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Mbark Is Gmat

  1. 1. %MBArk Read on ................................... Is GMAT the excel on the international stage, instead of dismantling the CAT, our government must help scale it up and make it internationally CAT’s Whiskers? accepted.” Reportedly, the idea behind the move was to lend the institute more global prominence as - Vibha Iyer GMAT is recognised globally as the best test for management one-year diploma in PGPX is Rs 8, aptitude. When questioned about For all those of you who thought 00,000. this move, P Bose, the Programme that the CAT was the most Now, is the CAT pitted against Secretary of the PGPX attributes competitive exam in the country its international counterpart, the reasons to pragmatism and and has enough bite to become an GMAT? But the move to accept says, “We are looking for 30 internationally reputed and GMAT scores for this programme percent international students. accepted exam, this piece of news is seen by many as the first step to Accepting GMAT scores would may just make you stop short in phase out the age-old CAT. make it more convenient for your tracks. The hallowed IIM- Although sullied by leakage and them.” Ahmedabad, the first amongst the subsequent re- examination in When questioned about the best of management institutes in 2003, the CAT still enjoys the status undermining of CAT, and if the country, has decided to use the of being the most challenging exam GMAT will soon replace the CAT GMAT as the entrance test for in the country and has achieved the for the other courses at IIM- A, their postgraduate programme in proportions of a national event. B- Bose is quick to reject the management for executives. school watchers feel that the suggestion and asserts, “In the + pioneering move by the IIM-A may future we plan to make the CAT soon create a ripple effect with the only exam for the PGPX, but alled PGPX in short, other IIMs in the country, too, it is a little too premature to talk this programme, deciding to go in for GMAT. about that now. But I don’t see this which will be Kamlesh Sajnani, MD, IMS move undermining the launched in April Learning Resources Pvt. Ltd, credentials of the CAT.” We hope 2006 is specially opines, “Today, as India aspires to so too! designed for executives with substantial work experience and is open to executives of all nationalities. According to the institute, “Executives who have a bachelor’s degree (in any discipline) and seven years of work experience, and are at least 27 by the start of the programme may apply. Corporate sponsorship is welcome but not essential. Participants are selected through a rigorous admissions process that includes GMAT, leadership profiling and personal interviews (either face to face or via videoconference).” The fee for the Indian Institute of Management - Ahmedabad