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  • 1. BankT&D Consulting We help our clients build better, stronger banks A Comprehensive view of our Capabilities & Credentials Contact: Hussain Mazhar Director - Islamic Banking Services Office: +44 1483 776888 Fax: +44 1483 747892 Mobile: +973-39940390 Email: hussain.mazhar@banktandd.com Skype: hussainmazhar Website: www.banktandd.com © 2010 BankT&D Consulting 1
  • 2. Table of Contents 1- Executive Summary - BankT&D Introduction…………….. 03 – 10 2- Islamic Banking Services…………………………………… 11 – 16 3- Appendix – Our Experiences ………………………………. 17 – 28 4- Contact Details …………………………………... …………. 29 © 2010 BankT&D Consulting 2
  • 3. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY © 2010 BankT&D Consulting 3
  • 4. About Us Assessing Services, Products, Structures & Markets Helping with Designing Tools expansion & Processes to through • Established in 2003 Optimize mergers & • Primary Focus – Implementation of Strategy Performance acquisitions • All experienced bankers from blue chip multi-national banks • Multi-cultural executives representing more than 10 different nationalities • Minimum experience of 20 years • Executives represent all functions of a bank & are respective subject matter experts Building solid Transferring Risk knowledge Management through training structures to & mentoring manage growth Executive Summary © 2010 BankT&D Consulting 4
  • 5. Our Reach A global player: We have the global reach and local market experience to ensure our clients achieve their objectives EUROPE NORTH AMERICA London Amsterdam SOUTH EAST ASIA Chicago Geneva Beijing Athens Karachi Istanbul Dhaka Djakarta Riyadh Cairo Abu Dhabi Lagos Dubai Nairobi Kuwait Lome Amman Beirut AFRICA Damascus Tbilisi Almaty MIDDLE EAST & CIS Executive Summary © 2010 BankT&D Consulting 5
  • 6. Our „Unique Selling Point‟ 1 Executive Summary – Leverage across industry and functional practices Our „on-the-job‟ experience across countries and functions allows us to combine best practices globally and offer the same to our customers Territories North Africa Middle-East South East Europe Central Asia America Asia Functions Top line Growth Risk Management Best Cultures, Skills, Issues Operations Practices Optimization Organizational Effectiveness Competencies, M&A Experience, Transactions Knowledge Support Islamic Finance Executive Summary © 2010 BankT&D Consulting 6
  • 7. Our Services We offer a comprehensive range of services to financial institutions - New Products - Credit Risk - Process Analysis - Fostering - Identifying - New Delivery - Market Risk - Process changes in targets - Channels - Operational Risk Improvement organisational - Valuation - New Customers - Enterprise Risk - Process culture, individual - Negotiation - Cross-selling - Basel II Modelling growth and - Due Diligence - New Markets - Independent - Implementation teamwork - Completion - New Businesses Reviews - Quality Tracking - Developing - Post M&A - Sales - Policy & - Rapid leaders Integration Management Procedure Automation of - Training Updates Manual Processes OR OR Executive Summary © 2010 BankT&D Consulting 7
  • 8. Our Approach 2.1 Introduction to Arthur D. Little – Side by side approach BankT&D Approach is unique in terms of not only providing solutions to problems but also transferring the knowledge and expertise to its Clients thereby making them the Champions and ensuring continuous success Kick-off Sweat Transfer Support Observe …  We steer and  We identify  Client takes over  Client takes  Client is the analyze problems and the ownership Champion of its their solutions implementation business  Client provides  We withdraw and data  Client provides  We provide provide support  We observe and input and support hands-on support through post- give periodic and knowledge implementation assistance transfer analysis Client BankT&D Executive Summary © 2010 BankT&D Consulting 8
  • 9. Our Customers Europe & N. America Middle East & CIS Africa South East Asia Executive Summary © 2010 BankT&D Consulting 9
  • 10. Our Team Norman Bernard Aslam Aziz Vinay Bijawat Chairman Managing Director, Executive Director, Bank T&D Head of Operations Optimization Top-line Growth & Risk Advisory Board Practice Management Practice Norman has consulted extensively for Aslam has over 30 years of international Vinay has over 20 years of international financial services in W. Europe and the US, banking experience including assignments banking experience. He spent 15 years with Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Oman, Pakistan, with Citibank in Pakistan, Qatar, Morocco, Citigroup in various Emerging Market Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE and a number of Turkey and UK. He served as CEO of countries and served as Managing Director Latin American and Asian countries. Norman Orbian, a joint venture between Citibank and and EMEA Operating Committee Member of previously worked for Booz Allen & SAP. In 2002 he became CEO of Habib Allied Citigroup. Prior to Citigroup, he worked Hamilton and McKinsey & Co and was a International Bank plc. Aslam holds degrees with ANZ Banking Group in India and founding partner of London based financial in Electrical Engineering & Business Australia, services specialists First Consulting. Norman Administration from IBA, Karachi. holds an MBA from Cranfield University. Kenneth Pasternak