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Tạp trí Internet Marketing Số 05 Sep~Oct - 2011

  1. 1. SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2011 Magazine TELL IT AS IT IS’ PERRY MARSHALL INTERVIEW THE LOW COST HIRING SECRET ESSENTIAL COPYWRITING QUESTIONNAIRE SEVEN KILLER APPS InternetMarketingMag.net STATE OF THE INTERNET THE PROJECT MANAGE YOUR SUCCESS SECRETS OF A 440K PRODUCT LAUNCH 7 STEPSTO 7 FIGURES ONLINE Facebook.com/InternetMarketingMagazine The Original and Best Internet Marketing Magazine Designed Specifically for the ipad, iphone, Android and the Web
  2. 2. THE STATE OF THE INTERNET All the Fuss About Google Plus The Buzz online in the last month or two is about Google’s new Social Media offering ‘Google Plus’ or Google+ as it’s most often called. Using the word ‘Buzz’ there was a bit of a cheeky pun as that was Google’s previous failed attempt at social media. Google + is a weird name in that it suffers from similar naming problems as the artist Prince when he changed his name to the love symbol. It’s a weird one to search for or to even mention in a web URL. Google advises that the Google+ project is currently working out all the kinks with a small group of Beta testers, so joining is by application only. There are now over 20 million beta testers so it’s not that small a group but by Google’s standards it may be. It has some pretty cool features. As you will see below on the 3 main ones below that Google advertises on its invitation emails to join Google Plus, it’s got some pretty cool functionality. Circles The easiest way to share some things with college buddies, others with your parents and almost nothing with your boss. Hangouts Let friends know that you’re free for a video hangout, any time, anywhere. Then catch up, watch YouTube or... just hang out. Sparks A feed of only the things that you’re really into, so when you’re free, there’s always something waiting to be watched, read or shared. SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2011 Internet Marketing Magazine 1
  3. 3. The question really is what is stopping Facebook from bringing out these exact same features in the next few months and making the Google+ platform be nothing too special? Watch this space, as I believe they will have their own version of circles etc very soon. Much the same way as Google cracked down on sites in recent years that didn’t meet their terms and conditions I imagine ClickBank will need to also as the web matures and the governing bodies exert more and more pressure to clean up questionable sales tactics. If you have a Google apps email account and you try to join Google+ like I did you will get an error message stating ‘Google+ is not yet available for Google Apps.’ So they’ll support other companies email system logins but just not there own… very weird. Among the changes that will stop some very commonly used sales pitches include: 1. False Scarcity • Pitches saying only 200 copies of an eBook will be I’ve been chatting to the folks at Rocketboom.com through the week and they have given us permission to run their excellent overview video of Google+ and where it fits into the market place. Give this a go below. It runs for about 4 mins. Depending on which version of the mag you are reading it will either play right here or work as a link off to the video on our main site. The Changing Face of Mobile Google recently bought Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion to ‘protect’ the Google Android Mobile Operating System (OS). Credits: Thanks to the awesome team at RocketBoom –> http://www.rocketboom.com/?s=google+plus The reported reason that this acquisition was made was to sold. But then the seller keeps offering the product secure Patents that Motorola owns to protect their after 200 are sold. Android OS. What is now unclear is will Google Android still be an open source mobile platform or will they setup a similar environment to Apple with its devices where their OS is only allowed to play on their hardware? Either way, mobile devices and mobile Internet will still continue to rise as it becomes more and more the norm. ClickBank gets tough with its new Guidelines ClickBank emailed all their sellers recently to announce new promotional guidelines, hinting that they’re in response to regulatory changes (e.g. FTC) and credit card processor requirements. ClickBank has developed these guidelines to help vendors better understand what kinds of messaging, claims, imagery and testimonials can and cannot be used on ClickBank vendor “Pitch Pages” and other promotional material. SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2011 • Pitch pages that tell you that an offer is good for only the next 10 minutes. ClickBank will no longer allow these claims. It will allow true scarcity claims if you really will only sell x copies of a product. 2. Discount pricing It’s common practice on ClickBank where every eBook is “regularly priced” at $197 but you can get it today for only $47. ClickBank will no longer allow this unless you really did sell the product for $197 previously. 3. Testimonials and Endorsements ClickBank states that you need to have accurate testimonials and endorsements, which makes sense and Internet Marketing Magazine 2
  4. 4. is a great move, but then it goes on to state that you can use actors to portray consumer’s real experiences This is very weird that they would allow you to use actors in creating testimonials. Handy if you have ugly customers I guess. You can read the ClickBank new Vendor Promotional Messaging Guidelines here http://www.clickbank.com/ help/vendor-help/vendor-basics/selling-basics/vendorpromotional-guidelines/ From the Desk of the Editor Welcome to this the fifth issue of ‘Internet Marketing Magazine’ – the original and leading magazine designed specifically for Internet Marketers to be delivered on the iPad, iPhone, Android and web platforms. We have just launched the new Internet Marketing Magazine Members area for email subscribers. Those who are already an email member will have been emailed the link to the members area prior to this issue being released. We encourage you to join up and get access to the members area via InternetMarketingMag.net or Facebook. com/InternetMarketingMagazine We are trying to make the content richer with a new ‘candid don’t hold back’ interview series to get to the bottom of what really works and what doesn’t online. The full interview SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2011 mp3’s can be found in the members area and will build out issue by issue so check back there from time to time. The full Perry Marshall interview is available in there now in the ‘Audio Expert Interviews’ section. This contains heaps of great content that we were not able to include in this issue of the magazine because the size of the article would have been too long. ‘Internet Marketing Magazine’ is now on the Android platform. It previously was available in the Android Market via Zinio and still is, but now we’ve added our own App for delivering the content and turning up in search. The first issue of the app has cut down functionality and is just a placeholder to secure our app name of ‘Internet Marketing Magazine’. We are currently working on a second version of the App to have similar functionality to what you experience on the iTunes App store or on our site or Facebook. That’s the admin out of the way, let’s roll up our sleeves and get stuck into the rest of this issue… Wishing you the best of success online Greg Cassar GregCassar Internet Marketing Strategist & Editor – Internet Marketing Magazine Internet Marketing Magazine 3
  5. 5. Empower people around the world with a $25 loan loans that change lives www.kiva.org SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2011 Internet Marketing Magazine 4
