Overpopulatin power point dan


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Overpopulatin power point dan

  1. 1. Sweden Vs. Spain
  2. 2. Sweden –Growth• Population- 9,103,788• Life Expectency- 81.18 years• Males: 78.86 yrs. Females: 83.63 yrs.• Growth Rate- 0.168%• Birth Rate- 10.21/1,000• Death Rate- 10.21/1,000• Fertility Rate- 1.94 children born/women
  3. 3. SwedenEthnicity– Aside from the Sweds the Sweden-Finns’ are the largest ethnic minority in Sweden.– Only about 2% of swedens labor force earned their living in agriculture in 1999, compared to more then 50% at the beginning of the 20th century.
  4. 4. Religion• In Sweden since the 16th century Sweden has been made up of predominantly Lutherans. Others believe in the Roman Catholics.
  5. 5. Politics• Sweden has a parliamentary representative democratic constitutional monarchy. This Government is lead by a Prime Minister.• This is Swedens PrimeMinister Frank ReinfeldtTalking with our President.
  6. 6. Education in Sweden• In Sweden going to school is mandatory from age seven to age sixteen!• The school year starts mid/late august and ends in mid/late June.
  7. 7. Land Usage• In 2005 only 3 % of Swedens area is built up land. 53 % is made up of forests, 8 % is agricultural land, 9 % is bogs and mires without forests, 10 % comprises of high mountains and bare rocks, and 9 % is water.
  8. 8. Immigration in Sweden• In 2010, 1.33 million people or 14.3% of the population in Sweden were foreign- born. Of these, 859,000 were born outside the European Union and 477,000 (5.1%) were born in another European Union member state. In 2009, immigration reached its highest level since records began with 102,280 people migrating to Sweden while the total population grew by 84,335.
  9. 9. Spain
  10. 10. SPAIN• -Growth• Population- (2008) 46 million• Natives of the country make up 88% of the total population of Spain.• Fertility- rate of 1.47• Birth Rate- 10.9 (2006)• Life expectancy at birth: 81.27 years Male: 78.26 years Female: 84.47 years (2011)
  11. 11. Religion• Spain has no official religion, in 1978 the gov’t abolished the Roman Catholic Church as the state Religion.• But their country does have different kinds of religions like the U.S. 76.7% of the population is Catholic, 20.0% are non- believers or atheists, and 1.6% are other religions.
  12. 12. Politics in Spain• The political government of Spain is a parliamentary monarchy.• Below is a picture of their Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. He is basiclly the president of their Government.
  13. 13. Immigration in Spain• In 2010 there were over 6 million foreign-born residents in Spain, Of these people 4.1 million were born outside the European Union and 2.3 million were born in another European Union member State.
  14. 14. Education in Spain• The current system of education in Spain is known as LOE after the Ley Orgánica de Educación, or Fundamental Law of Education. Education in Spain is free from 6 to 16 years of age, supported by the Government in each Region.
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