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Biz Sector Fashion

  1. 1. %Bizness Read on ................................... Sector Perspective: .ASHION - KenSource In this section, we have so far presented perspectives on the basic industries that comprise the Indian business world and some of their offshoots. However, even apart from the more prominent industries and their offshoots, the Indian business scenario can boast of a whole gamut of smaller and better performing industries, which have created a niche for themselves over time not only domestically, but also on the international stage. With the international quota regime on garment exports having come to an end from fashion academies, where students the beginning of this year, we focus on one such industry which is creating are taught to apply their creativity waves across the country and abroad. Fashion, though still in its nascent to develop fabric designs and stages, is all set to make its presence felt as an industry in a big way. create new ensemble. One of the . most important stimuli to the have originated between the 8 th development of the fashion or centuries, clothes and and the 12th centuries, as described industry has been the media which other body adornments has consistently provided good have been used by in the tales of various Arab and coverage to the fashion world; individuals and societies Chinese chroniclers in their several magazines cover news and as a non-verbal comm- accounts. Indian costumes like silk developments on the fashion front unication of rank, gender, locality, saris and the traditional salwar- exclusively. The proliferation of class, wealth or group affiliation. kameez fascinated many a traveler. fashion-based programs on “Fashion” has transcended the Over time, religious and regional satellite television channels has clothes and jewellery we wear to influences began to be felt and increased the consciousness of the become a language of signs, different forms emerged. average Indian about changing symbols and iconography that With such a rich and varied global trends in the field. makes certain statements about traditional history, it is paradoxical In the last one decade, the individuals and groups. In its that the fashion industry in India Indian fashion industry has really various forms (be it clothes or a is still in its nascent stages. The taken off from its embryonic stage pierced navel or a hairstyle), first Indian fashion show was held to catapult itself to the frontlines fashion has become a barometer of only in 1958; Jeannie Naoroji has of global fashion. Indian fashion cultural change and a way to been credited for initiating the designers have contributed largely affiliate ourselves to the group that shows in India and for giving them to this phenomenon. Indian we belong to. professional touch. Ever since designers today can successfully there has been a growing .ashion in India compete with any of their western consciousness among Indian men counterparts in terms of concepts, and women about the fashion and The evolution of fashion in India styles and designs. Most of them styles they follow. Today there are has been a long journey, starting (Ritu Beri, Rohit Bal, Wendell several institutes like the National from the times of the Indus valley Rodricks to name only a few) have Institute of Fashion Technology civilisation (c. 3000 to 1500 BC). created a special place for (NIFT), Indian Institute of Fashion However, the range of costumes themselves in the world market Technology (IIFT) and other that we identify as Indian seems to
  2. 2. %Bizness Read on ................................... and can boast of a clientele spread this might pose a challenge. across the globe, as far as the Careers Middle East, UK and USA. To cite just a single case in point, an Indian Fashion technology offers a shawl and a salwar-kameez wide scope for those who wish to ensemble created by leading pursue a career in it. It has become Mumbai designers Abu Jani and so specialised that it encompasses Sandeep Khosla formed part of the a vast field of studies in design, exotic wardrobe of French actress concept management, design Sophie Marceau in the James Bond production management, quality flick ‘The World is Not Enough’. control, planning, fabric design, Fashion, as an organised printing, fashion accessory design, industry, is just about 10 to 12 years fashion merchandising, textile old in India with an estimated Indian industry to face the new science, colour mixing, marketing share of just around $2 billion in opportunity that has opened up. and so on. The broad areas of work the overall $15 billion textile and However, things are not going to in the fashion industry are market garment exports and the $41.5 be very easy as international research and designing and billion textile industry. However, competition is also likely to manufacturing of garments and renowned consulting group intensify with the increased textiles. Mckinsey has estimated that the presence of recognised foreign Fashion design is the most post quota regime will see India brands like Ermenegildo Zegna, important and popular segment pushing its share from the current Tommy Hilfiger, Armani and within the industry. It involves 4% to around 6.5% by 2008 in the Calvin Klein in the domestic creation of original designs after $248 billion global fashion market. market. In the face of such studying the changing trends of Other estimates suggest that competition, the Indian fashion the market, that is, based on India’s share in the textile market industry must put up a united market research. It has various of the USA is likely to leap from front to safeguard the country’s fields of specialisation like 4% to 15%, while in the EU it could textile traditions. garments, footwear, jewellery and go up from around 5% to 9%. One of the main concerns shared even luggage. It is a challenging The industry with around 20000 by Indian fashion gurus is the lack field, as it requires the coordination garment makers and innumerable of retail infrastructure, which of various jobs; in small concerns textile manufacturing units makes it difficult to bring in mass- it is usually a one-man show but provides jobs to almost 80 million market products. This acts as a in big organisations the jobs are people and accounts for nearly a major hindrance to bringing ready- specialised and have to be allotted fourth of the country’s export to-wear items in the market, to different people. Manufacturing earnings and almost 4% of its GDP. thereby stunting the growth of the involves purchasing textiles and The industry today employs nearly domestic industry to some extent. fabrics required for the design and 8% of India’s working population There is also, as mentioned earlier, making the garment according to in various capacities. Most of the the threat of big multinational the master pattern. The process designers and apparel and textile players coming to India and requires employment of a large manufacturers are expanding wiping out local competition. number of trained personnel. production capacities to meet the Given their entry, smaller There is an ever-growing demand increased demand. For instance, designers might find it more for more designers who can come Rana Gill, a renowned designer, is lucrative to work for such big up with innovative designs that are said to have increased his capacity MNCs rather than running their commercially viable in the export almost ten times and plans to serve own enterprise. The fashion market. With fashion becoming a areas even away from the cities, industry in India is largely big business and India emerging as signaling the preparedness of the fragmented in terms of players and one of the major players in the
  3. 3. Read on ................................... global garment market, the need for qualified professionals in this always be a need for more accessories in the market and field has increased tremendously. designers to provide a variety of hence the field offers myriad Fashion designing offers clothing that is appealing, opportunities. unlimited opportunities for those fascinating and up-to-date. The Indian fashion is poised for who are good at it. The status and Export houses, domestic unprecedented growth in the income of the person goes up as he markets and manufacturing units coming decade and is slated to establishes a reputation of his own. throw up opportunities for you to touch the Rs 8000 crore mark. Exposure to the fashion industry work as a textile designer. It However, this requires several abroad may help in widening involves working with different concrete steps on the part of the horizons, since Indians still tend to fabrics and material. Textiles industry. As a closure of our copy western styles. With beauty account for a major chunk of discussion on the industry, we pageants, fashion shows, foreign Indian exports. The textile industry suggest that Indian fashion labels and an increasingly fashion- calls for technically skilled industry should consciously work conscious generation, executives who are specialists in towards the following if it is to opportunities are endless. If you designing interpretation, pattern capitalise on the opportunities in are enterprising, you can set up creation, garment construction, the offing: your own manufacturing or export grading, product development, Creating global fashion brands unit, which will rake in big marketing and computer aided Creating a global image for financial rewards, or you may also design. You could also take up itself find a lucrative job in the textile accessory designing which may Creating good value networks industry. A fashion designer is no involve designing anything from A further sharpening of the longer an anonymous entity- hair clips and sunglasses to focus on design designer labels give him an footwear and luggage. There is a Forging much better designer- identity. As long as people feel the very big demand for leather corporate links urge to dress well, there will