  6. 6. A CANDID ‘TELL IT AS IT IS’ INTERVIEW WITH PERRY MARSHALL Something new for Internet Marketing Magazine in that we have started doing interviews with some of our invited panelists and posting the full interview in the new members area. GREG: I’m very excited about the guest we have today, a very special guest by the name of Perry Marshall. Most of you will have heard of Perry. Perry’s been an online marketer for many years now and is very much seen as an authority online particularly in the realm of Pay Per Click. Perry is a traffic and conversion specialist and a mentor to thousands. Welcome Perry, to the call. PERRY: Hey, it’s great to be here, thank you for having me, and congratulations on your magazine! GREG: Thanks, Perry! So Perry, most of our audience and members will have heard of you before but not everyone. Could you please start of by telling us a little bit about your story and how you ended in a position where you are now? PERRY: A lot of people in the Internet Marketing space know me for Adwords. I have a very popular E-book called the “The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords” and also a book in the bookstores. We also have some things that we’ve been introducing for Facebook, which is quite a different animal than Google. But prior to that when I first hang out my shingle, I was really a Business to Business and Technology Marketing Consultant and I have come from being a Sales Manager at a software company. Prior to that, I was an engineer and I actually designed speakers on the Jeep Cherokee and some different automobiles in the 90’s. I’ve done a lot of different weird things and I am always interested in more weird things so I have my fingers in a lot of pies. I live in Chicago and I got a family and it’s been really fascinating to be evolving along with the world. GREG: When you really first come across Google Adwords, did you get it straight away? Or understand what sort of game changer it was? PERRY: I did. I fully understood what it was capable of and I wouldn’t say I knew how big it was going to get, because I didn’t. But I totally got it and the reason I got it was because I had been a really serious obsessive Direct Marketing Junkie for the previous five years. And I just read and learned everything that I can possibly get my hands on. SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2011 GREG: With Adwords, there are so many facets to it such as search traffic placement targeting, remarketing and the list goes on. What components of Adwords do you really love and do you always use in your main toolset of arsenal? PERRY: Well I really like the Display Network. I naturally gravitate towards things that are less straightforward, and less obvious and Google’s display network is definitely like that. I think search is pretty obvious and there’s a finite set of tools that you can use and once you have exhausted them, now it’s all about conversion. But with the Display Network, you’re dealing with something that’s much more squishy that the average online marketer is less comfortable with and you’ve got like a million options. You can just be more artistic there so I’ve always liked that. I like Banner Ads, there’s endless capacity for creativity there. You know the thing I like about this Online Advertising is competitive as it is; it’s impossible to run out of new ideas. It’s only as limited as your imagination, you can always find another way through. GREG: What other traffic strategies do you find yourself implementing on a site once you’ve implemented Adwords. Do you then go to Facebook next or what would you compliment it with from a traffic point of view? PERRY: Well it depends entirely on what kind of business you have. Some businesses for example, are very Facebook friendly - we have this little quiz we put a little scorer thing, www.isfbforme.com, and you can go describe your business in about a minute and click on different things and click submit. It’ll give you a score from 1 to 10 on how Facebookfriendly your business is. If you get like an 8 or more, then Facebook is probably a major traffic source and it may even rival Google in terms of how much traffic it could give you. Now if it’s less than a 5 then it’s probably much lower down on your list. I find that a lot of people get really good traction with just a basic email marketing. And sometimes in a more commercial or Business-to-Business kind of a setting, it’s paid advertising and eZines and stuff like that. For other contexts’, it’s more affiliate marketing and the person Internet Marketing Magazine 5
  7. 7. sending the mails is taking the risk. So it just depends on what kind of market you are in. GREG: You said something really cool when I was at your Maui Adwords Master’s Conference last year. You spoke about how Google is like the “yellow pages” and Facebook is more like the “coffee shop” and that was really like a big “aha” moment for me because they are different traffic source. They do convert differently and people are there for different reasons. PERRY: Yes, I totally stand by that: Google is the Yellow Pages and Facebook is the Coffee Shop. It tells you both how to sell and what you can sell. Do people sell things in coffee shops? Absolutely. There are some things that people are never going to go looking for. There are some things that sell neither in the Yellow Pages nor the coffee shop. There’s no single kind of traffic that’s best for everything. But Facebook is good for anything that’s cultural, artistic, religious, political, identity driven, anything that is highly emotional or kind of squishy. Google is much more geared for logical, transactional, and informational, so as the Internet matures, you have more and more shifting and sorting and people are finding out where they like to hang out. You know Twitter is useful for certain kinds of things. But I wouldn’t count on it to save your butt next time you need some traffic. GREG: What tools and techniques do you really use and love when you are increasing the conversion rate of landing pages and also sales pages? PERRY: Slightly off topic, but I am a total believer in email and auto responders. Frankly it’s hard to think of a business that wouldn’t have at least a modest improvement by adding an auto responder. It’s a good use of copy-writing, good story telling, and you make people want to read what you write even if you’re hiring a copy writer do it, I think that’s essential. With landing pages, depending on what you’re doing, video is more and more important. The web is becoming more and more like TV and also I’m really seeing a merger or collision if you will, of online and offline with bricks and mortar, especially with the last year and so. It was abundantly obvious to me than that there was always a big opportunity for anybody who is marketing online to go offline and get more money. If you are willing to also do direct mail especially to existing customers, if you are willing to do live SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2011 events or have wine and cheese parties or whatever, there was a lot more money to be picked up. What I also noticed was online marketers didn’t want to go offline and offline marketers didn’t want to go online. I have seen all of that change with the recession. Now I am seeing people happily and willingly go both directions on this. GREG: What advice would you have for those of our readers or listeners who are info marketers who bought every course and implemented a heap of stuff and they’re just not making money online? PERRY: I’ve got of a lot of things to say, the first thing is, you know the internet is not your savior and your real mission in life isn’t necessarily to “build the online automated money machine” or you know, fill in the blank, whatever definition you’ve put on it. I think your real mission is to really understand where your unique ability intersects with hungers people have out there in the world, whatever they are. All of the successful people I know, they find a combination of two to three things that they are good at and they do them. And I think a lot of people out there are struggling because they are really trying to copy somebody or they are trying to imitate a formula and that’s not really how you succeed. I think when people get frustrated and especially if they get desperate, what they do is they start to look at everything they’ve done and all their experiences and everything as being kind of useless. And they are like often in search of a new thing and they kind of throw everything to the wind and they almost mentally start over. Well, you need to be very selective of what you’re starting over about or starting over with because if you work for the insurance industry for 13 years, you might think it’s the most boring thing in the world but I promise you, you know things about that business that is worth money. So I just want to encourage you, you’re walking around with assets that you might not appreciate. Don’t under value that. It really is worth something. GREG: At the moment Perry, you have a very good reputation online and you’ve got a big list and you’re very well known. Not all of our readers and listeners are in that situation so if you put yourself back in that situation where you have to start all over again, is there anything you’d do differently or how would you make a go of it from scratch if starting 2011? Internet Marketing Magazine 6
