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Special Report Pune

  1. 1. %Special Report Read on ................................... Pune: Development Organisation, the National Chemical Laboratory, etc.” The presence of a large number of institutions means more choices and more chances of Queen of Deccan to Oxford of the East pursuing a management programme. “Apart from government-aided institutes, Pune - Vibha Iyer has also witnessed the autonomy culture in education, which led to If Taxila and Nalanda were the two cities that attracted students from all corners the mushrooming of several of India and even the world as centers of education during the early part of educational institutes India's history, today a city located around 170 kilometers away from the continuously revising their 'commercial capital' of the country, Mumbai, is making news as an quot;educational curricula as per the changing needs hubquot;. The city in question is Pune. What are the reasons for Pune emerging as of the job market. This has only the 'intellectual capital' of the country? What are the advantages of studying added to the dynamism of Pune,” in Pune? To know more read the following Special Report. ) says Professor MS Pillai. The relatively lower cost of ny general book on Speaking on the historical education is perhaps the biggest India will inform you context, Professor Kalyan Swarup, attraction for students. As that Pune has played National Institute of Business Professor P.K. Gupta of an important part in Management (NIBM) recalls, International School of Business Indian history. It was “Traditionally, Pune city has Media (ISBM) says, “Costs are the imperial capital under the produced scholars of national and lower and compares favourably Peshwas. But over the last, few international repute. The city has with anywhere else in the country. years Pune’s prominence has been an educational culture that has Besides, accommodation is easier due to the several educational given rise to a large number of to find in Pune as compared to, say, institutes that have been set up in academic institutions covering Bangalore.” Adds Professor the city. These institutes offer a almost all fields of education.” wide range of courses from Agrees Professor MIT School of Management engineering to management to MS Pillai, mass communication. With Chairman and management education emerging, Managing Director, as a sought-after post graduate Sadhana Centre for option, it is not surprising that Management Pune has also become a hotspot for Leadership management education with Development around 80 institutes already (SCMLD), “The present in and around the city and central government many more coming up. has also invested tremendously in Why Pune? education in Pune Historical, economic, social, and and we have locational factors have helped to institutes like the make Pune the first preference of National Defence not only students but also parents Academy, National who are always anxious to ensure Institute of that their wards acquire quality Virology, Defence education. Research and
  2. 2. %Special Report Read on ................................... Kalyan Swarup, “In addition to all Indicative Expenses To Study in Pune* this, Pune also provides Rs. 1- 2.5 lakhs College Fees opportunities for part-time Accommodation employment, which a student can (i) Hostel Rs. 25,000 -40,000 pursue along with part-time (ii) Sharing a apartment Rs. 12,000- 30,000 courses to meet financial needs.” Mess Fees A bigger attraction of course is the (i) On Campus Rs. 7,200-11,000 increased possibility of (ii)Outside Campus Rs. 10,000-15,000 placements. Of late, Pune has emerged as the favourite Traveling destination for IT companies. If staying in a hostel Rs. 7,500 These include Wipro, Infosys, If staying far from the B-School** Rs. 40,000 Cognizant, Tata Technologies, *Average yearly expenses Syntel, Kanbay, CMS Computers **Public transport is not well developed and hence it is better to have a are some of the prominent two-wheeler if you are staying away from the B-School. companies in and around Pune. of opportunities for those who These New Age companies bolster Pune to recruit students every come to study here. Student the corporate landscape adding to year. They find all kinds of exposure to opportunities has old age companies like Bajaj Auto, candidates to suit their skill set and increased tremendously preparing Bajaj Tempo, Telco, Cromption and profile requirements taken from them to take on the real world Greaves, Thermax, Alfa-Laval, the Rs. 2 lakh per annum to Rs. 10 lakh outside the classroom.” Summer Kirloskar group of companies like per annum.” But some like Dr. placements and internships have Rajani Students on a Trek also increased. Apart from the Gupte, of placements angle, proximity to Symbiosis new and old industries increases Institute of the scope for industry-academia