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Brand%20 Story%20 %20lime

  1. 1. Brand Story 8 The FRESHNESS of LIME - Kavita Krishnamurthy he freshness of lime coupled with a shower of of Alyque Padamsee, the then Director of Lintas featuring T cool water – does this bring a picture to your a green swimsuit clad girl, frolicking enthusiastically mind or does it ring a ¯¯LA…. lalalala… LA… under a waterfall. la la la, la la la…! ¯¯?? The perfect combination for a The moment of liberation that Liril provided was well refreshing bath that can be symbolised by India’s most accepted by the women of India and not only did the ad refreshing soap – Liril! become popular; Liril became premium soap overnight. Liril was launched in the 70s as freshness soap. The brand became a market leader in the category of Consumers usually associate themselves with the brand ‘premium freshness soaps’ within a year of that because it gives them psychological gratification. In its launch, overtaking brands like Cinthol the early 70s a market research agency found out that and Mysore Sandal. housewives had typical ‘needs of fantasizing’. In his book ‘A Double Life’, Alyque Their fantasy was turned into reality in the Padamsee, the Godfather of Indian Liril Ad. Advertising talks a lot about his most At least 30 years ago, a team of successful campaigns and the ideas managers appointed by Jagdish that went into making them. He says that Chopra, the then Marketing Director great communication is when there is fusion of Hindustan Lever (HLL), to create between the word and the picture. Padamsee who freshness soap in the premium price tends to think in visuals asserts that the shot of the girl segment attempted a blue soap that under the waterfall in the Liril film is more important promised fresh mountain breeze. A than the forgettable headline ‘Come alive with Liril brainstorming session steered by the late marketing guru freshness!’ Shunu Sen was held to find out what ‘freshness’ meant: The first Liril Ad like walking barefoot on marble, being sprayed with a jet of water, like icy blue and the like, they came up with The first Liril Ad was a masterpiece of its own calibre, icy blue. While test marketing in Nashik and Indore, the a product of Alyque Padamsee’s imagination. It was shot blue Liril failed and the idea had to be shelved. So, they in Kodaikanal at a waterfall a little beyond Guna caves. took the help of a young, British marketing head and Karen Lunel, the first Liril girl reigned for a long time created a green marble soap. It was a regular Lime soap and was succeeded by Anoosha Dalal and many more owned by Lever. including the latest Preity Zinta. But even though the The team’s aim was to get into households with a bang. scenes, girls and the choreography changed, a part of the Extensive research conducted on young women and original music was still retained. housewives helped them gain an interesting insight; It The Liril girl is one was found that an average Indian woman who lived with of the brand’s strongest her husband’s family had to undergo a lot of pressures advertising properties. in her daily life due to her duties and responsibilities Try as they might, HLL towards the family and household. Apparently the only and Lowe have not time she had for herself was the 10 -15 minutes that she been able to move the was in the shower. This thought provoked the Liril Liril girl from her advertisement created by Neena Merchant, with the help position. As a result, a Advanc'edge MBA / May 2003
  2. 2. Brand Story 8 certain amount of Brand Market Share of drudgery began to set into Premium Segment the ads. Meanwhile the Liril 16.3% market was heading towards niche Cinthol 12.7% segmentations where products were positioned Mysore Sandal 8.9% in the consumer’s mind in such a way as to offer a Margo 8.9% particular benefit. Eg. Lifebuoy – The Health Soap, Pears – The Gentle Soap etc. Liril’s idea of ‘freedom from the Fresca 6.9% usual routine’ failed to create an idea of freedom as Palmolive 6.6% against the ads of the competitors that ideated well to the single benefit being offered to the consumer. Liril lost Pears 4.5% a major chunk of its sales, as much as 50 crores in value because of competition from Nima from Nirma that Wipro Shikakai 4.2% banked on its scent of ‘roses’. Liril weathered rough Dettol 3.7% waters with rejuvenated ads addressed to the new generation woman living a fast paced career-oriented life Swastik Shikakai 3.6% thus recovering much of the lost market share. Pond’s Dreamflower 2.9% Liril’s bold communication is well known even till date, 25 years after its birth. It’s a symbol of juvenile Marvel 2.7% exuberance and an expression of freedom and freshness. Crowning Glory 2% Its sonic branding ¯ ‘LA … lalalala LA… la la la la… lalala…’ ¯ works wonders on the consumer’s brain cells Moti 2% and is tantamount to the graphic, logo and line! Just the sound of the jingle transcends a whole new world of Liril (Source: ORG Retail Audit Data 1988) freshness freedom. The parent company Hindustan Lever Ltd. (HLL) has segments and dominates at least 63% of the market share several leading toilet soap brands in different price in the toilet soap market. Lifebuoy, Hamam, Liril, Lux, Pears - are all HLL’s leading brands. Lifebuoy is the largest selling soap in India. Soaps like Liril, Rexona and Lux were relaunched in 1998-99 to help gain the losing In 1961, HLL introduced ‘Lux’ soap market share. HLL’s Power Brand Strategy helped beat in a range of colors. The 1960s-70s the declining market and post strong growth in 2002 With innovative strategies to win consumer attention, witnessed a series of new product there was a leap in launches—Anik’ (clarified butter, in quality and market activation that lead the early-1960s), Sunsilk (shampoo, in to double-digit 1964), ‘Rin’ (washing-bar, in 1969), growth for Lifebuoy, Liril and ‘Clinic’ (shampoo, in 1971), and ‘Liril’ Lux. Liril’s growth (bathing soap, in 1974). In 1975, HLL was sparked by the new addition – Liril Icy Cool Mint. ‘Ice Try Karoge?’ This entered the oral care market with a new variant has refreshed the 25 year old brand’s equity gel toothpaste called ‘Close-Up.’ In of ‘freshness and exuberance of youth’ thus giving it double-digit growth. The tingling menthol offers a unique late-1970s, HLL set up 70 medium cooling sensation to the skin. To open up a new premium and small-scale factories in the rural segment, Liril has also ventured into Body Wash – ‘Shower Gel’. areas for manufacturing soaps and From ‘Come Alive with Freshness’ to ‘Ice Try Karoge?’ detergent. Liril has come a long way, grown as a brand and found a space for itself in the consumer’s mind. Advanc'edge MBA / May 2003