  8. 8. PERRY: Well first of all you need to know that I’ve done a lot of things where I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. With the Adwords thing, I was at the right place at the right time and I had done all of my practice sessions and sweating all summer and the when it was the fall season, it was time to catch the touchdown pass and the ball showed up and I caught it. I remember learning when I was in my twenties. Find a trend and position yourself in front of it, and then success will be easy... like, “okay”. You can always find things that are on the rise, you can just about always find things that you know are eventually going to go big and they are not big now. However, the timing of when it will get big and how much pain and suffering and everything else is gonna happen before these things kick in is really unpredictable. I have this little theory I call, “One long shot and three fish in a barrel” which is doing things where making the money is easy, not hard. It’s like do something that earns you a steady income and pays your bills so you’re not stressed out all the time and put your 3/4 effort in that and then reserve ¼ of your effort in the long shot that may or may not pan out. I think a lot of people, they spend ¼ of their effort on something solid and dependable and ¾ of their effort on something outlandish or 3 outlandish things at a time and they can never get any of them to work because there’s not enough focus plus they’re starving at the same time. You know that’s a recipe for a lot of major frustrations. So like Greg, I don’t know what all you’re into but let me make a guess. You have clients that pay the bills and you’re feeding your family and stuff and you have this little side projects that you work on and you’re like, “Hey when these things take up, these could be really good!” right? GREG: That was exactly how I quit my day job. And then over time the speculative things have now risen to the point where they are just about matching the whole consulting biz, and it’s about to overtake it. PERRY: Exactly, and I think there’s a huge attitude that people tend to have in the internet marketing space that it’s this weird escapism like, “Okay, I got my day job and I hate my day job and I want to stop this and I’m tired of working at this lame company. So I am gonna do this internet marketing thing which is a completely different universe and I’m not gonna trade hours for dollars anymore. I’m gonna build machines and I’m gonna go build systems.” You know, I can hardly think of anybody that has built a machine that didn’t start out by getting their ass in gear and helping another human being and rolling up their sleeves first. You have to get your hands in it and get dirty and make something work. GREG: We met in Maui last year, as we mentioned earlier, your Maui’s Elite Master’s Summit. For those who haven’t heard about it or never been, how would you describe that event cause I won’t consider it just another seminar you know, I came away sort of pretty blown away by the brain’s trust that was there or that sort of thing, what’s your thoughts? PERRY: A lot of times, you go to seminars, it’s sort of kinda “rah rah” or maybe it’s really a big “rah rah” session. You know our audience is different. Maui is kind of the summit of that and in order to go to Maui you have be spending 5 thousand bucks a month on advertising and people come from all over the world and generally, it’s total pay per click ninjas who most of them have one or two major skills aside from pay per click. It might be seminars, or it might be video or it might be copy writing or whatever but you get these really smart people and I go out of my way to get the very smartest pay per click experts as speakers in the world cause I’ll just be really frank, there’s no way Perry Marshall can stay on top of all the stuff that goes on a Pay Per Click. Greg: Yeah, absolutely. And the level of intelligence in the room is very high standard. We had Richard Stokes come and speak and after being there for an hour he goes, “Crap, I gotta totally rewrite my presentation. This crowd is way more sophisticated than I thought.” There’s a certain type of people, they want stimulation with really sharp minds that really understands the stuff and really see way ahead of where this is going. I would say that the Maui audience is one to two years ahead of everybody else in terms of what we’re doing. The idea of Maui is you go there, have this enormously stimulating environment and you’ll go home, take the DVDs and go really deep with one or two of the presentations, whichever one resonates with you and you will be easily 12 to 18 months out ahead of everybody else. The next one is the February 27-29. Perry Marshall is a traffic specialist, a conversion specialist, a mentor to thousands and all round good guy. Visit PerryMarshall.com/maui to see a video of what is coming up at that amazing event. Grab your copy of Perry’s ‘5 Days to Success with Google Adwords’ today. SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2011 Internet Marketing Magazine 7
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  10. 10. THE ESSENTIAL COPYWRITING QUESTIONNAIRE EXTRAORDINAIRE! By Bret Thomson questions just do your best on these remembering the more info I’ve got the better (and please don’t just guess). 1) What keeps them awake at night? Okay, let’s get cracking… I’m going to cut straight to the chase. 2) What are they afraid of? 3) What are they angry about? Who are they angry at? To write a kick ass sales letter you have to know your ideal client “intimately” – meaning you almost have to know what kind of ‘pillow talk’ is happening! 4) What are their top 3 daily frustrations? I originally got this questionnaire from Pete Godfrey – who in turn probably got it from Dan Kennedy – who in turn probably got it from GOD!! Don’t take that the wrong way, but if you can really understand what makes your prospect tick… as closely as you do your own partner… then your copy will make an instant emotional connection! This may sound weird – but I try and “become my client” – walk in their shoes – think like they think – feel like they feel. And that’s where this questionnaire comes in. It’s your ticket to what’s going on in their mind. Right, so what you need to do now is read through the questionnaire below and then use it for your own research. For bonus points see if you can pick up on the psychology that underlines this questionnaire! I’ve made comments for you below – my prospects obviously wouldn’t be seeing the note comments. They are just for you, okay? I won’t keep you hanging any longer. Here it is… 5) What trends are occurring and will occur in their businesses or lives? 6) What do they secretly, ardently desire most? 7) Is there a built in bias to the way they make decisions? (Example: engineers = analytical) 8) Do they have their own language? If so give examples of words and phrases they use. 9) Who else is selling them something similar and how? 10) What magazines do they read? 11) What websites do they visit? Note: The list above is the backbone for connecting with your prospect on an emotional level. Especially the first 4 questions. 3. Who are the secondary prospects? Are there enough prospects in the secondary niche to create special target copy versions that appeal directly to them? (Please apply the eleven profiling questions above to these secondary prospects.) 4. What is your goal for this project? Bret’s Copywriting Questionnaire: 1. Who is your main prospect? (Men? Women? Ages? Career? And so on…) Note: I always try and picture a real person that I actually know as the ideal prospect. This makes it easier for me to understand how they think and how they’ll react to certain things. It’s a very, very powerful advanced technique (and easy to do!). 2. For me to get to know your prospects inside out so I can motivate them to take action now, I really need to be able to see them. Below are eleven profiling SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2011 5. What other goals would you like to achieve with this project? 6. Is there anything about your product or company that will lend credibility to your sales pitch? This might include awards you’ve won, how long you have been in business, testimonials, how many locations you have, etc. (Please supply testimonials.) Note: This is important to weave into your copy as it increases believability and trust. 7. What product or service will you be selling? If possible please send me your product for evaluation. Internet Marketing Magazine 9
