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Tieng anh bang hinh quyen vii Tieng anh bang hinh quyen vii Document Transcript

  • - 1 -E-mail.: madopol(at)yahoo.comLITTLE ENGLISH(PICTURE)DICTIONARY
  • - 2 -AdjectivesAn adjective is a word that describes something.afraidWhen youre afraid,you are scared.ajarSomething that is ajaris partly open. Thedoor is ajar.alikeWhen things are alikethey look the same.angryWhen you are angry,you are very mad.asleepWhen you areasleep you arenot awake.awakeWhen you are awake,you are not asleep.badWhen something isbad, it is hasunpleasant qualities.The opposite of bad isgood.bigWhen someone orsomething is big, it isabove average size.biggerThe boy in the middleis bigger than the boyon the left.biggestThe boy on theright is thebiggest of thethree.blackBlack is the color of avery dark night.blueThe sky is blue duringthe day.braveSomeone who isbrave has courage.brittleSomething that isbrittle will break orsnap in two easily.Potato chips arebrittle.brokenWhensomething isbroken, it doesnot work orhas beendamaged.brownBrown is the color ofwood.cleanWhen something isclean, it is not dirty.closedWhen something isclosed, it is not open.The door is closed.colorfulSomething that iscolorful is brightlycolored or has manycolors.courageA quality inwhich a personcan facedanger or painwithoutshowingexcessive fear.
  • - 3 -darkWhen it is dark, thereisnt much light.differentWhen things aredifferent they are notthe same.dirtyWhen something isdirty, it is not clean.earlyWhen somethingshappens early, itoccurs in thebeginning part of theday or it occursbefore it wasexpected to happen.excellentWhensomething isexcellent, it isvery, verygood.fastThis girl can run veryfast.fatThe opposite of fat isthin.fieryFiery means very hot.Fiery embers flewout of the campfire.fullThis glass is full.Empty is the oppositeof full.frightenedWhen we arefrightened, weare afraid.goodWhen something isgood, it is has nicequalities. The oppositeof good is bad.grayElephants are large,gray mammals. Graypaint can be made bymixing black andwhite paint.greenGrass, broccoli, andmany other plants aregreen. You can makegreen paint bymixing blue andyellow paint.happyPeople usually smilewhen theyre happy.healthyWhen you arehealthy, youare not sick.hotFire is very hot.largeWhen someone orsomething is large, it isabove average size.lastThe last item orperson is the one atthe end.littleWhen someone orsomething is little, itis below average insize.littlerThe boy in themiddle is littlerthan the boyon the right.
  • - 4 -littlestThe boy on the left isthe littlest of the three.longWhen something islong, it is not short.loudThe opposite of loudis quiet.madWhen you are mad atsomeone, you areangry with them.manyThe are manyapples above.multicoloredMulticolored meanshaving many colors.narrowWhen something isnarrow, it doesnt takeup a lot space fromside to side.newWhen something isnew, it hasnt beenused before.oldWhen someone orsomething is old, ithas been around for along, long time.openSomething thatis open is notshut. The dooris open.orangeOrange is a color. Youcan mix red andyellow paint to getorange.pinkPink is the color youget when you mix redand white paint.purpleThe color purple ismade by mixing redand blue paint.quietWhen it is quiet thereis no noise.redRed is the firstcolor in therainbow.sadSometimes people crywhen theyre sad.scaredWhen youre scared,you are afraid.shortWhen someone orsomething is short, itis below averageheight.shorterThe boy in the middleis shorter than theboy on the right.shortestThe boy on theleft is theshortest of thethree.shutWhen something isshut, it is not open Thedoor is shut.sickWhen you are sick,you are not healthy.slowWhen something isslow it does notmove quickly.smallWhen someone orsomething is small, itis below average size.smallerThe boy in themiddle issmaller thanthe boy on theright.
  • - 5 -smallestThe boy on the left isthe smallest of thethree.smartSomeone who is smartcan think well.splendidWhen something issplendid, it is very,very good.________straightSomething straight isnot curvy or bent.tallWhensomeone orsomething istall, it is aboveaverage height.tallerThe boy in the middleis taller than the boyon the left.tallestThe boy on the right isthe tallest of the three.tinyWhen someone orsomething is tiny, itis very small.tinierThe boy in the middleis tinier than the boyon the right.tiniestThe boy on theleft is thetiniest of thethree.uglySomething that is uglyis not nice to look at.unhappySometimes people crywhen theyre unhappy.upside downWhen something isupside down, its topis where its bottomused to be.violetViolet is a bluishpurple color.whiteSnow is white.wideWhen something iswide, it takes up a lotspace from side toside.yellowYellow is a color. Thesun is yellow. Lemonsare yellow.youngWhen someone orsomething is young,it has only beenaround for a shorttime. A baby isyoung.
  • - 6 -AdverbsAn adverb is a word that describes an action, telling "how," "when" or "where" the action took place.angrilyWhen you actangrily, youractionsindicate thatyou are verymad.bravelyWhen you act bravely,you face danger and actwithout fear or despiteyour fear. Firefightersbravely face danger.dailyWhen somethingis done daily, it isdone each day.Some peopleexercise daily.earlyWhen something is doneearly, it happens in thebeginning of the day orbefore the expected time.The sun rises early in thedayfastWhen something orsomeone movesfast, they changeposition veryrapidly. The sprinterran fast.fieryWhen somethingacts in an intenseor hot way, it isfiery. The fireburned hotly.friendlyWhen peopleact nicely toeach other, theyare beingfriendly.gracefullyWhen you dosomething gracefully,you do it withelegance and beauty.A ballerina dancesgracefully.happilyWhen you dosomething withpleasure or joy, youdo it happily. Shehappily helped herbrother.harmoniouslyWhen people, countries,or other groups behave ina friendly manner, theyare acting harmoniously.horizontallyWhen somethingmoves horizontally, itmoves left and right.Trains travelhorizontally along theirtracks.joyfullyWhen you dosomething withgreat pleasure orhappiness, you do itjoyfully. Shejoyfully went onvacation.lateWhen somethinghappens late, it isdone after theexpected time or isdone towards theend of the day.magicallyWhen something isdone with magic andmystery, it is donemagically. The rabbitappeared magically outof the magicians hat.monthlyWhen somethingis done monthly,it is done eachmonth. Peoplepay their billsmonthly.
  • - 7 -quicklyWhen somethingor someone movesquickly, theychange positionvery rapidly. Anathlete runsquickly.rapidlyWhen something orsomeone moves rapidly,they change position veryquickly. A cheetah runsrapidly.sadlyPeople behavesadly when theyare sad ordepressed. Shecried sadly whenshe found out thebad news.strenuouslyWhen you dosomethingstrenuously, youput a lot of forceand energy into it.verticallyWhen somethingmoves vertically, itmoves up and down.Elevators movevertically in abuilding.violentlyWhen something acts violently,it uses great force. The wind ina tornado spins violently.weeklyWhen something isdone weekly, it isdone each week. Sueshops weekly forgroceries.wigglyWhen somethingor someone iswiggly, it twistsand moves all over.yearlyWhen something is doneyearly, it is done each year.People celebrate their birthdayyearly.Astronomy-Related WordsasteroidAsteroids are tinyplanets that mostly orbitbetween Mars andJupiter.asteroid beltThe asteroid belt is adoughnut-shapedconcentration ofasteroids that orbitthe Sun between theorbits of Mars andJupiter.astronautAn astronautgoes up intospace to explore.astronomerAstronomers arepeople who studyastronomy andlearn aboutobjects in theuniverse, likestars and planets.astronomyAstronomy is thescience that studies theuniverse.
  • - 8 -atmosphereThe atmosphere is thegas that surrounds aplanet.atomEverything is madeup of tiny atoms.auroraAuroras arebeautiful lightsin the near-polarsky.Big DipperThe Big Dipper isa group of 7 starscontained in theNorthernHemisphereconstellation Ursamajor (the GreatBear).1,000,000,000billionA billion is a thousandmillion. The Earth isbillions of years old.cometA comet is the a small,icy object that orbit theSun. Its tail alwayspoints away from thesun.constellationA constellationis a group ofstars that wesee in the sky.They are notnecessarilylocatedtogether inspace, butlooks as thoughthey are fromEarth.crescentmoonA crescentmoon is smallerthan a halfmoon.EarthThe Earth is thethird planet fromthe sun. Its wherewe live!eclipseAn eclipse happenswhen the moon blocksout light from the sunor the Earths shadowgoes across the moon.falling starA falling star is not astar; it is a meteor(made of rock and/oriron) which is burningup in the Earthsatmosphere.full moonA full moon appearsas an entire circle inthe sky.galaxyA galaxy is anenormous groupof stars.gibbous moonA gibbous moonis between a halfmoon and a fullmoon.half moonA half moon looks likehalf a circle.
  • - 9 -JupiterJupiter is the largestplanet in our solarsystem and the fifthplanet from the sun.Little DipperThe Little Dipper is agroup of stars in theconstellation Ursaminor (the LittleBear). This group ofstars ends at Polaris,the pole star of theNorthernHemisphere.MarsMars is areddish planetand the fourthplanet from thesun. It is theplanet thatcomes closest tothe Earth.MercuryMercury is amoonless planet;it is the planetclosest to the Sun.meteorA meteor is ameteoroid that hasentered the Earthsatmosphere, usuallymaking a fiery trail asit falls. It is sometimescalled a shooting star.Most burn up beforehitting the Earth.meteoriteA meteorite is a meteorthat has fallen to Earth.Meteorites are made ofstone, iron, or stony-iron.meteoroidMeteoroids are tinystones or pieces ofmetal that travelthrough space.meteorshowerA meteorshower is whena lot of meteorfall through theatmosphere in ashort time.Milky WayThe Milky Way isa bright line ofstars stretchingacross the nightsky.Milky Way GalaxyOur solar system is inthe Milky Way galaxy.We can see the MilkyWay as a band of starsin the night sky.moonThe Earth has onemoon. The moon has noatmosphere. The sameside of the moon alwaysfaces the Earth.nebulaA nebula is a cloud ofgas and dust in space.NeptuneNeptune is theeighth planetfrom the Sun.This frozenplanet has 8moons.North StarThe north star is astar that is locatedalmost due northand is useful fornavigation.Polaris iscurrently the polestar of theNorthernHemisphere.observatoryAn observatory is placewhere people observethe skies, using adevice like a telescope.
  • - 10 -orbitThe Moon orbits theEarth. The Earth orbitsthe Sun.phases of theMoonAs the moon circlesthe Earth, the shapeof the Moon appearsto change. The phasesof the Moon are: thenew moon, waxingcrescent, first quarter,waxing gibbous, fullmoon, waninggibbous, last quarter,and waning crescent.planetNine planetsorbit our Sun.planetariumPlanetariums puton star shows thatteach astronomy.PlutoPluto is the ninth andusually the farthestplanet from the Sun.Pluto is the smallestplanet in our SolarSystem.quasarA quasar is a distantenergy source in spacewhich gives off largeamounts of radiation.satelliteSatellites orbit theEarth.SaturnSaturn is thesixth planetfrom the Sun. Ithas beautifulrings.shooting starA shooting star isnot a star; it is ameteor (made ofrock and/or iron)which is burningup in the Earthsatmosphere.Solar SystemIn our Solar System,nine planets, manyasteroids, comets, andother objects orbitaround our sun.space shuttleThe space shuttle fliesinto space and backdown again, carryingpeople and equipment.spacesuitAstronauts wearspacesuits when theywalk in space.starsEach of the starswe see in thenight sky isanother sun, butmuch fartheraway than oursun.SunThe Sun is amedium-sizedyellow star in ourSolar System. Weget our light andmost of ourenergy from theSun.UranusUranus is the seventhplanet from the Sun.Uranus looks bluishand is covered withclouds. It has anunusual, tipped axis,which gives it extremeseasons.
  • - 11 -VenusVenus is the secondplanet from the Sun andthe hottest planet in ourSolar System. From theEarth, Venus is thebrightest object in thesky except for the Sunand the Moon.zodiacThe zodiac is a bandof 12 constellations(groups of stars) inthe sky, includingCapricorn, Aquarius,Sagittarius, Scorpio,Libra, Virgo, Leo,Cancer, Gemini,Taurus, Aries, andPisces.At the Firehouse: WordsambulanceAn ambulancetakes sickpeople to thehospital.axAn ax is useful forchopping wood.bootsBoots are a type of shoe.Boots cover the feet andpart of the lower legs.DalmatianThe Dalmatian is awhite dog that hasdark spots.dangerYou can get hurtin a dangeroussituation.fireFire is very hot.firefighterA firefighter is a personwho puts out fires andsaves peoples lives.fire truckFire fighters on a firetruck help put out fires.flameA flame is a fire.flashlightA flashlighthelps you findyour way in thedark.hatchetA hatchet is anax with a shorthandle.helmetA helmet protects yourhead. Firefighters wearhelmets.heroA hero is someone who isadmired for great courage,noble character, andperforming good deeds,like a firefighter.hoseWater flowsthrough a hose.hydrantFire fightershook a hose upto a fire hydrantto get water.
  • - 12 -ladderYou can climbup a ladder toreach tallthings.ropeA rope is useful for tyingthings together.waterWater is a liquid that canput out some types offires.wrenchA wrench is a toolthat turns nuts orbolts, like those ona fire hydrant.Bathroom-Related WordsbathtubYou take a bath in abathtub.bubblesIt is fun toblow soapbubbles!combA comb is a used tosmooth or untangle hair.eyedropperAn eyedropper is used todrop liquids one drop ata time.faucetYou can turn waterflow on or off at afaucet.hairbrushA hairbrush is usedto brush anduntangle hair.mirrorYou can seeyour reflectionin a mirror.shampooA shampoo is a liquidsoap used to wash hair.When you shampoo yourhair, you wash it.showerWhen you shower, youwash your body in astream of falling water.sinkWe can wash ourhands at a sink.soapSoap and water helpclean things.toiletToilets are inbathrooms.toothbrushYou can keep your teethhealthy by using atoothbrush to clean them.toothpasteYou use toothpaste toclean your teeth.towelYou can dry thingswith a towel.tubA tub is a largecontainer. Tub isalso another wordfor bathtub.
  • - 13 -At the Beach:Beach-Related WordsballA ball is roundand fun tobounce, throw,kick, or catch.bathing suitA bathing suit is agarment you wearwhile swimming.beachA beach is where thewater meets the land.You can build sandcastles on the beach.clamClams are animalswith two shells.They burrow underthe sand.coral reefCoral reefs are warm,clear, shallow oceanhabitats that are rich inlife.crabA crab has ahard shell andeyes on stalkson its head.fiddler crabThe fiddler crab issmall crab that liveson beaches. Themale fiddler crabhas one enlargedclaw.fishFish live in the waterand breathe with gills.fishing rodPeople use fishingrods to catch fish.hammockA hammock is a largenet or cloth that is usedfor sleeping orrelaxing; it is hung upby both ends.ice creamconeAn ice creamcone is nice toeat on a hotsummer day.intertidal zoneThe intertidal zoneis where the seameets the land, thearea between hightide and low tide.kelpKelp is brown seaweedthat grows in coldwater.kiteYou can fly a kiteon windy days.netA net is used to catchthings.popsicleA popsicles is asweet, frozentreat on a stick.reefReefs are warm,clear, shallow oceanhabitats that are richin life.sandSand is a loose materialcomposed of finedebris of rock andmineral particles.sandalsS andals are openshoes worn in warmweather.sandcastleA sandcastle is a smallcastle made of dampsand.
  • - 14 -sand dollarSand Dollars arecoin-shapedspiny-skinnedsea bed animalsthat have 5-partradial symmetry.seaA sea is a largebody of salt waterthat is connected toan ocean. A sea maybe partly orcompletelysurrounded by land.sea gullSea gull is the commonname for some birdsthat live near oceansand lakes.seaweedSeaweed is a plantthat lives in the sea.shellSome animals grow ashell for protection.starfishStarfish (alsoknown as seastars) areanimals that liveon the oceanfloor.SunThe Sun is amedium-sizedyellow star in ourSolar System. Weget our light andmost of our energyfrom the Sun.swimWhen you swim, youmove around in thewater.swim finsPeople wear swimfins on their feet tohelp them swim.towelYou can dry thingswith a towel.trash canA trash canholds garbage.waveThere are waves ofwater in the ocean.whelkWhelks are oceananimals with a hard,spiral shell.
  • - 15 -Bird-Related WordsalbatrossThe albatross isweb-footed birdthat can fly fora long period oftime.Arctic ternThe Arctic tern is asmall bird that fliesfrom the Arctic to theAntarctic and backagain each year.bald eagleThe bald eagle is alarge bird of prey. Itis the symbol of theUSA.beakA beak is the hard,outer part of a someanimals mouth. Birds,octopi, squid, andother animals havebeaks. Some dinosaurshad them too.bipedA biped is an animalthat walks on two legs.People and birds arebipeds. Tyrannosaurusrex was a biped.birdBirds havefeathers andwings. Mostbirds can fly.blackbirdBlackbirds are black!bluebirdThe bluebird is abeautiful song birdthat is the symbol ofmany of the states inthe USA.blue jayThe blue jay is abeautiful, noisy bluebird.bonesBones are hard,structural parts of thebody of many animals,including birds.cageSome peoplekeep birds incages.Canada gooseThe Canada goose isa large NorthAmerican bird thathonks.canaryCanaries sing verywell.cardinalThe Northern Cardinalis a bird with a short,wide bill. The male isbright red; the femaleis brownish-red.carnivoreCarnivores areorganisms that eatmeat. Many birds, likeeagles, are carnivores.cassowaryA huge,flightless birdfrom Australiawith a helmet-like crest on itshead.chickA chick is a babychicken. Some otherbaby birds are alsocalled chicks.chickenA chicken is a farmanimal.clawA claw is a hard,sharp, curved nail onthe feet of someanimals. Bears, cats,birds, dinosaurs, andmany other animalshave claws.cockatooCockatoos are birdsthat have a large,feathery crest and ahooked bill. They arefrom Australia andIndonesia.
