Evaluation task 1


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Evaluation task 1

  1. 1. Evaluation task 1 In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. Kidulthood Kidulthood has inspired our thriller for a since the beginning. It had a very similar aesthetic to that of the one that we were going for. The way it is shot is quick cut and quite a bit of it is handheld, again very similar to our product. What we really took from Kidulthood however, was the confrontation scenes. We really wanted to convey a similar realism to that of the one that is portrayed in Kidulthood. In Kidulthood the actors get very close face to face when confronting each other, and this is what we tried to achieve. We instructed our actors to give a similar performance with regards to body language, which they did, and I think it was effective.
  3. 3. Dead Man’s Shoes We studied Dead Man’s shoes early in the year when looking at opening title sequences. The reason we came back to it, was because we have a very similar, drawnout walking scene at the beginning of our thriller. We dragged out Ethan’s walk home to make it appear longer and to keep the viewer at ease, so that the fight scene was sudden. Below as you can see Dead Man’s shoes is set in a very rural setting whilst ours is very Urban, however the idea is very similar.
  4. 4. Green Street Hooligans Green Street Hooligans is also a product we looked at early on. We liked the grittiness of the beat up scenes, and hoped to embody some of this in our thriller. one shot which is very similar of ours to Green street Hooligans is the one shown below where Ethan is on the floor with a blood nose, similar to the scene in GSH when the character shown below is in a similar position. We tried to get an authentic looking bleeding nose like the one in GHS and I think we did a good job. This scene of ours was inspired by GHS.
  5. 5. Title Screen When looking for how we would present the title ‘Food chain’ we looked at many different products, however it seemed that a lot of the titles in products similar to ours were very elaborate and big/3d etc. We wanted to achieve something a bit more simple, and so we found some titles such as ‘the Wolverine’ and ‘The Dark Knight’, which although are very different to our product in terms of plot, they did have the look of the title screen that we wanted to go for.