Theme and short story


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In that presentation you will learn how to write thematic statement and about theme in short story...

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Theme and short story

  1. 1. Theme Presented by Misbah javid How to write short story and its salient features??
  2. 2. Theme: The story’s main idea. The message writer wants to communicate by telling the story. The central idea of a story. Theme is about life or human nature . Theme is not stated directly but must be inferred. Its not a moral lesson or rule of living.
  3. 3. Types of theme  Implied themes must be inferred by considering all the elements of a story and asking what message about life is conveyed.  Stated themes are directly presented in a story. easily defined. And is
  4. 4. For example: The theme of “Cinderella” is implied. The reader can infer the message that if you are in a bad situation, you should do the best that you can. In the end, things will work out for you.  
  5. 5. Theme can be revealed by: The ways the characters change A story’s title. and the lesson they Key phrases and learn about life. statements about big ideas.
  6. 6. Theme and topic matchup: Courage Revenge Jealousy 1-Be careful how you treat other people; Dreams 1-___________ They may treat you the same. 2-Face your fear and you can defeat them. 2-__________ 3-Do not wish for what others posses. Be 3-___________ Happy with what you have. 4-Work what you want in life and you can 4-___________ Achieve any goal.
  7. 7. Creating thematic statements (not topic):  Example: Courage • Courage  (Thematic idea) allows people attempt difficult task (Assertion about thematic idea)   In their lives even when the (Qualifying clause: When, because, Possibility of failure is very high. Useless, even, so, that, whatever, if, etc)
  8. 8. Themes are Usually about Big ideas: For example: Freedom Friendship Trust Good vs. evil Poverty Education Life Law Bravery And much, much more
  9. 9. Valuable points: Theme is not the topic. Some stories have Theme is the point only one theme or being made about the message. Other topic. Theme is statement about life. A good theme teach valuable lesson about life . stories have many lessons or messages.
  10. 10. The theme of famous short story button button: In the story Button, Button by Richard Matheson the theme of the story is don’t let money get the best of you. Listen to the people who love you. Remember if you push the button you can kill someone you love or someone you don't know.
  11. 11. The difference between theme and moral: A moral can be a theme but a theme cannot always be a moral. A moral teaches you something (e.g. slow and steady wins the race).A moral is a message or lesson the author wants to teach. A theme is a device to help convey the author's message. A theme is a general idea (e.g. love, courage)
  12. 12. Thank you