Mazhar Latif Hussain Mazhar Executive Director Executive Director Director Head Organizational Effectiveness Mergers, Acquisitions Islamic Banking Services Practice & Divestitures Practice Ken has over 35 years of experience in Mazhar is a chartered accountant with over Hussain has extensive 23 years experience management development, institution 25 years international banking experience in with last 12 years focused on Islamic building, and corporate banking. He was mergers and acquisitions and finance. He Banking. He has launched Islamic Divisions in Director of Education and Training for the spent 18 years with Citigroup in various Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, UAE & Bahrain. European Bank for Reconstruction and senior roles and worked on all aspects of the Experience includes – Strategic Planning, Development. Prior to that he spent 18 M&A transactions across Western and maximizing productivity, expanding years at Citibank with assignments in New Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa distribution, ensuring Sharia compliance, York, London, Helsinki, Istanbul, and Brussels. regions creating products, converting portfolios to He is a graduate of Yale University. Islamic, implementing systems, Process Engineering, Branding & Marketing, Executive Summary © 2010 BankT&D Consulting 10
  • 11. ISLAMIC BANKING SERVICES Islamic Banking Services © 2010 BankT&D Consulting 11
  • 12. Internal Focus Internal focus - 2 key areas – Our Clients‟ „Revenue Growth‟ and „Operational Excellence‟ Revenue Operational - Set up Islamic Division/ Bank - Set up Sharia Board & TOR - Strategic Planning & Structure - Risk & Credit Policies - Improving Distribution - Operational Policies - Branding Increase Strengthen - Sharia Compliance & Audit Competitive- Organizational ness Governance - Market & Needs Research - E2E Process Engineering - Innovative Product Offerings Ensure - Standard Procedures Customer Islamic Optimize - Customer Feedback Tools Processes - Internal Audit Mechanism Satisfaction Bank - Conversion from - Sharia Co-ordination Conventional to Islamic Develop Ensure Competencies Growth - Identify Knowledge Gaps - Quality Assurance Systems - Training & Development - Needs Research - Knowledge Transfer & Tools - Marketing Strategy - Creating Champions Growth Excellence Islamic Banking Services © 2010 BankT&D Consulting 12
  • 13. External Focus External focus – Meeting Clients‟ needs with any external party for „Revenue Growth‟ and „Operational Excellence‟ Islamic Bank Islamic Banking Services © 2010 BankT&D Consulting 13
  • 14. Setting-up Islamic Bank or Division Islamic Banking Services © 2010 BankT&D Consulting 14
  • 15. Conversion to Islamic Our Conversion Approach consists of five phases along with Project Management & Communications Plan Project Management Replacement of Phases As-is Analysis & Identification of Revision of Legal Approvals, Testing 1 Industry 2 Risks & 3 Contracts & 4 & Training 5 Legal Contracts & Benchmarking Compliance Issues Processes Change Management Communications Plan  Perform diagnostic of  „What if‟ analysis  Establishment of Sharia  Presentation and  Replacement of existing Contracts & through meeting with Board approvals on the revised conventional contracts Processes, incl. Bank industry Risk experts  Drafting and approvals on Contracts and Processes with Islamic as per vs. competitors‟  Reviewing and collating the TOR of the Sharia from the Sharia Board agreed strategy – Product portfolio relevant regulations Board  Alterations in the IT  Internal buy-in from staff – Customer segment (Governmental , System as per revisions – Channel strength  Product-wise review and  External communication International & AAOIFI revision of contracts in Contracts and and marketing Tasks – Operational efficiency Standards) Processes  Conduct benchmarking  Product-wise review and  Islamic Bank launch  Discuss Reports from revision of Processes  UAT of alterations in campaign – Best Practices Phase 1 and all identified the IT System (Global Banks & Risks and compliance  Re-engineering of processes Regional Banks) in light of Sharia  Revision of SOP issues highlighted in document  Gap analysis Phase 2 with the bank‟s – Against competitors management & agree on  Training across the bank – Against benchmarks strategy for conversion on Islamic Products & processes 1 2 3 4 5 Diagnostic List of Risks Functional Sharia Sharia Approved Fully Islamic Bank Deliverables Report List of Board Products & Benchmarking Compliance Revised Contracts Processes Report considerations by Products Full IT and other Gap Analysis Agreed Strategy Revised Processes depts’ support Report by products Trained Staff Islamic Banking Services © 2010 BankT&D Consulting 15
