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Agile Scrum Training (Part 3)
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Agile Scrum Training (Part 3)






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Agile Scrum Training (Part 3) Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Agile / Scrum (Part 2)Enough to be dangerous: artifacts andother weapons of mass productionCreated By Jeremy Hutton
  • 2. Review Take Notes?
  • 3. Value The Why
  • 4. Sell Manage Implement Share MarketingProject Estimation Project Management Cadence Agile Methodology Value Blood, sweat and a few tears
  • 5. Roles• What do the following do? Product Owner Scrum Master (PO) (SM) Team (T) Stakeholder (S)
  • 6. Terms• Define the following, or how they relate to current terms. Definition Sprint of “done” Scrum Backlogs Shippable Stories Product Time Spikes boxing
  • 7. The Artifacts & Tools Let’s get dangerous
  • 8. Weapons of Mass Production Plan Execute Improve • Product Backlog • Task Board • Sprint Review • Sprint Backlog • Burndown Chart • Retrospective • Sprint Planning • Daily Scrum • Sprint Goal Ka-boom!
  • 9. PlanMeasure twice, cut once
  • 10. Artifact: Product Backlog• Owner: PO• Value: List of feature requests• Drives: Sprint Goal & Sprint Backlog• Includes: Feature/Capability (PO), Value/Priority (PO), User (PO), Acceptance Criteria (PO), Estimate (T) Answers “what are we going to do?” question
  • 11. Tool: Feature Estimation Dot Voting Thumbs (Stakeholders) Up/Down/Sideways
  • 12. Meeting: Sprint Planning• Owner: T, mediated by SM, PO prioritizes• Value: Creates Sprint Goal & Sprint Backlog• Parameters: Happens once at beginning of Sprint and less than 8 hours (time boxed), most are 2 – 3 hours Gets Team to agree and commit to the goal
  • 13. Artifact: Sprint Goal• Owner: T & PO• Value: Guides decisions for the Sprint• 1 – 2 sentence description of overall sprint goal. Nothing fancy here
  • 14. Artifact: Sprint Backlog• Owner: T• Value: Prioritized list of all sprint tasks (story or spike) that can be reprioritized at any time• Parameters: All tasks are in 2 – 8 hour increments• Includes: Type (Story/Spike), Task, Sequence/Priority, Dependency, Acceptance Criteria, Estimate. Answers “how are we going to do?” question
  • 15. Product Backlog vs. Sprint Backlog Product Backlog UI A B C Business Req. Task Task Task Task Services Task Task Task Task Database Task Task
  • 16. Examples• Module 1 Let’s see the backlogs!
  • 17. Tool: Task Estimations• Fibonacci Sequence – 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 Effort Effort Comp 13 lexity 5 Complexi ty Risk Risk Estimate: 5 Estimate: 13
  • 18. Execute Don’t miss
  • 19. Artifact: Task Board • Owner: T • Value: Visual representation sprint backlog items and sprint burndown chart4 states for tasks: not started, in process, done, blocked
  • 20. Artifact: Burndown Chart• Owner: T• Value: Representation of actual completed tasks against ideal completed tasks over time
  • 21. Examples• Performance Training Module Let’s burn!
  • 22. Meeting: Daily Scrum• Owner: T, mediated by SM• Value: 15 minute time-boxed daily status• Purpose: to communicate 3 things: – What you did yesterday? – What you are doing today? – What is blocking you? Commit and keep quick!
  • 23. Bonus! Artifact: Bug Tracking• Owner: T• Value: Shows progress of bugs over specified duration. Who doesn’t love extras?
  • 24. Examples• Module 1 Bugs!
  • 25. ImproveWhat doesn’t kill you…
  • 26. Meeting: Sprint Review• Owner: T, managed by SM & PO, S welcome• Value: End of Sprint meeting to present/review PSP and highlight next feature set from Product Backlog• Parameters: Less then 90 minutes (time boxed) Time to shine
  • 27. Meeting: Retrospective• Owner: T, SM mediated, PO welcome• Value: End of Sprint team meeting to review things that worked and did not.• Purpose: Review what to Keep/Drop/Add• Parameters: Less then 90 minutes (time boxed) No finger pointing
  • 28. A Month in the LifeThe perfect world of agile scrum
  • 29. A Month in Agile w/ Scrum Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4• Daily Scrums • Daily Scrums • Daily Scrums • Daily Scrums• Sprint Planning - • Sprint Backlog • Sprint Backlog • Sprint Planning 1 day time boxed Updates Updates (New Sprint meeting Backlog • One off meetings • One off meetings Confirmed)• Sprint Goal Developed • New Product • Sprint Review – Backlog 90 minute time Refinement boxed meeting • New Product • Retrospective – Backlog 90 minute time Confirmed boxed meeting Rhythm
  • 30. Feedback Gut check
  • 31. What is… 1 tool that helps prioritize features with stakeholders?
  • 32. Answer: Dot Voting or Thumbs Up/Down/Sideways
  • 33. What is… The value of Sprint Backlog?
  • 34. Answer: Prioritized list of all sprint tasks (story or spike) that can be reprioritized at any time.
  • 35. What is… Burndown Chart
  • 36. Answer: Shows representation of actual completed tasks against ideal completed tasks over time .
  • 37. What is… Scrum?
  • 38. Answer: 15 minute time-boxed daily status, answer only 3 questions: what you did yesterday, today and blocking issues.
  • 39. What is… A Retrospective?
  • 40. Answer: Team only meeting to review things to Keep/Drop/Add based on what worked or didn’t.
  • 41. AskDon’t be shy