  • - 16 -craneThe crane is awading bird witha long neck, along bill, and longlegs.crowA crow is a verysmart black bird. cuckooCuckoos are birds whose callsounds like coo-coo.dodoThe dodo is anextinct, flightlessbird that lived onan island in theIndian Oceannear Africa.doveThe dove is a birdthat is a symbolof peace.duckDucks are birdsthat have webbedfeet and aflattened bill.They swim welland live near thewater.ducklingA duckling is ayoung duck.eagleThe eagle is a large bird of prey.It has a hooked bill and sharptalons.egretThe egret is alarge wadingbird.emperorpenguinThe emperorpenguin is thelargest penguin; itlives on ice packsin Antarctica.emuThe emu is a largeAustralian birdthat cannot fly.endangeredspeciesEndangered speciesare types ofanimals or plantsthat may becomeextinct soon. Manybirds species areendangered.extinctWhen a group of animals orplants goes extinct, they aregone forever. Some extinctanimals include dinosaurs,saber-toothed cats, and dodobirds.featherBirds havefeathers.flamingoThe flamingo is apink bird that eatsshrimp.
  • - 17 -flyThe fly is a small,flying insect.food webThe food web (orfood chain) is all ofthe interactionsbetween predatorsand prey in whichplants and animalsobtain food.goldfishA goldfish is a type of carp thatmakes a nice pet.gooseGeese aremigrating birdsthat honk!goslingA gosling is ababy goosegreat hornedowlThe great hornedowl is a large birdof prey fromNorth and SouthAmerica.groundhogThe groundhog is arodent that is alsocalled thewoodchuck.gullGulls are birds that live nearoceans and lakes.guppyGuppies are atype of smalltropical fish.habitatA habitat is thenatural placewhere a plant oran animal lives.For example, atoucans habitat isthe rainforest.harpy eagleThe harpy eagle isone of the largesteagles in theworld. It lives inrainforests ofCentral Americaand SouthAmerica.hawkThe hawk is a birdof prey, a raptor.henA hen is a female chicken. Henslay eggs.heronA large wadingbird withdistinctiveplumage and along, sharp bill.hummingbirdHummingbirdsare tiny birds thatdrink flowernectar. They canhover in the airand even flybackwards.
  • - 18 -jayJays are beautiful,noisy birds.juncoThis junco is asmall songbirdfrom NorthAmerica.kakapoThe kakapo is a large, flightless,nocturnal, solitary parrot fromNew Zealand.kiwiThe kiwi is achicken-sizedflightless birdfrom NewZealand. It isgenerallynocturnal (mostactive at night).kookaburraThe kookaburrais an Australianbird whose callsounds likelaughing.macaronipenguinThe macaronipenguin is apenguin from theAntarctic that hasa yellow, featherycrest on its head.macawMacaws are parrotsfrom rainforests inthe Americas.mallardThe Mallard is a common wildduck.meadowlarkThe meadowlarkis a brightly-colored songbirdthat lives inmeadows andgrasslands.moaThe moa werehuge, extinct,flightless birdsfrom NewZealand.mockingbirdThe mockingbirdis a NorthAmerican birdthat can mimic thesongs of manyother birds.neneThe nene isHawaiis state bird.It is an endangeredgoose that lives onvolcanic slopes.nestSome animals, like birds, makenests to hold their young - evensome dinosaurs built nests fortheir eggs.nightingaleThe nightingale isa bird that singsbeautiful songs.nocturnalNocturnalanimals are moreactive at night.Owls arenocturnal birds.
  • - 19 -nuthatchThe nuthatch is asmall perchingbird that canclimb down treesand opens nutsusing its bill like ahatchet.orioleThe oriole is ablack and orangebird that eats fruitand nectar. It buildsa hanging nest.oropendolaThe crested oropendola is atropical black bird that makeslong, pendulous nests.ostrichThe ostrich is thelargest bird. Itcant fly, but itruns very fast.owlOwls are birds ofprey that havelarge eyes andvery goodeyesight. Mostowls hunt atnight.parrotThe parrot is abeautiful bird thatcan imitatesounds very well.peacockThe peacock is abeautiful bird fromindia. The male hasa large train offeathers.pelicanThe pelican is fish-eating birdwith a huge, pouched bill.penguinPenguins arebirds that cannotfly but swim verywell.peregrinefalconThe peregrinefalcon is thefastest-flyingbird. It prey uponother birds.petsPets are animalsthat live with us,like parrots andcanaries.pigeonThere are a lot ofpigeons in cities.prairie chickenThe prairie chicken is a bird thatlives in grasslands of NorthAmerica.puffinThe puffin is anArctic sea bird.quailA quail is abird; it spends alot of time onthe ground.quetzalThe quetzal is abeautiful rainforest bird withvery long tailfeathers.rainbow lorikeetA small, colorful,brush-tonguedparrot fromAustralia.rheaThe rhea is a large, flightlessbird from South America.roadrunnerThe roadrunner isa bird is a fastrunning bird thatrarely flies.robinThe robin is acommon birdwith red-coloredfeathers on itsbreast.
  • - 20 -rockhopperpenguinThe rockhopperpenguin is asmall, aggressive,crested bird thatcannot fly.sea gullThe sea gull is thecommon name forsome birds that livenear oceans andlakes.snow gooseThe snow goose is a migratorybird from North America.snowy owlThe snowy owl isa white owl thatlives in the NorthAmerican tundra(a cold, snowyenvironment).sparrowThe sparrow is asmall, commonsongbird.spotted owlThe spotted owl isan owl from thePacific coast ofNorth America.swanSwans are long-necked water birds.ternTerns are birds that aresometimes called "seaswallows."toucanThe toucan is arainforest birdthat has a big,colorful beak.turkeyTurkeys arelarge birds thatnest on theground.umbrellabirdThe Umbrellabirdis a rain forestbird with a largetuft of feathers onits head.vultureThe vulture is abig, bald-headedbird that eats deadanimals.woodpeckerThe woodpecker is a bird thatcan peck holes in trees.xenopsXenops is arainforest birdfrom theAmericas.
  • - 21 -Birthday-Related WordsballoonsBalloons are rubbersacks that are filledwith air or othergases.birthdayYou have abirthday everyyear.birthday cakeBirthday cakes aresweet and delicious!cakeCake is a sweetdessert.candleA candle is a stick of waxwith a wick that can burn.candyCandy is very sweet. childrenChildren areyoung people.chocolateChocolate is a tastytreat made fromcocoa beans andsugar.clownClowns are peoplewho dress up infunny clothes andtry to make youlaugh.cupcakeA cupcake is a tiny cake.giftIts nice to givegifts. Its nice to getthem too.ice creamIce cream iscold, creamy,and sweettreat.juiceJuice is pressed fromfruit or vegetables.lollipopA lollipop is candyon a stick.paper plateA paper plate is adisposable plate that ismade out of paper. Peopleuse paper plates at picnicsand some parties.pizzaPizza is made ofdough that iscovered with tomatosauce and cheese; itis baked in an oven.popsicleA popsicles isa sweet, frozentreat on astick.presentA present is a gift,something you giveto someone.ribbonYou can tie a bowin a ribbon todecoratesomething.toysWe play with toys.
  • - 22 -Body-Related WordsanatomyAnatomy is ascience thatstudies the body.ankleThe ankle is thejoint between yourfoot and leg.bandageA bandage is a clean padthat is used to cover andprotect cuts and otherinjuries.bipedA biped is an animalthat walks on two legs.People are bipeds.Tyrannosaurus rex wasa biped.bodyEveryone has abody.bonesBones are hard,structural parts ofthe body of manyanimals. We have206 bones in ourskeleton.brainWe think with ourbrain. The brain isprotected by theskull.cheekThe cheeks are the sidesof the face between themouth area and the ear.chinThe chin is the part ofthe face below themouth.earWe hear thingswith our ears.Our ears give usa sense ofhearing.elbowThe elbow is thejoint in the middleof your arm.eyeWe see with oureyes. Our eyes giveus a sense of sight.eyebrowThe eyebrows are densepatches of hair above theeyes.eyelashEyelashes are longhairs on the edges ofthe eyelids.eyelidEyelids are flapsof skin that coverand protect oureyes.faceThis is a funnyface!feetWe have ten toeson our feet.femurThe femur is the upperleg (thigh) bone. It is thelongest bone in thehuman body.fingerWe have five fingerson each hand.fingernailFingernails growat the ends ofyour fingers.
  • - 23 -fingerprintThe pattern markson our fingertipsare fingerprints.footWe have five toeson each foot.foreheadThe forehead is the partof the face that is abovethe eyebrows and belowthe hair.hairHair grows on allmammals.handWe can doamazing thingswith our hands.headWe all have ahead on ourshoulders.healthyWhen you arehealthy, you are notsick. heartYour heart pumps bloodthroughout your body.heelThe heel is the backpart of the foot.hipsYour hips arebelow your waistand above yourlegs.intestinesIntestines are apart of thedigestive system.The intestineshelp digest food,absorb it into thebody, and excretewaste.irisThe colored part ofthe eye around thepupil is the iris.jawsJaws let you open andclose your mouth andtake bites.kidneyThe kidney are bean-shaped organs that takewaste from the bloodand produce urine.kneeThe knee iswhere the legbends. It itbetween thelower leg and theupper leg (thethigh).legsMany animalshave legs. Peoplehave two legs,cows have fourlegs, insects havesix legs, andspiders have eightlegs. Tables andchairs also havelegs.lipsChickens donthave lips, butpeople do.lungsSome animals use lungsto breathe. People havelungs.mouthWe use our mouths toeat and talk.nailNails are hardscales that growat the ends ofyour fingers.
  • - 24 -nakedWhen you arenaked, you arentwearing anyclothes.neckYour neck isbetween your headand your shoulders.noseWe use the nose tobreathe; it also gives us asense of smell.nurseA nurse takes care ofyou when youre sick orhurt.pupilA pupil is theopening in thecenter of theeyes iris - thepupil looks like ablack circle in themiddle of theeye.shoulderYour shouldersare under yourneck.skeletonA skeleton is theset of bones in abody. People haveskeletons, and sodo many otheranimals.skinThe skin is the outercovering of our body.skullThe skull is the bonystructure of head thatencloses the brain andsupports the jaws. Thisis a T. rex skull.tongueOur tongue helpsus eat, taste, andtalk.spineThe spine (alsocalled thebackbone) is aseries ofconnected bonesin the back thatsurround andprotect the spinalcord.stomachThe stomach is apouch-like organthat is part of thedigestive system.The stomach helpsdigest food bychurning it in anacid bath.thumbThe thumb is the widestfinger on a persons hand.The thumb is next to thepointing finger. All apes(like gorillas and chimps)have thumbs.toeWe have five toes oneach foot.toenailToenails grow atthe ends of yourtoes.toothWe use our teethto chew food.Teeth are held inthe gums by roots.vertebraA vertebra is one of the seriesof small, connected bones inthe spine that surround andprotect the spinal cord. Theplural of vertebra isvertebrae.waistThe waist is the middleof the body, between thechest and the hips.x-rayAn x-ray is a picture ofyour bones or teeth.
  • - 25 -Building-Related WordsarchAn arch is a curvedopening.bankYou can put yourmoney in a bankfor safe keeping.brickThis fireplace ismade out of bricks.buildingA building is astructure built bypeople.cabinA cabin is a small,simple house.castleA castle is a huge,fancy building where aking or queen lives.churchSome peopleworship inchurches.doghouseSome dogs live indoghouses.doorYou can go in and outthrough a door.elevatorAn elevator carriespeople and things upand down a tallbuilding.entranceYou can go into anarea through anentrance.exitYou can leave anarea through anexit.factoryMany items, likecars, are made infactories.gargoyleGargoyles are stonesculptures of grotesquecreatures that sitperched atop somebuildings; they act aswaterspouts.greenhouseA greenhouse is abuilding, usuallymade out of glass, inwhich people growplants.homeHome is where youlive.houseSome people livein houses.hutA hut is a small,simple shelter.iglooAn igloo is a housemade out of blocks ofice. Brr!libraryLibraries have books,tapes, and computerprograms.
  • - 26 -lighthouseA lighthouse shines avery bright light soships wont sail ashoreor into rocks bymistake.log cabinA log cabin is ahouse made oflogs.marketWe can buy thingsat a market.museumMuseums exhibit art,historic objects, andscientific finds - likedinosaur fossils.palaceA palace is a hugehouse where a kingor queen lives.pyramidThe pyramids in Egyptare huge buildings thathave a square base andtriangular sides.roofThe roof is thetop covering of abuilding.schoolA school is a placewhere you learnthings.skyscraperA skyscraper is a verytall building.stadiumA stadium is a largebuilding in whichsports events areheld.storeA store is where wecan buy things.tentA tent is atemporary sheltermade of fabric.tepeeA tepee is a housemade by someNative Americans.urbanUrban means relatingto or located in a city.wallA wall is a side of abuilding or a room ora fence.White HouseThe White House iswhere the President ofthe United States livesand works. Theaddress of the WhiteHouse is 1600Pennsylvania AvenueNW, Washington,D.C.windmillA windmill usesthe wind togenerate power.
  • - 27 -Camping-Related WordsbackpackA backpack is a sack thatis worn on the back and isused to carry things.cabinA cabin is a small,simple house.cameraYou can takepictures with acamera.camperYou can traveland sleep in acamper.camp fireA camp fire is a firemade during acampout; it is used tocook food and towarm up people incold weather.campingWhen people go camping,they go into an outdoorarea and sleep in a tent,cabin or camper.candleA candle is a stickof wax with a wickthat can burn.canoeA canoe is a smallboat.compassA compassalways pointsnorth.eastEast is a compassdirection. East isopposite west.flashlightA flashlight helps youfind your way in the dark.forestA forest is a largegroup of trees andunderbrush wheremany animals live.kayakA kayak is a smallboat with anopening in thecenter for a person.lakeA lake is a largebody of watersurrounded byland on allsides. Reallyhuge lakes areoften calledseas.lanternA lantern is a devicethat gives off light.logA log is a short piece of atree trunk.log cabinA log cabin is ahouse made of logs.mapA map shows thefeatures of an area.You can find yourway around byusing a map.mountainA mountain is avery tall high,natural place onEarth - higherthan a hill. Thetallest mountainon Earth is Mt.Everest.northNorth is a compassdirection. North isopposite south.
  • - 28 -sleeping bagA sleeping bag is a fabricsack you can sleep in.southSouth is a compassdirection. South isopposite from north.tentA tent is atemporary sheltermade of fabric.water bottleA water bottleholds water.westWest is a compassdirection. West isopposite east.City-Related WordsalleyAn alley is a narrowroad betweenbuildings.ambulanceAn ambulance takes sickpeople to the hospital.art galleryYou can see worksof art at an artgallery.automobileAn automobile is acar.avenueAn avenue is awide street.bankYou can put yourmoney in a bank forsafe keeping.bridgeA bridge is a structureover water, or overanother thing that isdifficult to cross.buildingA building is astructure built bypeople.busA bus is a largevehicle that cantake manypassengers toplaces.cabCab is anotherword for taxi.carYou can travel in acar.churchSome people worship inchurches.cityA city is a placewhere a lot ofpeople live.crosswalkA crosswalk is amarked area on astreet where it issafer to cross.elevatorAn elevator carriespeople and thingsup and down a tallbuilding.
  • - 29 -factoryMany items, likecars, are made infactories.fire hydrantFire fighters hook a hoseup to a fire hydrant toget water.fire truckFire fighters on afire truck help putout fires.garbage truckA garbage truckpicks up garbageand hauls it to thedump.houseSome people livein houses.hydrantFire fighters hook ahose up to a firehydrant to get water.intersectionAn intersection is awhere two or morethings, like roads, meet.laneA lane is a smallroad.libraryLibraries havebooks, tapes, andcomputerprograms.mail carrierA mail carrierdelivers the mail.marketWe can buy things ata market.motorcycleA motorcycle has twowheels and can gofassssttttttt!museumMuseums exhibitart, historic objects,and scientific finds- like dinosaurfossils.neighborhoodA neighborhood isthe place whereyou and the peoplearound you live.obeliskAn obelisk is a tall,four-sided towertopped with apyramid.palaceA palace is a hugehouse where a kingor queen lives.roadA road is a wide pathmade for travelling.schoolA school is a placewhere you learnthings.sidewalkA sidewalk is apaved path forpeople to walk on.skyscraperA skyscraper is avery tall building.stadiumA stadium is a large building inwhich sports events are held.stop signA stop sign is a traffic sign that tellscars to stop moving before theycontinue; it has eight sides.storeA store is where we can buythings.streetA street is a public road.taxiPeople pay a taxi driver todrive them places.
  • - 30 -townA town is a verysmall city.traffic lightA traffic light directstraffic safely. Greenmeans go, yellow meansprepare to stop, and redmeans stop.trainA train has anengine that pullsrailroad cars alonga track.truckA truck is a vehiclethat can carry bigloads.urbanUrban meansrelating to orlocated in a city.vanA van is a truck usedto haul people andthings from oneplace to another.villageA village is a very smalltown.wallA wall is a side of abuilding or a roomor a fence.
