting the thoughts that come meant to take my understanding of section my efforts should be
  • 2. %Student Silhouette Read on ................................... to your mind. A tip here: you could diligence and perseverance. With suggestions would you give to ask someone to give you any topic determination and tenacity in readers on choosing their at random and practise in front of pursuit, every goal is attainable. If specialisation? the mirror by shooting off on that. I intend to specialise in finance. I were to advise all aspirants, I Some of my friends benefited from This decision was based on my would say keep believing in your this technique. interest, aptitude and strengths in heart and sincerely follow your “ the subjects related to this field. aim. How did you prepare for the “ However, I did not make up my Group Discussions and Is an MBA needed for all those mind about specialisation Personal Interview stages of the who want to pursue a career in immediately after joining the admission process? management? This requires a multi-point institute. I explored the career MBA as a degree may not be a preparation plan. The general opportunities and typical job mandatory requirement for a reading from newspapers should profiles in the different fields. I career in management. However, be done on a continuous basis. In suggest that instead of coming being an MBA student, I feel that addition to that, you could find out with a fixed mindset, candidates it prepares you adequately for the about the past GD topics set by should be open and flexible about demanding work requirements. different institutes. I suggest that choices. You could use your The guest lectures, hectic work you list points for and against the experience during your summer schedules and frequent inputs current topics that are receiving a internship (that every top business from the industry prove valuable lot of attention in society and school has as a part of the in making the two years a good media and structure your thoughts curriculum) to make logical and training period. “ on the most expected ones. well informed decisions. Where do you see yourself ten “ One of the essential Did you have a role model? Do years from now? prerequisites for handling an I want to excel in the field, I you think it is important to have interview well is to be thoroughly have chosen for myself. I want to role models? and absolutely sure about your I do not believe in the concept work hard and my effort in the personal objectives and of role models. I feel that every initial years will be concentrated information. A question you are individual is unique and should on being recognised as a talent in almost bound to face is “Tell us not aspire to be like someone else. the organisation, which I feel will about yourself/your background.” Each person has a specific set of open up tracks for further growth. “ Easy as it appears, you need to talents and corresponding What would be your general have a well-rehearsed and opportunities in life and hence, it advice to our readers who aim coherent answer for this one. Good is not logical to map your own life to get into FMS or other premier presentation needs preparation. to someone else’s who is not even institutes? Do not get stressed in any part remotely similar to you. Having A regular study schedule is to of the interview. In case you do not said that, I also feel that it is be followed honestly. If you can know an answer, never bluff, important to learn from all the take care of that, the rest will simply say a polite ‘no’. Be clear in people you come across— follow. It is important that you your mind about why you want to everyone has something good that have the satisfaction of putting in do an MBA. Also revise one or two you can inculcate. your best. You should always find “ of your favourite subjects well. time for relaxation, which is To whom or what would you Finally, it’s all about confidence necessary to rejuvenate yourself. A attribute your success? and attitude. Success is always a function of relaxed state of mind is very “ industriousness and a bit of luck. essential for success in a Which area do you plan to Luck here means the availability of specialise in? Did you decide on competitive examination. the right opportunities. I attribute it immediately after you got my achievements- both academic admission or was it based on and extra-curricular to my self-analysis over time? What