11 Mba Systems


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11 Mba Systems

  1. 1. Advanc'edge MBA / August 2003 MBArk Read on ................................... MBA in Systems Senior management in organisations know what information they require and why. But seldom if ever do they have the time and patience to gather such - Shishir Nigam information, store and transform it into a presentable format. They cannot be involved in the nitty-gritty of this process. For example, a senior marketing manager in an FMCG company needs some History information about the area-wise sales of the products. MBA in Systems is a relatively new specialisation However, he doesn’t have the time to delve into how in many an MBA program worldwide and is closely this information will be obtained, transmitted, stored, related to the growth of the information technology retrieved and presented. He needs this information business. Proliferation of the IT sector led to a need fast so that he can take decisions on strategies to for persons who remaining generalists in the business increase sales or retain market share. It is this gap sense capture business processes while integrating that the Systems Professional fills with his expertise. information systems automation. Skill Expectations from a Systems Professional in Traditionally the industry had access to a large an Organisation pool of programmers, who had the requisite technical Often called upon to perform the role of a systems skills but often had to be groomed for niche business analyst or a systems architect, the very first fields. Such programmers developed over time to requirement of the systems professional is awareness become Subject Matter Experts (SME). But with IT of the technologies as well as the evolving trends. In becoming ubiquitous, there was an emergent need addition to the awareness he should also have the for professionals who had the capability to ability to understand the utility of these technologies understand the business problem at the highest level, to solve specific business problems. Since business convert it into specifications for an IT project, do some problems span multiple domains, this professional architecting, and then hand it over to the SMEs. The needs to understand business as well as the functional professional with an MBA in Systems filled this need. specifics of an organisation viz., marketing, human What is MBA Systems? resource, finance, accounts, operations, MBA Systems is a specialised program, which manufacturing etc. To successfully meet the gives an overall idea about the business challenges of such a role, the cross-functional fundamentals, processes, technologies (IT and expertise and exposure gained during an eclectic Computer) and applications to solve business MBA Systems program is best suited. The skills of problems. communication, processes, planning, presentation, Role of Systems Professionals in Organisations cost benefit analysis, budgeting, market research etc Programmers deal directly with the technologies. gained during the MBA program help the systems They are capable of writing code, storing and person to gel effectively with users from any retrieving data, and providing it to the users. In functional specialisation, helping them to clarify the contrast an MBA Systems professional works on the business problem. It further helps him co-ordinate process involved in transforming the data into useful between departments, a key skill indeed for a systems information to be presented in a manner, which helps senior managers understand the state of their businesses and take decisions. A systems professional’s role in an organisation encompasses the management of the Information Technology and systems to obtain the required information. Of these management of information is considered as most important. These roles necessitate working closely with the operational team of the organisation and managing the gathering, processing and dissemination of the right information to the right person at the right time.
  2. 2. Advanc'edge MBA / August 2003 MBArk Read on ................................... professional. w Learning environment must be eclectic in terms of a well-stocked library of books, multimedia Pre-requisites for taking up MBA Systems As a prospective aspirant interested in pursuing learning aids and computer laboratories with an MBA in Systems, you should be aware of the various software and development environments requirements not just to enter the program but also for a wide exposure. to do it well, such that the knowledge gained can be w Teachers are vital in any learning process, applied effectively in your work situation. Some of especially in technology. Experienced faculty with the skill sets that you would be examined on prior to at least 3 years experience (Post relevant your entry into an MBA Systems program are: qualifications) in industry. (Beware as it has been w Interest in Information Technologies found that many institutes use recent graduates w Interest in understanding all the functions of a with little or no industry exposure as faculty). It business process is preferable if the faculty possesses relevant w Mathematical Ability in the context of numerical international certifications (MCSE™, CCNA™ , analysis and solutions etc.,) on the technologies they are likely to teach. w Logical analysis w Sufficient time and faculty support must be given w Ability to connect technologies to business to lab work for practical orientation to the theories learnt in the class. Focus Areas While Doing the program Having enrolled in an MBA Systems program, it w A significant ratio of the curriculum must cover is important that you focus on the following to build the business basics of various functions. a successful career: w The course structure should incorporate industry w Knowledge of business functions visits, summer training as well as industry- w Mathematical modeling of business problems in sponsored projects. any functional domain There are many other things, which may be added w Business mathematics and statistics to this list, but if an institute meets at least these w Communication skills criteria for its MBA Systems program, it is worth w Ability to understand and map business processes considering. Reputed institutes like IIMC, IIMB, IIT w Software engineering and processes Schools of Management and SITM have an array of w Quality systems like ISO 9000 and CMM specialised programs. The best systems Consultancy Expertise in the above areas will give you a and IT firms like PWC, TCS, PCS, Mindtree, Infosys, definitive head start when you enter your job. Wipro, i2, inautix, Techspan etc. recruit systems professionals from these institutes. An Ideal Systems MBA Program The best MBA systems programs are obviously Epilogue offered by the top institutes like the IIM’s. However Thus we have assessed what it takes to embark on with a plethora of institutes offering MBA programs a career path in MBA Systems, starting from it is not unusual for aspirants to be faced with the understanding the industry requirement for this dilemma of choosing the right MBA Systems specialisation, what it takes to get into a program, program. Using the following points as a guideline the focus areas when doing the program, and how to to assess the structure/design of the MBA Systems go about the right MBA Systems program for program offered and the institute is helpful in making yourself. the right choice. Doing an MBA in Systems is just the beginning. w Computational infrastructure of the institute As a professional you must constantly upgrade should be state of the art and sufficient to meet yourself, in cutting-edge technologies as well as the needs of all students. Thus the number of business domains. You must always be equipped computers and their configuration (Software and with and aware of the latest technology trends lest Hardware) is important. For instance good you are left groping especially in an age wherein the institutions must have not just Microsoft rapid forces of technological change can easily render Windows™ environment, but also Linux™ you obsolete. This will help all you budding systems operating system in line with current market professionals to continuously plan and align your trends. career in the right direction.