  11. 11. 8. What are all the features of your product/ service? Do11n’t leave anything out… put down everything that you can. This may take some time though it will be well worth it. 9. What relevant facts or figures have been gathered about your product? Have any studies been made that provide facts and figures that will substantiate your claims? Is there any industry trade council that can give you meaningful facts, graphs, charts and statistics about your products? How does it compare to your competitors product? 10. What are the major benefits that your customer gets from your product or service? The difference between a fact/feature and a benefit is this: A fact/feature is something your product/service DOES…whereas the benefit is something it DOES FOR your customer. Note: If you want to take it one step further, then turn the benefits into feelings. That’s worth repeating: turn the benefits into the feelings they will experience! Got it? Good! 11. What makes your product/service unique? Why should your prospect choose your business over any other? (N.B This question is very important… from it, we will be able to position your business in the market place… we can then develop our U.S.P Unique .Selling Proposition) 12. What type of guarantee do you offer? Note: The scarier the guarantee the better! For example: 200% double your money back guarantee! 13. What level of service and support do you offer? 14. Please send me copies of any previous and current marketing pieces including: sales letters, advertisements, brochures and testimonials from satisfied customers; along with any articles on your business, such as marketing plans, etc. Note: Find out what has worked and what hasn’t in the past. 15. I want you to sell me on your product/service. Pretend I am sitting across from you… now sell me! Note: It always pays to interview them for this question and record the dialog! 16. Have you got a list of feedback questions about your product? This way I can build a FAQ sheet in with your sales document. I’ve proved it many times that by including a FAQ sheet you get more sales. 17. What’s the price of your product? 18. How will you take orders? Please give details and phone numbers if required. 19. What magazines or publications are you going to advertise in? Please send me samples of such magazines. Note: Then you can see how to make your advertising stand out from the crowd! 20. What’s my brief? What do you want me to create? A lead generation ad? Complete sales letter? Please be clear on this point. 21. What’s your offer? What are you going to offer as an incentive to your prospects? 22. If web copy is required, what are your keywords? 23. What is your current sales process? Please explain how you get prospects and also how you close the sale. (For example: newspaper ads that send prospects to your store; lead generating followed up with sales pack that sells the product.) 24. This is a big one: in your opinion why would your prospects NOT buy what you’re offering? List as many of these reasons as you can. Is it the price? That they don’t trust you? List them all, what reasons are there NOT to buy? Note: This is critically important to weed out every single objection 25. If you are in a mature market such as weight loss, what changes (if any) have occurred in this industry in the last few years? 26. What is your marketing budget? That should help you to get into the head of your ideal prospect and smack your next marketing piece out of the park. Think big. Be different. Bret Thomson Bret Thomson is a master copywriter and profit strategist. You can get a free copy of Bret’s DVD ‘How to Write a Winning Sales Letter’ at www.BretThomson.com SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2011 Internet Marketing Magazine 10
  12. 12. HIRE EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE INEXPENSIVELY By Tadd Rosenfeld As a savvy businessperson, you know the importance of attracting outstanding hires at affordable salaries. Salaries are a major corporate expense, yet the ideas, action and excellence of your employees are the greatest determinants of your company’s success in operations, marketing and, of course, the bottom line -- profitability. Recently, globalization and the Internet have provided new options for recruiting, with new opportunities to hire across borders and time zones, from a vaster talent pool than ever before imaginable. Now, no matter what the size of your business, you can find the brightest people in any market, rather than just those applicants living near your business. You may be in need of graphic designers, programmers, link builders and/ or customer-support call-center employees to help you accomplish key goals. Rather than advertising in your local newspaper, try interviewing candidates from all over the world, maximizing the number of qualified professionals to choose among for your openings. When you do, you’ll quickly discover that the most talented individuals may not be the ones nearest you. Employees available in emerging markets oftentimes hold opportunities at the highest value, work hard for reasonable salaries, and complete your assignments with the most productive results. They may be the ones best able to complete your work excellently and on time. By making yourself comfortable with hiring and managing internationally, you open yourself and your firm to a world of possibilities. You may find yourself building a stronger, more efficient team at a lower cost than you ever could in the more traditional way. Some firms already have saved up to seventy percent of their incremental employment expenses. Highly skilled, full-time SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2011 employees that might cost five thousand dollars per month at home are available through outsourcing firms for about a thousand dollars per month. Less liability also pertains in many cases as well. Outsourcing requires you to interact well with people from a variety of backgrounds. You will need an appreciation for different social norms, observances, cultures and time zones. It’s essential that you become comfortable integrating diverse people and the right technologies into your business to make outsourcing highly successful. To understand the opportunity, think of the three places that outsourced employees can work from: • Your international office • An intermediary’s international office • Their home. Here’s what I recommend for managing the outsourcing process optimally: • Work with an experienced team rather than going it alone. Choose an outsourcing company that advertises in local newspapers, job fares and online, and that knows how to navigate foreign markets. You will have a more robust choice of candidates in a variety of countries, and you will have the support you need to manage them well. • If you hire professionals who work from an office, you can expect higher productivity, and your team will remain with you longer, especially when overseen by a manager. People who work from home may be less expensive. But over time, many home-based employees inevitably take on competing assignments. Too many personal distractions may get in the way as well. • Be as thorough when reviewing candidates as you would in your home market. Read enough resumes and interview enough people to develop a strong sense of skill levels at each price point. Consider each individual’s ability to relate well to others in your organization. Internet Marketing Magazine 11
  13. 13. • Talk with prospective employees about their desired shift. You will find that many are willing to work your normal business hours regardless of the time zone they live in. Others prefer to work their own normal business hours. • Make your expectations explicitly clear in an employment agreement. Let staff know how many vacation days to expect, how many personal days, and any benefits you plan to provide. • Remember that your international employees have hopes and dreams just as you do. Be partners in achieving their ambitions as much as they are in achieving yours. • Set clear project scopes, milestones and desired schedule(s) at the outset of assignments. • Articulate assignments in a detailed way, even when you may believe that what you are trying to accomplish is obvious. You are better off providing employees with more detail about what you have in mind than finding out later they guessed incorrectly. • Require your employees to provide you with daily written progress reports. Share these reports along with your own (weekly or monthly) feedback with your outsourcing company. This information allows you and them skillful management of your team. My two favorite tools for managing remote offices are ActionMethodOnline.com and Skype.com. These applications can provide you with the ability to keep your employees organized and communicating comfortably. Skype is a crystal clear and free way for video and conference calling internationally. Once you know how to hire inexpensively and powerfully, consider a few types of work that a small or medium-sized business can outsource advantageously overseas. This is far from an exhaustive list. Many kinds of work can be performed abroad at the highest levels of accomplishment. Here are a few possibilities to get you thinking. • Legal Research and Writing • Web designers • Programmers • Search engine optimization • Call Center Employees These are just a few possibilities, and there are countless others. If you have any questions about outsourcing generally, or a specific need, please feel free to get in touch with me via our TeamLauncher.com site. Tadd Rosenfeld is Chief Executive Officer of TeamLauncher.com. He has worked in international business and finance for nearly fifteen years, after earning his degree in Economics from Yale University. SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2011 Internet Marketing Magazine 12
