Energy Drinks Overloaded
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Energy Drinks Overloaded






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Energy Drinks Overloaded Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Energy drinksand risk among youthMatthew LevandowskiCOM 201
  • 2. OverviewMany people drink energy drinks without realizing the health effects they maycause, there is not enough research to prove its long term effects, and theyhave a psychological effect on behavior causing young kids to take more risks.
  • 3. What’s in energy drinks?The main ingredient in most drinks is caffeine.
  • 4. Caffeine amounts
  • 5. Guarana Commonly found inbrazil and is includedin a majority of energydrinks
  • 6. Taurine Most common in red bullTaurine is an amino acidcommonly found in stomach bile.Yummy, stomach bile soundsappetizing.MSNBC reported that Germanydid a sample test and found traceamounts of cocaine in red bullnot enough for damage butGermany was threatening to banit for legal reasons.
  • 7. Ginkgo Biloba Comes from the ginkgo tree.Found in Steven Seagal’sligntning bolt, Monster, hooah,and other drinks
  • 8. GinsengComes from the ginseng rootCommonly found in asia.American version called PanaxNothing like roots for a snack.
  • 9. B VitaminsComes from the ginseng rootCommonly found in asia.American version called PanaxNothing like roots for a snack.
  • 10. Positive Effects of energy drinks Study by Bristol University concludes caffeinated beverages: Increased reaction times. Increased alertness and Mental focus Mood enhancero conclusive evidence that the drinks promote greater performance in sports.
  • 11. Negative Effects of Energydrinks Cocaine – FDA banned  it for illegal advertisement as a drug alternative, but reopened under alternative label. FDA stopping again for the font on the can, saying it’s too similar to the powder form of the drug.
  • 12. Negative Effects of Energydrinks Rockstar Punched Guava – 330mg  of caffeine same as a Starbucks Grande coffee, not = to mention the ~68mg of guarana and B-vitamin content. Over 300 calories, so you would have to run about 30 minutes to burn it off.
  • 13. Negative Effects of EnergydrinksDehydration – caffeine is a proven diuretic which causesdehydration among other effects to the digestive system.Athletes – should take warning as most energy drinkrelated deaths directly involve sports, or alcohol use withthe drink.Increased aggressive and risky behavior - especiallyamong teens, reports NY times and research done bymedical journals.
  • 14. ConclusionSo what have we learned here, basicallyenergy drinks do have some positivebenefits, but there a plenty of negatives thatshould be watched out for especially amongteenagers.
  • 15. Call to ActionBe wary of what you drinkPetition the FDA to label energy drinks bycaffeine content and limit the selling to youthunder 18.Limit bars to the mixing of energy drinks withalcohol.