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Global beginner listening Document Transcript

  • 1. Global Beginner eWorkbook   © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2010 1In conversation AudioscriptIn conversationMeeting peopleA: Hello, I’m Steve.B: Hello, Steve. I’m Jenny.A: Nice to meet you, Jenny.C: Michael?D: Yes.C: Hello. I’m Liz.D: Hi.C: Nice to meet you.E: Hi. I’m Michael.F: Nice to meet you, Michael. I’m Jan.E: Hello Jan. Nice to meet you.Introducing yourselfA: Hi. I’m Janet.B: Nice to meet you, Janet. Where are you from?A: I’m American. I’m from Chicago.C: Where are you from?D: I’m from Tokyo. And you?C: I’m from Sydney in Australia.D: Ah.E: My name’s Helen.F: Nice to meet you, Helen. Are you a student?E: Yes, I am.Introducing peopleA: Jenny, this is Andrew. He’s from Oxford. Andrew, this isJenny.B: Nice to meet you Andrew.A: Hi. Nice to meet you, Jenny.C: George. This is Carlos Rodríguez from Barcelona inSpain.D: Ah. Nice to meet you, Carlos.C: Hello.E: Amanda?! This is my sister, Amanda.F: Hello.E: Amanda. This is Julie. She’s Janet’s daughter.F: Oh yes. How are you?In a shopA: Hello. How much is the French bread?B: The French bread? It’s one pound.A: Thank you.C: Yes, sir?D: The camera. How much is it?C: It’s ninety-five dollars.D: Thanks.E: Thank you.F: That’s three Euros fifty.E: Here you are.F: Thanks. Goodbye.E: Bye.Talking about things you likeA: Umm ... Do you like chocolate?B: No, I don’t.A: Really? I love it.C: Do you like the theatre?D: Yes, I do. And you?C: No, I don’t. It’s boring.D: Oh.E: Do you like basketball?F: It’s OK.E: Do you like swimming?F: Yes, I do.
  • 2. Global Beginner eWorkbook   © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2010 2In conversation AudioscriptIn conversationTelling the timeA: Excuse me. What’s the time?B: Sorry?A: What’s the time?B: It’s ... four forty-five.A: OK. Thanks.C: What’s the time?D: It’s eleven thirty.C: Oh. Time for bed.E: What’s the time?F: I don’t know.E: Excuse me! What’s the time?G: It’s seven oh-five.E: Thanks.Using question wordsA: Excuse me. When is the museum open?B: From nine o’clock to seven thirty.A: Thanks. How much is it?B: Three pounds fifty.C: Where are you from?D: We’re from a small town in England.C: Oh? What’s its name?D: Rye.C: Where is it in England?D: In the south-east.E: When is a good time to visit?F: The summer is good but it’s very busy.E: OK. What about spring?F: I love the spring here. It’s beautiful.OfferingA: Good evening. Would you like something to drink?B: Yes, please. Do you have orange juice?A: Yes, of course.C: And would you like something to eat?D: What’s that?C: It’s chocolate cake. Would like some?D: Yes, please.C: Here you are.D: Thanks.E: Mmm – it’s delicious.F: Really?E: Would you like to try some?F: No, thanks.Making recommendationsA: Have a good time.B: Thanks.A: Don’t forget to say hello to Janet.B: OK.C: Go to the gym and walk to work.D: Yes, doctor.C: And drink lots of water and fruit juice.D: OK.C: Don’t drink coffeeE: Do you have any recommendations?F: Go to the British Museum. It’s fantastic.E: OK.F: Take a bus and see the city. Don’t take the underground.And visit the parks. They’re beautiful.E: Thanks.