  • 16. Islamic Banking Regulations Our Global network, relationships and past experience in developing Islamic Banking Regulations allows us to combine this knowledge and latest developments to deliver the most current Regulations for any Central Bank Most Current & Applicable Regulations Input A Determine Legal Foundations: Management of Operational Risk: Islamic - Nature of banks & institutions - Capital Banking - Level of Capital Adequacy Ratio Experts - Relationship with Regulator/s - Authority of Regulator - Risk Weighting Methodolgy - Off-Balance sheet Commitments - Assets Licensing Requirements: - Liquidity - Transparency of laws, criteria and Input B requirements - Management - Earnings Islamic - Rules for Corporate Governance Banking Regulators - Suitability standards for owners Information Disclosure: - Specifications for Board members - Objectives, Policies & & management Concentration - Organisation Structure of Bank - Types of Securities - Internal Controls Input C - Internal & External Audit functions - Disclosure & monitoring of Risks - Internal Control BankT&D - Provisions for conflicts In-house - Performance Data - Capital Requirements Expertise - Background of Management & - Scope of Bank’s activities Senior Staff - Feasibility Study/ Business Plan - Public disclosures Islamic Banking Services © 2010 BankT&D Consulting 16
  • 17. APPENDIX - Our Experiences © 2010 BankT&D Consulting 17
  • 18. Our Experience Project and Key Client and Service BankT&D Approach Results and Benefits Challenges Prime Bank, Prime Bank was seeking a fast BankT&D Consulting began this A major outcome of the Strategic Plan approval entry into the Retail Banking assignment by undertaking a strategic was the decision by the CEO & the Board of Pakistan market in Pakistan. They did review covering & producing a Situation Directors to assign BankT&D Consulting the not have all the expertise Analysis report. The review included responsibility to execute the Plan relating to the Establish Retail required in-house & needed Retail Banking, Business Process Re- Consumer & Branch Banking Services Businesses assistance to attract the engineering & a Training Needs over a one year period. BankT&D Consulting was Banking Presence: scarce & expensive local Analysis. As a result of the Situation given complete administrative & executive talent required. Prime Bank‟s Analysis, BankT&D Consulting was responsibilities including hiring, firing, credit and senior management team asked to take on an assignment to help Five Year Strategy expense approvals as per the Approved Annual asked BankT&D Consulting the Bank develop its Five Year Strategic Plan. Within six months of the assignment Prime Team Building to provide strategic planning Business Plan & then create a buy-in of & take over the execution Bank had become a market leader in all the the Plan amongst the senior & middle products launched by Prime Bank amongst its role in sourcing, recruiting, management. This assignment was training & mentoring a young peer banks, including banks which had been achieved by a combination of desk-top established players in Consumer & Retail Banking team. This team would be research, in-depth interviews & reviews for over a decade. used for the introduction & with the key managers & running Senior The above strategy also included a complete management of new products Management Workshops before the change of the corporate identity of the Bank. This & services & would be ingrained with a sales & development of the Plan to get a buy-in was achieved with minimal expense by changing service culture. on Strategic Direction & milestones. the Branch & Corporate front fascias & using the Once the Plan had been developed & product launches to build and establish the new approved by the CEO & the Board of identity. All the planned launches were completed Directors, it was the presented as a within six months of the assignment & the snap-shot at a large Senior resultant visibility created a major positive impact Managers/Officers Conference followed on its image and financial performance. by a detailed buy-in session at a 3 days Senior Management Workshop. Appendix – Our Experiences © 2010 BankT&D Consulting 18
  • 19. Our Experience Project and Key Client and Service BankT&D Approach Results and Benefits Challenges Major Global The assignments comprised of two In all these instances, the The success of the businesses set-up was proven phases. The first phase included: businesses were set up and by the fact that many of the businesses became International Bank assisting in regulatory approvals launched within 8-12 months of market leaders within 12-18 months of launch. All with SME (where required) & funding strategy, our involvement. In order to the businesses launched during this BankT&D businesses in market study & segmentation transfer technology and have consulting assignment continue to be profitable analysis, competitive positioning and management „buy in‟ the (both from a ROE and ROEC perspective) with various countries in entry strategy, product design, end- BankT&D Consulting subject predictable loss norms across geographies and Central Eastern to-end operational & business model matter experts worked with the business cycles (both benign and stressed) and Europe, Africa, design, system & vendor selection. core management team that have a high degree of automation of processes. This phase culminated in a 5 year were thereafter going to run the Turkey , Asia and Best practices and learning from various countries business plan submitted to senior businesses (and in some Latin America management for approval. were quickly adapted to other countries with a instances helped to recruit high degree of success eliminating costly trial and them). error issues and at the same time enhancing the The second phase included: assisting Major Islamic Bank in the execution of the operational bottom line. The major international bank now in Egypt & business model covering has a global SME architecture which is locally recruitment & training of staff, end- adapted and implemented allowing for both global to-end process manual design & and local best practices to complement and Design & Launch of enhance the business value. writing, sales incentive plans, New SME Business product packaging & marketing & Equipment campaigns, embedding of advanced Finance Leasing customer management techniques, operations, risk model & system Company implementation. Appendix – Our Experiences © 2010 BankT&D Consulting 19