  14. 14. On SA LE NO W wi th PO W W Unmatched Web Hosting EB Regularly $7.77 per month Now Only $3.88 per month √ Host Unlimited Domains √ Free Domain √ $125 in Google, Yahoo/Bing & Facebook Ad Credits √ Live Chat Support √ Free Applications including Wordpress and Joomla √ Site Backups and Restores Click Here to Learn More! ADVERTISEMENT SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2011 Internet Marketing Magazine 13
  15. 15. SEVEN KILLER iDEVICE APPS FOR BUSINESS OWNERS & ENTREPRENEURS By West Loh With the meteoric rise of the iPhone (nearly 1 out of every 2 smartphones sold is an iPhone!) and the iPad (adoption rate over DOUBLE that of the iPhone), you’re losing out to the competition if you aren’t keeping up with technology. I was eating out in West End (a trendy suburb in Brisbane) the other week, and the waiter took our orders with an iPad that had an App most useful Apps for business owners, entrepreneurs, and internet marketers. You’ll increase your productivity, supercharge your learning, streamline your collaboration and personal efficiency; the cumulative effect of which, is to improve your bottom line. MobileRSS - This App is fantastic for visiting all your favourite sites and resources in one place. It allows you to create folders and easily categorise your feeds. And with one tap, you can be scrolling through feeds related to trends in your market, industry news that might affect your business and also monitor what your competitors are doing. See Mobilerssapp.com AnalyticsPro - If you have an online presence, then this App is essential for monitoring the pulse of your website. When you’re on the go, you can check in anytime for all the real time statistics Google analytics is famous for, such as visitor breakdowns, time on site, most visited page, conversions, etc. Analytics Pro is a very useful tool. Here’s the iTunes link http://itunes. apple.com/us/app/analytics-pro/ id352409235?mt=8 (application) hooked into their system. They then took our photos and posted it straight onto their Facebook fan page. Times are changing! I’ve personally tried and tested thousands of Apps, and in this article, I’d like to outline some of the coolest and SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2011 DocsToGo/iWork Suite - Anyone who stores their important business documents on their hard disk in isolation is living in the dark ages. Important documents related to your business (it might be your mission statement, business plan, presentation you need to give or even just an invoice template) are always changing dynamically with changes in the economic climate. DocsToGo allows you to easily access your online storage repositories (Google docs, dropbox, box. net, etc) whenever and wherever you need a secure real time collaboration and editing. The iWork suite provides a superb app toolkit enabling editing Word documents, spreadsheets and PowerPoint/keynote presentations. iBooks/ Kindle/ PDF Reader - These Apps are fantastic for consuming books, magazines and reports in pdf, epub or mobi format. Got a long report you need to read? Resumes to go through for your growing business? How Internet Marketing Magazine 14
  16. 16. about reading the latest issues of your favourite industry magazines? If you’ve purchased an e-book from Amazon or just downloaded an email with an important pdf attached, you will need some form of e-reader on your iDevice. My favourite features of these Apps - they allow you to easily bookmark multiple documents and return to them when you want. You can adjust the text font, size and screen brightness. PDF Reader also has an auto-scroll option so you can get through an entire book without lifting a finger... literally! AVPlayerHD - I’ve been looking far and wide for an App that allows me to speed-learn with video, and it’s finally here. This App enables speed viewing up to 200% with just a swipe across the screen! Another fantastic feature of AVPlayerHD is it bypasses Apples restrictions on video formats and allows you to play avi, mkv, mov and just about any other format you want. How does this relate to business?! Any training workshops, e-learning tutorials or events, seminars related to improving your skillset, you can put straight onto your iDevice without messing around with conversions or formats. Get through your material in half the time of everyone else with the speed up feature. Brilliant! Camcard - Thanks to this App I’ve been able to throw away over 6 albums full of business cards! It’s a high quality scanning App that reads the information from any business card and collates, sorts and categorises the information for easy access when you need it. Accuracy is very high assuming you have good lighting. With Camcard you can choose to save the contacts to your iPhone or just in the App. An essential tool if you go to events, dinners or seminars where meeting key contacts is part and parcel of growing your business. In closing, using Apps for business is all about being creative. Identify the major tasks and issues that you are finding tedious or labored, then systematically dissect an App’s capabilities to see if it can meet those needs. I often find the best use of an App is not what their creators have made it for! If you don’t have time to mess around with new Apps all the time, you’re more than welcome to visit me, where I’ve already done it for you and showcased many of my personal favourites (with all full transcripts included): http://www.westloh.com/app-reviews/ Just as important as what you use on your iDevice is what you DON’T use....make sure you stay away from those addictive games, or else you might go out of business! Happy App-ing! About the Author West Loh teaches leverage strategies, business automation and outsourcing strategies for business including all the latest App reviews and interviews with successful entrepreneurs. You’ll find useable strategies and proven ideas you can implement in your business right now. He’s also author of “The Money Mindset Report”, teaching people how to identify and remove any money blocks that are subconsciously holding them back from success. You can get it free at http://www.westloh.com SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2011 Internet Marketing Magazine 15
  17. 17. 7 STEPS TO BUILD A BIG ONLINE BUSINESS FROM SCRATCH TO 7 FIGURES My name is Frank Bauer and like so many, I started to build my online business from scratch, with zero business experience back in July 1996. But unlike many others that get overwhelmed by the massive amount of information out on the net and that give up after trying for a few months to a year, I was simply too stubborn to give up on my dream of building a business for myself. A business that would feed my family, and supply us with a recession proof way of not only maintaining our lifestyle, but over time improving it substantially. But I am getting ahead of myself here. The path I took from nothing to 7 figures in annual sales wasn’t straightforward and I had to learn many things along the way. Let me share with you the route I took, share with you the mistakes I did so you can prevent doing the same and the lessons I learned that got me to where I am today. By Frank Bauer make money from those scripts, it took me a while to realize some important drawbacks from my approach. The first lesson I learned was that it’s important to first research if there is a large enough market before you develop your own product to sell online. Back then I just assumed that because I needed the product, others would as well. There where potential customers out there as I was able to sell my product, so that way I was lucky, but the initial approach I took offering it for sale as a “newsletter script for webmasters” did cost me a lot of sales. If I would have done my homework before (research), I should have realized that my ideal customer was not a technical person like myself (webmaster), but Internet Marketers that understands the importance of building a mailing list for themselves. One of the very first tasks I started doing online in July 1996 was publishing my own email newsletter. Looking back, starting to build my own mailing list from the start was a very good idea. Targeting anything else other than the ideal customer with your web page sales copy can cost you lots of customers. Also, developing a product that hardly anybody wants can be the kiss of death to your online business. Avoid these mistakes that I did in the early beginning like the plague. Today, with every single site I build online I am always asking the visitor to provide his email address first to be able to follow up with that