  • - 31 -Clothing and Grooming-Related WordsapronAn apron protectsclothing fromgetting dirty.backpackA backpack is asack that is wornon the back and isused to carrythings.bathing suitA bathing suit is agarment you wear whileswimming.beadsBeads are small objectswith a hole through themso that they can be strungtogether to make jewelryor other things.blouseA blouse is ashirt, a type ofgarment wornon the upperpart of the body.bootsBoots are a type ofshoe. Boots coverthe feet and part ofthe lower legs.bowA bow is loops ofribbon or sting thatare tied together.braceletA bracelet is jewelryyou wear on your wrist.braidA braid is three or morestrands that are woventogether into a rope-likeshape.buttonA button is usedto fastenclothes.caneA cane is awalking stick.capA cap is a type ofhat.capeA cape is a flowingpiece of clothing thathangs loose on yourshoulders.change purseCoins are carried in achange purse.clothesPeople wearclothes.clothes hangerWe hang upclothes on clotheshangers.clothespinClothespins areused to hang wetlaundry on aclothes line to dry.coatA coat helps you keepwarm when it is cold.costumePeople wear costumes topretend they are someoneor something else.crownA crown is afancy hat wornby kings andqueens.
  • - 32 -dressA dress is a pieceof clothing with atop and a skirt.earmuffsEarmuffs keepyour ears warm.earringEarrings are jewelry forthe ears.eyeglassesEyeglasses help somepeople see more clearly.glassesGlasses helpsome people seemore clearly.gloveWe wear gloves toprotect our hands.gownA gown is a fancydress.hairbrushA hairbrush is used tobrush and untangle hair.hangerWe hang up clothes onhangershatSome hatsprotect youfrom the sun.Some hats arejust for fun!helmetA helmet protectsyour head.ice skateWhen you wearice skates, you canglide across ice.ironIrons press the wrinklesout of clothes.jacketA jacket is a short coat.jeansJeans are pantsmade fromdenim fabric.jewelJewels sparkle andshine.jewelryRings, pins,earrings andnecklaces arejewelry.kimonoA kimono is a beautifulgown worn by Japanesewomen.knittingSweaters and socks aremade by knitting.laceLace is a verydelicate fabric.laundryDoing the laundrymeans washingand drying clothes.laundry basketLaundry is put inlaundry baskets.loafersLoafers are a type ofslip-on shoe.lorgnettesLorgnettes are glasses (oropera glasses, which aresmall binoculars) that aremounted on a handle.This type of glasses wasused a long time ago.mittenMittens keepyour handswarm.
  • - 33 -mortar boardA mortar board isa square hat that isworn by peoplewhen theygraduate fromschool.necklaceA necklace isjewelry for yourneck.necktieA necktie is a narrowband of fabric tiedaround the neck.nightgownA nightgown is a long,loose garment worn tobed.overallsOveralls arebaggy pantswith shoulderstraps and apiece of fabriccovering thechest.overcoatAn overcoat willkeep you warmwhen it is cold.pajamasSome people wearpajamas to bed atnight.pantsPants are clothes thatcover the legs and up tothe waist.pinA pin is a small, sharppiece of metal used insewing.purseA purse is asmall bag inwhich somegirls andwomen carrytheir money andother things.raincoatA raincoat keepsyou dry when itrains.safety pinA safety pin is atype of pin that isused to fastenclothes anddiapers.sandalsSandals are open shoesworn in warm weather.scarfA scarf is a piece of cloththat people wear aroundtheir neck or on theirhead.sewYou can sewusing a needleand thread.Clothes aremade bysewing.sewing machineA sewing machinesews stitches veryquickly and easily.The sewingmachine wasinvented in 1846by Elias Howe.shirtSome shirts haveshort sleeves,some have longsleeves, and somehave no sleeves atall.shoePeople wear shoes ontheir feet.shortsShorts are pants that reachabove or around theknees.silkSilk is a delicatethread that isused to makefine fabric. Silkis obtained fromthe cocoon ofthe silkwormmoth.
  • - 34 -skirtA skirt is a pieceof clothing that isworn on the lowerpart of the body.slipperA slipper is acasual shoe wornaround the house.sneakerA sneaker is a type ofshoe used for manysports.sockWe wear socks under ourshoes.spectaclesSpectacles isanother wordfor glasses.suitA suit is a set ofmatching clothes.suitcaseWhen you travel,you carry yourclothing in asuitcase.sunglassesSunglasses help toprotect your eyes fromtoo much sunlight. swimsuitA swimsuit is a garmentyou wear whileswimming.tieA tie is anarrow band offabric tiedaround the neck.t-shirtA t-shirt is asimple shirtwithout buttons ora collar.tutuBallerinassometimes weartutus when theydance.umbrellaAn umbrella protectsyou from the rain.undershirtAn undershirt is a shirtthat is sometimes wornunder clothes.underwearPeople wearunderwearunder theirclothes.uniformA uniform is aspecial outfit wornby members of agroup.vestA vest is asleeveless piece ofclothing that isusually worn overa shirt.walletPeople carry money in awallet.watchA watch is a small clockyou can take with you totell time.wigA wig is fakehair.yarnSweaters are madeout of yarn.zipperYou can open andclose a zipper.
  • - 35 -ContainersbackpackA backpack is a sackthat is worn on theback and is used tocarry things.bagYou can putthings in a bag.barrelA barrel is a large,wooden container.basketYou can carry things in abasket.bottleA bottle is acontainer with anarrow neck andmouth.boxA box can holdthings.containerA container canhold things.bucketA bucket is a containerwith a handle.cageSome people keep birdsin cages.canSome food anddrinks come incans.cartonSome liquids (likemilk and orangejuice) are packaged incartons.corkA cork is used asa bottle stopper. Itis made from treebark.egg cartonAn egg carton holdseggs and keep themfrom breaking.envelopeAn envelope holds aletter.jarJars arecontainers witha large openingand a lid.lidA lid is a top for apan or othercontainer.oilcanAn oilcan is acontainer for oil.packageA package is awrapped box thatcontains something.pailA pail is a container witha handle.sackA sack is acontainer. Youcan put things ina sack.spray canA fine mist of liquidcomes out of a spraycan.suitcaseWhen you travel,you carry yourclothing in asuitcase.trunkA trunk is a very largetraveling case.tubeSome pastes and gels(like toothpaste) come intubes.urnAn urn is a largevase.
  • - 36 -vaseVases are holders forflowers.vatA vat is a largetub that holdsliquids.water bottleA water bottle holdswater.watering canYou can water plantswith a watering can.DevicesabacusAn abacus is aancient device thatis used forarithmeticcalculations.aileronAilerons are theouter flaps on therear surface of thewings of an airpane.Ailerons are used tokeep the airplanefrom rollling fromside to side.airplaneAirplanes fly inthe sky.bulbA light bulb turnselectricity into light.cameraYou can takepictures with acamera.can openerA can opener is adevice that openscans.deviceA device is a pieceof equipment thatdoes a job. Forexample, a canopener is a devicethat opens cans.engineThe engine of atrain pulls therailroad cars alongthe track.engineThe engines of an airplanepropel it through the air.fanA fan is a machinethat makes abreeze.flashlightA flashlight helpsyou find your wayin the dark.freezerA freezer keepsthings icy.funnelA funnel is adevice that letsyou pour thingsfrom onecontainer toanother.gyroscopeA gyroscope is a spinningwheel set in a movableframe. When the wheelspins, it is very hard tomove the gyroscope - itessentially stays in itsoriginal orientation.incandescentlight bulbAn incandescentlight bulb turnselectricity into lightas an electriccurrent causes afilament to glow inan air-freeenclosure.
  • - 37 -inventorAn inventor designs andcreates new, useful things.ironIrons press thewrinkles out ofclothes.joystickA joystick is usedto play somecomputer games.lockYou can lock and unlock alock with a key.magnifyingglassA magnifying glassis a lens that makesthings look largerthan they reallyare.microscopeA microscope lets you seevery tiny things.microwave ovenMicrowave ovens heat upfood quickly.mirrorYou can see yourreflection in amirror.padlockYou can lock and unlock apadlock with a key.pliersPliers are tools thathold things.radarRadar is a device that usesreflected radio waves tolocated objects at adistance. Radar is shortfor "radio detection andranging."radioA radio lets you hearbroadcast music and talkshows.refrigeratorA refrigerator is amachine thatkeeps food cold.remote controlA remote control lets youoperate a machine fromfar away.rocketA rocket is amachine thatpropels itself intospace.safety pinA safety pin is a type ofpin that is used to fastenclothes and diapers.scaleA scale is a machine forweighing things.sewingmachineA sewing machinesews stitches veryquickly andeasily. Thesewing machinewas invented in1846 by EliasHowe.sonarIn sonar (also calledecholocation), a high-pitched sound (usuallyclicks) is sent out. Thesound bounces off theobject and some returns.The returning echo isinterpreted to determinethe objects shape,direction, distance, andtexture. Dolphins (andother toothed whales) andsome bats use sonar tonavigate and find prey.telephoneYou can talk withpeople who are faraway by using atelephone.
  • - 38 -telescopeA telescope is a opticaldevice that makesfaraway objects appearcloser and larger,allowing us to see distantobjects in space.televisionA television is a machinethat receives pictures andsounds. People watch andlisten to shows ontelevision.thermometerA thermometer isused for tellingwhat thetemperature is.toasterA toaster is a machine thatheats up slices of bread,making toast.vacuum cleanerA vacuum cleaner is a deviceused to clean rugs and floors.yokeA yoke is a device thatholds two workinganimals (like oxen)together.Farm-Related WordsbarnA barn is a farmbuilding where animalsand animal feed arekept.bullA bull is a male cow.bunnyA bunny is a youngrabbit.calfA calf is ayoung cow.catCats are mammalsand are great pets.Cats were reveredby the ancientEgyptians.chickA chick is a babychicken. Some otherbaby birds are alsocalled chicks.chickenA chicken is a farmanimal.cowMost of the milk wedrink comes fromcows.dogDogs wagtheir tailswhen theyrehappy.donkeyDonkeys can be verystubborn.duckDucks are birds thathave webbed feet and aflattened bill. Theyswim well and live nearthe water.ducklingA duckling is a youngduck.farmFarms are where plantsare grown and animalsare raised.farmanimalsFarm animalsare veryuseful topeople.farmerFarmers producefood by growingplants and tendinganimals.
  • - 39 -fenceA fence is a type ofbarrier.gooseGeese are migratingbirds that honk!goslingA gosling is a babygoose.haystackA haystack isa big pile ofhay.henA hen is a femalechicken. Hens layeggs.hoeA hoe is a garden tool.hogA hog is a hoofedmammal that issimilar to a pig.honey beeHoney bees are insectsthat live in a hive andmake honey.horseHorses arevery fastrunners.horseshoeA horseshoe is ametal protector for ahorses hoof.kidA kid is a young goat.kittenA kitten is a youngcat.lambA lamb is a baby sheep.milkMilk comesfrom cowsand othermammals.oxOxen are large,hairy mammals thatlive in the far north.pigPigs are hoofedmammals that oink!pigletA piglet is a youngpig.puppyA puppy is a youngdog.rabbitA rabbit is asmall, cutemammal withbig ears.roosterA rooster is a malechicken.scarecrowA scarecrow is a figureof a person that is madeof straw. It is used toscare crows away fromcrops.sheepSheep are farmanimals that areraised for wool andmeat.sheepdog, oldEnglishThe old Englishsheepdog is anaffectionate, long-haired dog that wasoriginally bred in GreatBritain.shovelShovels areused to dig.siloA silo is a buildingin which bulk food,like wheat, is stored.
  • - 40 -tractorA tractor is a powerfulvehicle that can pull aplow or other farmtools.wellA well is a deep holein the ground fromwhich you get water.Flower-Related Words: Little Explorers PictureDictionarybluebellBluebells are bell-shaped flowers. bouquetA bouquet is abunch of flowers.bulbA plant bulb wil sproutinto a new plant. Tulipsgrow from bulbs.California poppyThe California poppy is asmall, cup-shaped flowerthat lives in dry areas.carnationA carnation is aflower; it canbe white, pink,or red.daffodilThe daffodil is ayellow flower thatblooms early inthe spring.daisyThe daisy is apretty flower.dandelionDandelions are weedswith pretty yellowflowers that turn intoseed puff-balls.flowerA flower makes seeds.Flowers are a plantsreproductive organs.Hummingbirds, bees,butterflies, and otheranimals drink the sweetnectar that is made byflowers.forget-me-notsForget-me-notsare plants thathave beautifulblue flowers.
  • - 41 -gardenPlants grow in agarden.greenhouseA greenhouse is abuilding, usuallymade out of glass,in which peoplegrow plants. Someflowers are grownin greenhouses.irisIrises are beautifulflowers with long, thin,flat leaves.lilyA lily is a funnel-shapedflower.nasturtiumNasturtiums areplants withbright, prettyflowers andround leaves.orchidOrchids arecolorful flowersthat live in warmareas.poppyA poppy is adelicate flower.rootsThe roots are the partsof a plant that getswater and othernutrients from the soil.Roots also store energyand provide support forthe plant. Most rootsgrow underground.roseThe rose is a beautifulflower with a sweet scent.seedSeeds grow intoplants.stemThe stem is thepart of a plant thatprovides supportfor the plant.tulipThe tulip is a cup-shaped flower.Venus flytrapThe Venus flytrap is aplant that catches anddigests bugs.violetsViolets are deep purpleflowers.yuccaYucca is aflowering plantwith stiffleaves; it livesin dry areas.zinniaZinnias are prettyflowers.
  • - 42 -Food-Related Words: Little Explorers PictureDictionaryalmondAn almond is atype of nut.appleAn apple is ajuicy fruit thatgrows on an appletree.Appleseed, JohnnyJohnny Appleseed wasa legendary man whoplanted apple treesthrough the USA. Hisreal name was JohnChapman, but he wascalled JohnnyAppleseed because ofhis love for growingapple trees.artichokeThe artichoke is a spiny,green vegetable.avocadoThe avocado is anoily, green fruit; it issometimes called thealligator pear.Avocados grow ontrees in warm areas.bagelA bagel is achewy kind ofroll.bakerA baker bakesfood in the oven,like breads, cakes,and cookies.bananaBananas are a sweet,yellow fruit.batterA batter is an uncooked,liquid mixture of flour,eggs, butter and otheringredients. When abatter is cooked, itbecomes solid. Cookies,cakes, and muffins aremade from batter.birthday cakeBirthday cakes aresweet and delicious!blackberryBlackberries aredark-colored,edible berriesthat grow onprickly vines.bowlYou can eat soupor cereal in abowl.breadBread is made fromflour and is baked in anoven.breakfastBreakfast is a meal thatis eaten in the morning.broccoliBroccoli is a greenvegetable.bubble gumYou can chewbubble gum andblow bubbles.bunA bun is a sweetroll.butterButter is a rich spreadmade from cream.cakeCake is a sweet dessert.candyCandy is very sweet.
  • - 43 -carrotA carrot is anorange vegetablethat growsunderground.cauliflowerCauliflower is awhite vegetable;it is related tobroccoli.celeryCelery is a crisp, greenvegetable.cheeseCheese is a food madefrom milk.chefA chef cooks food.cherriesCherries are asweet, tangy, redfruit.chocolateChocolate is atasty treat madefrom cocoa beansand sugar.chopsticksChopsticks are eatingutensils used by manypeople in Asia.coffeeCoffee is a drink madefrom roasted coffeebeans.cookieCookies are small,sweet, baked treats.corkA cork is used asa bottle stopper.It is made fromtree bark.cornCorn is a yellowvegetable you caneat on its cob.Corn was grownby NativeAmericans forthousands ofyears before theEuropeans settledin North America.cornucopiaA cornucopia, alsocalled a horn of plenty,is a horn-shaped basketthat is filled with fruitand grains. It is asymbol of abundanceand prosperity.cotton candyCotton candy is a sweettreat that is spun fromsugar.creamCream is the richestpart of milk. Butterand ice cream aremade from cream.cucumberCucumber is acool, crispvegetable that isgood in salad.cuisineA cuisine is astyle of preparingfood.cupboardThings are stored incupboards.cupYou can drink from acup.cupcakeA cupcake is a tinycake.dessertDesserts aresweet treats.dietA balanced diet isgood for you.dinnerDinner is a meal that iseaten in the evening.dishWe eat food on a dish.doughnutDoughnuts are sweetand have a hole intheir middle.
  • - 44 -drinkPeople need todrink waterevery day.egg cartonAn egg cartonholds eggs andkeep them frombreaking.eatWe eat when we arehungry.eggMany animals hatchfrom eggs. Dinosaurshatched from eggs.People eat a lot ofchicken eggs.eggplantAn eggplant is apurple vegetable.flourFlour is groundup grain (likewheat). Bread ismade from flour.foodWe eat food toget energy and togrow.food pyramidThe food pyramid is adiagram that lets youknow the USgovernmentsrecommended diet.food webThe food web (or foodchain) is all of theinteractions betweenpredators and prey inwhich plants andanimals obtain food.forkForks are used foreating solid food.freezerA freezer keepsthings icy.fruitFruit is the part ofsome plants thatcontains theseeds. Apples,strawberries,oranges, andbananas are fruit.frying panYou can cook food in afrying pan.gingerbreadGingerbread is a spicycookie. Gingerbreadmen and gingerbreadwomen are cookiesshaped like little people.glassWe drink out ofglasses.grapefruitGrapefruits are atype of citrusfruit thatsometime squirtyou when youeat them.grapesGrapes aredelicious fruit thatgrow on vines.graterA grater is a tool usedto cut food into tinypieces.green beanA green bean is a long,thin, green vegetable. Itis pod that containsbean seeds. It is alsocalled a string bean.hamHam is a type ofmeat that comesfrom the top part of apigs leg.