  • 20. Our Experience Project and Key Client and Service BankT&D Approach Results and Benefits Challenges A global bank This central processing capability A team of two BankT&D consultants Substantial improvement in productivity. handled expense payments for went on-site for four days to undertake looking to several countries across Eastern a comprehensive analysis of the process streamline its Europe. It had team of 20+ staff that flow, information flow, staffing resources, centralized East worked in three parallel teams and their roles and work-scheduling routines. handled seven distinctly different Experienced BankT&D process European end-to-end processes. We were improvement consultants used our processing centre in requested to help address increasing advanced „Business Analyst‟ software Hungary. delays and service quality concerns tools, to capture and analyze all of the in the face of increasing transaction required workflow information and data. volumes. This pointed out concrete process performance indicators like turnaround times, bottlenecks etc. Using the powerful simulation capability of our process analytical tool, capacity projections were made on the basis of envisaged changes in transaction volumes, the streamlined process, allocation and timing of staffing resources. This analysis provided a sound and safe basis of making changes is all aspects of the processing environment. Appendix – Our Experiences © 2010 BankT&D Consulting 20
  • 21. Our Experience Project and Key Client and Service BankT&D Approach Results and Benefits Challenges A major fast- The bank was embarking on A team of three BankT&D consultants and Result was not only a sound capacity substantial growth of its business analysts went on-site for a week to plan but rapid and tangible expanding Islamic Consumer Finance business and collect the „As- Is‟ process flows that involved improvements in service quality, Bank in UAE wanted to engineer upfront three financing products with three different customer responsiveness, controls major improvement of all related origination and delivery channels (branches, and staff productivity. These end-to-end processes. It also direct sales team and web). This information improvements are monitored on a wanted to complete a realistic was captured and analyzed using our powerful real-time basis through „QualityTrack‟ capacity plan so that impending tools and methodology that allowed simulation tools that include fully automated increase in transaction volumes of all the processing variables (changes in „dashboards‟. These dashboards could be achieved at improved workflow, staff roles, work scheduling etc.). A provide dynamic information about margins. brainstorming session of all the related users actual performance against target and stakeholders allowed creation of a list of quality standards. possible changes and improvements. Next step was creation of „Should-Be‟ processes and also a dynamic capacity model. This was used to simulate and decide on final set of desired process and resource changes. We then proceeded to help the customer plan implementation of the agreed changes at user, process and IT infrastructure level. The bank appreciated the value of this exercise so much that it subsequently asked that the scope of the assignment be expanded to cover all of their operational units. Appendix – Our Experiences © 2010 BankT&D Consulting 21
  • 22. Our Experience Project and Key Client and Service BankT&D Approach Results and Benefits Challenges A fast growing bank Rapid automation of manual and Faced with high staff turnover, fast growth of The bank liked the capability so much semi-automated processes SME and Consumer customer portfolio and a and users found them so easy to in Pakistan that was across the bank relatively lower revenue-to-expense ratio as deploy that they created a dedicated subsequently compared to competitors, the bank sought internal team that was trained by us. acquired by an assistance for rapid improvement as well as This team was soon able to identify, international bank automation of its numerous processes. These develop and deploy new applications processes had remained predominantly manual on their own. This reduced because part of the entire processes in question dependence on external consultants fell outside their numerous core systems. allowed them to rapidly automate BankT&D first trained the staff of this bank on their numerous manual processes in a use of our unique rapid automation tools that very cost-effective and rapid manner. help wage a war on manual processes. These Dozens of these applications were tools allow rapid prototyping of automation by developed and deployed by their allowing end-users to start with process team. diagrams captured using Business Analyst. User were then able to envisage, design and attach It is important to note that the electronic forms at key points within the international bank that acquired this process flow (using an easy to use, drag and local bank continued to seek our drop form designer environment), and configure assistance in development of new these using „software wizards‟. IT is asked to get applications aimed at rapidly involved in development of interfaces with automating manual processes. other banking systems only when the users and business analysts have developed fully working prototypes on their own. Appendix – Our Experiences © 2010 BankT&D Consulting 22