visitor at a later time. If you don’t ask for the visitors email address first, there is no way for you to contact that person again once he or she leaves your web page. What helped my business from the early stages where I did this on the side while still having a full- time job as a Computer Hardware & Software support guy to the point where I was able to quit my day job and work full-time on my own online business in December 2001, was selling my personal services online. While building my mailing list, I soon reached the limitations of the mailing list program I used back then. So I started looking around for a better solution. This was at a time before services like aWeber where even a registered domain (they registered August 1998). What I realized soon was that skills that seem simple to yourself (like programming was for me) where actually in demand by many others. So I started to offer script installation and customization services and then later on, created custom software script solutions for paying customers. All solutions that I found back then where either not good enough, or way too expensive for me to be able to afford. So I decided to use my programming knowledge (I started programming when I was 12) to build my own solution. Fast forward to September 2000, after using my very own mailing list solution for a while, I finally figured out that I could sell it also to others. Again, to be able to build my mailing list, I released that month a light version called Add2it Mailman Free as well as a paid version called Add2it Mailman Pro. While actually being able to sell them and to SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2011 The biggest breakthrough came to me after attending an Internet Marketing Seminar in March 2006. Not only did I realize at that time the long-term value of selling automated services online was selling them for a recurring monthly or annual fee, but I also signed up for my first personal mentoring & coaching. Internet Marketing Magazine 16
  18. 18. It was in March 2006 when I joined Mike Filsaime’s mentoring program where I not only learned a lot of the viral marketing strategies then helped me grow my online business from five to seven figures in annual sales, but also realized that being mentored & coached speeds up the learning process at an incredible rate. Selling automated online services in a membership model with recurring fees has many advantages over selling software products at a one-time fee. Not only did a lower amount of customers that way turn into higher profits, but by providing the services from my own servers, I avoided installation issues on customer servers that where causing support time consumption on my end. Now you might say to yourself that if you are not a programmer like me, this is not a path that you could personally take, right? That’s the point where I should introduce my business partner Colin Klinkert to you. My strength is his weakness as he is absolutely not technical. But he had a great idea for an online service that is almost famous today, ViralURL.com. In the middle of 1997 he approached me with the concept and idea for ViralURL.com. He had started to outsource the development of that service site to a programmer in India, but hit a brick wall where he was about to give up on the project. That’s when he asked me to partner with him on the project. With my help we released the initial version of that site in October 2007 and we improved it ever since then until today. That site alone generated over $3.1 Million in sales for us in just over 3 1/2 years. All with a web site that provides an automated free service on the front-end and then offers additional services at a recurring fee on the back-end. Once we figured out all the details to our income producing online service system, we rinsed and repeated the process. In August 2009 we released ViralHosts.com, in February 2010 the German market version, ViralURL.de and in April 2011 we released ViralinBox.com. One of the biggest lessons I learned from my business partnership with Colin is that a single person will take more then twice the time to reach any given business goal. By partnering up with another person with complimentary skills, both can leverage on each other and reach bigger goals even faster. Along with that understanding came the fact that as your business grows, you will eventually need the help of others to maintain the highest possible level of support to your customers while growing your business even further. That’s why I started to hire full-time staff in early 2008. Starting out with a single VA (Virtual Assistant), I got a second one within a year, which was then followed by a COO (Chief of Operations). To sum it all up for you, here are the 7 steps to build your own big online business from scratch to 7 figures... 1. Before you start to develop it, make sure you research if there is a big enough market for the product or service that you plan to offer. 2. Can your product or service be sold at a recurring fee? If not the initial product or service, can you think of added products or services that your customer would need next that you can sell them at a recurring fee? 3. If you don’t have the skill to develop the product or service you want to sell, either outsource the development or better, find a business partner with the needed skills. 4. Get a clear picture about your ideal customer before you start on the web page sales copy. If you can think of multiple types of potential customers, don’t sell to them all from a single sales page, but build one sales page for each customer type instead. 5. Make sure you always collect an email address before you ask for a sale. 6. As soon as you can afford it, get a VA from the Philippines at $400 - $600 per month to free up your personal time to do product development and marketing instead of support work and traffic generation tasks. Frank Bauer, expert on Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, JV Marketing & Viral Marketing is the director of Add2it.com Marketing Pty Ltd and co-founder of ViralURL. com, ViralPlugin.com, ViralHosts.com, ViralURL.de and ViralinBox.com. To learn more about Frank and to get free access to his “How To Get Endless Traffic To Your Sites” video, please visit his blog at FrankBauer.name. To become the next Viral Marketing King (or Queen) yourself, please visit Frank & Colin’s blog at ViralKing.com. SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2011 Internet Marketing Magazine 1 7
  19. 19. 7. Always provide an affiliate program for any product or service you sell online. Without affiliates and JV partners (higher paid affiliates), I wouldn’t be where I am today. ” We care about your ROI ” The Agency directly responsible for over $500,000 in addition revenue from the Internet for their clients month in month out Internet Marketing Done For You * Need a new website built… a website that sells? * eed more traffic… from multiple traffic sources? N * Want cost effective leads? * Need Facebook Marketing? * Need Pro Google Adwords Campaign Design and Management? * Want a Marketing Funnel designed like the millionaire marketers? ‘Internet Marketing Done For You’ is the direct response marketing agency which is the secret weapon of many of the biggest marketers online Speak to the team at InternetMarketingDoneForYou.com today ADVERTISEMENT SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2011 Internet Marketing Magazine 18
  20. 20. THE NINE KEYS TO SUCCESS IN MAKING PASSIVE INCOME By Andrew and Daryl Grant It’s Andrew and Daryl again. We’re continuing our series on the Nine Keys to Success in Making Passive Income. So far we’ve talked about the first three keys: • Key #1—Have a Clear, Specific Goal. • Key #2—Use a proven system (don’t reinvent the wheel). • Key #3—Apply the 80/20 principle. This month’s key is “Use a Project Management Approach when implementing your money-making ideas”. Now if you’re one of those people who starts yawning at the mere thought of project management, then this is for you. If you’re the sort of person who would rather just “get into it” than waste time planning, hopefully we can change your mind, and show you that you’ll make a LOT more money a lot faster with a bit of planning before you start. You see, if you begin a project with little or no planning, there’s every chance you’ll end up putting huge time and effort into the wrong things. Here’s an analogy. Have you heard of “The First Law of Elopement?” No? The first law of elopement is “Put your ladder up against the right window”. Because if you don’t, it doesn’t matter how fast you run up and down the ladder, you’re just not going to get the results you want. Projects are the same. You need to have your overall direction right and planned out, or you’re not likely to get the results you want. Now we’re not talking about corporate-style project management here. No endless committee meetings and lengthy reports. SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2011 All we’re talking about is identifying EXACTLY what you want the project to achieve, knowing what your starting point is (eg how much of a budget you have, and what skills you can draw on), and then putting together a step-by-step plan of action. It really will make a world of difference. We’ve lost count of the number of people who tell us “I tried to start an internet business 2 years ago, and now I’m almost ready to launch it. It’s taken so much longer / been so much harder than I expected!”