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Dream%20company Dhl

  1. 1. Dream Company DHL What does the company offer to management trainees, in terms of continual learning and career growth? We have an orientation process where new employees spend six months in various frontline -Manish Samtani functions across the organisation – Operations, Customer Service, and Sales, , and they work on projects in all these functions, in order to gain cross-functional exposure. When they do take up their individual roles, these roles are in a single function. When we take in trainees, we assign them to a particular function post their 6 months orientation. Based on their interests and the organisation’s requirements they can be considered for other functions. . What the organisation offers is a fast-track career in terms of the opportunities available, and in DHL was formed in 1969, pioneering the air express industry with its first terms of global and cross- route from San Francisco to Honolulu. The success of the company was founded functional exposure – for example, in its innovative idea of sending out documentation in advance of cargo you’re not labelled as a ‘sales arriving, thereby speeding up the process of importing goods. Its first air courier person’. Employees are rotated service was from San Francisco to Honolulu after which it expanded its services across different functions. to the Far East, the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Though DHL's core business is the transportation of documents and packages, In which departments does the it also offers expertise in air and ocean freight, overland transport e-Commerce company employ freshers? and intelligent logistics solutions, and it has pioneered special solutions for Across all functions – the automobile and life sciences industries. Operations, Customer Service, Since its inception in India in 1979, DHL Express has held the No.1 position Sales, Marketing. We’ve had in international air express services. DHL India has over 35,000 customers, a instances of successful fleet of over 250 vehicles and dedicated service centres in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, management trainees who have Chennai, Cochin, Coimbatore, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, New done very well in all these Delhi, Pune and Tirupur. Its innovative solutions and pioneering initiatives, functions and have moved up very include India's first and only 24-hour customer service call centre, the fast. There is no specific ‘functional forerunner of customised solutions such as Jumbo Box, Junior Jumbo, Import divide’ as such. Express and Fashion First, as well as the first to provide track and trace services in India via email, via SMS or via the Internet and WAP phones. At what level are candidates DHL's international network links more than 220 countries and territories who have work experience worldwide. Its employee base of 170,000 translates into whopping annual typically recruited? revenues of over €24 billion in 2004. In our current process, when we DHL is 100% owned by Deutsche Post World Net. recruit people from campuses; it is Manish Samtani in conversation with Ramesh Natarajan, Head only for entry level. At this level, Marketing, DHL India.
  2. 2. Dream Company orientation that he has both IQ and EQ are important, and across functions – he it’s only fair to measure both, or she should have without assigning any order of exposure to the priority. various components of Which campuses do you recruit the business scenario. MBAs from? If a candidate We’ve recruited MBAs from SP completes a summer Jain, NITIE, IIT-SOM (Mumbai), placement with a JBIMS, MDI Gurgaon, very well known and Symbiosis,K.J.Somaiya, highly reputed organisation, do we don’t distinguish between Sydenham, NMIMS and Chetana. you consider this as a great people with experience and those strength? What about the IIMs? without experience. However, people with experience definitely Not really. The company with No, we haven’t hired any IIM gain an advantage over a period of whom a candidate did his project graduates yet. time, and if they display superior and the rating he received are not Why have you chosen these performance, we definitely take it important to us. How well he has campuses in particular? into account. Besides this, we have executed the project, what he has a parallel recruitment process, learnt from it, and how the project Well, it’s a question of a match outside campuses, for experienced has added value to the candidate between our interests and what we people who want to apply. is more important. are offered on these campuses; for example, on which day in the What specific attributes do you Is IQ more important than EQ? placement process are we called in look for in a candidate? Well, I guess it’s not a one- to hire? There’s a lot of difference We look for certain attributes versus-the-other scenario. In the between being a day-three that are important in our business. organisational setting EQ is very recruiter and being called in to hire Our business is basically a cross- important, you cannot do without on day zero. It’s a choice that we’ve border business, which enables it for sure. Of course, there’s a made, in terms of choosing these trade across international borders. certain basic level of IQ that’s institutes. That is not to say that we It’s a business where it is essential required. But beyond that, EQ is will never visit the IIMs; there’s no to maintain very high quality. We more important for running a hard and fast, sacrosanct practice, look for a passion for quality, and business. From a recruitment point as such. a passion for understanding and of view, it’s difficult to measure Do you think that the IIMs learning, as our business is both. We have a comprehensive produce the best MBAs in constantly changing. We look at selection process whereby every India? cross-functional exposure; we person recruited by the don’t want people who label organisation, at any level, Well, if they’re consistently themselves as belonging to one including even the Country rated as numero uno, then I guess function only, say someone who Manager, goes through a half-day their graduates are exceptionally says “I’m a marketing person, and test, to get an evaluation of his or good. But as far as we’re I want to remain in marketing.” her personality type and traits, as concerned, it’s a question of Flexibility is very important. We well as proficiency in vocabulary whether we can get as good a also look at the person’s confidence and number crunching student on day zero in a lower- level – this comes across very (quantitative) skills. It’s like a rung B-School, as we can get from clearly in the course of an typical MBA entrance test – anyone an IIM on day three. interview, where we look at his joining the organisation at any In fact, within DHL’s senior general level of awareness, the level has to take this test. So I think management, we have a few
