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Corpopersona Go For

  1. 1. %Corporate Persona Read on ................................... “Go for it! This is only the beginning in the long run.” Rajiv Gurnani Sr. VP-.inancial Institutions Group, Kotak Mahindra Bank in conversation with Vibha Iyer purchase in Can Finance. For Could you throw some light on Do you feel that pursuing a simple things like pricing of the your educational background, management education is a products or how to tinker around the jobs and companies you prerequisite for corporate various variables so that it makes have worked with? success? I was born and brought up in I feel a management degree is sense to both you and the lender Mumbai entirely except for the two important from two points of view. or borrower, we had to constantly years I spent in IIM-Bangalore. I One, from the perspective of the use concepts such as pre-tax and am a Mechanical Engineer from requirements of the job market post-tax return, which I learnt only Sardar Patel College of itself, where there are so many from the MBA curriculum. And, of Engineering. In IIM-B, I specialised graduates from different streams course, an MBA degree from IIM- in Finance and Marketing in 1990. an MBA, as an additional degree, B has definitely helped me enhance This is my third job— I have been helps you get ahead of them. my career. with Kotak since 1993, more than Secondly, an MBA does equip you 11 years now. My first job was with with some knowledge in managing As a student did you also Can Bank Financials where I various aspects of your work participate in extracurricular worked for two years. profile in an organisational setup. activities at school? How Being from an engineering important do you think the latter background, I wasn’t familiar with How and why did you decide to is for personality development? finance and marketing but learnt I was a serious student, but I pursue management as a about them in my MBA. You do think the seriousness leaves you career? Could you elaborate on not have graduate courses in once you get into one of the IIMs. the admission process then? Today, with the opening up of subjects such as marketing, hence, There is the feeling that once you several sectors in the Indian an MBA helps you learn and apply get admission, you will hopefully economy particularly the service these concepts in your day-to-day get a job. I think it’s far more sector, there are a lot of life and develop a better difficult to get admission into the opportunities for graduates from understanding of the market IIMs than to clear the course. I any stream. In my time, however, around you. think the best two years in my there were typically two broad career were the ones I spent at IIM- options after engineering— either B. We had people coming from all Could you briefly describe how to opt for an MS or go in for a parts of the country, each bringing management education has management education. I opted for his own way of life and perspective helped you build your career? the latter; as I felt that it had wider to the group. So the seriousness at Have you been able to scope and application in several IIM was coupled with pleasure. implement the theories you areas. I feel that a degree in I think extra-curricular activities learnt at IIM-B? If yes, could you management gives an edge over are very important in every relate one instance? others in the early stages of one’s The education I acquired at IIM- management graduate’s life, career. I was lucky to get B has been very helpful to my day- because they help you explore admission in the first attempt itself. to-day life as well as in my career. other facets of your personality and I was in corporate leasing and hire bring out hidden talents, which
  2. 2. %Corporate Persona Read on ................................... you will definitely find useful at ability to interact in a group and changed dramatically. When I some later point of time. should be taken into consideration passed out of the IIM, we had only I used to participate pretty before a student is selected for a public sector banks ruling the roost actively in some of the team management course. and a few private sector banks activities of IIM- B. I was more attempting an entry. Today we involved in the organisational have a private sector bank Could you tell us something aspects, such as working with the operating as the second largest about your life at IIM- B? placement team and helping to Sixty percent of our batch was bank in the country. Even organise lectures by faculty and comprised of engineers. We were customer expectations from banks experts from outside. quite a fun batch. (Laughs). I was have changed. The entire market part of the 20 percent band who has undergone a transformation did not have work experience. and this is only the beginning of Do you feel that management Besides having a fair balance the future. There is also entrance examinations (CAT and between non-engineers and considerable talk of consolidation the like) aptly judge the engineers, typically IIM- B is with public sector banks as is prerequisites or innate skills that known to attach more value to bound to happen. These are few of management aspirants should work experience, unlike IIM-A, the exciting trends in the financial possess? Although I am not too familiar which took in more freshers. economy that promise with the pattern followed by innumerable avenues for competitive exams nowadays, management graduates. At Kotak Financial Services industry in going by the examination in my itself, we are into almost all areas India is all set to boom. As an times, I feel that the focus was more of banking such as securities, industry expert, what in your on quantitative skills. Thus we had mergers and acquisitions, opinion is the potential for a lot of engineers performing well investment banking, retail management graduates? at these exams, due to their The scope for management financing. quantitative abilities. A lot of graduates in financial services is weightage was given to the written huge. The service industry in Where do you see yourself ten exam, as it is the most objective general has grown by leaps and years from now? way to select students. But bounds. Over the last fifteen years I really don’t know. I had never processes such as the Group of my tenure in financial services, planned to stay on in Kotak for Discussions and Interviews are I have seen the sector evolving eleven years. I take each day as it equally important in assessing the through the most exciting phases. comes. other important skills of the I think this will continue to move student as they help determine his forward. The entire landscape has What would be your advice to our readers who have decided on a career in management? I would say: Go for it! This is only the beginning in the long run. And even for all those who do not get into a management course, don’t lose hope, there are plenty of opportunities opening up. With opportunities and some luck you will definitely be able to make a place for yourself. A few tentative steps come at the beginning of any great venture.