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Inbox zero-summary


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A quickly review about Inbox Zero and one strategy to start now

A quickly review about Inbox Zero and one strategy to start now

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. E-mail OVERLOAD
  • 2. your emailhas been accumulatingbecause youdont have timeto answer it properly
  • 3. you answer 1 email andreceive 3 new emails
  • 4. you also fearlosing track of the emailsyou havent responded to
  • 5. The idea of not checkingyour email for 30 minutescan cause hives ? What if I miss something?
  • 6. We have an“Always on” approach
  • 7. BUTWhat is the problem ?
  • 8. Playing way too muchwith your emailwithout success!
  • 9. Do you want to bemore effective with your e-mail ?
  • 10. http://inboxzero.comInbox Zero Roger Camargo April / 2013
  • 11. First, remember:“ There is no silver bullet ” Frederick BrooksIt’s can help you or not...
  • 12. What’s Inbox Zero ?
  • 13. What’s Inbox Zero ? Habits to help you empty your email inboxspend less time playing with your email and more time doing other things
  • 14. How we play with email: - Read - Read (after I’ll answer this) - Read (mark as unread) - Read another email - Read (ow! I need to answer this) never finish...
  • 15. Inbox Zero way:- Processing to inbox zero(move from inbox folder to pending folders)..after with your inbox empty- Read pending folders(delete, answer or archive the email)
  • 16. Starting Inbox Zero
  • 17. 1Improving your habits
  • 18. Lying to yourself doesn’t empty your inboxDon’t treat every email in your growing inbox like a gift
  • 19. Don’t use email for you TO DO ListCreate filters to decrease undesirable emails Choose the best time to process and read
  • 20. Do Email Less
  • 21. 2Processing emails to Inbox Zero
  • 22. ProcessingMore than checking, less than respondingQuickly reading &doing:Delete,Delegate,Respond (if less than 2 minutes) orMove to Pending Folders
  • 23. 3 Readingpending folders
  • 24. Each email in pending folder is an open loop which needs some actionPending folders are divided to organise priorities
  • 25. Remember:You cant waste time thinkingwhere is the best place to put each emailYou need few options to be fast
  • 26. What is working for me:1-RespondTo_soon2-RespondTo_oneday3-Todo_soon4-Todo_oneday5-ToRead6-Archive
  • 27. How to work with these folders?Every day: Try to emptyRespondTo_soonTodo_soonWhen have time: Try to emptyRespondTo_onedayTodo_onedayToRead
  • 28. Finally,After closing an open loop,you should move these emailsto 6-Archive folder
  • 29. Inbox Zero Pending folders ArchiveNext action
  • 30. Inbox ZeroStart from scratch
  • 31. It’s impossible to process all of your emailStrategy:1 – Process the last 2 or 3 months2 – Move others emails to Archive / Oldest3 – Start Inbox Zero TODAY
  • 32. Read more… Merlin MannSources: Links:
  • 33. Thank you!Roger Camargo @huogerac