. The main reason most people don’t finish their projects on time, and get the results they want? You guessed it—they didn’t use a project management approach, and plan it out at the start. So here’s what goes on. They get home from work, tired and edgy. They sit down to work on their internet business. And if they don’t have a clear plan, then it’s “where was I up to?” “Hmmm…maybe a glass of wine will help”. “No, it didn’t—in fact it probably made things worse.” “What if I look at what I did yesterday?”. “No, that doesn’t make it any clearer.” “Maybe I’ll just set up a Google Adwords campaign.” Or (probably worse) “I should check what’s happening on Facebook”. Does this sound familiar? Lack of planning is a key cause of procrastination and time wasting. So before you go any further on your current moneymaking project, spend 30-40 minutes asking yourself the following questions: 1. What am I starting with? (Time, budget, resources, skills) 2. What’s my deadline? Internet Marketing Magazine 19
  21. 21. 3. What are the key problems that are likely to come up in this project? 4. What is the ideal outcome I’m after? (be as specific as you can) Once you’re clear about these, it’s time to put together your action plan. We use a “top down” approach for this: 1. List out the broad steps you need to go through to get to the ideal outcome. 2. Put a deadline against each of these broad steps. 3. Break each of the broad steps into smaller actions—bite sized chunks that you can easily implement at one sitting. Make the description of each action detailed enough that it will make sense when you look at it a month from now. 4. Allocate dates and responsibilities (if other people are working on the project with you) to each of the actions. Now when it’s time to work on your project, pull out your plan and work on the next step. If you find you’re going off track, take a few minutes to change your plan so you’re back on track. This involves figuring out what you need to change, for example: - extend the deadline, if the timeframe is not so important - take out a few things so you can still have the project done by a certain date - outsource some of the steps if you don’t want to extend the timeframe and you don’t want to compromise on any of the results - etc, etc, etc. We GUARANTEE that following this process will make you projects more successful. It will stop you getting lost and confused about what you’re doing, it will help you overcome procrastination, and above all it will make your projects a whole lot more FUN! And that’s your project plan done. If you’re interested in learning more about how we focus our efforts to make money online, check out our blog at www.OurInternetSecrets.com. There we give you a simple system to sell information products, in our Quickstart Guide to Making Money Online. Loads of people have used the information in this free report to set up very successful info product businesses. Enjoy! SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2011 Internet Marketing Magazine 20
  22. 22. 4 GOLDEN OPPORTUNITIES FOR BUYING AND SELLING WEBSITES By Matt and Liz Raad With record sale prices and valuations being achieved for websites around the world, there’s no doubting that the next online boom has hit. In the last financial year, over $180 million has been invested by large corporate buyers into Australian websites alone. only reason to pay good money for an existing business is because it is going to save you TIME and MONEY. When you pay for a business, you are paying for the convenience of everything already being set-up and running, and preferably making money! We have seen the marketplace for buying and selling websites grow rapidly over the past 12 months as more people realise that buying websites can be a fast and easy way to own a high cash-flow business, as well as a profitable investment strategy. In this article we want to share our 4 Golden Opportunities to look out for when buying and selling websites, which should keep you from making the most common mistakes that new website investors make. Buying established websites can also be a very leveraged way to get instant-targeted traffic to your existing online or offline businesses. And it’s still early days, which means there is plenty of opportunity right now to find rundown or undervalued The take home message is: When you are looking for a website to buy, it should have at least one of these four elements: Opportunity #1: PROFIT A website that is making a profit means it has been proven in the marketplace and also means instant cashflow for you. It is far easier to quickly make more money from an already profitable website than it is to launch a new, untested one. Buying websites with existing profit gives you INSTANT online cashflow, which can then be used to fund the renovation, or buying more sites. Often it will only take some simple changes to copy or layout, or even updating broken links or outdated information to considerably increase conversions and profit on the site. The other benefit of a profitable site is that you can take an already proven system and just add more traffic to make more money. Then you can either keep the extra cash flow or sell on for a good profit. Opportunity #2: TRAFFIC websites to renovate and sell, or keep for the cash flow – just like real estate. However just like in real estate, there are both good and bad online “properties”, and there are certainly tricks to finding and buying websites. So before you rush out and start buying up big, it’s worth educating yourself and having a clear strategy in place. The most common mistake website buyers make is paying for a website that actually has no value for them. The SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2011 After profit, the most valuable part of a website is the traffic. Think about how much it would be worth to you to have thousands of targeted people finding your website and product every month. It’s amazing how many people build up a great position in their niche, have good rankings on Google and get lots of traffic every month, but don’t make any money from their site. Internet Marketing Magazine 21
  23. 23. This is a golden opportunity for you to buy the website at a bargain price, and then offer that traffic something to buy. that the previous owner has not, especially if they are products or services that you already provide. Many beginners in the online world don’t realise that it takes time, effort and money to get a website ranked in the search engines, and build up the network of links that drives traffic - this can be one of the hardest parts of getting a webbusiness going. What you are aiming for when you buy an established website is to shortcut all that hard work and buy a site that has it all done for you. The second opportunity is if it has value to an industry buyer. If you can find a site with a significant list that a corporation or industry leader would like to advertise to or own, you may have yourself a goldmine. So don’t get caught out like many first-time buyers and choose a website that has no traffic, it’s not worth anything unless it is already bringing in the customers. Opportunity #3: LIST If a site has no profit or traffic, then the other reason you may buy is because it has a list. Lists can be incredibly valuable as the people on them have asked for more information about a certain topic, or have formed a relationship with the website or business. There are two opportunities for a good targeted list. First there is an opportunity to offer products or services Opportunity #4: NICHE The fourth opportunity when buying websites is to find sites that fit in with a niche where you already own moneymaking sites. You can use these niche sites for links, or for directing traffic or adding credibility, but also for dominating your marketplace. Imagine if you owned not only the site that was ranked #1 in Google for your keywords, but also the sites ranked #2, 3, 4 and 5. If you follow these suggestions and always buy websites that have at least one of these four elements, you will not only avoid the most common mistakes of new website buyers, you will also ensure you have a valuable online asset that you can sell profitably in the future. Matt and Liz Raad run workshops and coaching programs that give the strategies and support to help you buy and sell both online and offline businesses profitably. To learn more about the new online boom and making money through buying and selling websites, go to www.MattAndLizRaad.com or visit and ‘like’ their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/mattandlizraad SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2011 Internet Marketing Magazine 22
