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thriller thriller Presentation Transcript

  • How did you attract/address your audience?
    • As our audience is aimed for a young audience of about 15 – 24 year olds, we decided to use young attractive actors.
    • We figured that this would appeal to our target audience because they could relate to the actors but also still appeal to the older end of the audience because of being a crime thriller.
    Here is a picture of our characters.
    • We made sure that our women detective was attractive and had a femme fatale character to appeal to the male audience and also not be too dissimilar from programs such as CSI who have good looking women as their detectives.
    • We even made her wear smart casual clothes, high heels and red lipstick to conform to the “male gaze”
    • We also include an aspect of romance between the two detectives which could appeal to the female end of the target audience.
    • A key feature of our film is the thriller and crime scene aspect.
    • In our opening sequence there is a lot of blood and particular props near the beginning when we see the dead bodies.
    • Again this was to draw in our 15-24 year old audiences , mainly males.
    • Other props which fit in with our audience is the gun which we see.
    • This automatically links with danger and a thriller genre which would definitely appeal to our target audience.
    • We also used Lionsgate as our film studio because in particular they have done films such as Saw, Hostel and Drag Me To Hell.
    • This may also appear to our audience because of the types of films Lionsgate have released before are horrors and thrillers.
    • They are also quite a mainstream studio and are highly recognised which would probably attract our 15-24 year old audience.
    • Our location and set also links to the rest of the aspects such as cast and props.
    • Our set has a grimy look which just reinforces the fact that our film is a thriller.
    • This then attracts our target audience as it sets the scene.