  • 23. Our Experience Project and Key Client and Service BankT&D Approach Results and Benefits Challenges Talent Development BankT&D Consulting was BankT&D Consulting provided advice and Following the assignment, the client requested to assist this client designed methodologies for many of the key contracted BankT&D Consulting to Project with the development of activities around the organisational effectiveness pilot an eight week Core Banking practical approaches and process cycle. These included designing a new recruit Program for its employees. An Islamic Bank in for the complete talent hiring program; outlining a framework and development cycle. While this modes of operation for an in-house training the Gulf Region relatively young organisation has academy; sharing methodology for selecting an approved policy manual it training vendors; developing an outline for a required a “how to” manual in scholarship fund for deserving employees; order to implement those undertaking a Training Needs Analysis across policies based on best practices and tailored for its specific the existing organisation; developing career local/country needs. progression grids to signal developmental needs of each employee over time; creating the methodology for instituting a talent inventory which would lead to effective succession planning. Other tasks such as reviews of performance appraisal systems and recruitment were also done. Appendix – Our Experiences © 2010 BankT&D Consulting 23
  • 24. Our Experience Project and Key Client and Service BankT&D Approach Results and Benefits Challenges Comprehensive Senior management felt that they Twenty five courses were planned and The bank‟s size and profitability grew needed help with planning and delivered, several of which were repeated many at a very fast pace and it was Training Plan and executing a credible training times over a two-year period. These included eventually acquired by a major Implementation effort, especially in light of high seminars on „Risk Management for Consumer international bank at a very attractive staff turnover in the market. Banking‟, „Derivatives in Emerging Markets‟ and valuation. BankT&D Consulting guided this a 10-week entry level „Core Banking Program‟ A medium size bank client through a detailed for 25 MBA Management Associates joining the in South Asia that „Training Needs Analysis‟ which Bank . BankT&D Consulting also facilitated had grown rapidly became the basis for a several two-day „Senior Management comprehensive Training Plan. through acquisitions Workshops‟ where the CEO and the senior The client effectively outsourced its „Training Function‟ to management team came together to discuss and BankT&D Consulting who had decide ways of implementing key business the responsibility for designing initiatives in response to emerging market courses, providing expert opportunities. trainers to deliver many and also overseeing the use of local The client relied on BankT&D Consulting for training resources. support on planning and execution of training and development needs of its staff. They created a small „Learning & Organizational Development‟ team within their HR unit to work closely with us. Appendix – Our Experiences © 2010 BankT&D Consulting 24
  • 25. Our Experience Project and Key Client and Service BankT&D Approach Results and Benefits Challenges Credit Policy Manual BankT&D Consulting were BankT&D Consulting delivered to all these Substantial improvement in tasked in all these assignments institutions a comprehensive and practical workflows, efficiency and audit trails Design and Rewrite to develop/update Credit Group Credit Policy Manual (GCPM) that Policy Manuals across the clearly articulated each institution‟s guiding Major Global business and functional risk principles and general lending (credit risk) segments. The assignments policies. For ease-of-use and inclusion of future International Bank included first assessing the „as policy amendments, the GCPM was designed to with operations in is state‟, identification of gaps allow for page-by-page changes. The soft-copy over a 100 countries versus best practice, their of the manual is stored in a secure electronically adaptation and inclusion after indexed form, which allowed for search business and risk management Major Islamic Bank, consensus and then the capability by key-words, searches by any production and combination of key-words, or by entire phrase. UAE Exceptions and disruptions to the business were implementation of the Manual through training sessions and minimized and global best/dominant practices Major Pakistani Bank workshops. In one case the adapted to the institutions‟ credit philosophy, institution had businesses in bench strength and complexity of business. The over 100 countries and the manuals were „rolled out‟ through interactive European Subsidiary Manual had to have „local buy training sessions and web- based training of Arab Bank, London in‟ and be designed in a manner materials. that minimized exceptions and facilitated business across Major Georgian Bank multiple geographies. Appendix – Our Experiences © 2010 BankT&D Consulting 25
