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Brand%20story Strepsils
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Brand%20story Strepsils


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  • 1. ± CMYK %Brand Story & Read on ................................... Strepsils Restoring voices for 42 years Sunil Shejwalkar Strepsils is the world's first commercially available medicated Praful Akali, Product Manager, throat lozenge. Boots Piramal Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. It has been in the Indian market for more than four decades ensured better efficacy. Strepsils, as a and has lived up to its promise of being an expert in throat formulation, therefore, provides anti- care, 'The Gale ka No 1 All Rounder'. The brand belongs to bacterial activity as well as a coating Boots Piramal Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., a 49-51 joint venture in the and soothing action on the throat. The business of over-the-counter medicines, between the domestic brand name is derived from the Nicholas Piramal Ltd. and Boots Plc of the United Kingdom. ‘Streptococcus’ bacilli that are the most Boots Piramal also boasts of several well-known brands like common cause of sore throats. Saridon, Strepsils Icy, Sweetex, Clearasil, Lacto Calamine and Brand Evolution Polycrol. Strepsils was previously available S only on prescription but over the years continues to stand for. Boots Plc, UK, trepsils was launched as a has been deregulated and acquired the first manufactured it in 1958. In the medicated throat lozenge in status of an over-the-counter medicine. 1950s it was believed that chlorination the Indian market exactly 42 In India, Strepsils was christened of phenols (a certain class of chemical years ago in 1963. The total Regular at the time of launch in 1963. compounds) increased their antiseptic market for medicated throat Nine years after its launch, the product activity. Based on this suspicion, a lozenges is estimated to be Rs 430 was diversified with the introduction of chemical compound 2,4-Dichlorobenzyl million approximately. Strepsils the Orange and Lemon flavours. The Alcohol (Dybenal or DCBA) was commands a third of this market and in Ginger flavour was launched in 1977. synthesised. Research confirmed that terms of volume, about 15 percent. Menthol was launched as the fifth Dybenal used in conjunction with Strepsils is sold only at chemist shops, flavour in the mid 1990s. Amylmetacresol (AMC, also developed due to regulatory reasons and the Explaining the company’s stand to by Boots) was a formulation effective medicinal perception about the brand. It launch the flavours, Product Manager against throat infections. While Dybenal has a presence in almost 150,000 shops Praful Akali says, “It is not just a is a good antiseptic, AMC provides across the country. It has a price marketing gimmick. It is also meant to excellent antibacterial activity. This premium of 100 percent over its nearest offer the customer a change in taste formulation led to the genesis of rivals and still enjoys an enviable position whenever he takes more than one Strepsils. However, there was the in the market. A focus on efficacy, both lozenge during the day.” According to problem of devising a method to deliver in communication and in the product, a Akali, Strepsils is an excellent remedy the formulation. After considerable variety of flavours and premium for sore throats and people will buy it research, scientists identified Sucrose packaging have been the distinguishing regardless of the taste, but variety is or liquid glucose mixture vacuum boiled factors for brand Strepsils. also a form of value addition. In line with to a liquid glass state in which the active this thought process, Strepsils is the ingredients could be incorporated along Genesis only throat lozenge brand in India with tartaric acid. The last component Strepsils was conceptualised as a available in five different flavours. Vicks not only improved the taste but also throat care product and that is what it 58 Advanc'edge MBA September 2005 ± CMYK
  • 2. ± CMYK %Brand Story & Read on ................................... Advertising Strategy Cough Drops has only recently, in July 2005, launched two new flavours – Asli As mentioned above, Strepsils has Honey and Menthol. Halls, again, has always been communicated on the launched its Fresh Lemon flavour only platform of voice. Strepsils rose in earlier this year. popularity in the 70s associating itself with the MGM lion. Even then, the idea Recently, the company has also was to convey the nature (throat care launched Strepsils Pain Relief for severe expert) of the product. “However, it is and painful cases of sore throats. They critical that we do not communicate that have also entered the cough syrups Strepsils gives you a roaring or a loud segment with Strepsils Cough Fighter. voice. It has always stood for a clear “Strepsils has always stood for throat However, while learnings from other voice and the roar of the lion was the care. We have talked about being countries can be utilised, the most majestic way of communicating experts in throat care. But now the advertisement cannot always be the message”, clarifies Akali. consumer has become a lot more replicated. “We do not use the same educated and realised that even within However, though old consumers were communication worldwide as the throat care there are different needs. It satisfied with the brand, and repeat context and culture in different countries was extremely essential for us to are different. Hence, common usage was driving the brand, it was seen address all these needs to retain the communication is developed for a small through research that new users were image of a throat care set of countries that have similar not being attracted to the expert. Launching the cultures and communication objectives brand. Further, the Strepsils Pain Relief and for the brands. However, we would not consumer relevance and Cough Fighter just ensured let any commercial that has been approachability of the brand that Strepsils maintains this successful internationally go waste. had to be enhanced. On tag,” explains the product Thus, there is a bank of Mr. T analysis, it was felt that manager. Strepsils now has that edge commercials that can be modified and though the voice platform was working over its competitors because it has cures utilised in India or other countries,” well for the brand, the execution had to for an entire gamut of throat related explains Akali. To facilitate this process, be changed. Thus was born the new discomforts - from mild to severe sore Strepsils is handled by a common