The Rise Of The Content Superheroes


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The Rise Of The Content Superheroes

  1. 1. The Rise Of The Content Superheroes ! by Hussein Hallak
  2. 2. How is business today?
  3. 3. ss ine us B Sell High Give Less Move to Next
  4. 4. Buy Low Get More Move to Next Client
  5. 5. High Less Next It’s WAR Low More Next
  6. 6. gh rou t th Ge nt! clie the to ss ine us B
  7. 7. Make sure the c lient inform is ed buyin g mo re Business
  8. 8. ss ine us B tell the client a “little” about the business
  9. 9. Repeat until the client gets it Business
  10. 10. Don’t tell the client everything ss ine us B
  11. 11. Trust us! Tell the client what to think Business
  12. 12. Sex Sells ss ine us B
  13. 13. Babies work every time Business
  14. 14. Cat videos are hot on YouTube ss ine us B
  15. 15. Give the client something Business
  16. 16. Toxic Content
  17. 17. Delete Ignore Forget Client
  18. 18. share share share share share share share share nt lie C
  19. 19. All under control Client
  20. 20. Good Luck…
  21. 21. Welcome to the real world
  22. 22. T,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo much information
  23. 23. Social Pressure
  24. 24. Unanswered Questions
  25. 25. By the time you learn it, it’s outdated
  26. 26. By the time you move, others already reached
  27. 27. By the time you figure it out, it’s too late
  28. 28. However you look at it…
  29. 29. You need help
  30. 30. C The Content Superheroes
  31. 31. Always There When You Need Them They make it available to you through books, blogs, articles, youtube videos, podcasts, ebooks, and reports.
  32. 32. Open Conversation Their content feels like you are having a conversation with them over a warm cup of coffee.
  33. 33. Deeply Care About You It is always about what matters to you, how you see things and how you can solve your problems.
  34. 34. Vulnerable Superheroes have weaknesses and their share of failures. That is why you fall in love with them.
  35. 35. Always Getting Better Dedicated and committed to give their very best, they look for ways to do things better.
  36. 36. Ask For Help They earn your respect by asking you to help them get better and they value your input and feedback
  37. 37. They Are Mobile They are connected and will keep you informed. Wherever they are, they take you there.
  38. 38. Masters Of Energy They use every moment to connect with you and add value.
  39. 39. Ready To Help For No Reason They do not have an agenda for “return on help” they help you because it is an integral part of who they are.
  40. 40. Go Beyond Me It’s not about them. They go beyond and make the connection to what matters to you.
  41. 41. Speak Up When You Can’t They are the whistleblowers on anything that doesn’t work with the way they see the world.
  42. 42. Echo Echo They listen intently to the conversation, pick up what matters and echo it back to you, to keep you informed.
  43. 43. No Safety Net They jump first, think later.
  44. 44. Ready Fire Aim They are starters, the take action and start in the present moment. They can’t wait to connect with you.
  45. 45. Faster Than A Speeding Bullet They keep their eyes on what matters most, and they’re first to engage in the conversation.
  46. 46. They Don't Make Up Rules They know they do not “have to” write every day, be online 24/7.
  47. 47. Deep Into The Question They leave no stone unturned, and never stop until they have explored every angle of the topic.
  48. 48. Stay Hungry Stay Foolish They know unless they are enjoying and learning, you're not going to enjoy and learn.
  49. 49. Thrive On Collaboration They look for opportunities to work with others and collaborate to create new spaces and explore new topics.
  50. 50. Disable Trends They know trends are better set than followed.
  51. 51. In Sync & Harmony They are sensitive to the pulse of the sphere they are part of, they harmonize and build on it.
  52. 52. They Are Leaders They naturally step up when they are needed. Lead with passion and bring the best in others.
  53. 53. Stand Up For What They Believe They are driven by what they believe in. They stand up for it, speak up about it and actively engage people in it.
  54. 54. C It’s Your Turn