  • 26. Our Experience Project and Key Client and Service BankT&D Approach Results and Benefits Challenges Review of Bank’s A major regional bank in Saudi The assignment was completed in over three months Substantial improvement in Risk Arabia with a large consumer after extensive investigation, staff interviews and Profile and audit trails Retail Risk presence wanted to review its analysis. An exhaustive report covering all aspects of Organization and risk organisation and structure. the project was completed by a BankT&D Consulting Structure The scope of the project was credit expert . Anew organisational structure was wide and covered the entire recommended to optimise risk controls and eliminated consumer cycle ranging from the redundancy of layering as well as duplicate analysis Major Saudi sales and initiation to and systems. Roles and responsibilities were clearly Arabian Bank collections. The project defined. A framework to develop credit staffing required a review of all the resources and sharpen their skills was provided. All consumer product programs, the recommendations relating to organisational issues operating process manuals, MIS were subsequently implemented. decks, audit reports, business The product and portfolio recommendations were plans etc. In addition, it exhaustive and highlighted both major and minor risk involved several meetings and issues in every product line together with solutions for discussions with risk business immediate and medium-term implementation. heads, product heads, Inadequacies in MIS and process were highlighted collection staff, operations staff, together with recommendations for improvement. A finance officers, analytics staff, template was provided for ongoing portfolio reviews etc . It also involved specific that covered key risks and highlighted any risky trends. drill down of MIS and The impact of implementation was also provided. The preparation of simulations to “quick kill” recommendations were immediately analyse trends and a full review implemented by the bank and a plan with target dates of current operational was put in place to implement the other processes to identify any risks . recommendations that required system amendments or other enhancements. Appendix – Our Experiences © 2010 BankT&D Consulting 26
  • 27. Our Experience Project and Key Client and Service BankT&D Approach Results and Benefits Challenges Merger of 4 Card An international banking group Acting on behalf of the seller, the transaction was The benefit of the sale was wanted to sell a credit card structured so that the four businesses could be sold as immediate in terms of a Businesses and related business operating one and treated as a sale of business as opposed to an substantial gain plus the client their Sale as one across four countries as one asset sale. This structure avoided a long, drawn out managed to dispose of a non- unit entity. The card businesses sales process while ensuring compliance with all local core business. This freed up operated as an integrated part legal, labour, tax and regulatory regulations. The management resources and of the banking group in each transaction took four months of negotiations and provided funds to be deployed International country subject to different involved the signing of 18 agreements including a two to more profitable businesses. Banking Group legal, labour, tax and regulatory year transitional services agreement. regulations. Appendix – Our Experiences © 2010 BankT&D Consulting 27
  • 28. Our Experience Project and Key Client and Service BankT&D Approach Results and Benefits Challenges Acquisition of a BankT&D Consulting BankT&D Consulting coordinated all aspects of the The deal was concluded in represented a group of due diligence process and submitted recommendations March 2008 after which Commercial Bank in institutional investors acquiring on the key factors impacting valuation. We provided a BankT&D Consulting has been Pakistan a commercial bank in Pakistan. team for the due diligence covering portfolio credit providing consulting and training The group included a global risk, operations, technology, human resources, retail services for repositioning and multilateral financial institution, branch network and physical facilities. transformation of the acquired a large Middle Eastern bank, a bank. Japanese bank and a UK Private We were also tasked with coordination of the Equity fund. contribution by external advisors (deal lawyers, accountants, fixed assets and collateral valuers, and escrow agents). Appendix – Our Experiences © 2010 BankT&D Consulting 28
  • 29. Contact Us BankT&D Consulting Details: Islamic Banking Services Contact: Mailing Address: Hussain Mazhar BankT&D Consulting Director - Islamic Banking Services Suites 18-20, 4th Floor, One Crown BankT&D Consulting Square, Church Street East, Woking, Surrey GU21 6HR, United Kingdom Phone: +973 39940390 Phone: +44 1483 776888 Fax: +44 1483 747892 Fax: +44 1483 747892 Email: Website: www.banktandd.com hussain.mazhar@banktandd.com © 2010 BankT&D Consulting 29