Advertising management


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Advertising management

  1. 1. Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, PuneIntroduction to Advertising Management Prof. Suresh B. Assignment - 3 Submitted By: Yasmin Hussain 144 MBA - Ad 2013
  2. 2. Question:  List   ways   in   which   advertising   affects   brand   development   and   give   an  example  of  a  brand  of  your  choice  to  explain  how  this  was  accomplished  Answer:  In  India,  the  last  few  years  have  changed  the  way  people  see  and  perceive  bikes.  India  is   now   seeing   a   trend   of   150   cc   or   above   bike   segments,   but   Bullet   was  always  present  with  the  ranges  of  250  cc,  350  cc  and  500  cc  bikes.  Royal  Enfield  said  it  will  invest  over  Rs.  65  crore  from  2009  to  2012,  to  double  their  production  capacity  to  one  lakh  units.  The  Chennai-­‐based  company,  which  has   been   expanding   its   export   markets,   also   said   it   expects  overseas  sales  to  double  over  the  next  five  years.    Royal  Enfield  has  come  up  with  2  advertising  campaigns  across  various  media:    Handcrafted  from  Chennai  Campaign  Royal   Enfield   has   launched   a   new   film,   created   and   produced   by   Wieden  Kennedy,   Delhi   and   shot   by   Bharat   Sikka,   which   brings   to   the   fore   the   brand’s  origins  as  one  that  has  been  handcrafted  in  Chennai.  The  film  has  been  billed  as  “a  tribute  to  the  wonderful  people  who  build,  sell,  ride  and   maintain   these   beloved   machines,   and   is   a   heartfelt   tribute   to   the   city   that  Royal  Enfield  calls  home”,  namely  Chennai.    The   idea   was   about   keeping   it   real   and   demonstrate   the   passion   that   Enfield’s  engineers   bring   to   crafting   each   Royal   Enfield   that   comes   out   of   the   company’s  Chennai  manufacturing  plant.  Royal   Enfield   has   always   stood   for   ‘Keeping   it   Real’,   and   that   spirit   extends   to  everything   that   Enfield   does,   including   advertising.    So   the   agency   avoided   the  usual   clichés-­‐slapstick   humour,   kitsch,   melodrama   or   ‘aspirational’   gloss.    It’s  important  for  an  iconic  brand  to  stay  true  to  character,  and  to  be  proud  of  what  it  represents  and  where  it  comes  from.”    Shaji  Koshy,  head  sales  and  marketing,  Royal  Enfield,  said,  “Over  the  years,  Royal  Enfield’s   communication   has   managed   to   keep   the   world   coming   back   for  more.    We  hope  this  latest  advertisement  from  Royal  Enfield  will  strike  a  chord  with   Royal   Enfield   consumers   and   create   strong   emotional   engagements   with  them.”      The   campaign   has   used   traditional   media   like   television,   cinema   and   print   but  digital  formed  a  key  part  of  the  communication  as  well.  Television  was  not  a  part  of  the  media  mix  used.  
  3. 3.  Leave  home  campaign  This   was   a   print   campaign   released   by   Royal   Enfield   to   promote   its   Thunderbird  series   of   bikes.   Wieden   Kennedy   Delhi   has   created   the   print   campaign,   which  takes  forward  the  ‘Leave  Home’  communication  of  the  brand.  It   is   based   on   the   insight   that   many   young   men   stay   at   home   for   too   long   (and  freeload  off  their  parents)  missing  out  on  the  fun  of  an  independent  life  because  of   it.   Moreover,   as   a   brand,   Royal   Enfield   has   a   rich   culture   and   people   recognize  what  the  brand  stands  for.  The   campaign   aims   to   promote   the   brand   message   and   moves   away   from  stereotypical   communications   in   the   category   where   the   focus   is   on   the  specifications  and  features  of  the  bike.    The   following   creative   ‘A   Hero’s   story’   is   a   comic   strip,   and   it   traces   the  adventures  of  a  guy  who  has  gone  on  a  ride  with  his  Royal  Enfield  bike.  This   brand   positioning   had   been   in   place   for   around   three   years   till   then;   and,  over   this   period   of   time   they   have   been   finding   newer   ways   of   communicating  the   same   in   different   perspectives.   The   campaign   has   been   released   in   auto,  music  and  lifestyle  magazines.    Royal   Enfield   also   embarked   on   the   second   edition   of   ‘The   Art   of   Motorcycling’  photography   exhibition   in   a   larger   scale.   The   exhibition,   which   was   held   in   Delhi  in   March   2010,   was   also   taken   to   other   cities   as   well   in   2011.   