  3. 3. Dream Company people from the IIMs. Our head of the face-to-face interview. It is only Planning. He did extremely well in sales is from IIM Bangalore, and if a candidate scores very low in this role for the first one-and-a-half the head of customer solutions is the test conducted by the HR years, on the basis of which he was from IIM Ahmedabad. We’re very consultancy, that there is cause for promoted to Manager – Research happy with the quality of the concern. But most of the time, we and Planning, this being a position MBAs that we’ve hired so far. have found that this test only usually meant for someone with at confirms our choice. least seven or eight years of Could you tell me something experience. But since he was about the selection process, If a candidate has completed performing so well, he progressed both for on-campus and off- his or her summer placement very rapidly. In fact, he was campus recruitments? with DHL, does this give him or assigned to a five-month project in her a better chance of getting On-campus, we conduct a Singapore, which he executed in as a permanent employee? group-discussion. While this is not successfully, travelling across the the best way to choose candidates, We definitely give a lot of Asia-Pacific region. it is a very quick process. Also, it’s importance to a summer We had another management very effective, in terms of exposing placement that’s been done with trainee who joined us from NITIE the finer aspects of a candidate. It’s us. When students do their three years ago. During his initial not a major filter; it’s a minor filter summer training with us, we work stint, he worked on ideas for for us. It’s not that we will end up very closely with them. So we are certain specific products that we choosing just two people from a in a position to evaluate them very could launch, in terms of group of ten, purely on the basis accurately. We also have students innovation. We launched two of a GD; the GD process is not doing their summer projects in our interesting products on the basis of suited for this level of filtration. We international offices. We have such his findings – University Express also rely on individual interviews. students working for DHL in and Mango Express. This was a We normally go into campuses as Cologne, Germany. huge success. On the basis of this a large team, and we choose success, he was made Product Do candidates who have done candidates on the basis of three or Manager, with just two years of their summer projects with DHL four concurrent interviews. Offers experience for a position which get pre-placement offers to candidates whom we select are usually requires five or six years (PPOs)? made immediately. of experience. Off-campus, we follow a more No, that has not happened yet. So, if you’re good, sky’s the detailed methodology. We do limit. Most of the MBAs that we What would the general growth conduct face-to-face interviews, path be, for a fresh MBA, after the initial screening of bio- in terms of the different data. After a candidate has been stages from the entry level evaluated as a good fit for the upwards? organisation, he or she goes through an additional testing and I can give you specific screening process, conducted by examples of employees who an external multinational HR have done very well. Someone consultancy. This process takes from SP Jain joined us three half-a-day or full day, depending years ago. He came in as a upon the seniority of the person management trainee, and after being recruited. Again, this testing nine months of training process is just one of several period, he was assigned to a components in the recruitment project in marketing, with the methodology. We also consider designation of Assistant how the candidate comes across in Manager – Research and
  4. 4. Dream Company their aspirations are, nature. MBAs are not suited for the difficulties and this sort of job profile – they’re challenges faced, and basically managers. mentoring them on I suppose the salary scales and how they can handle grades assigned to non-MBAs difficult situations. are lower than those of MBAs? Do you send people Of course, they are. abroad for training? What’s your vision for the future? The bulk of our training takes place We want to be the ‘Employer of hired from the 2003 batch have in our regional office in Singapore. Choice’, across all categories. already been promoted to a higher It’s not that management People normally think of DHL as position. trainees get to go there, and non- a ‘courier company.’ But the fact is management trainees don’t – it that, today, we are driving world Has DHL adopted any specific really depends on the function that trade, and that’s the way we look employee-retention strategies? an employee is in. The choice is not at the business. It’s a very high We have a process called MDPR level specific. For example, if technology-backed business; we’re (Management Development you’re in sales, then the chances are part of a huge global network. We Process Review). that you will have to go abroad for want to provide the best Under this process, the entire training, thanks to the unique employment opportunities in senior management meets as a nature of this function. India, mould employees into team for 2 days and spends half- useful resources, not only for DHL Do you sponsor MDPs at B- an- hour discussing each and every in India, but also for our operations Schools? employee who is at a managerial abroad. India, as a pool for talent, level. Thus 20% of the organisation We have a full range of MDPs holds great promise, and we at gets assessed individually under to ensure that employees who DHL wish to capitalise on this this process. The Senior don’t have an MBA don’t advantage. management of different functions necessarily lose out on career Could you tell me something express their views during the opportunities. We have sent such about your scholarship scheme MDPR. Through this entire employees to IIM Ahmedabad, for for students? process, we identify people who a two-month programme meant are capable of jumping to the next for non-MBAs. We have tied up with The Times level. We then ensure that such of India for the University Express What about recruitment of non- valuable employees are retained Scholarship. The objective is to management graduates? by DHL. understand whether people have We also have a process of We have initiated a programme a clear picture of what they want ‘mentoring’, whereby every called the Graduate Recruitment to achieve in life. Candidates need member of the senior management Programme. Under this, we hire to prepare a ‘Statement of team has three or four employees graduates from the Indian Purpose’, which is basically a across the organisation, all Technical Institutes (ITIs) and write-up on their ambitions and necessarily from different other non-professional degree goals, and, on the basis of the functions, under his or her colleges, who have an orientation quality of this write-up, we’ve ‘tutelage.’ Such a manager has to towards operations. A role in awarded scholarships to five spend at least an hour every month operations requires getting into the people across the country. with his or her ‘students’, nitty-gritties of logistics. It is of a discussing how they are doing, very detailed and methodical