  • - 45 -hamburgerA hamburger is acooked patty ofground beef,usually served ina bun.honeyHoney is a sweetsubstance madeby bees.hot dogA hot dog is a type ofcooked meat in theshape of a sausage; it isusually served in a longbun.hungryWhen youre hungry,you want to eat somefood.iceIce is frozen water.ice creamIce cream iscold, creamy,and sweet treat.ice cream coneAn ice creamcone is nice to eaton a hot summerday.iced teaIced tea is a cold drink.jamJam is a spread madefrom fruit.jellyJelly is a spreadmade from fruitjuice.jellybeansJellybeans arecolorful andsweet.jugA jug holds aliquid, like water.juiceJuice is pressed fromfruit or vegetables.kettleA kettle is a pot inwhich you boil water.kitchenPeople prepare andstore food in akitchen.kiwiThe kiwi is a tangy fruitthat grows in warm areas.knifeYou can cut things with aknife.ladleA ladle is a large spoon used toserve soup and gravy.lemonA lemon is a sour, yellow fruit.lemonadeLemonade is a drink madefrom water, lemon juice, andsugar.lettuceLettuce is a leafyvegetable that isgood in salads.licoriceLicorice is a typeof candy.limeA lime is a sour, greencitrus fruit.lollipopA lollipop is candy on astick.lunchLunch is a mealeaten in the middleof the day.lunch boxSome peoplecarry their lunchin a lunch box.macaroniMacaroni is atube-shapednoodle.mealBreakfast, lunch, anddinner are meals.measuring cupA measuring cup isuseful in baking andcooking.meatMeat is a type offood that comesfrom animals. Sometypes of meat arebeef and ham.
  • - 46 -melonMelons are fruitsthat have a rind.microwaveovenMicrowave ovensheat up foodquickly.milkMilk comes from cowsand other mammals.muffinMuffins are small,baked goods made froma batter.mugA mug is a largecup.mushroomMushrooms arefast-growingfungi. They growin dark, dampplaces.napkinAfter you eat, youcan clean yourface with anapkin.nectarineA nectarine is a sweet,juicy fruit with smoothskin; it is related to thepeach.noodlesNoodles are flat stripsof pasta. Noodles wereinvented in China.nutA nut is a dry seedor fruit with a hardshell.oatmealOatmeal is acereal.oilOil is a greasyliquid.oliveAn olive is an oily fruitthat grows on anevergreen tree.omeletAn omelet is a dishmade from eggs.omnivoreAn omnivore is ananimal that eatsplants and meat.People areomnivoresonionOnions are sharptastingvegetables.orangeOranges aresweet, juicy fruit.orange juiceOrange juice is madefrom oranges.ovenOvens get very hot. Youcan bake food in anoven.oven mittAn oven mittprotects your handwhen you put thingsin or out of an oven.oysterThe oyster is asoft-bodiedmarine animalthat is protectedby two hardshells.panYou can cookfood in a pan.paper plateA paper plate is adisposable plate that ismade out of paper.People use paper platesat picnics.pastaPasta is a type of foodmade from flour.Spaghetti and macaroniare types of pasta.peachPeaches are sweet,juicy fruit with fuzzyskin.
  • - 47 -peanutPeanuts growundergound; they area type of legume.pearThe pear is asweet fruit with athin skin.pea podPeas grow in peapods.peasPeas are small, roundvegetables.pepperPepper is a spice thatmany people use toseason their food.pepperA pepper is a sharp-tasting, hollowvegetable. Peppers canbe red, green, yellow,and orange.pickleA pickle is acucumber that ispreserved in brine.pieA pie is a dessertthat is made withfruit and has a crust.pitcherA pitcher is acontainer for pouringliquids.pizzaPizza is made ofdough that is coveredwith tomato sauceand cheese; it isbaked in an oven.plateA plate is a flat dishon which we put food.plumA plum is a sweet,juicy, purple fruit.podPeas grow in peapods.popsicleA popsicles is asweet, frozen treat ona stick.potPeople cook food inpots.potatoPotatoes are starchyvegetables that growundergound.pretzelPretzels are salty,knotted snacks.pruneA prune is a driedplum.pumpkinThe pumpkin is alarge, orangevegetable that growson a vine.pumpkin piePumpkin pie is adessert made frompumpkins.radishA radish is a sharp-tasting vegetable thatgrows underground.raisinRaisins are driedgrapes.raspberryRaspberries are atype of edible berrythat grows on aprickly vine.recipeA recipe is a set ofinstructions formaking a type offood.refrigeratorA refrigerator is amachine that keepsfood cold.
  • - 48 -riceRice is a food. It is agrain that grows inwarm, wet soil. Rice isan important food inmuch of Asia.rollA roll is a smallpiece of bakeddough.rolling pinA rolling pin is usedto roll out dough.saladA salad is a type offood that is usuallymade with lettuceand other vegetables.salamiSalami is a type ofsalty, spicy meatproduct, usuallymade from beefand/or pork.saltSalt is an importantcrystalline mineralthat we use to seasonour food.sandwichA sandwich ischeese,peanutbutter,meat, or anotherfilling betweentwo slices ofbread.sausageSausage is a type ofmeat.sliceWhen something issliced, thin pieces arecut from it.soupSoup is a type offood. Vegetable soupand chicken soup aretwo kinds of soup.spatulaA spatula is a tool thathas a wide, flat end.spoonA spoon is usedfor eating foodlike soup andcereal.squashSquash grows in warmweather.steakSteak is a slice of meat.stoveYou can cook food on astove.strawberryThe strawberry is asweet, red fruit.string beanA string bean is along, thin, greenvegetable. It ispod that containsbean seeds. It isalso called a greenbean.sugarSugar is a sweetfood.sunflowerA sunflower is aplant that turns toface the sun.teaTea is a drink that isbrewed from tealeaves.
  • - 49 -teapotYou can brew tea in ateapot.toasterA toaster is amachine that heatsup slices of bread,making toast.tomatoTomatoes are softand tangy; theygrow on vines.tunaThe tuna is a verylarge, bony fish thatlives in the ocean.People eat a lot oftuna.turkeyTurkeys are largebirds that nest on theground.utensilsUtensils are tools usedin the kitchen, likeknives, forks, andspoons.vegetableVegetables arevery good for you.vinegarVinegar is a sourliquid that is used toflavor or preservefoods.walnutA walnut is an ediblenut from the walnuttree.waterWater is a liquid thatwe drink and use towash. Water coversover two thirds of thesurface of the Earth,and much of ourbody is made ofwater.water bottleA water bottle holdswater.watermelonWatermelon is alarge, delicious,red fruit with athick green rind.wheatWheat is a grain.Flour is made fromground-up wheat.whiskA whisk is used tobeat eggs or batter.wokA wok is a cookingpot used in Asia.yamYams are sweetvegetables that growunderground.yogurtYogurt is a dairyfood made frommilk.yolkThe yolk of an eggis yellow andcontains stored foodfor a bird or reptilebefore it hatches.zucchiniZucchini is a type ofsquash.Furniture WordsarmchairAn armchair is achair with arms.bedPeople sleep in beds.benchA few people can siton a bench.bookcaseBooks are stored inbookcases.chairA chair is apiece offurniture thatpeople sit on.
  • - 50 -couchA couch is a big, softpiece of furniturethat many people cansit on.cradleA cradle is a small bedfor a baby.cupboardThings are stored incupboards.dresserA dresser is a pieceof furniture in whichyou can store things.footstoolA footstool is asmall piece offurniture.furnitureTables, chairs, sofas,and beds arefurniture.grandfather clockA grandfather clock isa large, free-standingpendulum clock.shelfA shelf is a smallplatform on whichthings can be placed.sofaA sofa is a large, softpiece of furniturethat many people cansit on.stoolA stool is a seatwith neitherarms nor a back.tableA table is a piece offurniture with a flattop and legs.Geology-Related WordsatomEverything ismade up of tinyatoms.crystalCrystals are solidswhose atoms forma very regularpattern.diamondA diamond is a veryhard, shiny jewel.emeraldAn emerald is a hard,shiny, deep greenjewel.gemGems sparkle andshine.geyserA geyser is anatural hot springthat occasionallysprays water andsteam above theground.geologyGeology is thestudy of the Earthsstructure, includingrocks and minerals.glacierA glacier is a large,slowly-moving riverof ice.goldGold is a preciousmetal. Coins andjewelry are made fromgold. The Sacajawea USdollar coin above lookslike gold.graniteGranite is a commontype of igneous rock.Granite is formed in aslow cooling process.
  • - 51 -igneous rockWhen molten rockcools, igneousrock is formed.impact craterImpact craters arethe remains ofcollisions betweenan asteroid ormeteorite and theEarth.ironIron is a commonmetal that is used formany things, like traintracks, pots, andpipes.lavaLava is molten rock. Itcomes out of eruptingvolcanoes.limestoneLimestone is a type ofsedimentary rock thatis made of theskeletons of tinymicroorganisms.magnetA magnet attractsthings made ofiron.marbleMarble is abeautifulmetamorphic rock.metalA metal is an elementthat has a crystallinestructure when it is solidform. Many metals areshiny and many conductelectricity. Some metalsinclude iron, copper,silver, and gold.metamorphic rockMetamorphic rocksare compacted bypressure and heat fromdeep inside the earth.mineralA mineral is a naturally-occurring solid whosemolecules form a regularpattern (usually formingcrystals). Some commonminerals include quartz,salt, diamond, andfeldspar.pebbleA pebble is asmall, smoothstone.quartzQuartz is acommon crystallinemineral.rockA rock is a stone. TheEarths crust is madeof rock.rubyA ruby is a hard,shiny, red jewel.saltSalt is an importantcrystalline mineralthat we use to seasonour food.sandSand is a loosematerialcomposed of finedebris of rock andmineral particles.sedimentaryrockSedimentary rockis rock that hasformed fromsediment and iswhere most fossilsare found.silverSilver is a valuablemetal; it is also theshiniest metal. Somecoins and jewelry aremade from silver.soilPlants grow in soil.solidA solid is a matter inwhich the moleculesare very close togetherand cannot movearound. Ice, quartz,and diamonds aresolids.
  • - 52 -stoneA stone is a rock.streakA streak is a longmark or stripe ofcolor.tsunamiA tsunami is a rare,giant series of wavescaused by anunderwaterearthquake or otherlarge-scale,underwaterdisturbance.volcanoA volcano is amountainous vent inthe Earths crust.When a volcanoerupts, it spews outlava, ashes, and hotgases from deep insidethe Earth.waterWater is a liquid thatwe drink and use towash. Water coversover two thirds of thesurface of the Earth,and much of our bodyis made of water.wellA well is a deephole in the groundfrom which youget water.House-Related WordsarmchairAn armchair is achair with arms.bathtubYou take a bath in abathtub.bedPeople sleep in beds.benchA few people can sit ona bench.bookcaseBooks are storedin bookcases.brickThis fireplace ismade out of bricks.broomYou can sweep thefloor with a broom.can openerA can opener is adevice that openscans.carpetA carpet is a floorcovering made ofwoven yarn or thickfabric.chairA chair is a pieceof furniture thatpeople sit on.chimneyA chimney is astructure in whichyou can build afire.chinaChina is well-madepottery that was firstmade in China.clothespinClothespins are usedto hang wet laundryon a clothes line todry.couchA couch is a big, softpiece of furniture thatmany people can sit on.cradleA cradle is a smallbed for a baby.
  • - 53 -cuckoo clockA cuckoo clockhas a mechanicalbird that singsevery hour.cupboardThings are stored incupboards.curtainsCurtains are clothhung on and around awindow.doorYou can go in and outthrough a door.drapesDrapes are clothhung on andaround a window.dresserA dresser is a pieceof furniture inwhich you canstore things.fanA fan is a machinethat makes a breeze.faucetYou can turn waterflow on or off at afaucet.fenceA fence is a type ofbarrier.fireplaceYou can make afire in a fireplaceto keep you warm.footstoolA footstool is asmall piece offurniture.framePeople put picturesand photos inframes to protectthem and makethem look nice.freezerA freezer keepsthings icy.furnitureTables, chairs, sofas,and beds are furniture.garbage canGarbage cans holdgarbage.gardenPlants grow in agarden.gateA gate is a door in afence.grandfather clockA grandfather clock isa large, free-standingpendulum clock.homeHome is where you live.houseSome people livein houses.hutA hut is a small,simple shelter.iglooAn igloo is a housemade out of blocksof ice. Brr!kettleA kettle is a pot inwhich you boil water.keyWe use keys to lock andunlock doors.kitchenPeople prepareand store food in akitchen.
  • - 54 -lampA lamp gives outlight.lawnA lawn is a placeoutside where grassgrows.lawn mowerYou can cut the grasswith a lawn mower.living roomA living room is a largeroom in an apartment orhouse.log cabinA log cabin is ahouse made oflogs.matYou can wipe yourshoes on a floormat.microwave ovenMicrowave ovensheat up foodquickly.mirrorYou can see yourreflection in a mirror.mobileA mobile is a hanging sculpture.ovenOvens get veryhot. You can bakefood in an oven.oven mittAn oven mittprotects your handwhen you putthings in or out ofan oven.pillowA pillow is a softcushion that you canrest upon.quiltQuilts keep you warmat night.roofThe roof is the topcovering of a building.roomA room is a partof a building thatis separated off bywalls.rugA rug is a floorcovering made ofwoven yarn orthick fabric.shelfA shelf is a smallplatform on whichthings can beplaced.showerWhen you shower,you wash your bodyin a stream of fallingwater.sinkWe can wash our handsat a sink.soapSoap and waterhelp clean things.sofaA sofa is a large,soft piece offurniture that manypeople can sit on.spongeSponges areabsorbent objectsused to clean things.stoolA stool is a seat withneither arms nor aback.stoveYou can cook food on astove.tableA table is a pieceof furniture with aflat top and legs.
  • - 55 -toasterA toaster is amachine that heatsup slices of bread,making toast.toiletToilets are inbathrooms.trash canA trash can holdsgarbage. vacuum cleanerA vacuum cleaner is adevice used to cleanrugs and floors.wallA wall is a side ofa building or aroom or a fence.wastebasketPeople throw trash in awastebasket.welcome matYou can wipe your shoeson a welcome mat.windowA window is a glass-coveredopening in a wall or vehicle.You can see out a window.yardA yard is a small outside area.
  • - 56 -In the Sea:Ocean-Related WordsAfrican penguinThe Africanpenguin is a small,flightless bird thatlives on islands offthe coast ofsouthern Africa.anchorAn anchor is aheavy metaldevice that holdsa ship in place.boatBoats float inthe water.blue sharkThe blue shark is asleek, fast-swimmingshark with blue skin.blue whaleThe blue whale isthe biggest animalthat ever lived. Iteats tiny food thatit sieves throughbaleen.conchThe conch is alarge, shelledanimal from warmseas.cookiecuttersharkThe cookiecuttershark is a smallshark that takescircular bites outof its prey. Alsoknown as theluminous or cigarshark.coralCoral is a tinyocean animalthat lives incolonies. Somecorals leave ahard, stonyskeleton whenthey die.coral reefCoral reefs are warm,clear, shallow oceanhabitats that are richin life.crabA crab has a hardshell and eyes onstalks on its head.In the Sea:Ocean-Related Words
  • - 57 -cuttlefishThe cuttlefish is aclose relative of theoctopus and thesquid.angelfishAngelfish are brightly-coloredfish that live in warm water.angelsharkAngelsharks are sharksthat have flat bodiesand live on the oceanfloor.basking sharkThe basking shark is hugeand eats very tiny animalsthat float in the ocean.beluga whaleThe beluga is a small, white, toothedwhale that lives mostly in cold,arctic waters.coral reefCoral reefs arewarm, clear,shallow oceanhabitats that are richin life.dogfish sharkThe dogfish shark is a small,very common shark that isfound all over the world. It isnot dangerous to people.dolphinA dolphin is a marinemammal with a longnose and teeth.Dolphins are whales.dugongDugongs are gentle, slow-swimming, aquaticmammals.echolocationIn echolocation (also called sonar), ahigh-pitched sound (usually clicks) issent out. The sound bounces off theobject and some returns. The returningecho is interpreted to determine theobjects shape, direction, distance,and texture. Dolphins (and othertoothed whales) and some bats usesonar to navigate and find prey.eelThe eel is a long,snake-like fish.elephant sealThe elephant seal is a huge sealthat lives in the Pacific Ocean.emperor angelfishThe emperor angelfishis a brightly-colored,flattened fish that livesin shallow warmwaters.emperor penguinThe emperor penguin isthe largest penguin; it liveson ice packs in Antarctica.fiddler crabThe fiddler crab is small crab thatlives on beaches. The male fiddler crabhas one enlarged claw.finFish use their fins toswim.fin whaleThe fin whale is a very largebaleen whale. It is the secondlargest animal in the world.fishFish live in the waterand breathe with gills.flipperFlippers are wide, flatlimbs that many marineanimals use for swimming.Seals and whales haveflippers.flukesThe tail of whales and dolphins is calledthe flukes (each half of the tail is calleda fluke). Flukes have no bones in them.Whales swim by moving their flukesup and down in the water(fish move their tail left to right).giant squidGiant Squid swimdeep in the oceans.They have ten armsand their eyes arethe size ofbasketballs.gillsGills are organs thatfish and amphibians useto breathe underwater.goblin sharkThe Goblin sharkhas a very longsnout.gray whaleThe gray whale is abaleen whale thateats tiny organismsfrom the mud onthe bottom on theocean.great white sharkThe Great White shark is alarge, meat-eating fish.
  • - 58 -gullGulls are birdsthat live nearoceans andlakes.hammerhead sharkThe hammerhead sharkhas a head shaped like ahammer.harp sealThe harp seal is amarine mammalthat lives in theNorth Atlanticand in the ArcticOcean.hatchetfishHatchetfish areoddly-shaped fishfrom South andCentral America.hermit crabHermit crabs are crabs thatlack a hard shell; they use adiscarded shell for protection.horseshoecrabThe horseshoecrab is a hard-shelled animalthat lives inwarm coastalwaters on thesea floor.hullThe hull is the mainbody or frame of a ship.humpbackwhaleHumpbacks arevery acrobaticwhales that singbeautiful,complex songs.intertidal zoneThe intertidal zoneis where the seameets the land, thearea between hightide and low tide.jellyfishJellyfish are animals thathave stinging tentacles.keelThe keel is thebottom of aship.kelpKelp is brown seaweedthat grows in coldwater.killer whaleKiller whales arealso known asorcas. Thesewhales eatshundreds ofpounds of fishand marinemammals everyday.krillKrill are smallmarine animals thatare eaten by manybig animals,including somewhales.lanternfishLanternfish are fish that havelight-producing organs andvery large eyes.lemon sharkThe lemonshark is ayellowishshark.limpetThe limpet is a marineanimal with a soft bodyand a flattened, cone-shaped shell.lobsterA lobster lives onthe ocean floorand has five pairsof legs. Lobstershave blue blood.lobtailingLobtailing is when a whalesticks its tail out of thewater into the air, swingsthe tail around, and thenslaps the tail on the waterssurface. Lobtailing makesa very loud noise.macaroni penguinThe macaroni penguin is apenguin from the Antarcticthat has a yellow, featherycrest on its head.
