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Employee Passion & Diligence to Work
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Employee Passion & Diligence to Work



Published in Business
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  • 1. EMPLOYEEPASSIONOseni Kehinde(P.396)Sunday, April 21, 2013DILIGENCETO WORK&
  • 2. Scope of Presentation• Definition of Employee Passion & Diligence• Factors that influence Employee Passion• How to Learn to be Diligent• Summary
  • 3. Employee Passion is a positive emotional state of mind,which drives desired attitudes and behaviour including awillingness to apply discretionary effort, long-termcommitment to the organization, peak performance, andjob satisfaction.Employee Passion
  • 4. A Closer LookEmployee Passion is the positive emotional state ofmind resulting from perceptions of worthwhile work,autonomy, collaboration, growth, fairness, recognition,connectedness to colleagues, and connectedness toleader, all of which lead to standards of behaviour thatinclude discretionary effort, long-term commitment tothe organization, peak performance, low turnover, andincreased tenure with the organization.
  • 5. DiligenceHaving or showing care and thoroughness inones work or duties.A diligent person is basically someone who ishard working and industrious and who alwaystry their best no matter the situation.
  • 6. 8 Key FactorsInfluencingEmployeePassion.
  • 7. • Meaningful Work1• Collaboration2• Fairness3• Autonomy4• Recognition5• Growth6• Connectedness with Leader7• Connectedness with Colleagues88 Key Factors Influencing EmployeePassion
  • 8. Meaningful Work• An organization that offers a quality productor service to its customers.• Understanding how one’s work adds value tothe organization and creates positive results.• An organization that is focused on apurpose other than making money and doesmeaningful work.Collaboration• An organizational culture that encourages sharing,interdependence, and team spirit.• An environment where co-workers and leadersexpress appreciation for each other’s ideas andsupport each other on projects and tasks.• An environment that supports and encouragespositive and cooperative relationships with others inthe organization.
  • 9. Fairness• Benefits, resources, and workloads are fairand balanced across the organization.• Consistent application of decisions, policies,and procedures.• Compensation based on performance andindustry averages.Autonomy• The ability to choose how tasks are performed.• Having the information and authority needed tomake decisions about one’s work.• Being trusted to do one’s job without interference.• Knowing the boundaries and limits in regard todecision-making authority.
  • 10. Recognition• Verbal, written, or monetary recognition fromcolleagues and leader for one’s accomplishments.• Contributing to positive relationships withpeople.• Being promoted based on performance andaccomplishments.Growth• A manager who assists with future career planning.• The ability to learn from co-workers to enhance one’scurrent job.• Opportunities to grow and improve one’s current job.• Opportunities to discuss future development needsand interests with one’s leader.• Opportunities to chart one’s future career path inthe organization.
  • 11. Connectedness with Leader• Sharing personal information.• Making an effort to build rapport.• Taking a personal and professionalinterest in one’s direct reports.• Acting with integrity.Connectedness with Colleagues• Sharing personal information• Making an effort to build rapport• Taking a personal and professionalinterest• Trust and integrity
  • 13. Diligence to Work6 Points to NoteTime ConsciousnessArrive on time for appointments and for work. This shows thatyou are being diligent and helps you to always be prepared.Work CarefullyPeople who are diligent work carefully and meticulously, beingcareful not to make mistakes, and making sure that all theinformation presented can be understood by others.Volunteer for ChallengesPart of being a hard worker is pitching in when you areneeded, even when you are not directly asked.
  • 14. Diligence to Work6 Points to Note (Continued)Pay More Attention to DetailsDiligent people will pay attention to details and noticeinconsistences so they can be corrected.Keep Control Over Your EmotionsIt’s much harder to be a diligent, hard worker when you allowemotions to get the best of you.Emulate The Diligent OneEmulate others that you believe are diligent. People who makeyour work easier with their diligence are excellent examplesfor you to follow.
  • 15. SummaryFactors that influence EmployeePassion• Meaningful Work• Collaboration• Fairness• Autonomy• Recognition• Growth• Connectedness with Leader• Connectedness withColleaguesHow To Learn To Be Diligent• Time Consciousness• Work Carefully• Volunteer For Challenges• Pay More Attention toDetails• Keep Control Over YourEmotions• Emulate The Diligent One
  • 16. Resources•• <•
  • 17. QUESTIONS?