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Discusit Tusnami

  1. 1. %,EI?KII1J Read on ................................... Tsunami: Management Authority that will come into action every time disaster strikes. Since the NDMA is under the home ministry, the coordination bottlenecks are also taken care of. What Have We Learnt ? The ability to expect the unexpected should be considered something of a virtue for public officials. In India we talk about -Pranav Doshi bureaucratic complacency, though it is hardly different from any other As survivors along the coasts devastated by the tsunami, including India, start country. The Meteorological to clear the debris, attention is being focussed on how these people are going to Department was busy measuring the intensity of the earthquake, rebuild their lives, towns and villages. When the unthinkable natural calamity information that they would have strikes again, will we ever be better prepared? been able to procure from any 9 major seismographer. Instead of monitoring the possible hen nations are those who are already the most consequences, they transmitted as faced with great disadvantaged. Ironically, the fact part of the regular bulletin, news catastrophes, it that the tsunami has had virtually of an earthquake, taking care to is common for no impact on the outlook of the keep out information that would accusations to productive economies of the cause fear among the tourists. start flying before the dust even affected countries (outside their Apathy could never have been any settles or any debris has been tourist industries) directly reflects worse. cleared. Indeed, this disaster is on the way that the devastation has The millions of dollars lined up an unprecedented scale, and one mostly affected fishing have revved up rebuilding the for which India was totally communities and other groups that risky circumstances that victims unprepared. One is nevertheless were already socially lived in before. Reconstruction in impelled to ask: For how long shall marginalised, and thus among the such places reinforces the same we allow our passivity and countries’ poor. circumstances existent before the inaction, or that of our There is obviously no way that calamity. Shouldn’t we think of government, to lead to the loss of science and technology could have rebuilding for the survivors off- thousands of innocent lives? prevented the events that caused the-coast in less tsunami prone Inaction, in such a case, is no less such a tragic loss of life. But there zones? Menaka Gandhi suggested than a crime. is plenty of evidence that in 1989 as minister of environment There is always a steep learning technology already exists in fields and forests that India create curve when it comes to responding such as seismic detection, Coastal Regulatory Zones wherein to disasters, and Mother Nature hydrological dynamics and no building activity is permitted does an expert job telecommunications within 500m of the coastline. This of keeping us on Ours is still a restless planet - with the potential is no more the case with 5-star our toes. It seems colliding continents and extreme — at least in hotels making the most of the sea almost a natural weather are a fact of life. The principle – to view. law that when prevent the loss of question is: will the The most reliable solution is disaster strikes, life on such a unprecedented outpouring of aid finally that of education. A 19-year those who suffer colossal scale. The for the Asian Tsunami lead to a old British girl got about 100 most (and whose Prime Minister long term development strategy, people to higher and safer ground needs for both has announced protection and that will minimise the impacts the setting up of when she saw the sea recede at a help are therefore when the next natural disaster the certain speed, because she had National learnt about tsunamis in school. It the greatest) are strikes? Disaster
  2. 2. %,EI?KII1J Read on ................................... is high time disaster management is taught in schools and colleges across the world. Even without a warning system and in places where they didn’t feel the earthquake, if people had simply understood that when you saw the water go down, when you heard a rumble from the coast, it was a clear indication that you and your family run for your life, things would’ve been different. Despite several prevention measures and prediction methods, confronted them. The mahouts even tsunami-prone Japan, which warning of danger and taken insist that they had never seen the has strongly fortified itself, is likely recourse before it struck. pachyderms behave this way to suffer massive damage if a Coral reefs and mangroves are before. The elephants ran, powerful tsunami strikes. But found to act as barriers and cut the hurrying, for higher ground and while property will always be force of the water, be it cyclones or confused and people followed. The vulnerable, people can save tsunamis. Cuba, Philippines and belief that animals sense the themselves if given a chance, Indonesia have begun their danger gets credence from the fact which means that warnings have mangrove restoration activities. In that animal casualty in the tsunami to get down to people on ground India 87 % of our mangroves have is extremely low. In Point as quickly as possible to enable been cut in the last 40 years. To Calimere, it is nil, as it is in Yala. them to get to higher ground or reach a position of strength in case In Sri Lanka, bats flew around in tsunami-proof buildings. of disasters like tsunamis and to panic, flamingoes flew away from avoid the large scale destruction of marshy lowlands towards higher When is a Natural Disaster life and property the first of our grounds, usually quiet dogs Manmade? efforts could be in the direction of howled continuously, horses and At the start of the 21st century re-establishing our mangrove deer were hysterical, usually the difference between natural and ecosystems. voluble birds were eerily silent. unnatural disasters is becoming Efforts should begin on a war Joyce Poole from the National blurred. How far are the world’s footing all over the world. If Geographic reports that research greenhouse gas emissions mitigation efforts are just centred on both acoustic and seismic contributing to extreme weather on the Indian Ocean, there is a communication indicates that events? Nobody knows for certain. danger of history repeating itself. elephants can feel the vibrations What is known is that The Pacific warning system was set generated from environmental up after the Chilean tsunami of d e s t r u c t i o n With roughly two billion, or a third such a massive 1960. Now one will be set up for the of the world’s population living in tsunami. amplifies the Indian Ocean. In the Atlantic, Using animals impact. disaster-prone areas, investing in Lisbon was hit by a 12 metre high Much before prevention measures before to sense the tsunami in 1775 and a 10 metre first light, tourists tragedy strikes can save millions coming on of a high tsunami hit the Azores in at Khao Lak resort of lives. It can also prevent drastic tsunami might 1855. Will warning systems be in Thailand were set-backs in social development sound like a crazy in place before the next one woken up by that countries might otherwise idea with strikes? technology wails. When they take years to recover from. having advanced tumbled out in the A Masters in International Business so much. bitter cold dawn of December 26, and German, the author is Deputy However, it seems that those closer the strange sight of agitated Commercial Attache at the Economic to nature seem to have heard the Mission, Embassy of France. elephants, trumpeting and crying,