  • 3. Global Beginner eWorkbook   © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2010 In conversation 3In conversation AudioscriptAsking about a tripA: Hi.B: Hi.A: Was the trip good?B: Yes, it was.A: And was the weather OK?B: Yes, it was. It was fantastic.C: Were you at the office yesterday?D: No, I wasn’t.C: Were you at home?D: No, I wasn’t. I was in Hong Kong on business.E: The cake was delicious. Was it expensive?F: No, it wasn’t. It was cheap.E: Well, it was delicious.F: Yes, it was.Talking about datesA: When’s your birthday?B: The twenty-third of June. And yours?A: October the ninth.C: When’s Martin Luther King Day?D: It’s on the third Monday of January each year.C: Why?D: Because his birthday was on January the fifteenth.E: Name?F: Jennifer Walters.E: Date of birth.F: The sixth of March 1992.E: Occupation?Past simple questionsA: What did you do at the weekend?B: Nothing. I stayed at home. And you? What did you do?A: I went to the mountains with Jack.B: How did you go? By car?A: No, we went by train.C: How much did the tickets cost?D: Nothing. Really.C: Come on. Fifty-fifty. Remember?D: OK. They cost fifteen pounds.C: Oh.E: I saw one.F: Where?E: Over there.F: How big was it?E: It was really big. This big.F: Wow. I didn’t see it.Present continuous negative & questionsA: Hi. It’s me. I’m on the train. I know it’s late. What areyou doing? Are you making dinner?B: Is this a good time?C: Yes.B: Are you eating your lunch?C: No, it’s OK.B: Good. I want to talk to you about ...D: Please be quiet.E: Are you talking to me?D: No. Sorry. I’m not talking to you. I’m talking to my son.E: Your son?D: Yes. He’s over there ... listening to music.
  • 4. Global Beginner eWorkbook   © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2010 In conversation 4In conversation AudioscriptTalking about artA: What do you think?B: I like it.A: Really? Why?B: I like it because ... it’s saying something.A: What is it saying?C: I like this one.D: Me too.C: I love the colours.D: Me too.E: What is it?F: Well ... I think it’s a painting of a room. Look. There’s atable and a door.E: There’s a lot of black in it.F: And I think there are some people next to the door.E: Where?F: There.Making predictionsA: George. It’s late.B: I’m coming.A: We’re going to be late and your mother is going to beangry.B: I’m coming.C: Our team’s going to win the cup this year.D: I don’t think so.C: Why not?D: Because ... because ... I don’t know. But I do knowthey’re not going to win the cup.E: Look at the sky.F: What?E: Grey clouds. It’s going to rain.F: No, it isn’t.E: Yes, it is. Take your umbrella. In case ...
  • 5. Global Beginner eWorkbook   © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2010 1Useful phrasesUseful phrases AudioscriptMeeting peopleHello.Hi.I’m Jenny.Nice to meet you.Saying how you are / How are you?How are you?Fine, thanks. And you?Great!OK.Not bad.Asking questionsWhat’s your name?What’s your address?What’s your postcode?What’s your phone number?Can you spell that?Can you repeat that?QuestionsWhat’s your address?Where are you from?What’s your name?What’s your phone number?Are you from Europe?Are you married?Are you a student?Questions with beIs James married?Yes, he is.Is Susan a student?No, she isn’t.Are Simon and his wife in Sydney?Yes, they are.Are Simon and his wife Australian?No, they aren’t.In a shopHow much is the magazine?Here you are.Thank you.There is / there areAre there any restaurants?Yes, there are.Is there a bank?Yes, there is.Are there any cinemas?No, there aren’t.Is there a supermarket?No, there isn’t.Is there a car park?Yes, there is.Talking about your jobI work in a school.I work in an office.I work in a shop.I work in a restaurant.I work outdoors.I work at home.I’m a student.I’m unemployed.I’m retired.QuestionsDo you like sport?Do you like the cinema?Do you like Italian restaurants?Yes, I do.No, I don’t.What’s your favourite sport?What’s your favourite type of music?What’s your favourite food?My favourite food is pizza.Telling the timeWhat’s the time?It’s five o’clock.It’s six oh-five.It’s seven thirty.It’s eight forty-five.