  • - 59 -mako sharkThe makoshark is a veryfast shark withbluish skin.manateeManatees are gentle,slow-swimming,aquatic mammals.man-of-warThe Portugueseman-of-war is afloating colony ofanimals that hasvery long, stingingtentacles. It lives inwarm oceanwaters.manta rayManta rays areharmless fish andare related tosharks. Mantas arethe biggest rays.marine mammalsMarine mammals live inthe sea and breathe air.Seals, sea lions, whales,and others are marinemammals.moray eelThe moray eelis a long,snake-like fishthat hascircular gills.narwhalThe narwhal is anArctic whale; the malehas a huge tooth.nautilusThe nautilus is asea animalrelated to thesquid andoctopus!nurse sharkThe nurse shark is alarge predator thatlives in warm waterin coral reefs.octopusOctopi have eight armsand live on the sea floor.orcaOrcas are alsoknown as killerwhales. Anorca eatshundreds ofpounds of fishand marinemammalsevery day.otterAn otter is a playfulaquatic mammal.oysterThe oyster is asoft-bodiedmarine animalthat is protectedby two hardshells.pelicanThe pelican is fish-eating bird with ahuge, pouched bill.penguinPenguins are birds that cannotfly but swim very well.planktonPlankton are tinyorganisms that floatin the seas and otherbodies of water.Plankton is the baseof the oceanic foodweb.podA group of whales iscalled a pod.polar bearPolar bears arelarge meat-eaterslive in the farnorth. They haveclear-colored hairand black skin.porpoiseA porpoise is a marinemammal with a longnose and teeth. They arealso known as dolphins;they are a type oftoothed whales.portholeA porthole is a windowin a ship.
  • - 60 -propellerA propeller is adevice withblades that isturned by anengine; itmakes boats(and someairplanes)move.prowThe prow is front partof a ship.pufferfishAlso calledblowfish, thispoisonous fishcan swallowwater to doubleits size.queen conchThe queen conch isa large, shelledanimal from warmseas. It is in dangerof extinction.rayA ray is a flat fish that isrelated to the sharks.Many have a long tailthat stings.reefReefs arewarm, clear,shallow oceanhabitats thatare rich in life.right whaleRight whales are baleenwhales with a hugehead and an archedmouth. They werealmost hunted toextinction.rockhopperpenguinThe rockhopperpenguin is asmall, aggressive,crested bird thatcannot fly.sailA sail is a largepiece of strongfabric that catchesthe wind andpropels a boat orsailboard throughthe water.sailboatA sailboat is a boat thathas sails and is poweredby the wind.sailfishThe sailfish isa deep-sea fish.It is the fastestfish in the seaand can swimup to 68 milesper hour (110kph).salmonSalmon are fish thatlive in the sea andspawn in fresh water.sandSand is a loosematerialcomposed of finedebris of rockand mineralparticles.sand dollarSand Dollars arecoin-shaped spiny-skinned sea bedanimals that have 5-part radialsymmetry.scalesScales are thin, hard,overlapping plates onsome animals. Fish arecovered with scales.Butterfly wings aremade of scales.scallopScallops are animalsthat have two shellsand live on the oceanfloor.scuba diverScuba divers swimunder the water andcarry their own air in a tank ontheir back.seaA sea is a large body ofsalt water that isconnected to an ocean. Asea may be partly orcompletely surrounded byland.sea anemoneA sea snemone is a predatorysea animal that looks like aflower and lives on the oceanfloor.sea cowSea cows (also called manatees)are gentle, slow-swimming,aquatic mammals.
  • - 61 -seacucumberSea cucumbersare cylinder-shaped animalsthat live on thesea floor.sea gullThe sea gull is thecommon name for somebirds that live nearoceans and lakes.sea horseThe sea horse is avery strange typeof fish - it has along snout and acurled tail.sealSeals are animalsthat live in theocean but breatheair. They are marinemammals.sea lionSea lions are eared seals thatlive off the coast of westernNorth America.sea otterSea otters aremarinemammals withvery dense,waterproof fur.sea starSea stars, another namefor starfish, are animalsthat live on the oceanfloor.sea urchinThe sea urchin isa spiny, globularanimal that liveson the oceanfloor.seaweedSeaweed is a plantthat lives in the sea.sharkSharks are meat-eaters thathave no bones, only cartilage(which is softer than bone)in their skeleton.shellSome animalsgrow a shellfor protection.shipA ship is a very largeboat.shrimpShrimp are smallanimals that livein the water.snailA snail is a small,slow animal with itsown shell.spongeA sponge is a primitiveanimal that lives in the water.spyhoppingSpyhopping iswhen a whalepokes its headup out of thewater and turnsaround,perhaps to lookaround.squidSquids swim in theoceans. They have tenarms and an ink sac.starfishStarfish (alsoknown as seastars) are animalsthat live on theocean floor.stingrayA stingray is a flatfish with cartilageinstead of bones. Itssting is in its tail.submarineA submarine is a vessel thatcan travel underwater andcarry people.
  • - 62 -sunfishThe sunfish isa large fishwith an almostcircular,flattened body.swimWhen you swim, youmove around in thewater.swordfishThe swordfish isa large fish with along, sharp bill.ternTerns are birds thatare sometimescalled "seaswallows."thresher sharkThe thresher shark has a agreatly-elongated top part ofthe tail.tiger sharkTiger sharksare large,fierce sharksthat have faintstripes.tugboatA tugboat is a sturdyboat that guides largeboats in and out ofharbors.tunaThe tuna is a verylarge, bony fishthat lives in theocean. People eata lot of tuna.walrusA walrus is anorthern marinemammal with ivorytusks.waterWater is a liquid that wedrink and use to wash.Water covers over two thirdsof the surface of the Earth,and much of our body ismade of water.waveThere arewaves of waterin the ocean.Weddell sealThe Weddell seal is alarge, nocturnal marinemammal fromAntarctica (near theSouth Pole).whaleWhales are largemarine mammals.Whales breatheair using lungs.whale sharkThe whale shark isthe biggest sharkand the biggest fish,but it eats tiny foodthat it sievesthrough its gills. Itis not a whale; it isa shark.whelkWhelks are ocean animalswith a hard, spiral shell.XiphiasXiphias is the group(genus) of swordfish,fast-swimming fishthat have a long, sharpbill.yachtA yacht is a very nicesmall ship.zooplanktonZooplankton aretiny animals thatfloat in the seasand other bodiesof water.
  • - 63 -At the Post Office:Mail-Related WordsaddressAn address tells thePost Office where tobring a letter orpackage.boxA box can hold things.cardYou can senda card to afriend.envelopeAn envelope holds aletter.letterYou can write aletter tocommunicatewith a person.mailboxA mailbox is whereyou leave letters to bemailed.packageA package is a wrappedbox that containssomething.paperWe write andpaint onpaper. It ismade fromplant fibers,usually trees.postcardA postcard is a cardyou can mail withoutan envelope. Peoplewho collect post cardsare called deltiologists.scaleA scale is amachine forweighing things.stampYou must put a stampon a letter for it to bedelivered.tapeTape is a long, stickyribbon that is used to stickthings together.Math-Related WordsabacusAn abacus is anancient device that isused for arithmeticcalculations.acute angleAn acute angle isless than 90degrees.1+1=22+3=5additionAddition is theadding ofnumbers to gettheir sum.angleAn angle is theamount of rotationit would take toput oneintersecting lineon top of another.1+1=27-4=3arithmeticArithmetic is the study ofaddition, subtraction,multiplication, and division.
  • - 64 -1,000,000,000billionA billion is a thousandmillion. The Earth isbillions of years old.chartA chart is adiagram, like agraph or a table,that shows therelationshipsbetween things.circleAll of the pointson a circle arethe samedistance fromthe center.coneA cone is a shapethat has a point atone end and acircular openingat the other end.In mathematics,this shape is a halfcone.coupleA couple refers to twopeople or two objects.crescentA crescent is the shapeof the moon a littlebefore of after the timeof the new moon.cubeA cube is a solidgeometric figurewith six squarefaces.curveA curve is awavy line.cylinderA cylinder is afigure with a longround body .denominatorThe denominator is thebottom number in a fraction.diameterThe diameter is thelongest distance fromone side of a circle (ora sphere) to the other.diamondA diamond is afour-sided figurewhose sides areall the samelength. Peopleplay baseball on adiamond-shapedfield.dividendThe dividend isthe number thatis divided (inlong division).The dividenddivided by thedivisor is thequotient (plus aremainder).divisionDivision is anoperation thatdivides a numberinto portions.divisorThe divisor is the numberthat the dividend is dividedby (in long division). Thedividend divided by thedivisor is the quotient (plusa remainder).dodecahedronA dodecahedron is atwelve-sided geometricsolid whose faces arepentagons.2 xdoubleDouble meanstwice or twotimes.************12dozenDozen is anotherword for twelve.eightSpiders have eightlegs. Stop signshave eight sides.18******************eighteenEighteen is the numberbetween seventeen andnineteen.
  • - 65 -80eightyEighty is the numberbetween seventy-nineand eighty-one.11***********elevenEleven is ten plusone.ellipseAn ellipse is aflattened circle.=equalWhen two thingsare equal they areexactly the samein number,quality, oramount.equilateral triangleThe sides of an equilateraltriangle are all the samelength.0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10,...even numberAn even number isdivisible by two.FahrenheitFahrenheit is ameasure oftemperature thatis abbreviated F.Water freezes at32°F and boils at212°F.firstThe first personor thing comesbefore theothers.15***************fifteenFifteen is thenumber afterfourteen (14) andbefore sixteen(16).50**************************************************fiftyFifty is the number afterforty nine (49) and beforefifty one (51).fivePeople have fivefingers on each hand.40****************************************fortyForty is the numberafter thirty nine (39)and before forty one(41).fourSquares have foursides. Cats and dogshave four legs.14**************fourteenFourteen is thenumber after thirteen(13) and beforefifteen (15).fractalFractals are patterns withinpatterns within patterns.1/2fractionA fraction is a part of awhole. Half of an appleis a fraction of anapple. The top numberin a fraction is calledthe numerator; thebottom number in afraction is called thedenominator.geometryGeometry is themathematicalstudy of points,lines, angles, andsolids.graphA graph is adiagram thatshowsrelationshipsbetween things.>greater thanThe mathematicalsymbol > means"greater than."When one numberis greater than asecond number,the first one isbigger than thesecond. Forexample, 4 isgreater than 2, or4 > 2.1/2halfWhen something is dividedinto two equal parts, each ofthese two parts is half of theoriginal object.
  • - 66 -heartThe heart is a shape that oftensymbolizes love.heptagonA heptagon is aseven-sidedfigure.hexaflexagonA hexaflexagon isa foldedgeometric figurethat can be"flexed" toexpose its manysides.hexagonA hexagon is asix-sidedfigure.Beehives havehexagonalcells.100hundredOne hundred isthe numberafter 99 andbefore 101.icosahedronAn icosahedron is a twenty-sidedgeometric solid.isoscelestriangleAn isoscelestriangle has twosides that are thesame length andtwo angles thatare the same.kiteA kite is a four-sided figure inwhich the twopairs of adjacentsides have thesame length.<less thanThemathematicalsymbol <means "lessthan." Whenone number isless than asecond number,the first one issmaller thanthe second. Forexample, 1 isless than 2, or 1< 2.line segmentA line segmentis a portion of aline.long divisionIn long division, the dividend is divided by the divisor,resulting in a quotient plus a remainder.5 4 66 5 44 6 5magic squareIn a magic square, therows, columns, anddiagonals all add up to thesame number.mathematicsMathematics is the studyof numbers, shapes,patterns, and logicalreasoning.1,000,000millionA million is a thousandthousands. Thedinosaurs livedmillions of years ago.-minusThe mathematicalsymbol - means"minus." Four minusthree is written, 4 - 3.Möbius stripA Möbius strip is a piece of paperwith only one side!1 x 2 = 22 x 3 = 6multiplicationMultiplication isa mathematicaloperation used tocompute areasand do othercalculations.xmultiplyThe mathematicalsymbol x means"multiply." Fourtimes three iswritten, 4 x 3.nineThere are nineplanets in oursolar systemand nineplayers on abaseball team.number lineNumberscorrespond topoints on anumber line.
  • - 67 -numberNumbers tell you "how many" or"how much."numeratorThe numerator is thetop number in afraction.obtuse angleAn obtuse angleis greater thanninety degrees.octagonAn octagon isan eight-sidedfigure. Stopsigns areoctagons.octahedronAn octahedronis an eight-sidedgeometric solid.1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, ...odd numberAn odd number is not divisibleby two.oneOne is a smallnumber.1/2one halfWhen somethingis divided intotwo equal parts,each of these twoparts is one halfof the originalobject.orbA ball-shapedobject is an orb.ovalAn oval is anegg-shapedfigure.parallelParallel lines extend in the samedirection, are always the samedistance apart, and never meet.parallelogramA parallelogram is afour-sided figurewhose opposite sidesare parallel.patternA pattern issomething that isrepeated.pentagonA pentagon is afive-sidedfigure.perimeterPerimeter is thedistance around theedges of a figure. Forexample, theperimeter of a squarewith side length of ais a+a+a+a=4 times a.perpendicularWhen two lines areperpendicular, they are at rightangles (90 degrees).pie chartA pie chart (alsocalled a circle graph)is a diagram that isuseful for displayinginformation about thepercentages or partsof a whole..pointA point is anexact location, aspot with nowidth orthickness.polygonA polygon is amany-sidedfigure withstraight edges.polyhedronPolyhedra aresolids whosefaces arepolygons.
  • - 68 -2,3,5,7,11,13,17...prime numberA prime number is a positivenumber that has exactly two factors,1 and itself. Alternatively, you canthink of a prime number as anumber greater than one that is notthe product of smaller numbers. Forexample, 13 is a prime numberbecause it can only be dividedevenly by 1 and 13. For anotherexample, 14 is not a prime numberbecause it can be divided evenly by1, 2, 7, and 14. The number one isnot a prime number because it hasonly one factor, 1 itself.protractorA protractor is adevice that measuresangles.pyramidA pyramid is ashape that has aflat polygonalbase andtriangular sidesthat meet at apoint on the top.The pyramids inEgypt are hugebuildings buildby ancientEgyptians.quadrilateralA quadrilateralis a four-sidedfigure. Thesquare,rectangle,rhombus,trapezoid, kite,andparallelogramarequadrilaterals.quotientThe quotient isthe answer inlong division.The dividenddivided by thedivisor is thequotient (plus aremainder).radiusThe radius is the distance fromthe center of a circle (or asphere) to the edge.1/2ratioA ratio is therelationship betweentwo numbers, asdefined by the resultyou get when youdivide one by the other.rectangleA rectangle is afour-sided figurewhose sides areat right angles toeach other.remainderThe remainder isthe fractional part ofthe answer in longdivision. Thedividend divided bythe divisor is thequotient plus theremainder.rhombusA rhombus is aparallelogramwith equal-length sides.right angleA right angle looks like thecorner of a square; it extendsninety degrees.right triangleA right triangle hasone angle that is aright angle(extending 90degrees).RomannumeralsThousands ofyears ago, inancient Rome, theRomans used asystem of numbersthat we call Romannumerals. In thissystem, I=1. V=5,X=10, L=50,C=100, D=500,and M=1,000.scalene triangleThe sides of ascalene triangle areall different lengths.secondThe secondperson or itemcomes after thefirst and beforethe third.
  • - 69 -semicircleA semicircle is half a circle.sevenThere are sevendays in the week.shapesEverything has ashape.sixInsects have sixlegs.sphereA sphere is aball-shapedobject.squareA square has four, equally longsides which are at right anglesto each other.starA star is a shapethat has manypoints.1-1=05-3=2subtractionSubtraction is theoperation oftaking onenumber awayfrom another.tally marksTally marks are aquick way of keepingtrack of numbers ingroups of five. Onevertical line is madefor each of the firstfour numbers; thefifth number isrepresented by adiagonal line acrossthe previous four.tenPeople have tenfingers and tentoes.tetrahedronA tetrahedron is a pyramid formed by fourtriangles.thirdThe third person or itemcomes after the first andsecond.13*************thirteenThirteen is thenumber after twelve(12) and beforefourteen (14).30******************************thirtyThiry is the number aftertwenty nine (29) andbefore thirty one (31).1,000thousandOne thousand isa whole numberthat is equal to100 times 10.threeThree is the number between 2and 4. A tricycle has threewheels. A triangle has threesides. A Triceratops has threehorns. Tri means three!torusA torus is adoughnut-shapedobject.trapezoidA trapezoid is afour-sided figurewith exactly twoparallel sides.triangleA triangle is ageometric figurethat has three sides.12************twelveTwelve (12) isthe numberbetween eleven(11) andthirteen (13).Dozen isanother wordfor twelve.
