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Treatments Group2

Treatments Group2



Collection of AS Media basic plot outlines for Foundation Production Course work

Collection of AS Media basic plot outlines for Foundation Production Course work



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    Treatments Group2 Treatments Group2 Presentation Transcript

    • Treatment Who : a guy called Jason and a girl called Courtney. What : Jason met a girl called Courtney one night at a club and takes her back with him. He texts her everyday for a week and she gets fed up and tells him to stop. She then goes to the same club with some friends and sees him. She decides to ignore him however she keeps getting threatening texts from him. She then went out the club and he grabs her and takes her to a forest. She then gets beaten and he explains why he is doing what he does. She hits him over the head with a rock and she runs into the forest. He then gets up and chases her and kills her. Where : London, England. First the club, then Jason’s place, back to the club and then the forest
    • Treatment
      • Working title: two faced
      • (little girl’s voice singing) “One by One”
      • Characters:
      • Megan: Main girl
      • Dr KegaN Price : Mental psychiatrist
      • Friends: Mia, Ben, Kyle, Katie
      • All friends die. Based in 1987. in Pennsylvania.
      • ‘ All they had to do was say NO’
      • Characters:
      • The psycho: uses different names with each victim: ‘Sam’, ‘Alec’, ‘Lester’, and ‘Paul’. Handsome, attractive, tall, dark haired, male.
      • Victims: All stereotypically attractive (fit), Blonde ‘Tara’, Brunette ‘Channel’, Black ‘Jasmine’, final victim Blonde ‘Lucy’, plus other ‘fit’ friends. One boyfriend.
      • The flat: an open plan, lightly furnished, clean space, always carpeted in clear plastic sheeting as if it was in the middle of decorating, located above a shop.
      DEATHDOSE OR ANGEL DUST http:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Lurch http:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phencyclidine#Horror_stories
      • Act one
      • Three girls running in a forest. One girl trips, Emily, but the others don’t notice and carry on until they do . Then another girl, Alice goes back while Jaz goes back carefully . Alice is then grabbed unknown to Jaz until she hears a lot of twigs snapping and movement in the bushes. She goes to look and finds her friends dead and breaks down.
      • The killer then comes up behind her and strokes her chin, then knocks her out. At this point the killers face is not shown because I didn’t want to give his identity away. The killer is Harry.
      The Watched Tagline: There’s no place you can hide, so where do you go to survive.
    • Treatment
      • Working Title- Crime and Consequences
      • Logline- Which one would you trust?
      • Key Characters- Michael and Lucy are a newly married couple who order a taxi to the airport, but a psycho man kidnaps them.
      • Michael and Lucy-newly married, the husband is a business man who had conned a man in the past, to lose a lot of money, resulting in his pregnant wife killing herself, therefore he wants revenge and for them not to have a happy marriage. This happens in America, in Texas, at night for an evening flight.
    • Treatment
      • “ If you can’t be famous, be infamous “
      • The killer: (Kenneth)
      • The good cop: (john)
      • others
      • The guy in charge of police force in NYC
      • Other cop partners who want johns case rivalry between john and them
      • Woman who works at the mental hospital trying to prove Kenneth is insane and should not go to prison but a home
    • Who, when, why and where
      • Who
      • The main character: Rachel- she is a strong willed heroine
      • The masacist: this is Derek the killer who murders 3 girls and keeps their body parts
      • Bryan: this is Rachel's boyfriend who is suspected of being the murder
      • There is also 3 other girls who are murdered.
      • When
      • This is set the present sense of the 21 st century
      • Why
      • Derek murders these woman as he feels that as he has sexual intercourse with them that there is a part of them that belongs to them and he takes this in a litteral sense and actually takes parts of them.
      • Where
      • These murders take place in a small town in America to make the characters feel alienated and intensifies the feeling that they cannot escape the masked murderer
    • Run if you can
      • 4 orphan teenagers (two boys and two girls) are locked up (for a psychological experiment) in a big house, that has stairs that never end and that lead in all directions. They soon find out, that they are not alone in the house, but that a mysterious killer (who somehow got into the house) is calling them on their mobile phones and giving them clues as to whereabouts he is
      • The killer kills them all except for one girl, who saves herself in the end
    • My Treatment 
      • Title : the Lodge
      • Tagline :
        • Who said holidays are supposed to be fun
        • Knock knock…..
      • Key Characters:
        • Mother
        • Child-young then older
        • Group of teens
    • What you expect from my thriller A girl wakes up in bed, she sits up, trying to remember how she got there, she gets flashbacks of a party. As she gets out of bed she walks to the door, as she opens it she finds herself in a hospital hallway. She hears crying and screaming coming from the other end, she starts running to the opposite the screaming and crying get louder she runs into a room, as she looks around, she gets a flash back to when she was having a meal with her mum & dad having fun around the table. She walk into this room touching the table as she remembers. She hears a noise from one of the rooms in the flat she runs towards it when she sees another door close in front of her as she opens it she finds herself in a flat corridor she tries running down the stairs but she ends up coming down the same floor, as she tries to walk back up in a confused state, she ends up walking up to the same floor, she panics starts running through loads of different rooms, bath room, dining room, hallway. Then she finds herself in a white room with a small girl reading a book in the corner of the room as she lowers the book, she sees this small girl has cuts all over her face. She finds another door finding herself in a communal toilet she walks to the mirror looks at her reflection, looks at herself then turns the tap on, washes her face then sees a figure with a black hood on, hiding their identity. She then quickly looks behind her then there is nothing there…….
      • Idea Three : The white van. Teenage girl sneak out to meet her boyfriend and get stalked by a white van in the early hours of the morning, The girl dies and her friend wants to find out more and discovers similar deaths all over the country. Diggs deeper and discovers the killers in the white van all look similar, realises they are all the same. Her friends boyfriend is the only one who believes her but warns her that the man is too dangerous to try and track down. The girl ignores the warning and tries to track him down but he notices and is intent on killing her to get the evidence away from him. She nearly dies, wakes up in hospital and finds she was saved by her friend’s boyfriend who had called the police. The guy in the van gets caught and put in prison. Swears to get revenge.
      • Idea for sequel : years later, the Man gets let out of prison for good behaviour and is determined to get revenge by killing her daughter in the same way.
      Final idea
    • Chosen Horror: Title: Petrol Head.
      • Tagline
      • Will you survive until sunrise.
      • The Key Characters
      • Adam Roth, a child who has been Left as a child and brought in by his foster parents. But didn’t realise that he was going to be bullied by his foster dad into madness. He has changed into a chainsaw killer as his foster dad was a Forester.