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Comparing and contrasting albums
Comparing and contrasting albums
Comparing and contrasting albums
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Comparing and contrasting albums


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  • 1. Comparing and ContrastingComparing and Contrasting Album CoversAlbum Covers
  • 2. The background of the album contains a lot of pastel greens and creams- these colours represent innocence, purity, natural and very real to her music. The clothing choice they have chosen for Birdy are everyday clothes. The red jumper is vintage looking and she is quite unique wearing a red jumper with a skin-coloured skirt and black boots. ‘Birdy’ is her stage name. Her real name is Jasmine van den Bogaerde. She sings indie folk, folk, indie pop, indie rock. Her stage name isn’t very big/ bold; it is placed in the corner of the screen, and her image is placed directly in the centre, with her looking directly at the camera, to show that her image is her selling point. She is given a very natural look, she’s not fake in any sense; she's not wearing any makeup/fake tan/ fake eyelashes like Nicki Minaj. Her body language is not strong, her hands seem to be naturally curled up holding her skirt (that is knee length) to show how naïve and innocent she is. Her legs are crossed to show a natural position, it doesn’t look staged. There seems to be no album cover name, the album is called ‘Birdy’- they are selling her name. Birdy seems to be an artist that sings slow, emotional songs that portray a message and are very personal to her. She looks like she could write some of her songs and play an instrument like the guitar (acoustic style).
  • 3. In comparison to Birdy’s album cover. Nicki Minaj’s is very bright, vibrant and pink. At the very top, in capital letters her name is printed and is the largest font size on the cover. Nicki Minaj’s look is very unnatural in comparison to Birdys natural look. Both artists are completely different in their own unique way. Nicki Minaj is revealing a lot of flesh in order to create a sexy, seductive image to the audience. She is wearing bright pink heeled boots and a bright pink wig. Nicki Minaj is looking directly facing forwards on the cover, like Birdy. Except the different is Birdy’s facial expression is very plain, whereas Nicki’s is a shocked, quirky face implying that her music is wild and quirky just like her. Her clothes she is wearing are very extravagant and very ‘showy’; Nicki Minaj’s aim is to come across as very unique to other artists by wearing out of the ordinary clothes. The album is aimed at older female teenagers, we can clearly see that this album is targeted at a female audience due to the main colour of pink stately represented here. Nicki Minaj is her stage name, her real name is Onika Tanya Maraj. The genre of her songs are hip hop, R&B and pop, very different to Birdy.