Strepsils brand icon - the animated Mr. throat and even cough. advertising agency - T. As in previous Strepsils McCann-Ericsson - globally. communication, Mr. T loses Brand Promotion his voice in different The Platform of Voice Television has always situations and Strepsils Strepsils has always been promoted been a mainstay for helps restore his voice, on the platform of voice, based on the advertising the brand, as enabling him to come up trumps each consumer insight that a clear throat Strepsils is a mass brand. “Strepsils has time. The animated character has leads to a clear voice. The physical signs the basic critical mass that is essential several advantages – it makes the brand and symptoms of a sore throat are for any publicity drive on television”, more approachable, allows a creative throat irritation and a loss of voice. Of says Akali. However, Strepsils has now license that makes the communication these, the voice platform lends itself to been using FM radio in a big way for more interesting, and creative utilisation across advertising. Strepsils is a premium allows for usage of similar media and is more relevant to product and FM radio, primarily a voice- communication across a consumer, since loss of based medium, is fast becoming a rage countries with different voice disrupts normal life for in bigger cities. “Strepsils communication cultural backgrounds. Mr. the consumer. Strepsils is talks about restoring a lost voice and T thus appears in all Strepsils television thus communicated as a brand that there cannot be anything better than a commercials for all brand extensions restores lost voice, enabling the voice-medium to communicate the worldwide. consumer to move on with his life. message,” opines Akali. September 2005 Advanc'edge MBA 59 ± CMYK
  • 3. ± CMYK %Brand Story & Read on ................................... Activation property This panel adds weight to USP in the face of One of the advantages of utilising press releases circulated on competition voice as a platform is that it lends itself throat care by Strepsils and When it was launched in to mass media innovations, enabling the encourages newspapers and India, Strepsils had no brand to build this association cost- magazines to carry these competition. Even today, effectively. To do this, Strepsils required articles with credits to the Strepsils strictly speaking, there is no competition a common activation property that could Throat Care Advisory Panel thus to Strepsils in the category of medicated be utilised across different mass media carrying Strepsils branding, and lozenges. Vicks is a herbal lozenge while like television, print and radio. Strepsils enhancing Strepsils imagery as the Strepsils is an allopathic one. Halls is Clearspeak was developed to fill this throat care expert. looked at more as a breath freshener need. Thus, Strepsils has tied up with than as a throat lozenge. “Considering Consumer Promotions newspapers and television channels this, the immediate competitor would be For some reason, consumer from time to time. When topics of either Vicks or nothing at all,” reveals promotions had not been well-utilised in interest to our target consumer like the Akali. He mentions a research that was the self-medication category. There was cricket World Cup, budgets, elections, carried out in which sore throats were an innovative campaign on Strepsils et al are being covered, experts and classified into seven categories based where customers were offered a free laypeople, can voice their opinions on their severity. It was concluded that thermometer along with a pack of through sections branded as Strepsils recourse was sought to other lozenges Strepsils Cough Fighter during Clearspeak. Strepsils Clearspeak was when the severity was lower down. monsoons. “This enhanced the image of launched during the cricket World Cup However, in moderate sore throat (levels Strepsils as a brand that cares and is in 2003 when the opinions of known 3 and 4), Strepsils was the preferred trustworthy,” feels Akali. cricketers and experts were remedy. The coughs syrups dominated encapsulated in The Indian Express. Like Retail Visibility the stage in cases that were still more any activation property, this works well Besides maintaining presence in mass severe (levels 5, 6 and 7). for the brand because consumers who media, it is also critical for any brand to may or may not be paying full attention The USP for brand Strepsils is, maintain visibility on the retail shelf. A when your ad is being aired, come across therefore, its efficacy. It is perceived as key strategy for Strepsils in this area is Strepsils branding while watching, an extremely effective throat lozenge brand block visibility, thus projecting all listening or reading about their area of that helps the brand justify the 100% brand extensions – Strepsils Core, interest. This also helps the brand do Strepsils Pain Relief and Strepsils Cough price premium over its nearest rival. more than just buying regular Fighter together in retail. This ensures However, this efficacy is a double-edged commercial spots on mass media. that the more established Strepsils Core sword, confining the product to a niche Public Relations helps drive the two newer brand area of moderate sore throats, fenced Public relations have played a critical extensions. by other lozenges on one side and cough role in building brand awareness. During syrups on the other. Therefore, to Currently, Strepsils is introducing jars seasons when people are most prone to continue to grow at the impressive rate as a promotional Stock Keeping Unit illness, Strepsils remains in the public it has chalked up so far, Strepsils will that would drive visibility in retail. It has domain through press releases and need to attract new consumers into its been seen that the current Strepsils advertorials that offer tips on sore fold. Will Mr. T and the aggressive cartons are placed by the retailer behind throats and cough management. marketing strategies help the brand do the counter while a pilot of the Strepsils Strepsils also has a panel of throat just that? Let’s wait and see. jars proved that the jar was placed in specialists called the Strepsils Throat the front of the counter, thus improving Care Advisory who offer their tips on offtakes for the brand. Akali believes managing sore throats and answer Information has also been “such simple innovative exercises are cough related queries. The advisory sourced from Superbrands key for establishing retail visibility for panel includes a voice consultant, a Journal the brand.” throat specialist and an ENT surgeon. 60 Advanc'edge MBA September 2005 ± CMYK