Evaluation task one


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Evaluation task one

  1. 1. Evaluation Task One In what ways does your media product use, develop, or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. The Titles • • For the titles, we used an oldfashioned typewriter font to fit in with the spy/politics genre we were going for. This font also fit in with the confidential documents we used in a different part of our thriller so overall, this font suited our film perfectly and also foreshadowed the style of film before it had even started. • A thriller that uses a similar shot is Syriana which is also a film we looked at for inspiration and is therefore a thriller that shows a likeness to ours. This is also a spy/political thriller.
  3. 3. Secret Documents • • Although, our shot is from a lower angle than the Godzilla shot as that one is taken from above. Our shot is also darker which makes the audience feel more on suspense and more like it’s a thriller. This shot of secret documents is from the new Godzilla film, coming out later this month. This is a similar shot to our as we have confidential documents and with a similar logo.
  4. 4. Person Climbing Up Stairs • This is a shot we used to show our ‘killer’ starting to walk up the stairs. Lots of films use this type of shot to create suspense and to tell the audience that the ‘evil’ person is getting nearer and nearer. • This film is a Noir film called ‘The Dark Corner’ but shows a likeness to our thriller. Although the is an old film, it shows that most thrillers try to warn the audience about what is to come, a technique we used in our thriller also.
  5. 5. Close-up of Wedding Ring • • • Although our shot is of a man’s hand, the intention of the shot is similar, to tell the audience that this person is married, making this shot a standard form of shot for foreshadowing. ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ is a James Bond film from 1969 but contains a similar shot to ours, a close-up of a wedding ring. We chose this shot as it signifies that the person who is unaware of what is to come. This creates suspense and sadness for the audience as we know that the something bad is going to happen to that person, especially in our thriller
  6. 6. Breaking In Mid-Shot • Although this is not a still from a film, these types of shots are used constantly within thrillers, including one that’s very similar in our thriller. • This is the shot from our thriller and shows the audience that something bad is going to happen, creating dramatic irony for the audience as the victim does not know what is to come.
  7. 7. Documents and Font • • This picture above proves that the audience would believe our thriller and be interested in it because it is realistic and not too ‘out-there.’ This shots are similar in a good way because it enhances the realism of the piece. This picture is of a real life secret Russian document. In our thriller, we have a very similar style of prop and the font it is typed in.