How effective is the combination of your main


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How effective is the combination of your main

  1. 1. Evaluation Task Two illiam By W adeh Sheh
  2. 2. What Task were we asked to achieve  I was asked to complete a music video along with a CD digi pack, as well as a website. I wanted to create a star image that links with the dance track.  As I was working with a real artist I wanted to have our ideas mixed with their ideas. But their band consists of a positive and strong star image. Their traditional outfits is a lab coats and 3D glasses, but their lead man wears a suit with a bowler hat.
  3. 3. Star Image Richard Dyer As suggests that a star’s narrative impacts on the consumption by the audience. He argued that the star image is made up and not real, they also have their own unique selling point (brand values) in order to grab and hold our attention- for example Lady Gaga, he states that Lady Gaga is an image and doesn’t really exist. As I was working with a real artist they had their own star image with their lab coats and 3D glasses
  4. 4.  Star Image(continued) With the star image, we as a group didn’t have any influences in terms of what they wear. So with this theme of dark blue and a club feel to the music video, I wanted to continue that feel across the CD digi pack and the website. To create a target audience that like that theme.
  5. 5. Target Image  Our music will targeted by a TV channel called sub TV  18-25  People who go out clubbing  Mass market  Dance/trance
  6. 6. Subtv  Having worked with a real artist brings benefits to us by them because when the video is released it will be shown on a TV channel called Sub TV. Sub TV is a viewing platform for students at university, and this operates across 98 universities across the UK. Sub TV websi
  7. 7. Where would we sell our media products.  I would definitely sell my cd Digi pack on the high streets for example shops like HMV or in nowadays like beat port which an online music website where you can buy music. However I would also release it on ITunes because with todays technology people download album and songs online. For our music video I would upload the video to either Vimeo or YouTube which are media platforms free to use for viewers to watch the video, this way I could get loads of views and gain popularity on the cheap. The Dead Don’t Dance Official vid
  8. 8. How our website helped market our campaign  Our website that we created for the artist helped us market our artist, because its another essential media product that our target audience would go and look at. The use of the dark blue and the club feel linked with our music video, which makes it more believable to the audience. For example the colours are linked with our music video and cd digi pack.
  9. 9. How our website helped market our campaign(continued)  Our website also helped us by making unofficial tour dates, but this helped us make our website look professional, as well as this, our music video, is going to be shown across 98 universities, on a high playing playlist.
  10. 10. Hellsinki charts  Hellsinki dub’s Slide is potioned Dub in the
  11. 11. Final CD Digital pack Our influences were from our albums with artist in the same genre for example Bronski Beat. We choose this for influence because it is simple and very clear to the audience. Another influence would be Above and Beyond ‘On my way to heaven’. This album cover uses club neon lights and is very easy on the eye. We’ve made our album cover design conventional because we have the artist and album name. To create a CD digi pack we had to use similar feature our music video and website, we wanted the design to simple and less mind boggling on the audiences mind
  12. 12. Our  Website Our website was created to show features like music links, to their other songs, I also had links on their to Ticketmaster which takes you to a page where you could be tickets to the latest tour coming up. Our website design linked with the other connected media products. For example our music video and CD digital pack. I have also linked Hellsinki dub to social networking sites for example Facebook and Twitter
  13. 13. Our Website(continued)  As we were working with a real artist and therefore have released music in the past, creating a music page for the website was easy because it allowed me to link their own music in the website, Hellsinki Dub haven’t been around for long, but they currently have a song out in the charts at no 28. When making the website it allowed us to put this feature in, on the news section, which gives us something else to talk about Our Official website
  14. 14. Using Social Networking to help market our band  Social networking is an essential tool, when marketing a band, networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter has a big audience, so advertising and marketing it these sites give a band a huge advantage not only there is a huge audience but it is free.  Bands take this to their advantage, as it’s a free site they can post anything they want to create a bigger fan base.
  15. 15. Music Videos  Before making our music video for our band, we looked at different and similar music videos to gives ideas in the way to edit, a couple of examples would Keane ‘Stop for minute’, we used this for influence in terms of the type of editing style. I also looked at other music video for example some of Avicii. In our music video we used a conventional method of using close up shoots to make the artist more recognisable, which used in other real media products. Avicii Keane ‘Stop for a m ’
  16. 16. Kotler 4ps  The marketing mix is often crucial when making a product or brand offering, the 4ps are known as Place, Product, Price and Promotion,  Kotler described the 4ps as satisfying needs through the exchange process. This method is often looked at as an influential process when design , making and selling a product, this process can help sell and market their product. For example relating back to my music video and website, by using the 4ps method I could easily target the right audience and give the audience something to relate too.
  17. 17. Audience Feedback  After completing our music video, I then went off and asked some people question about what they thought about the video, and multiple other questions.  Here is the video
  18. 18. Evaluation  Overall I believe I think the whole process has been a great, lots of hard work has gone into this from the early stages of the planning process all the way to post production, but apart from that, we have created a website and cd digi pack, to me this is the first time creating these so it was great to be apart of this process, and I’m willing to do it again. I felt working as a team we were able to complete the task in the time set. I feel working in a group is the best thing when doing these types of tasks because we have a great team morale. I don’t remember coming across to many problems when making these media products, but overall I think as a team I think we worked hard and achieved the best we could.