Story board Evaluation


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Story board Evaluation

  1. 1. Well, a storyboard is a graphical representation of the camera shots you would use in your film sequence that are then put together and then connected to make a ‘narrative flow’.
  2. 2. The reason why we do this is to give the director, cameraman, lighting experts etc. an idea on how the film will look before budgets are summed up and producers start producing.
  3. 3. The creation of this storyboard has really helped me understand on how certain shot types and lighting techniques would work in specific environments as well visualizing what shots would and wouldn’t work.
  4. 4. Within our storyboard we then started to construct costume ideas. We came to the conclusion that the band member would wear surgeon outfits. This being rather alternative and ‘indie’ which relates to the our band image.
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  6. 6. I feel that the creating of our storyboard has really helped us visualize what our video will look like and it helped us change ideas within our video making our ideas more realistic.
  7. 7. I feel putting annotations on our storyboard was vital as it gives a viewer/reader that extra bit of information that can’t be described within the picture that has been drawn.
  8. 8. Annotations therefore leads into technical notes which again are vital as a set director, the individual setting up the set for your video, can therefore relate to these notes and can then prepare for the video.
  9. 9. I feel that the best part of the process of storyboarding was getting the timings of each shots exactly in time to our selected song which made the finishing it much easier.
  10. 10. I feel that our time management as a group was pretty poor when attempting to complete it but also our skill within drawing. Although drawing isn’t a paramount aspect within storyboarding our standard of drawing made it a lot harder.
  11. 11. When our storyboards were finished we as a group decided to create an animatic, a digital video of our storyboard cut together with the music to see if our ideas work or not.
  12. 12. Overall, I feel the animatic was very successful as they shots we would use look very good together and feel this was a great exercise to do as it has really prepared us for the creation of our video.