  • 6. Global Beginner eWorkbook   © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2010 2Useful phrasesUseful phrases AudioscriptAsking about a daily routineWhat time do you have a shower?What time do you have breakfast?What time do you go to work?What time do you go to bed?Giving an opinionI think it’s fantastic.I think it’s great.I think it’s good.I think it’s OK.I think it’s bad.I think it’s terrible.Question wordsWhat are the main attractions?Where is it?How much is it?When is it open?Present simple questionsWhere do you study English?Where do you work?When do you go to work?When do you go to bed?Who do you live with?Who do you work with?What time do you have breakfast?What time do you start work?What does he do?Where does she live?OfferingWould you like something to eat?Would you like something to drink?Would you like a coffee?Yes, please.No, thanks.Do you have apple juice?What’s that?It’s a type of cake.Questions with adverbs of frequencyI always go out at the weekend.I usually go out with my friends on Saturdays.I sometimes eat fast food at the weekend.I usually go to the cinema during the week.Do you always go out at the weekend?Do you usually go out with your friends on Saturdays?Do you sometimes eat fast food at the weekend?Do you usually go to the cinema during the week?Prepositions of placeI live in a house.The kitchen is next to the living room.The fridge is in the corner.There’s food on the table.There are two books on the table.The table is next to the sofa.The cat is under the bed.ImperativesDon’t forget to ...go for a walk.go shopping.have a coffee.have lunch.see the city.take the bus.visit the park.Describing thingsIt’s really beautiful.It’s very cheap.It’s delicious.It’s fantastic.It’s very interesting.That was wonderful.It was delicious.They were fantastic.They were very friendly.It was terrible.They were awful.It was really noisy.
  • 7. Global Beginner eWorkbook   © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2010 Useful phrases 3Useful phrases AudioscriptWas / were questions and answersWas the weather good?Yes, it was.Were you with your family?No, I wasn’t.Were you there in summer?Yes, I was.Was it an expensive trip?No, it wasn’t.Were there any problems?No, there weren’t.Past simple positive and negativeI got married.I didn’t get married.I went to university.I didn’t go to university.She won the election.She didn’t win the election.Asking about a tripWhere did you go?How long did you stay?What did you see?How much did you pay?Who did you go with?What did you eat?How did you get there?Who did you meet?Buying a ticketCan I buy a ticket to Brussels, please?I think there’s a train at half past three.What time does the train leave?What time does the train arrive?How do you want to pay?In cash.By credit card.Agreeing and disagreeingI agree.I don’t agree.Me too.Really?Yes, I think so.No, I don’t think so.Can and can’tHe can speak French.Her phone can take photos.They can play basketball.She can’t speak French.My phone can’t take photos.We can’t play basketball.Can you speak French?Yes, I can.No, I can’t.Can your phone take photos?Yes, it can.No, it can’t.Can they play basketball?Yes, they can.No, they can’t.Be going toI’m going to be late for my French class.The teacher’s going to be angry.We’re going to learn Japanese.They’re going to pass the exam.Giving a presentationI’m going to talk about ...I think ...It’s similar to ...It’s very different from ...People in my country think ...In the past ...Today ...In the future ...
