Beyond Social Media: Using Online Marketing to Build Your Business


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Presentation for the National Minority Business Council Executive Development Program. Online Marketing Strategy for the Entrepreneurial Business.

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Beyond Social Media: Using Online Marketing to Build Your Business

  1. 1. Beyond Social Media:Using Online Marketing To Build Your BusinessHMR Marketing Solutions January 25, 2013
  2. 2. Remember The World Before the Internet?
  3. 3. *Average: 32 Hours per month
  4. 4. Decline Of Traditional Media …
  5. 5. The Growth of Mobile• +200% increase in mobile visits to websites• Mobile = 25% page views• Mobile = 20% web sales (vs. 5% YAG)
  6. 6. The Rise Of the Social Customer <<<More Of This! Less of This >>>
  7. 7. Now, We Must Earn Peoples Interest Instead Of Buying It.
  8. 8. AGENDA• Culture Shift• OnlineMarketing Playbook – Social Media – Content Marketing – Search• New Mindset• Group Exercise• Q&A
  9. 9. Online Marketing: Overview
  10. 10. Social Media: One Piece of the Pie
  11. 11. Strategy: “Home Base” + Social Outposts Home Base (Website) Send Traffic here Convert Leads www. Social Media Outposts • Build Awareness • Spread content • Make connections • Build relationships
  12. 12. Which Social Platforms?
  13. 13. What Works: B2B vs. B2CB2B Priorities: BLOG, Linked in, Twitter … and Google+
  14. 14. Social Media Mindset“Know, Like, Trust” – Look for Opportunities to Engage – “Authentic Helpfulness” – Share, Become A Trusted Resource w/o an Agenda… – Promote Others … Respond!• Plant Seeds and Nurture
  15. 15. The Care and Feeding of Your Social Network• Listen for Engagement Opportunities – Individual Relationships, 1:1 Conversations• Don’t Broadcast – SM is Not an Ad; humanize Your Brand• Cumulative: little, consistent steps• Quality Over Quantity – Small and Engaged audience
  16. 16. If You Build It, They Will Not Come• It Takes Time!• What Works? -Short Posts, Photos, Questions - Optimal Time, Frequency, Length, Type - Be what people are interested in, not an unwanted interruption• Connect Across Digital Strategies - SM on Email, Like and - Share Buttons on Website, etc.
  17. 17. Sample Content Calendar
  18. 18. Get Started: 5-Step Plan1. Do An Online Audit: Gaps?2. Plan Your Channels, Set A Goal – Find Your Target, Build Your Network,3. Engagement Plan – Who Will Participate? Schedule?4. Brainstorm Content – Content Calendar (FAQ’s)5. Assess: What’s working? What’s Not? – Right Tools? Time?
  19. 19. Content: One Piece of the Pie
  20. 20. Quality Content is Your Best Salesperson• Showcase Your Expertise – Blog • Videos • Guest Blog – Newsletter – Webinar, E-Book, Article, Podcasts … – even photos, interests, news!• Help Customers Make Better Decisions
  21. 21. How Many Blog Posts to Drive Traffic? A library of blog posts (> 52 posts)SOURCE: SOCIAL MEDIA EXAMINER/HUBSPOT
  22. 22. How Often Should You Post*? More frequent blog posts (2-3x/wk)
  23. 23. Steady Drumbeat of Blog Content Think Like A Publisher: • Research Keywords • Plan Ahead: Content Calendar • Answer Customers Questions • CONSISTENCYExercise 1: “Blog Buddy Brainstorm”Who Will Write It? How Often? 10 Topics. Date.
  24. 24. B2B Case Study: Hinda Incentives
  25. 25. Results: Hinda Incentives expands-social-media-exposure/ “… Our conversations on Twitter established relationships for significant sales leads… lead quality generated from the new social website traffic has measurably improved”. “… Our blog traffic took off quickly … we already receive 1,000 visits a month with subscribers from at least 30 different customers … traffic to our website increased 15 percent … just in the last week we received a few hundred thousand dollars in sales opportunities through this advantage”. “… The blog has proven to be a valuable piece of social media real estate … picked up and quoted by other blogs, reinforcing our position as the voice of authority in our industry”. “… LinkedIn and our blog have become the number 2 and 3 sources of web traffic to our site, after organic search”.SOURCE: “Grow”, a leading business blog, by Mark Schaefer
  26. 26. B2B Social Media ChallengesCONTENT &RESOURCES!TAKES TIME! ROI?
  27. 27. Last Piece of the Pie:Website Traffic/Conversion
  28. 28. Websites That WorkMust Be: – Findable: SEO, Keywords, Links – Helpful (Fresh Content) – Social, Mobile – Sales Tool (Clear “Calls To Action” => Leads)vs. THE ONLINE BROCHURE” – Static, No New Content, No Leads
  29. 29. Can Your Website Be Viewed On All Devices?• Buzzword: Responsive Design
  30. 30. Clear Calls To Action … 50% of leads are qualified, but not yet ready to buy
  31. 31. Analyze: Making Sense Of the Data- Free/Low Cost Analytics … Hard to Connect the Dots- All in One Analytics … ($$)
  32. 32. Marketing Analytics: Example
  33. 33. Exercise 2: Action Plan• Identify Opportunities and Set Goals• What’s Holding You Back?• How Will You Overcome Challenges? => 3 Steps You Can Take Immediately? => Anticipate Challenges: What Will You Do If? => Call Buddy in 1 Week
  34. 34. Your Questions:
  35. 35. Connect with me!Rhonda Hurwitz …@rhondahurwitzon
  36. 36. Appendix: Resources• Online Marketing: –• Social Media (All Platforms): –• B2B Content Marketing –• Twitter: – The Tao Of Twitter, by Mark Schaefer (book)• “Opinion”: – Mark Schaefer (Grow), Gary Vaynerchuk
  37. 37. Appendix: Tools• Dashboard to manage multiple platforms: Hootsuite* – ( Tweetdeck, Sprout Social, others)• Post Timer: Buffer App• Link Shorteners(• Notifications: Nutshell Mail, Social Mention• Feed Reader: Google Reader• Social Graph Lookup: Rapportive• Search: Social Mention, Engagio, Twitter Adv. Search• Analytics: Google Analytics, Pagelever, Edgerank• Keyword Research: Google Keyword Tool• Images: Flickr Creative Commons, Pic Monkey• … and many more!
  38. 38. Social Mindset (cont’d)Build Relationships• “Small Town Rules”• Put A Ring On It … => Not A One Night Stand!
  39. 39. “ … Call me after 1pm EST xxx-xxx-xxxx … working ona big project and looking for a NY area resource …” “ … I would really love to meet you in person. Ive admired your work from afar, and would really love to learn more about you and your business … “… I spoke with Rhonda Hurwitz about the panel and she’s available …” “ … I saw your blog and I’d like to hire you …”
  40. 40. Engagement Example: Linked inDec.31:HappyNew YearMessageJan 3:NewProject
  41. 41. Engagement Examples: TwitterXxx-xxx-xxxx