International interaction. As Prof Swarup puts Business it, “Executives from these (SIIB) have a industries participate as guest word of faculty, thereby adding the caution. She practitioners perspective to the feels that courses, which further enriches the what has curriculum and prepares the Kirloskar Oil Engines, Kirloskar increased is, “… IT related students better to face real life Brothers, Garware group placements. “ But agrees that the challenges.” companies, Tatas, Daimler presence of more companies has, Pune scores high on safety, a Chrysler, and Kinetic. The result is “… definitely opened up a number factor of paramount better opportunities for Symbiosis Centre for Management and HRD concern for parents. One students. P.K. Gupta of can travel late at night as ISBM agrees, “With well without feeling more companies threatened. As Dr. opening offices in Rajani Gupte, mentions, Pune, placement “ Pune is a very safe city opportunities have for students and is skyrocketed.” Prof. geared to making a Pillai gives some student’s life in the city details, “…more than comfortable. So, parents 800 companies come to
  3. 3. Read on ................................... are not worried about leaving their MBA colleges in Pune wards in the city alone to study. At D.E Society’s Institute of Management Development Research (IMDR) the same time, Pune, although Department of Management Sciences, Pune University slower than Mumbai is now fast Indian Institute of e- Business Management picking up all the trends of the big Indira School of Management Studies city and represents a good blend International School of Business Media (ISBM) between the old world and the MIT School of Management (MITSOM) modern city.” She adds, “ In fact National Institute of Construction Management and Research many alumni still tell me that they (NICMAR) want to come back to Pune.” A National Insurance Academy cosmopolitan society supplements National Institute of Bank Management and nurtures this. Prof. Pillai Sadhana Educational People Development Services Limited (SEPDS elucidates, “ Pune, being centrally Ltd) located is a very inclusive city, a Sinhagad Technical Education Society (STES) confluence of cultures across the Suryadutta Group of Institutes country. Almost anyone can settle Symbiosis Centre of Management and HRD (SCMHRD) here without any problems.” Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM) Jaysingh Marwah, Director of Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies Research (SICSR) Indian Institute of e-Business Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB) Management (IIeBM) explains Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies (SIMS) why? “ A cosmopolitan society Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication (SIMC) with a broad outlook as well as Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management (SITM) discipline amongst the youth and Training Advanced Studies in Management and Communications middle-aged population translates Ltd (TASMAC) into less crime rate and comparative better safety.” Says located on the foothills of Sahyadri transport system.” The result in the Dr. Sanjay B. Choradia, founder Mountains. words of Prof. Pillai is an explosion president of Suryadutta Group of But one area of concern is non- in the number of two-wheeler, “ … Institutes, “Pune is unaffected by educational infrastructure. As with more than 11 lakh vehicles any sort of political, communal or Mohini Sharma of Symbiosis plying the city, congestion and ethnic violience.” Institute of Business Management pollution levels have increased.” Pune’s location, salubrious (SIBM), “Due to a large population His practical suggestion is that climate throughout the year and of students and professionals the students who live within 2 kms of proximity to Mumbai, ensures that infrastructure is inadequate.” their educational institutes walk to guests from industry have the Public transport in Pune is not very college. While attempts are being opportunity to frequently interact well developed with buses plying made to reduce vehicular with students. Pune is not without congestion, much needs to be done. Being just a few kilometres away from Mumbai, All these might explain why not Pune is easily accessible by all means of transport only students from India but also and communication for all categories of people. abroad flock to Pune. At present around 7000 students from 35 to 40 only from point to point. PK Gupta countries study in Pune. If you are, its leisure spots to relax during of ISBM agrees with the by circumstances beyond your weekends including clubs, eating observation, “The only thing that control, forced to study away from joints and nightclubs. Those who needs improvement in home, Pune is a good bet. like the outdoors, Pune offers great infrastructure in the mass- opportunity for trekking since it is