Evaluation of Our Music Video


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Evaluation of Our Music Video

  1. 1. Influences into Our Music Video Firstly we were influenced by the original video of ‘Dust Clears’ by Clean Bandit and we looked at how they filmed and shot their music video. This was one of the main influences as it showed use what the song was about of how the lyrics were interrupted. We then analysed the lyrics and found out that they meant life was been reborn. This is how we came up with the idea of a crash test dummy coming back to life as the lead female signer (Xenia). We thought a crash test dummy would be a good object to personify as it looked like a human. We then used the car crashed as a symbol of how the dummy is used in everyday life, saving humans in important data into car crashes. We then thought the dummy should come to life as it meant it had a chance to experience life. This worked well in the video, because of the operating scene were the band members are gathered around the crash test dummy, as if they are being it to life. This impacted our video and was portrayed well towards our audience .
  2. 2. Influences • . We also looked into the genre of the music and found out it was quite and indie and alternative genre, which then influenced our idea and meant we wanted something out of the ordinary and different. This idea went well with this as the dummy was someone that doesn’t get noticed in ever day life and was different to most music videos.
  3. 3. Other influences e.g. Bands/artists • We were also inspired by other bands and artists such as, XXYYXX – About You, which I showed early on in my research and developing blog. This video had great shots of slow motion and slow cutting scenes which, we wanted to implement into our music video. We did this in the dummy scene with the slow motion shot and smoke being shot up from under the dummy. This added a great effect and allowed the scene flow with the motion of the music. With the research into other videos this allowed us to develop of design our own unique video, which worked out well.
  4. 4. Research into Props/Location • The research into the location and props was key to our video as I early explained how we wanted our video to be different. We thought of a crash test dummy as it was ideal into fitting into our crash car and would be easy to personify. Customs we thought that it would be best if it suited the music with alternative/indie clothing and then contrasted to operating gear in the dummy scene. This turned out to work out well as it meant it was clear what was a performance scene and what was a narrative.
  5. 5. Planning • With the help of our animatic, we were able to see a good visual version of how our music video may look when shot and filmed. This meant we were able to see different areas which needed improving and what shots would worked well. We ended up changing a few shots, for example the crane shot which gave a great wide shot area of the band playing. The animatic was very helpful in planning and developing our music video in the end.
  6. 6. Shoot-day & Shooting Schedule • Planning our music video was key to our success on shoot day, as it meant we were prepared and ready on shoot day. The shooting schedule meant all of the performance knew when to arrive and what time they were need for each shot. The casting list was also important as it meant all performers knew when they were needed.
  7. 7. Overall • Overall the music video went well and to plan. This was because we planned it out well and efficiently. The researched we did into our idea turned out in how we wanted the video to looked and we were all pleased with the results. If there’s one thing could have gone better is that the lighting on shoot day was good but in some areas was too dark on some of the performers faces. This was resolved in editing as we just used different shots.