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Gd He Who Hesitates

  1. 1. : GD Issue 9 Read on ................................... He Who Hesitates... - Perspectives, by Karishma Attari T he etymology of the word ‘hesitate’ and adds-on the concept hesitation is not flattering. It of ‘pause’ to it, history is replete means ‘irresolution, with examples of a little hesitation uncertainty’. It relates hesitation to having gone a long way. Could a core defect – one of temporary events on August 6th, and 9th, 1945 inactivity when the situation at Hiroshima and Nagasaki have demands a decision. In life we are been avoided or were they often faced with two or more inevitable to American decision possible alternatives. It is worth tolerate indecisiveness in response making on that fateful day? considering that the importance to something pertinent. To take Jumping the gun sometimes seems doesn’t lie solely in which decision Ross Perot, as a case in point; Ross all too easy a decision to make. we take – but in how we take it. Perot was a salesman for IBM The philosophical ramifications Ultimately successful leaders when he founded Electronic Data of this apart, one can continue to aren’t the ones who simply made Systems in 1962. Perot managed to argue the cause of hesitation the correct choices, but the ones turn EDS into a multi-billion through martial illustrations – who struck while the iron was hot, dollar corporation, becoming one when Lincoln faced a civil war in and took action while others were of America’s richest men. Known the March of 1861, he didn’t run still hesitating over the also for his highly eccentric scared of public condemnation on technicalities of a matter. combination of paranoia and the count of indecision. Though it In fact hesitation, may also straightforwardness, Ross Perot was a time to demonstrate a kind include a certain degree of was the rich self-made Texan who of energy and commitment to the unwillingness to commit oneself ran for President. His impatience Union that the previous Buchanan to a course of action. And it takes with vacillation was legendary: “If administration lacked, Lincoln a true leader of men to make a you see a snake,” he once said, “ took ten long days to consider commitment. One can trace why just kill it - don’t appoint a things, after his cabinet had this is often so difficult: until one committee on snakes.” This was offered written options to the is committed, one may withdraw the man whose actions during the course of action. Ignoring pressure from a challenge without loss of Iran crisis inspired Ken Follett to from his own Republican party face. The flip side to this being that write a best selling novel, On and others, he gathered one may be tempted to remain in information and explored ways of Wings of Eagles. the seat of perennial When the Dallas Morning holding the Union’s forts, until his indecisiveness, so that News asked Perot to write his own policy was decided on March 29th. opportunities melt and fade away, epitaph, his answer was In those ten days, one might argue, taking away the impetus to action. immediate “Made more money and not the war that raged shortly As an important American faster. Lost more money in one after, the battle of the North was philosopher and statesman day. Led the biggest jailbreak in won. Benjamin Franklin was to history. He died.” In a life less In contrast to this example, one famously say, “You may delay, ordinary, like the one Ross Perot may consider perhaps the most but time will not.” leads, there is little time to famous fictional figure ever, Moreover it is worth pontificate on the crossroads. Hamlet. Where Lincoln harnessed remembering that while hesitation Yet one must acknowledge the the more philosophically may be only momentary, an crossroads. Life is not all about deduced, positive side to opportunity may be lost forever. shooting from the hip. If one takes hesitation – as in pause before Few successful men would a less puritanical view of the term action gives one breathing space March 2004 Advanc'edge MBA
  2. 2. : GD Issue 9 Read on ................................... to negotiate within - Hamlet is a by the stock market vagaries then The ancients, if you go by perfect example of how hesitation you will know that a market that Horace, advice you to “Seize the is even worse than misguided is a Bull today may well Bear day, put no trust in tomorrow.” actions. Hamlet had a calling, yet down on you tomorrow. It is up But for all this carpe diem (enjoy the one may wonder if instead of his to you how much you want to present) kind of advice, there are soliloquies of “To Be or Not to Be” expose yourself to such a draw. plenty of times when one’s he ought to have been thinking The fact of the matter is mortal intuition may well be the guiding “To Do or Not to Do.” For his knowledge is finite. While you light. Drawing from the tortured vacillation and cannot examine every single detail conclusion arrived at by Rhonda indecisiveness, which are the of a situation to uncover the Britten, if hesitation is born out of hallmarks of hesitation, resulted in perfect answer – you can look fearlessness – out of one’s intuitive a series of innocent deaths far within yourself or use your reaction, then surely it is worse than the obvious intuition to arrive at a personal worthwhile to pause and think implications if he had embarked answer. It is necessary to consider before acting? Accepting that we on a decisive massacre of the the deeper, more personal side to have limited knowledge of events guilty. Faced with a simple hesitation as well. Rhonda Britten when we are forced to choose decision of whether to kill his makes the point well in her book between obvious options, murdering uncle, Hamlet allowed sometimes it is indeed our Fearless Living: doubts, faltering and irresolution intuition that must bridge the gap “Hesitation is based on our desire to make the decision for him. and help us decide. to make the right decision. When we Ultimately, even making no Perhaps the more hesitate, we must ask ourselves: “Am decision is a decision in itself – as psychologically healthy among us I hesitating because I am afraid to be events will take the decision, if you learns over time when to listen to wrong? Or am I hesitating because hesitate too long. intuition, and when to act my intuition is telling me to slow Turning again to the business decisively and instantaneously. down?” There is a big difference. The side of this discussion, one may One may conclude that both sides first is based in fear, the second in query where hesitation will pitch of the coin hold true – he who fearlessness” the average professional into Why do we hesitate? It is worth hesitates may be bossed, but on crisis. When the Pepsi and Coke understanding that in itself. There the other hand, a decisive victory scandals flared in India recently, comes a time when we realise the often comes from those it was undoubtedly in the value of understanding ourselves infinitesimal moments stolen companies’ best interest to act – and understanding where and away from reaction time. There is quickly and decisively, affirming why we hesitate may well be the no manual to life, nor are there the safety of their products. For a key to this. definite calculable equations that CEO of Cadbury to regain To expound: he who hesitates tell you exactly when and how to people’s confidence when the will certainly be bossed over if he react to something in a frame of whole can of worms was let loose, hesitates out of fear. Putting off reference. At these times, perhaps the answer was certainly not that phone call for a job interview it is knowledge of self, and instinct hesitation! appointment may mean that that align and concur to help sieve In a world where global another candidate gains out feasible options. After all, marketplaces are becoming the precedence over you. That one- there is only one Number One norm, shrinking distances as minute of hesitation, when you position, and a moment of communication and networking hold the phone in your hand and hesitation may be all that keeps have opened up, there is not much think too much about each aspect you from it. time for hesitation. People work of the conversation to follow, may round-the-clock and aggressive cost you dearly. In general people The author a topper at Bachelor’s marketing and services are who hesitate before accepting and Master’s levels specialising in required to make the grade. The challenges may simply be left literature is currently teaching MA first instinct one has is to ride this behind in their own confusion, literature students at the Mumbai tide. But if you have been bitten while the world moves forward. University. March 2004 Advanc'edge MBA