The   exhibition  displayed   classic   Enfield   bikes,   exclusive   posters,   customized   t-­‐shirts   and   other  limited  edition  memorabilia.    This  is  a  kind  of  a  campaign  that  can  start  conversations.  It  is  a  fresh  approach  to  establish   the   brand   as   Cult.   Also   on   the   company   website,   there   are   a  lot   of  communities,  Blogs,  Trip  Stories,  forums  which  establish  Bullet  as  a  cult  brand  in  its  own  league.    Bullet  is  a  tradition  in  Punjab.  People  flaunt  it,  People  aspire  it.  Bullet  is  truly  a  Cult   brand   in   Punjab   and   also   other   interiors   of   India.   This   is   amazing  how  a  Chennai  based  brand  has  achieved  a  cult  status  in  Punjab.  Bullet  also  sponsors  many  trips  in  India  in  which  it  provides  Bikes  for  the  Trip  and   Branded   T-­‐Shirts   too.  Bullet   also   organizes   a   16-­‐day   Royal   Enfield  Himalayan   Odyssey   every   year.   These   all  exercises   can   take   Brand   to   new  heights,  the  Cult  Height.  There   is   a   saying   about   that,   "Once   you   ride   a   Bullet,   You   dont   ride   any   other  bike”.    Question:  
  4. 4. If  a  firm  developed  a  new  line  of  athletic  shoes,  priced  them  competitively  and  distributed  them  in  appropriate  retail  shops,  would  there  be  any  need  for   advertising?   Is   advertising   really   needed   for   a   product   that   is   priced  right?    Answer:  Every  coin  has  two  sides.  Advertising,  though  a  waste  of  money,  but  is  important  as  well  for  any  product.  Advertising  a  new  product,  such  as  athletic  shoes,  is  critical  because:   • When   there   is   a   new   product   in   the   market,   it   is   very   important   to   advertise  to  make  people  aware  that  such  a  product  exists  in  the  market.   o Lack  of  awareness  =  Lack  of  customers   • As  the  market  for  athletic  shoes  is  very  competitive  and  consumer  has  so   many  options,  he/she  is  more  likely  to  switch  brands  which  offer  him/her   the   best   price.   Therefore,   advertising   becomes   crucial   so   as   to   help   him/her  make  the  best  choice.   • It’s  not  like  advertising  is  only  needed  for  a  new  commodity,  it  is  equally   important  even  for  the  existing  products  in  the  market  as  it  is  important   to  grab  people’s  attention  to  sell  the  product.  The  public  memory  is  very   short   lived   so   it   is   important   that   to   come   up   with   new   and   catchy   advertisement  to  get  noticed  and  draw  customers.   • It’s  important  to  communicate  the  product  offerings  to  the  end  user.  If  a   company   has   worked   hard   on   understanding   the   consumer   needs   they   need   to   make   sure   their   customers   get   a   feel   “This   brand   knows   what   I   want  ”.  Advertising  is  the  only  major  differentiator  between  why  your  1%   more  is  able  to  get  you  more  loyal  and  more  number  of  customers.   • To  products  that   are   offered   by   a   brand,   there   are   "n"  number  of   more  substitutes   and   consumers   get   to   know   which   is   the   better   substitute  that  suits  their  requirements.   • Advertising   a   product   also   helps   you   reinforce   your   brands   name   and   image  to  the  public,  which  can  be  part  of  a  long-­‐term  marketing  strategy.   For  example,  when  Coca-­‐Cola  produces  an  ad  for  Diet  Coke,  it  is  not  only   touting   the   benefits   of   that   product   but   is   also   keeping   the   Coca-­‐Cola   brand  in  the  minds  of  consumers,  which  can  also  help  the  sales  of  its  other   products.   • A   product   may   have   a   negative   image   in   the   eyes   of   consumers   due   the   lack   of   information   or   knowledge.   Advertising   allows   a   company   to   further   explain   the   features   and   benefits,   which   can   help   clear   up   any   misconceptions.   This   technique   is   also   beneficial   when   a   product   contained  a  defect  that  the  company  has  corrected.   • Ultimately,   things   like   improving   brand   recognition   and   making   people   aware  of  new  products  should  lead  to  increased  product  sales.  To  gauge   the  actual  benefits  of  your  product  advertising,  you  need  to  weigh  the  cost   of  your  advertising  against  the  dollars  it  brings  in.  
  5. 5. A   product   can   only   survive   without   advertising   when   the   product   is   such   that  people  can’t  live  without  it  and  that  solves  their  biggest  problem.  Something  that  does  it  easier,  faster,  and  better  than  what’s  out  there.  Something  like  Apple.