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  25. 25. SECRETS OF A $440,000 PRODUCT LAUNCH By John Anderson and Greg Cassar Recently John Anderson, Greg Cassar and Alexi Neocleous did a $440,000 product launch for one of our consulting clients. Here are 4 of the crucial components of that launch… But.., before we reveal some of our best secrets in this area… let us firstly clarify what we mean by a product launch. You may have seen the Internet Marketing gurus do these – they send out a few ‘launch assets’ (videos, special reports, maybe some free software) then they build up scarcity and social proof…then they launch their product with a time limited deadline. Then you – if you do it right – make a lot of money and get a lot of new customers. In our experience this is one of the fastest ways to create 100’s of sales….build engagement with a list…. and become known as a leader in your niche within a rapid time frame. Product launches work in all kinds of different markets. Most often you see them in the Internet Marketing niche, but in reality non ‘Internet Marketing’ niches may yield you better results because they haven’t experienced it as much before. Product launches flat out work. They are much better than marketing funnels at pulling maximum money out of a list in a short period of time… so if you’re a marketing consultant or copywriter, they should be a tool in your arsenal…and if you’re a business owner, this is a great way to create new customers or activate existing ones. 4 Secrets to make sure you make a stack of cash in your product launch: 1. It all starts with killer content. It’s not enough just to send out any old videos or special reports to your list and then launch your program and expect to make a million bucks. If it doesn’t ‘wow’ people it’s not going to get them to buy. You’ve got to find content that’s fresh…can be put into action quickly…and really demonstrates that you stand head and shoulders above your competition. For example, John did a product launch that created $650,000 in sales in SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2011 the real estate education niche, for that one he shot a video of a client who had M.S. She had used the client’s property education to become financially free – before she was unable to work anymore and avoid having to survive on the pittance the government gives you. So she shared her story and the 3 biggest property tips she’d learnt from my client that others could use on video. (Incidentally, at the end she said, ‘I’ve got a message for everyone’ and I thought she’d say something sentimental like ‘believe in yourself – you can do it’. But what she said was ‘If I can do it; I am in a wheel chair, what your excuse? So if I don’t see you in the real estate mentoring course, I am going to come over and slap ya’) Classic! 2. The next part is to speak to the white hot core of your market’s emotional needs and desires. A great way to make sure you do this is the old survey trick. We always start with a survey to find out the top 5 or 6 ‘wants’ and to a lesser extent ‘needs’ of the individuals in the group. Just say to your list ‘What’s your single biggest problem in _____________area? Please give me your answer and be as descriptive as you like’. This is a question loosely paraphrased from a testing genius Glenn Livingstone and it works a treat. People will let loose and tell you their life story! You don’t even need to use survey monkey or another survey tool to set this up. If you are low-tech just tell folks to reply to the email you send, and you’ll give them a free CD or something for their troubles. If you have good techo skills set the survey up to use your CRM (Customer Relationship Management System) like Infusionsoft, 1ShoppingCart or AWeber. This way when a prospect fills out their survey you record their response against their person record. This is gold for later in the sales process if you are ever closing the prospect on the phone as you have insider information regarding what problems they experience and what they really want. Internet Marketing Magazine 24
  26. 26. But here’s the little twist that makes this more powerful. Take the weight loss niche for example. Ok, so those folks want to lose weight – we know that. That’s the white core, sure. They want to be slim, look good, and not feel bad for being overweight. But, it’s not enough to just to speak to that because you’re going to sound just like everyone else. So you need to come up with a new fresh spin on it in your messaging. For example… Burn 6 Kilos a Week with this New 5 Minute Metabolism “Speed Up” Trick Speeds up your Fat Burning Metabolism by 38% in just 5 minutes a day without cutting out carbs….drinking bland ‘gloop’ shakes… depriving yourself of everything tasty….or even putting yourself through Gym torture sessions. Proven in 50 landmark studies. This is just written on the fly but it gives you a sense of a fresh new line to take in a very saturated market. banners on those pages inviting them to register for the upcoming live webinar. Here’s the thing. It doesn’t have to be a live webinar, but it does need to give the impression that it is. We are doing prerecorded webinars that start automatically at the time of the webinar. So we can sit back and watch the sales came in… without the stress of getting everything right on the night. Technically it’s more difficult to setup, but on the webinar evening there is much less stress. And really, with the pressure involved – and the chance that something technical can go wrong on the live webinar – this is a much smarter way to do things. Once the webinar is done, and the product launch content is created you can set it up so that the funnel works automatically, turning leads into clients 24/7 sort of like an automated cash machine. (I know, I know that sounds like Internet Marketing hype – but its true this time, it really is possible). So in your product launch come up with a FRESH new angle to take on solving their biggest problems and desire. (Yes, that means 7 Steps to Losing Weight’ is probably not going to cut it – at least it’s not going to make you rich any time soon. Why because it’s BORRRING. We’ve seen it all before). 4. The best launch platform for your success 3. Utilise, the power of LIVE Webinar Events in your online product launch When doing a product launch you want to create that professional look and feel that you’ve seen on other big launches so that you look and feel like a big player too. Some clever folks have put out a Wordpress theme called OptimizePress, which does most of the hard work for you. It has page templates in there for giving away videos and eBooks etc and teasing with what is coming up next. It also makes it easy for you to incorporate viral components like Facebook Comments and Facebook Share. Let’s face it…when you can get people onto a live webinar share your best content…create strong emotional us versus them themes… …answer their biggest objections…let them know you’re a real person…then close strongly at the end with your offer…you’ve got a very high chance of converting folks into new client! A sell from a live webinar is not as effective as doing a platform close from stage but it comes a close second. How you do this is through your launch process when you are giving away your killer content you constantly have Most marketers we meet and work with are using Wordpress as their platform for delivering online content, so this next bit works nicely. So there, you have it; 4 product launch secrets based on well over $3 million in documented product launch sales. This is an area of online marketing that you need to master to monetize your list in a big way. John Anderson is a conversion specialist. If you want to discover more about John Anderson’s proven approach to marketing make sure you grab your copy of his $725,000 Product Launch Cheat Sheet at http://ConversionMasters.com.au Greg Cassar is the leading Internet Marketing Strategist behind the scenes of many of the biggest Internet marketers in Australia and abroad (InternetMarketingDoneForYou.com). You can follow Greg’s latest updates by subscribing to Internet Marketing Magazine at InternetMarketingMag.net for for the new members area and the latest issue updates. SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2011 Internet Marketing Magazine 25
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