  • - 70 -twentyThere are twenty (20) applesabove.twoWe have two eyes,two ears, two arms,and two legs.1 + 1 ≠3unequalTwo things areunequal if theyare not the same.Venn diagramA Venn diagram isa diagram that usesoverlapping circlesto showrelationships amongsets of things.0zeroZero is anumber thatstands for theabsence of sizeor quantity.Measurement-Related WordscentigradeCentigrade is ameasure oftemperature thatis abbreviated C.Water freezes at0°C and boils at100°C.centimeterA centimeter is a unit ofmeasurement that isequal to one-hundreth ofa meter.cupA cup is a unit ofmeasure of volumeequal to eightounces of water.Two cups are a pintand four cups are aquart.fahrenheitFahrenheit is ameasure oftemperature thatis abbreviated F.Water freezes at32°F and boilsat 212°F.footA foot is a unit ofmeasurement that is equalto twelve inches.gallonFour quartsmake onegallon.inchAn inch is a unit ofmeasurement that isequal to one-twelfth of afoot. An inch is 2.54 cm.kilogramA kilogram is aunit of weight ormass that is equalto 1,000 grams orabout 2.2 pounds.measuringcupA measuringcup lets youmeasuresubstances byvolume (cups orliters); it isuseful in bakingand cooking.meterA meter is a unit oflength; 100 centimetersare in a meter. A meter isa little more than 3 feet (itis about 39.4 inches).ounceAn ounce is aunit of weight.One cup ofwater weighseight ounces.pintA pint is a unit ofmeasure of volume equalto two cups. Two pintsmake a quart.protractorA protractor is adevice thatmeasures angles.quartFour quartsmake onegallon.rulerA ruler is a straight pieceof material that is used formeasuring distances ordrawing straight lines.
  • - 71 -scaleA scale is amachine forweighing things.tape measureA tape measure is used tomeasure length.thermometerA thermometer isused for tellingwhat thetemperature is.weatherballoonA weatherballoon is agiant balloonthat is sent highin the sky tomeasure weatherinformation, liketemperature,wind speed, andair pressure.windsockA windsock is a devicethat shows which way thewind is blowing and thewinds speed.yardA yard is equalto three feet or36 inches.yardstickA yardstick is three-foot-long stick; it is used formeasuring things.Money-Related WordsbillA bill is papermoney. centCent is another word forpenny.changeYour change is themoney you get backafter paying forsomething.change purseCoins are carriedin a changepurse.checkA check is a piece ofpaper that is anorder for a bank topay money from abank account.checkbookChecks are kept in acheckbook.coinA coin is a piece ofmetal money.credit cardA credit card is acard that lets youbuy things on credit-- you pay for theitems later.dimeA dime is a UScoin worth tencents.dollarA dollar is worth100 cents.
  • - 72 -earnYou can earn moneyby working.moneyMoney is used to buythings.nickelA nickel is a U.S.coin worth fivecents.pennyA penny is a coinworth one cent.piggy bankChildren put moneyin piggy banks.purseA purse is a smallbag in which somegirls and womencarry their moneyand other things.quarterA quarter is a coin thatis worth 25 cents. Fourquarters make onedollar.walletPeople carry moneyin a wallet.whistleA whistle makes aloud, shrill sound.People and OccupationsactorAn actor is someone whoperforms a role in a play ora movie.archerAn archer shoots anarrow with a bow.armyAn army is aunified group ofpeople who aretrained to fighton land.artistAn artistcreates worksof art.athleteSomeone who is goodat a sport is an athlete.babyA baby is a very youngperson.bakerA baker bakes food inthe oven, like breads,cakes, and cookies.ballerinaA ballerina is awoman whodoes balletdancing.boyA boy is ayoung man.brotherBrothers are boys ormen who have thesame parents.
  • - 73 -bullyA bully is person who ismean to others.championA champion is thewinner of a game orother competition.childA child is ayoung person.childrenChildren areyoung people.dadDad is another wordfor father.daughterA daughter is a femaleoffspring.diverDivers swim under thewater.doctorA doctor canhelp you whenyoure sick orhurt.emperorAn emperor isan unelectedruler of acountry.explorerAn explorer exploresunknown places anddiscovers new things.For example, Magellanwas an explorer wholed the first expeditionthat sailed around theEarth.familyA family is a group ofrelated people.fatherA father is a man whohas a child.firefighterA firefighter is aperson who putsout fires andsaves peopleslives.friendsFriends arepeople wholike andrespect eachother.girlA girl is a youngwoman.grandfatherThe father of your father ormother is your grandfather.grandmotherThe mother of yourfather or mother isyour grandmother.grandparentsGrandparentsaregrandmothersandgrandfathers.heirAn heir is aperson whohas inheritedor will inheritsomething ofvalue.heiressAn heiress is a girl orwoman who hasinherited or will inherita lot of money.
  • - 74 -heroA hero is someone who isadmired for great courage,noble character, andperforming good deeds,like a firefighter.human beingA human being is aperson.husbandA husband is amarried man.II is a wordthat refers tothe personwho isspeaking orwriting.impAn imp is amischievous child.infantAn infant is a baby.inventorAn inventor designsand creates new,useful things.janitorA janitor issomeone wholooks after andcleans abuilding.kidA kid is ayoung person.kinKin are your relatives.kingA king is a hereditary rulerof a country.ladyA lady is a woman.librarianLibrarians takecare of librariesand help peoplefind books.magicianA magicianperformsmagic tricks.manBoys grow up to bemen.meMe is a word that refers tothe person who is speakingor writing.momMom is another wordfor mother.motherA mother is awoman who hasa child.mummyA mummy is apreserveddead body.nurseA nurse takes care ofyou when you are sickor hurt.paleontologistA paleontologist is ascientist who studiesancient life (like dinosaurs),mostly by looking atfossils.peoplePeople are humanbeings.personA person is ahuman being.pioneerA pioneer is aperson who isthe first to dosomething, likesettle in a newarea or doresearch.pitcherA pitcher is someonewho throws a ball orother item.
  • - 75 -policeThe police enforce lawsand keep order.presidentA president is theelected leader of acountry ororganization.princeA prince is theson of a king orqueen.princessA princess isthe daughterof a king orqueen.pupilA pupil is a student, aperson who is learning.quadrupletsQuadruplets are foursiblings (brothers and/orsisters) who are born at thesame time from the samemother.queenA queen is ahereditary ruler of acountry.quintupletsQuintuplets arefive siblings(brothers and/orsisters) who areborn at the sametime from thesame mother.samuraiSamurai wereJapanesewarriors.scuba diverScuba divers swimunder the water andcarry their own air in atank on their back.sisterSisters are girls or womenwho have the same parents.soldierA soldier is a personwho fights for acountry.sonA son is a maleoffspring.studentA student is aperson who islearning.teacherA teacher is someonewho helps you learn.teamA team is a group of peoplethat work together towardsa goal.toddlerToddlers are youngchildren.tripletsTriplets arethree siblings(brothers and/orsisters) who areborn at the sametime.twinsTwins are twosiblings(brothersand/or sisters)who are bornat the sametime.usUs is a word thatmeans yourself andothers.
  • - 76 -veteranA veteran is a person whohas had experience in anoccupation. For example,ex-soldiers are often calledveterans - especially thosewho have served in a war.weWe is a word thatmeans yourself andothers.wifeA wife is amarried woman.womanGirls grow upto be women.youYou is a word thatrefers to anotherperson or persons.youngsterA youngster is a youngperson.PetsAbyssinian CatAn ancient, short-haireddomesticatedbreed of cat.Airedale terrierThe Airedale terrieris a dog that wasoriginally bred inEngland.AlaskanmalamuteThe Alaskanmalamute is apowerful sled dogfrom Alaska.angelfishAngelfish arebrightly-colored fishthat live in warmwater.aquariumYou can look at fishin an aquarium.basset houndThe Basset Hound isa lively and devoteddog that has shortlegs and long,droopy ears. It wasoriginally bred tohunt rabbits andhares.beagleThe beagle is afriendly, playful dog.It was originallybred as a rabbithunter.black bearhamsterThe black bearhamster is a docile,black, short-hairedhamster.bloodhoundThe bloodhound isthe heaviest hounddog and is anincredible scenttracker.Boston terrierThe Boston Terrier isan intelligent, lively,short-haired dog.
  • - 77 -bulldogThe bulldog is amuscular, wrinkled,powerful dog thatwas originally bredin Britain.bunnyA bunny is a youngrabbit.Burmese CatA short-haireddomesticatedbreed of cat withgolden eyes.cageSome people keepbirds in cages.canaryCanaries sing verywell.catCats are mammalsand are great pets.Cats were revered bythe ancientEgyptians.ChihuahuaThe Chihuahua is asmall, alert dog fromMexico.clown fishThe clown fish is acolorful fish thatlives with seaanemones.cockatooCockatoos are birdsthat have a large,feathery crest and ahooked bill. They arefrom Australia andIndonesia.cocker spanielThe cocker spaniel isa friendly, obedientdog that wasoriginally bred tohunt birds.collieThe collie is afriendly, intelligent,and obedient dogdachshundThe Dachshund is anactive dog with along body and shortlegs.DalmatianThe Dalmatian is awhite dog that hasdark spots.DobermanThe Doberman is aloyal, intelligent dog.dogDogs wag their tailswhen theyre happy.emperorangelfishThe emperorangelfish is abrightly-colored,flattened fish thatlives in shallowwarm waters.fishFish live in the waterand breathe withgills.fish bowlFish swim aroundand around a fishbowl.foalA foal is a younghorse.frogFrogs areamphibians. Theybegin as eggs, hatchinto tadpoles (whobreathe with gills),and grow up to befrogs (who breathewith lungs and losetheir tail).
  • - 78 -gerbilGerbils are smallrodents that somepeople keep as pets.golden retrieverA friendly,intelligent, energetic,and very populardog.goldfishA goldfish is a typeof carp that makesa nice pet.Great DaneThe Great Dane is alarge, short-haireddog that wasoriginally bred tohunt large game.great horned owlThe great horned owlis a large bird of preyfrom North andSouth America.great white sharkThe Great Whiteshark is a large,meat-eating fish.greyhoundThe greyhound is thefastest breed of dogfor short distanceruns.grizzly bearThe grizzly bear isa large bear with amuscular hump onits shoulders.groundhogThe groundhog is arodent that is alsocalled thewoodchuck.guinea pigThe guinea pig is asmall, tailless rodentthat is sometimeskept as a pet.hamsterA hamster is a smallrodent that somepeople keep as pets.horseHorses are very fastrunners.houndHounds are dogsthat were originallybred to huntanimals.huskyThe husky is a hard-working, fast-running sled dog thatwas originally fromSiberia.iguanaIguanas are plant-eating lizards thatoften live in trees.Irish setterThe Irish setter is afriendly, energetic,and high-spiriteddog that wasoriginally bred inIreland.Jack RussellterrierThe Jack Russellterrier is a feisty dogthat was originallybred to drive smallanimals from theirburrows.kittenA kitten is a youngcat.LabradorretrieverThe Labradorretriever is anintelligent and even-tempered dog. It isthe most popular dogbreed in the USA.Lhasa apsoThe Lhasa apso is asmall, long-haireddog that wasoriginally bred inTibet.
  • - 79 -lizardLizards are a type ofreptile.macawMacaws are parrotsfrom rainforests inthe Americas.mastiffThe mastiff is ahuge, intelligent,and powerful dogthat is often used asa guard dog.old EnglishsheepdogThe old Englishsheepdog is anaffectionate, long-haired dog that wasoriginally bred inGreat Britain.PekingeseThe Pekingese is asmall, long-haireddog with a flattenedface. It was originallybred in China as aroyal companion dog.Persian CatThe Persian is along-haireddomesticated catwith a flattenedface and roundedeyes.petsPets are animals thatlive with us.pigPigs are hoofedmammals that oink!pigletA piglet is a youngpig.PomeranianThe Pomeranian is asmall, friendly,intelligent companiondog.poodleThe poodle is a lively,intelligent dog that wasoriginally bred to retrievegame from the water.pugThe Pug is a loyal,affectionate dog that has asquarely-built body and aflat, wrinkled face. It wasoriginally bred in China.puppyA puppy is a young dog.rabbitA rabbit is a small, cutemammal with big ears.RottweilerThe Rottweiler is apowerful, muscular,determined dog that wasoriginally bred in Germanyto guard and herd cattle.Scottish terrierThe Scottish terrier (alsoknown as the Scotty) is a smalldog that was originally bred tohunt foxes and badgers.sheepdog, old EnglishThe old English sheepdog is anaffectionate, long-haired dogthat was originally bred inGreat Britain.snakeA snake is a reptile with along, narrow body and nolegs. It has skin with scales. St. BernardA large, muscular, heroic dogoriginally from Switzerland.tarantulaA tarantula is a large, hairyspider.
  • - 80 -terrierTerriers are dogsthat were originallybred to drive smallanimals from theirburrows.turtleTurtles are slowanimals that have avery hard shell.veterinarianA veterinarian is adoctor who helpsanimals.Yorkshire terrierThe Yorkshire terrieris a small, intelligent,long-haired dog.zebrafishZebrafish are stripedtropical fish.Plant-Related WordsacornThe acorn is the nutof an oak tree.almondAn almond is a type ofnut.appleAn apple is a juicy fruit thatgrows on an apple tree.Appleseed,JohnnyJohnny Appleseedwas a legendaryman who plantedapple treesthrough the USA.His real name wasJohn Chapman,but he was calledJohnny Appleseedbecause of hislove for growingapple trees.apple treeAn apple tree isa fruit tree.Arbor DayArbor Day is a holidaythat encourages treeplanting and tree care.In the USA, Arbor Dayis usually celebrated onthe last Friday in April.artichokeThe artichoke is aspiny, green vegetable.avocadoThe avocado is an oily,green fruit; it is sometimescalled the alligator pear.Avocados grow on trees inwarm areas.bambooBamboo is avery useful plantfrom Asia.Pandas eatbamboo.bananaBananas are asweet, yellowfruit.
  • - 81 -barkBark is the hard,outer covering ofthe trunk, branches,and roots of trees.blackberryBlackberries are dark-colored, edible berriesthat grow on pricklyvines.bluebellBluebells are bell-shapedflowers.bouquetA bouquet is abunch offlowers.branchA branch is atree or otherplant that growsfrom the trunkor stem.broccoliBroccoli is a greenvegetable.bulbA plant bulb wil sproutinto a new plant.Onions are bulbs.cactusA cactus is a prickly plantthat lives in dry places.CaliforniapoppyThe Californiapoppy is a small,cup-shapedflower that livesin dry areas.carnationA carnation is aflower; it can bewhite, pink, orred.carrotA carrot is anorange vegetablethat growsunderground.cauliflowerCauliflower is a whitevegetable; it is relatedto broccoli.celeryCelery is a crisp, greenvegetable.cherriesCherries are asweet, tangy, redfruit.compostCompost isdecayed organicmatter thatenriches soil.cornCorn is a yellowvegetable you can eaton its cob. Corn wasgrown by NativeAmericans forthousands of yearsbefore the Europeanssettled in NorthAmerica.cucumberCucumber is a cool,crisp vegetable that isgood in salad.daffodilThe daffodil is a yellowflower that blooms early inthe spring.daisyThe daisy is apretty flower.dandelionDandelions areweeds withpretty yellowflowers that turninto seed puff-balls.
  • - 82 -deciduousA deciduous plantloses its leaves inthe winter. Appletrees are deciduous.eggplantAn eggplant is a purplevegetable. elmThe elm is a large, fast-growing deciduous tree.evergreenAn evergreenplant doesnt loseits leaves in thewinter.fernA fern is a lacy,primitive plant.fir treeA fir is anevergreen tree; itdoesnt lose itsleaves in the winter.flowerA flower makes seeds.Flowers are a plantsreproductive organs.Hummingbirds, bees,butterflies, and otheranimals drink the sweetnectar that is made byflowers.forestA forest is a large group oftrees and underbrush wheremany animals live.forget-me-notsForget-me-notsare plants thathave beautifulblue flowers.fruitFruit is the partof some plantsthat contains theseeds. Apples,strawberries,oranges, andbananas arefruit.gardenPlants grow in agarden.grapefruitGrapefruits are a typeof citrus fruit thatsometime squirt youwhen you eat them.grapesGrapes are delicious fruitthat grow on vines.grassGrass is acommonflowering plantthat is found allover the world.green beanA green bean is along, thin, greenvegetable. It is podthat contains beanseeds. It is also calleda string bean.greenhouseA greenhouse is abuilding, usually madeout of glass, in whichpeople grow plants.hoeA hoe is a garden tool.hollyHolly is a tree with pointy leavesand red berries.irisIrises are beautifulflowers with long,thin, flat leaves.ivyIvy is a vine.
  • - 83 -jumping beanA jumping bean is aseed pod in which acaterpillar lives.When the caterpillarmoves, the seed podmoves. Thecaterpillar will turninto a motheventually.jungleA jungle is a wildtropical growth oftrees, plants, andanimals.kapok treeThe kapok tree is a large,deciduous tree that is native totropical America, Africa, and theEast Indies. This fast-growing treeis generally from 45 to 60 feet (14-18 m) tall; it is the tallest tree inAfrica. The light-weight silkydown from the seed pods is usedas pillow stuffing, sleeping bagstuffing, and for other uses.kelpKelp is brownseaweed thatgrows in coldwater.kiwiThe kiwi is atangy fruit thatgrows in warmareas.lawnA lawn is a placeoutside where grassgrows.lawn mowerYou can cut the grasswith a lawn mower.leafPlants use leaves to collectenergy from sunlight.lemonA lemon is asour, yellowfruit.lettuceLettuce is aleafy vegetablethat is good insalads.lilyA lily is a funnel-shapedflower.limeA lime is a sour, greencitrus fruit.logA log is a short piece of atree trunk.maple treeMaple syrupcomes frommaple trees.meadowA meadow is alow, flatgrassland.melonMelons are fruitsthat have a rind.mushroomMushrooms are fast-growing fungi. Theygrow in dark, dampplaces.nasturtiumNasturtiums are plants withbright, pretty flowers andround leaves.nectarineA nectarine is asweet, juicy fruitwith smoothskin; it is relatedto the peach.nutA nut is a dryseed or fruitwith a hardshell.