  • 8. Global Beginner eWorkbook   © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2010 1Vocabulary builderVocabulary builder AudioscriptCommon English wordsbuscafécameracoffeehellohihotelpassportphoneNumbers 1–10onetwothreefourfivesixseveneightninetenCountries andnationalitiesBrazil, BrazilianBritain, BritishChina, ChineseEngland, EnglishEgypt, EgyptianFrance, FrenchGermany, GermanItaly, ItalianJapan, JapanesePoland, PolishPortugal, PortugueseRussia, RussianSpain, SpanishNumbers 11–20eleventwelvethirteenfourteenfifteensixteenseventeeneighteennineteentwentyFamiliesmother and fatherson and daughterhusband and wifebrothers and sistersparents and childrenFamily and possessive ’smy mother’s mothermy grandmothermy mother’s fathermy grandfathermy father’s sistermy auntmy father’s brothermy unclemy sister’s husbandmy brother-in-lawmy brother’s wifemy sister-in-lawmy sister’s sonmy nephewmy sister’s daughtermy niecemy aunt’s daughtermy cousinNumbers 20-100twentythirtyfortyfiftysixtyseventyeightyninetyone hundredtwenty-threethirty-twoforty-sixsixty-foureighty-nineninety-eightShopping in numbersone car parktwo floorsthree supermarketsfive cinemaseighty carsmany peoplePricesTwenty-four poundsTwenty-five poundsForty-two pounds fiftyNineteen dollarsNinety dollarsNinety-nine dollars ninetyThirteen eurosThirty eurosThirty-three euros ninety-nine
  • 9. Global Beginner eWorkbook   © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2010 2Vocabulary builderVocabulary builder AudioscriptAdjectivesbigsmallcheapexpensivefriendlyunfriendlygoodbadinterestingboringoldnewopenclosedAdjectives to describeyour jobIt’s easy.It’s difficult.It’s quiet.It’s busy.It’s boring.It’s interesting.The people are friendly.The people are unfriendly.SportsbasketballcricketfootballAmerican footballrunningswimmingtable tennisDaily routinehave a showerhave breakfastgo to workhave lunchgo to the gymgo homehave dinnergo to bedThe timeone o’clockfive past twoten past threea quarter past fourtwenty past fivetwenty-five past sixhalf past seventwenty-five to eighttwenty to ninea quarter to tenten to elevenfive to twelveTime of daymorningafternooneveningnightGood + time of daygood morninggood afternoongood eveninggoodnightgoodbyePlaces in naturea deserta lakea mountaina national parka riveran islandPeople you knowbosscolleagueboyfriendgirlfriendclassmateflatmatefriendneighbourteacherFood and drinkcakescheesecoffeeeggsfishfruitice creamjuicemeatpastapotatoesriceteavegetableswaterDays of the weekMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySundayClassesart classcomputer classcookery classlanguage classmusic class
  • 10. Global Beginner eWorkbook   © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2010 3Vocabulary builderVocabulary builder AudioscriptRooms and furniturebathroombedroomclassroomkitchenliving roomarmchairbathbedbookshelfchaircookerfridgelampshowersinksofatabletoiletTVwash basinwindowTypes of transportby bikeby busby carby planeby traingo for a walkgo for a bike ride48 hours in VancouverclosefantasticfascinatinglovelyAdjectivesawfulbeautifulcolddeliciousfantasticfriendlyhotmodernnoisyterriblewonderfulYearsnineteen seventy-threenineteen eighty-fivenineteen ninety-seventwo thousand and threetwenty tentwenty fifteenLife eventsgo to schoolgo to universitystart workget marriedbuy a househave childrenhave grandchildrenretireMonthsJanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecemberDatesthe first of JanuaryNew Year’s Daythe twenty-sixth of JanuaryAustralia Daythe fourteenth of FebruaryValentine’s Daythe ninth of MayEurope Daythe twenty-fifth of DecemberChristmas DayAnimalsbearcamelfoxratwhaleTimea good timea fantastic timethe first timethe last timeHow many times did you telephone?What’s the time?What time is your class?Travelling for businessplatformseatsuitcaseticket officetimetable
  • 11. Global Beginner eWorkbook   © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2010 4Vocabulary builderEurostar in numbers200300500800279301483564637922Tourismtake a boat triptake a bus tourvisit a gallerya guidebooka mapa metro stationa palacea squarea theatreColoursblackbluegreengreyorangepurpleredwhiteyellowTechnologya DVD drivea keyboarda laptopa screena webcamWays of saying numberstwelve per centa quartera halftwo hundred and twelvetwo thousand and ninetwo thousand, one hundred andtwelveLocallocal callslocal currencylocal languagelocal marketlocal radiolocal timeVocabulary builder Audioscript