  • - 84 -oliveAn olive is an oilyfruit that grows onan evergreen tree.onionOnions are sharptasting vegetables.orangeOranges are sweet, juicyfruit.orchidOrchids arecolorful flowersthat live in warmareas.palm treePalm trees are aprimitive type oftree.peachPeaches aresweet, juicy fruitwith fuzzy skin.peanutPeanuts growundergound; they area type of legume.pearThe pear is a sweetfruit with a thinskin.pea podPeas grow in peapods.peasPeas are small, roundvegetables.pepperA pepper is asharp-tasting,hollow vegetable.Peppers can bered, green,yellow, andorange.pine coneA pine cone containsmany seeds from apine tree.pine treeA pine is anevergreen tree; itdoesnt lose itsneedle-like leaves inthe winter.plantPlants are livingthings that get theirfood and energy fromsunlight, soil and air.plant potA plant pot is acontainer in which aplant is grown.plumA plum is asweet, juicy,purple fruit.podPeas grow in peapods.poppyA poppy is a delicateflower.potatoPotatoes are starchyvegetables that growundergound.pruneA prune is a driedplum.pumpkinThe pumpkin is alarge, orangevegetable thatgrows on a vine.radishA radish is a sharp-tasting vegetable thatgrows underground.rain forestA rain forest is awet tropicalenvironmentteeming with plantsand animals.raspberryRaspberries are atype of edible berrythat grows on aprickly vine.redwoodThe redwood is thetallest tree, growing upto 360 feet tall.
  • - 85 -riceRice is a food. It is agrain that grows inwarm, wet soil. Riceis an important foodin much of Asia.rootsThe roots are the parts of aplant that gets water andother nutrients from thesoil. Roots also storeenergy and providesupport for the plant. Mostroots grow underground.roseThe rose is abeautiful flowerwith a sweet scent.seedSeeds grow intoplants.shamrockShamrocks are smallgreen plants withthree-part leaves.shovelShovels are used todig.shrubA shrub is a low-lying plantor bush that has a woodystem.soilPlants grow in soil.stemThe stem is the part of aplant that provides supportfor the plant.squashSquash grows in warmweather.stickA stick is a small pieceof wood.strawberryThe strawberry is a sweet,red fruit.string beanA string bean is a long,thin, green vegetable. It ispod that contains beanseeds. It is also called agreen bean.stumpA stump is the part of a treethat is left in the groundafter it has been cut or hasfallen down.tomatoTomatoes are soft and tangy;they grow on vines.treeA tree is a plantwith a trunk,leaves, and roots.tree ringsBy counting thenumber of tree ringsin a trees trunk, youcan tell how old thetree was.trunkA trunk is the majorsupport of a tree.tulipThe tulip is a cup-shaped flower.twigA twig is a small treebranch.
  • - 86 -vegetableVegetables arevery good foryou.vegetationThe plant life of anarea is its vegetation.Venus flytrapThe Venus flytrap isa plant that catchesand digests bugs.vineA vine is a plant thatdoesnt have its ownsupport. It grows onother objects orcreeps along theground.violetsViolets are deep purpleflowers.walnutA walnut is anedible nut fromthe walnut tree.watering canYou can water plantswith a watering can.watermelonWatermelon is alarge, delicious, redfruit with a thickgreen rind.wheatWheat is a grain.Flour is made fromground-up wheat.wheelbarrowA wheelbarrow is asmall cart with onewheel and twohandles.woodWood is a usefulmaterial obtainedfrom tree trunks.Wood is used tomake furniture,build houses, andmake paper.yamYams are sweetvegetables that growunderground.yardA yard is a smalloutside area.yuccaYucca is a plant withstiff leaves; it lives indry areas.zinniaZinnias are prettyflowers.zucchiniZucchini is atype of squash.
  • - 87 -PrepositionsA preposition is a word that shows the spatial (space), temporal (time), or logical relationship of its objectto the rest of the sentence. The words above, near, at, by, after, with and from are propositions.aboveAbove means overor higher. The cloudis above themountain.aroundWhen somethingis aroundsomething, it isnear or close to it.behindWhen you are behindsomething, you are to theback of it.betweenWhen something isbetween, it islocated in aposition separatingtwo other items.insideThe bird is in thecage.in front ofThe girl on the rightis in front of thebricks.insideThe bird is insidethe cage.onThe vase is on the table.outHe is going out thedoor.outsideWhen you areoutside, you are notin a building or otherstructure.overThe cloud is overthe mountain.underThe cat is underthe table.undergroundMany animals liveunderground.withWith means.in thecompany of orhaving. Thechildren above arewith each other.ShapescircleA circle is round.coneA cone is a shape thathas a point at one endand a circularopening at the otherend.crescentA crescent is theshape of the moonaround the time ofthe new moon.cubeA cube is a solidgeometric figurewith six squarefaces.curveA curve is a wavyline or surface.
  • - 88 -cylinderA cylinder is a figurewith a long roundbody .diamondA diamond is a four-sided figure whosesides are all the samelength. People playbaseball on adiamond-shapedfield.dodecahedronA dodecahedron is atwelve-sided regulargeometric solidcomposed ofpentagons.ellipseAn ellipse is aflattened circle.equilateraltriangleThe sides of anequilateral triangleare all the samelength.fractalFractals are patternswithin patterns withinpatterns.heartThe heart is a shapethat often symbolizeslove.heptagonA heptagon is aseven-sided figure.hexaflexagonA hexaflexagon is afolded geometricfigure that can be"flexed" to exposeits many sides.hexagonA hexagon is a six-sided figure. Beehives havehexagonal cells.icosahedronAn icosahedron is atwenty-sided regulargeometric solid.isosceles triangleAn isosceles trianglehas two sides that arethe same length andtwo angles that arethe same.kiteA kite is a four-sidedfigure in which thetwo pairs of adjacentsides have the samelength.line segmentA line segment is aportion of a line.Möbius stripA Möbius strip is apiece of paper withonly one side!octagonAn octagon is aneight-sided figure.Stop signs areoctagons.octahedronAn octahedron is aneight-sided regulargeometric solid.orbA ball-shaped objectis an orb.ovalAn oval is an egg-shaped figure.parallelogramA parallelogram isa four-sided figurewhose oppositesides are parallel.
  • - 89 -pentagonA pentagon is a five-sided figure..pointA point is a verysmall dot.polka dotsPolka dots arepatterns of dots.polygonA polygon is amany-sided figurewith straight edges.polyhedronPolyhedra aresolids made frompolygons.pyramidThe pyramids inEgypt are hugebuildings that have asquare base andtriangular sides.quadrilateralA quadrilateral is afour-sided figure. Thesquare, rectangle,rhombus, trapezoid,kite, andparallelogram arequadrilaterals.rectangleA rectangle is a four-sided figure whosesides are at rightangles to each other.rhombusA rhombus is aparallelogram withequal-length sides.right triangleA right triangle hasone angle that is aright angle(extending 90degrees).roundRound things arecurved. A circle isround.scalene triangleThe sides of a scalenetriangle are alldifferent lengths.semicircleA semicircle is half acircle.shapesEverything has ashape.sphereA sphere is a ball-shaped object.spiralA spiral is a curvethat winds in onitself. Snail shellshave a spiral pattern.squareA square has four,equally long sideswhich are at rightangles to each other.starA star is a shape thathas many points.tetrahedronA tetrahedron is apyramid formed byfour triangles.torusA torus is adoughnut-shapedobject.trapezoidA trapezoid is a four-sided figure with twoparallel sides.triangleA triangle has threesides.zigzagA zigzag is a linethat sharply turnsback and forth.
  • - 90 -SportsarcheryIn archery, youshoot an arrow(using a bow),aiming at atarget.ballA ball is round andfun to bounce,throw, kick, orcatch.baseballBaseball is team gamethat is played with a balland a bat.baseball batYou hit a baseballwith a baseball bat.basketballBasketball is a sport inwhich you get pointsfor throwing a ball intoa basket.dartA dart is asmall, pointedobject that isthrown at atarget in a game.dartboardA dartboard is thetarget used whenplaying darts.exerciseExercise is very good foryou.footballFootball is playedwith an odd-shapedball in the USA.gamePeople enjoy playinggames.goWhen you go,you are moving.golfGolf is a sport in whicha ball is hit into a seriesof holes using golfclubs.golf ballA golf ball is a small ballused in golf - the ball sitson a tee in the grass.golf clubGolf clubs are usedto hit a golf ball.helmetA helmet protects yourhead.ice skateWhen you wear iceskates, you can glideacross ice.judoJudo is one of the martialarts.jumpWhen you jump, you go up anddown.jump ropeThere are a lot of differentways to jump rope.karateKarate is one of the martial arts.martial artsThe martial artsinclude Aikido, Judo,Karate, Tae KwonDo, and other sports.medalA medal is an award thatyou can wear.mittA baseball mitt is a glove used tocatch balls.moveWhen you move, you arenot still.OlympicsThe Olympic Games beganover 2700 years ago in ancientGreece.
  • - 91 -playWhen you play,you are havingfun.racketA racket is used tohit a ball orshuttlecock insports like tennisand badminton.rideWhen you take a ride,you travel on somethingelse, like a bicycle, ahorse, or other means oftransportation.runRunning is fasterthan walking.roller skateWhen you wear rollerskates, you can rollalong the ground.skiWhen you ski,you glide oversnow or water.soccer ballA soccer ball ismade up ofpentagons andhexagons.sportsPlaying sports is fun andgood exercise.stadiumA stadium is alarge building inwhich sports eventsare held.swimWhen you swim, youmove around in thewater.teamA team is agroup of peoplethat worktogethertowards a goal.teeA tee holds a ballin postion so youcan hit it.tennisTennis is a sport inwhich a ball is hit over anet with a racket.tennis racketA racket is used tohit a ball orshuttlecock insports like tennisand badminton.throwWhen you throwsomething, you useyour arm to send itthrough the air.Storytime WordsactWhen you act,you do somethingor perform a role.actorAn actor is someone whoperforms a role in a play ora movie.angelAn angelembodiesgoodness.costumePeople wearcostumes topretend they aresomeone orsomething else.castleA castle is a huge, fancybuilding where a king orqueen lives.
  • - 92 -crownA crown is afancy hat worn bykings and queens.dragonA dragon is a big, scary,fire-breathing, make-believe beast.emperorAn emperor is anunelected ruler ofa country.Onceupon atime...folk talesFolk tales arestories that arepassed on fromgeneration togeneration.ghostGhosts are make-believe.Boo!kingA king is ahereditary ruler ofa country.leprechaunA leprechaun is a make-believe tiny person fromIreland who searches forthe pot of gold at the endof the rainbow.mermaidA mermaid is amake-believecreature who ishalf woman, halffish.monsterMonsters arescary and make-believe.mummyA mummy is a preserveddead body.ogreOgres are ugly,scary and make-believe.palaceA palace is a huge housewhere a king or queenlives.piratePirates robbedships on the highseas.princeA prince is theson of a king orqueen.princessA princess is thedaughter of a king orqueen.queenA queen is ahereditary ruler ofa country.Once upon atime...storyA story tells you about anevent. It can be real ormake-believe.swordA long time ago,soldiers foughtwith swords.Onceupon atime...taleA tale is a story.treasure chestA treasure chest is alidded, locked box filledwith valuables.
  • - 93 -unicornA unicorn is amythical, one-horned animal.wandA wand is a thin rod thatyou can carry.witchA witch is amake-believewoman who hasmagical powers.Time-Related WordsAprilApril is the fourthmonth of the year.AugustAugust is the eighthmonth of the year.autumnAutumn is theseasonbetweensummer andwinter.Another namefor autumn isfall.birthdayYou have a birthdayevery year.calendarA calendar lets youknow what day it is.centuryA century is 100 years.clockIf you want to knowwhat time it is, lookat a clock.cuckooclockA cuckooclock has amechanicalbird that singsevery hour.dayThe sun is up duringthe day.DecemberDecember is thetwelfth month of theyear.eveningEvening is the late partof the day and the earlypart of the night.fallFall is the seasonbetween summer andwinter. Another namefor fall is autumn.FebruaryFebruary isthe secondmonth of theyear.grandfather clockA grandfather clockis a large, free-standing pendulumclock.hourThere are 24 hours in aday.
  • - 94 -hourglassAn hourglass measurestime as sand fallsthrough a thin opening.hour handAn hour hand on aclock tells you whathour it is.JanuaryJanuary is thefirst month ofthe year.JulyJuly is the seventhmonth of the year.JuneJune is the sixth monthof the year.Jurassic periodDinosaurs flourishedduring the Jurassicperiod, 208-146 millionyears ago. Stegosaurusand Apatosaurus weretwo dinosaurs that livedduring the Jurassic.lateThe sun sets late inthe day.MarchMarch is thethird month ofthe year.MayMay is the fifthmonth of the year.Mesozoic EraThe Mesozoic Era wasthe time whendinosaurs lived andmammals evolved.The Mesozoic lastedfrom 250 million to 65million years ago. Itbegan and ended withmass extinctions.midnightMidnight is 12:00 atnight.minute handA minute hand on aclock tells you howmany minutes pastthe hour it is.monthThere are 12months in ayear: January,February,March, April,May, June,July, August,September,October,November, andDecember.morningThe sun rises in themorning.nightAt night, when the sungoes down, you cansee stars in the sky.noonNoon is midday, 12:00,when the sun is closestto overhead.NovemberNovember is theeleventh month of theyear.OctoberOctober is thetenth month ofthe year.seasonsThere are four seasons inthe year: winter, spring,summer, and fall (alsocalled autumn).secondThere are 60 seconds in aminute.
  • - 95 -second handThe second hand on aclock tells you howmany seconds havegone by.SeptemberSeptember is theninth month of theyear.springSpring is theseason afterwinter andbeforesummer.summerSummer is theseason betweenspring and fall(autumn).sunriseSunrise is the timewhen the sun rises.sunsetSunset is the time whenthe sun sets below thehorizon.timeTime is measured inseconds, minutes,hours, days, weeks,months, and years.timelineA timeline is agraphicdisplay thatshows a seriesof events thathappen in atime period.time zoneThe Earth is dividedinto 24 time zones sothat everyone in theworld can be onroughly similarschedules (likehaving noon whenthe sun is highest inthe sky).todayToday is the day it isright now.Triassic periodDinosaurs and mammalsfirst appeared during theTriassic period, whichlasted from 248 millionto 208 million yearsago.watchA watch is a smallclock you can takewith you to tell time.weekThere are 7days in aweek: Sunday,Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday, andSaturday.There are 52weeks in ayear.winterWinter is the seasonbetween fall andspring. In theNorthernHemisphere, wintersare cold; in theSouthernHemisphere, they arewarm.yearA year consists of 12months, 52 weeks, or365 days.
  • - 96 -ToolsawlAn awl is a tool usedto make small holesin things.axAn ax is useful forchopping wood.chiselA chisel is a toolused to carvewood, marble, orother materials.drillA drill makesholes in things.fileA file is used to smooththings.funnelA funnel is a devicethat lets you pourthings from onecontainer to another.hammerA hammer is good forpounding nails intowood.hatchetA hatchet is an axwith a shorthandle.levelA level is a toolthat checks ifboth sides ofsomething are atthe same height.nailA nail is a long, thinpiece of metal that youcan hammer into wood.nutA nut is a piece ofmetal that fastensonto a bolt or screw.pliersPliers are tools thathold things.rakeA rake is a gardentool that helpsgather grass andleaves.sawA saw is a toolthat cuts things.scissorsScissors are used forcutting things, likepaper.screwA screw is a threadedmetal fastener thathas a slotted head.screwdriverA screwdriver is a toolthat is used to put inand remove screws.shovelShovels are usedto dig.staplerA stapler is adevice thatattaches papers toeach other using asmall piece ofmetal.tape measureA tape measure is usedto measure things.tongsTongs are a type of simpletool used to pick up things.toolsTools help us do workand make things.tool boxTools are stored orcarried in a toolbox.washerA washer is a round,flat object with a holein it, made of metal orrubber. It is placed nextto a nut to help fastenit.wedgeA wedge is a tapering block(often made of wood) that isused for holding things in place,splitting things or tighteningthings.wrenchA wrench is a tool that turnsnuts or bolts.
  • - 97 -Toys and GamesarcheryIn archery, youshoot an arrow(using a bow),aiming at a target.backgammonBackgammon is anancient board gameplayed with tiles anddice.ballA ball is round and funto bounce, throw, kick,or catch.balloonsBalloons are rubbersacks that are filledwith air or othergases.baseballBaseball is teamgame that isplayed with aball and a bat.baseball batYou hit a baseballwith a baseball bat.basketballBasketball is a sport inwhich you get pointsfor throwing a ballinto a basket.blocksYou can build thingswith toy blocks.brushA brush is used topaint, clean, orgroom.bubblesIt is fun to blowsoap bubbles!cardsSome people playgames with cards.chalkboardYou can write withchalk on a chalkboard.checkersCheckers is a two-player game that isplayed on an 8 by 8square game board.circusA circus is atraveling show thathas acrobats, clowns,and animals.clayPotters makebeautiful thingsout of clay, likemugs, plates, andbowls.clownClowns are peoplewho dress up infunny clothes andtry to make youlaugh.coloring bookYou can color thepictures in a coloringbook.comic bookA comic book is a bookwhose story is told incolorful pictures andsome words.computerYou are using acomputer right now.connect-the-dotsWhen you do aconnect-the-dotspuzzle, you makea picture.costumePeople wearcostumes to pretendthey are someone orsomething else.craftsCrafts are fun, artisticactivities.crayonsCrayons are colorful waxsticks that are used fordrawing.crossword puzzleA crossword puzzle hasinterlocking words thatyou guess from clues.danceWhen you moveyour bodyrhythmically, youare dancing.
  • - 98 -dartA dart is a small,pointed object thatis thrown at atarget in a game.dartboardA dartboard is thetarget used whenplaying darts.diceDice are cubes withnumbers on each sidethat are used in games.A single one is called adie.discA compact disccontains a lot ofencoded information,like computer gamesor music.dollDolls are toysthat look like tinypeople.dollhouseA dollhouse is atiny house fordolls.dominoesDominoes is a gameplayed with tiles thathave numbers onthem.doodleA doodle is a quickdrawing done with littlethought.drawingA drawing is apicture of something.easelSome artistsdraw at an easel.exerciseExercise is verygood for you.fireworksFireworks are beautifulexplosions in the sky thatpeople send up for acelebration.fishing rodPeople use fishingrods to catch fish.footballFootball is playedwith an odd-shapedball in the USA.gamePeople enjoyplaying games.golfGolf is a sport inwhich a ball is hitinto a series of holesusing golf clubs.golf ballA golf ball is a small ballused in golf - the ball sitson a tee in the grass.golf clubGolf clubs are usedto hit a golf ball.ice skateWhen you wear iceskates, you canglide across ice.illusionAn illusion issomething thattricks your eyes.InternetThe Internet is a groupof connected computers.You are surfing theInternet right now!jack-in-the-boxA jack-in-the-box is a toy thatcan surprise you!jack-o-lanternA jack-o-lantern looksscary when its lit up!jacksJacks is a traditionalchildrens game.jigsaw puzzleTo put a jigsawpuzzle together,you match shapes.
  • - 99 -jogJogging is goodexercise.jokesDo you know any goodjokes?joystickA joystick is usedto play somecomputer games.judoJudo is one of themartial arts.juggleIt takes goodcoordination tojuggle.jump ropeThere are a lot ofdifferent ways tojump rope.kaleidoscopeA kaleidoscope is adevice that makesbeautiful, colorfulpatterns.karateKarate is one of themartial arts.kiteYou can fly a kiteon windy days.knittingSweaters andsocks are made byknitting.magazineA magazine ispublishedperiodically.magnetA magnet attracts thingsmade of iron.martial artsThe martial artsinclude Aikido,Judo, Karate, TaeKwon Do, andother sports.maskA mask covers yourface.mazeGetting throughthe passages of amaze is tricky.mittA baseball mitt is aglove used to catchballs.nursery rhymeNursery rhymes aresimple rhymes that mostchildren enjoy.oil paintingAn oil painting is apicture made usingoil paints.OlympicsThe OlympicGames began over2700 years ago inancient Greece.origamiOrigami is the artof folding paperinto beautifulshapes.paintbrushA paintbrush is usedto paint things.paintingA painting is a picturemade using paints.paletteA palette holds anartists paints.MOM2002palindromeA palindrome is aword, phrase ornumber that reads thesame forwards orbackwards. Somepalindromes are: thename Bob, thenumber 101, and thephrase, "Madam, ImAdam."pen palA pen pal is afaraway friendyou write to.
  • - 100 -photoA photo, orphotograph, is apicture taken with acamera.pinwheelA pinwheel is a toy thatwhirls around when youblow on it.playWhen you play,you are having fun.projectA project is a taskthat accomplishessomething. Craftsprojects are fun tomake.puppetA puppet is a dollthat you put yourhand in, making itmove.puzzlePuzzles can beconfusing but fun.racketA racket is used to hit aball or shuttlecock insports like tennis andbadminton.radioA radio lets youhear broadcastmusic and talkshows.rhymeWords that rhymehave endings thatsound the same, likecat and hat or kiteand light.?riddleA riddle is aquestion that is apuzzle or a joke.robotA robot is amechanical worker.rocketA rocket is a machine thatpropels itself into space.rocking horseChildren can rockon a rocking horse.roller skateWhen you wearroller skates, youcan roll along theground.seesawSeesaws go upand down.skiWhen you ski, youglide over snow orwater.slideA slide is a playgroundtoy that you climb up onand then slide down. Youcan go very fast on aslide.snowmanSnowmen arefigures made fromsnow. They meltwhen the weathergets warm.soccer ballA soccer ball ismade up ofpentagons andhexagons.sportsPlaying sports isfun and goodexercise.stadiumA stadium is a largebuilding in which sportsevents are held.swordA long time ago, soldiers foughtwith swords.tangramA tangram is a traditionalChinese puzzle that canbe made into manyshapes.teamA team is a group ofpeople that worktogether towards agoal.teddy bearTeddy bears arefun to cuddle.
  • - 101 -teeA tee holds a ball inpostion so you canhit it.telescopeA telescope is a opticaldevice that makesfaraway objects appearcloser and larger,allowing us to see distantobjects in space.televisionA television is amachine thatreceives picturesand sounds. Peoplewatch and listen toshows ontelevision.tennisTennis is a sport inwhich a ball is hitover a net with aracket.tennis racketA racket is used tohit a ball orshuttlecock insports like tennisand badminton.tentA tent is atemporary sheltermade of fabric.tepeeA tepee is a house madeby some NativeAmericans.tic-tac-toeTic-tac-toe is agame for twoplayers. Thewinner has to getthree marks in arow.tongue twisterTongue twisters arehard to say!toysWe play with toys.trainA train has anengine that pullsrailroad cars along atrack.treasure chestA treasure chest is alidded, locked box filledwith valuables.vacationA vacation is atime of rest or achange of everydayactivities.wagonYou can pull thingsin a wagon.yo-yoA yo-yo is a roundtoy that goes upand down on astring.Vehicle and Transportation WordsairplaneAirplanes fly in thesky.ambulanceAn ambulance takes sickpeople to the hospital.anchorAn anchor is a heavymetal device that holdsa ship in place.automobileAn automobile is acar.bicycleA bicycle hastwo wheels, ahandle bar, andpedals.
  • - 102 -blimpA blimp is is aballoon-like airshipthat floats in thesky.boatBoats float in the water.bulldozerA bulldozer is a largetractor that movesearth.busA bus is a largevehicle that can takemany passengers toplaces.cabCab is anotherword for taxi.camperYou can travel andsleep in a camper.canoeA canoe is a small boat.carYou can travel in a car.caravelThe caravel is a largesailing ship that wasfirst made in Portugalin the late 1400s.Many worldexplorers usedcaravels.cartA cart is awheeled vehiclethat is pulled orpushed by ananimal or aperson.ConestogawagonUS pioneers usedConestoga wagonspulled by oxen orhorses to movetheir belongingswestward. Theyare also calledcovered wagons orprairie schooners.covered wagonUS pioneers used coveredwagons pulled by oxen orhorses to move theirbelongings westward.They are also calledconestoga wagons orprairie schooners.dump truckA dump truck is a truckthat can carry and thendump its load (likegravel or soil). A dumptruck toy is a great in asandbox.engineThe engine of a trainpulls the railroad carsalong the track.engineThe engines ofan airplanepropel itthrough the air.Englines alsopower othervehicles, likecars.fire truckFire fighters on afire truck help putout fires.funnelThe funnel is thesmokestack of a ship or atrain.fuselageThe fuselage is themain body of anairplane.garbage truckA garbage truckpicks up garbage andhauls it to the dump.helicopterA helicopter isa flyingmachine. It iskept in the airby a sidewayspropeller ontop.
  • - 103 -hot-air balloonHot-air balloonsfloat through theair.hullThe hull is the main bodyor frame of a ship.jetA jet is a very fast,powerful airplane.jet engineA jet engine is apowerful motor thatpropels a jet plane.junkA junk is atraditionalChinese sailingship made ofwood.kayakA kayak is a smallboat with anopening in thecenter for a person.keelThe keel is the bottom ofa ship.landing gearThe landing gear of anairplane is the set ofwheels used duringlanding and takeoff.license plateEvery car has alicense plate that tellsyou where its from.lifeboatA lifeboat is asmall boat thatis kept on alarger ship; it isused inemergencies.limousineA limousine is avery long, fancycar.MayflowerThe Mayflower was thename of the ship in whichthe 102 Pilgrims sailed fromEngland to what is nowMassachusetts, on thenortheastern coast of theUSA. The Pilgrims landedon December 11, 1620.minivanA minivan is a smallvan.motorcycleA motorcycle hastwo wheels and cango fassssttttttt!oarAn oar is usedto row a boat.paddleA paddle is an oarfor rowing a smallboat.planePlanes are machines thatfly in the sky. People ridein them.portholeA porthole is a windowin a ship.propellerA propeller is adevice with bladesthat is turned by anengine; it makesboats (and someairplanes) move.prowThe prow isfront part of aship.
  • - 104 -railroad tracksTrains run alongrailroad tracks. rideWhen you take a ride,you travel on somethingelse, like a bicycle, ahorse, or other means oftransportation.rocketA rocket is a machinethat propels itself intospace.sailA sail is a large pieceof strong fabric thatcatches the wind andpropels a boat orsailboard through thewater.sailboatA sailboat is aboat that hassails and ispowered by thewind.school busA school buscarries children toand from school.shipA ship is a very largeboat.steamshovelA steamshovel is amachine that digs largeholes and can movedirt.submarineA submarine is avessel that can travelunderwater and carrypeople.tailThe tail is therear section ofan airpane.tankerA tanker is a truckthat carries liquids,like milk orgasoline.taxiPeople pay a taxi driver todrive them places.tireA tire is an air-filledcovering for a wheel.Cars, bicycles, andmany other vehiclesuse tires.tow truckA tow truck is astrong truck that canpull cars and othertrucks when theycannot move.tracksTrains runalong railroadtracks.tractorA tractor is apowerful vehiclethat can pull aplow or other farmtools.traffic lightA traffic light directstraffic safely. Greenmeans go, yellow meansprepare to stop, and redmeans stop.trainA train has an enginethat pulls railroad carsalong a track.truckA truck is a vehiclethat can carry bigloads.trunkThe trunk is thelargecompartment inthe back part ofa car.
  • - 105 -tugboatA tugboat is asturdy boat thatguides large boatsin and out ofharbors.unicycleA unicycle is a vehiclewith one wheel that ismoved by pedals.vanA van is a truck used tohaul people and thingsfrom one place toanother.vehicleA vehicle movespeople and thingsfrom one place toanother.wagonYou can pullthings in awagon.wheelA wheel is acircular object thatrotates around itscenter.wheelbarrowA wheelbarrow is a smallcart with one wheel andtwo handles.wheelchairA wheelchair is a chairon wheels thathandicapped peoplecan use to get around.yachtA yacht is a very nicesmall ship.zeppelinA zeppelin is ametal-framed,motorizedballoon-likeairship thatfloats in thesky.Verbs: Action WordsA verb is a type of word that describes an action or a state of being, like wiggle,walk, run, jump, be, do, have, or think.actWhen you act, youdo something orperform a role.bakeYou bake food inthe oven, makingbreads, cakes, andcookies.breakWhen you breaksomething, it isseparated into twoor more pieces or iscracked. Brokenthings are oftenunusable.chopWhen something ischopped, it is cut intosmaller pieces.clapWhen you clap yourhands together they makea noise.crawlBabies crawl tomove around.crySometimes peoplecry when theyresad or upset.danceWhen you moveyour bodyrhythmically, youare dancing.drinkPeople need to drinkwater every day.earnYou can earn money byworking.
  • - 106 -eatWe eat when weare hungry.fallIf you lose yourbalance, you canslip and fall.flyWhen somethingflies, it goesthrough the airwithout falling.Many animals, likeflies, butterflies andbirds, can fly.People can fly inairplanes andhelicopters.giveWhen you letsomeone havesomething, you aregiving it to them.goWhen you go, you aremoving.haveIf you havesomething, you arein possession of itor it is acharacteristic ofyours.hearWe hear thingswith our ears. Ourears give us asense of hearing.juggleIt takes goodcoordination tojuggle.jumpWhen you jump, yougo up and down.kneelWhen you kneel, yourknees are on the floor.knitSweaters and socksare made byknitting.laughPeople laugh atfunny things, likejokes.learnWhen you learn,you find outsomething new.moveWhen you move, youare not still.nodWhen you nod your head,you move it up and down.playWhen you play,you are having fun.pullWhen you pullsomething, youmake it move bytugging at it.pushWhen you pushsomething, youmake it move bypressing against it.readPeople readnewspapers, books,magazines, theInternet, and otherthings.rideWhen you take a ride,you travel on somethingelse, like a bicycle, ahorse, or other means oftransportation.
  • - 107 -runRunning is fasterthan walking.screamWhen youscream, you talkin a very loud,emotional voice.seeWe see with oureyes. Our eyes giveus a sense of sight.sewYou can sew using aneedle and thread.Clothes are made bysewing.showerWhen you shower, youwash your body in astream of falling water.shrugWhen you shrug,you raise yourshoulders in orderto show that youdont know, arentinterested in, orhave doubts aboutsomething.sitWhen you sit yourest your legs.skiWhen you ski, youglide over snow orwater.sleepWe need to sleepevery night. slipIf you lose your balance,you can slip.smellWe smell odors with ournose.smilePeople usually smilewhen theyre happy.speakPeople speak in manydifferent languages.splashWhen a liquid splashes, partsof it scatter around. Childrenlike to splash around in apool.splatterWhen you splatter something,parts of it are scattered around.Paint can splatter when you aredoing art work.splitWhen something is split,it is divided into twopieces.standWhen you stand, youare on your feet.sweepYou can sweep the floorwith a broom.swimWhen you swim, you movearound in the water.talkPeople talk in many differentlanguages.teachWhen you teach someone,they learn something.thinkYou can think ofamazing things.throwWhen you throwsomething, you use yourarm to send it through theair.tickleTickling someone can makethem laugh.touchWhen two things touch, they are inphysical contact with each other.
  • - 108 -twistWhen you twistyou pivot yourbody.understandWhen youunderstandsomething, youknow it very wellor you know howit works.unzipWhen you unzipsomething, youopen a zipper.useWhen you usesomething you dosomething with it.voteWhen you vote, you areexpressing your choicefor something orsomeone, along withother people as part of agroup decision.walkTo walk is to moveon foot. Walking isslower thanrunning.waveThis girl iswaving to herfriends.weepSometimes peopleweep when theyresad.wiggleWhen you wiggle youtwist and move allover.workWhen you work, you do atask.writeWhen you write,you put words onpaper.yawnSometimes peopleyawn whentheyre tired.yellWhen you yell, youshout in a very loudvoice.zipWhen you zipsomething up, youclose a zipper.
  • - 109 -Weather-Related Wordsacid rainAcid rain ispolluted and isharmful to theenvironment.atmosphereThe atmosphere is the gas thatsurrounds a planet.centigradeCentigrade is ameasure oftemperature thatis abbreviated C.Water freezes at0°C and boils at100°C.cloudClouds arewhite or grayobject that floatsin the air andcontains tinywater drops orice particles.cycloneA cyclone is a stormof rapidly spinningair that is verydangerous.dust stormA dust storm is avery strong windthat carries dustacross the land.Dust storms occurin dry areas, likedesertsevaporationEvaporation is the process inwhich a liquid goes into itsgaseous form, for example,when liquid water becomeswater vapor.fahrenheitFahrenheit is ameasure oftemperature thatis abbreviated F.Water freezes at32°F and boils at212°F.hailBalls of ice thatfall from cloudsare called hail orhailstones.hurricaneA hurricane is astrong storm withhigh winds and rain.The very center ofthe storm, called theeye, is calm.iceIce is frozen water.Ice AgeAn Ice Age is a time when theEarth becomes very cold andmuch of it is covered with iceand glaciers. There have beenmany Ice Ages on Earth; thelast one lasted from about 2million to 10,000 years ago.icebergAn iceberg is ahuge chunk ofice that floats inthe sea. Most ofan iceberg ishidden under thewater.icicleIcicles arehanging ice thatare formed fromdripping water.lightningLightning is a flashof light in the skycaused by anelectrical storm.
  • - 110 -meteorologistA meteorologist isa scientist whostudies the weather.precipitationPrecipitation is rain, snow,hail, or sleet.radarRadar is a devicethat usesreflected radiowaves to locatedobjects at adistance. Radaris short for"radio detectionand ranging."rainRain is waterthat falls fromclouds. Rain ismeasured usinga rain gauge.rainbowA rainbow appearswhen sunlight passesthrough bits of waterin the air. The whitelight is broken upinto many colors.skyThe sky is blue. sleetSleet is freezing rain.snowSnow is flakesof frozen waterthat fall fromclouds when it isvery cold.snowflakeSnowflakes aremade of snow -they arecrystals. No twosnowflakes lookalike, but theyall have sixsides.stormA storm is very badweather, like ahurricane or atyphoon.thermometerA thermometer is usedfor telling what thetemperature is.thunderstormA thunderstorm is a an electricalstorm with lightning (flashes ofbright light), which creates thunder(very loud sounds).tornadoA tornado is rapidlyspinning air that isvery dangerous.Tornados arefunnel-shaped. If atornado travels overa body of water, it iscalled a waterspout.twisterTwister is anothername for a tornado,a rapidly spinningair that is verydangerous.vortexRapidly spinning gas orliquid is called a vortex.waterWater is a liquid that wedrink and use to wash.Water covers over twothirds of the surface of theEarth, and much of ourbody is made of water.water cycleThe Water Cycle is the journey watertakes as it circulates from the Earth tothe sky and back again.waterspoutA waterspout is atornado that travelsover a body of water.weatherWeather is the statethat the outdoors is in,like how windy it is,how hot or cold it is,or if it is raining orsnowing.weather balloonA weather balloon is a giantballoon that is sent high inthe sky to measure weatherinformation, liketemperature, wind speed,and air pressure.
  • - 111 -weather vaneA weather vane is adevice that pointsthe way the wind isblowing.whirlwindRapidly spinning air is calleda whirlwind.windThe wind is airthat blowsoutside.windsockA windsock is adevice thatshows whichway the wind isblowing and thewinds speed.Parts of The FaceMore Anatomy Activities
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