2013 Huntsman Corporate Brochure


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2013 Huntsman Corporate Brochure

  1. 1. Huntsman is a global manufacturer and marketerof differentiated chemical products that improvethe quality of life for people around the world.Following more than 30 acquisitions since 1970,Huntsman Corporation today is a dynamic publiccompany with approximately 12,000 employees inmultiple locations worldwide. The Company had2012 revenues of over $11 billion.
  2. 2. We see a sustainable futureFinancially, environmentally and socially, sustainability is rapidly becoming a businessimperative. Our customers require it. Our investors expect it. Our communities demand it.Our world deserves it.As a leading global chemical producer, Huntsman clearly recognizes our responsibility todevelop and manufacture products that are sustainable and to do so in ways that make asustainable and vibrant world possible for future generations.By driving innovation and growth, we create value for all our stakeholders today, constantlymindful of our impact on tomorrow. Across the globe, we demonstrate our genuine andlasting commitment to sustainability by developing efficient new products, perfectingeco-friendly technologies and reducing our own carbon footprint. For example: • Vydro® polyurethane foam substrate, an efficient growing medium on eco-friendly green roofs, weighs up to 70% less than other substrate systems, retains up to 30 times its own weight in water, helps improve urban air quality and reduces stormwater runoff. • As the demand for clean energy increases, manufacturers of wind turbines look to Huntsman’s amines for their hardening characteristics, which enable the production of longer blades, resulting in greater generation of clean electricity. • Huntsman’s resins are used in automotive fuel cells that create electricity without combustion, making electric-powered vehicles cleaner, quieter and more efficient than their fuel-burning counterparts. • Efficient dyes from our Textile Effects division enable textile producers to manage their “water footprint” by dramatically reducing cycle times and cutting process water and energy consumption by 50%. • Quality TiO2 pigments from Huntsman, designed for use in light- and heat-reflective paints and coatings, help reduce energy consumption and keep homes and buildings cooler and more comfortable. • Worldwide, Huntsman’s manufacturing plants are actively managing energy consumption, minimizing waste and reducing emissions. A participant in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Save Energy Now program, Huntsman has committed to reducing energy use 25% by 2020.
  3. 3. A world of products and marketsHuntsman serves a variety of end markets, the largest of which isconsumer related, followed by paints and coatings, insulation andother construction materials, chemicals, energy and aerospace.We hold global leadership positions – number one or two – in manyproduct categories, such as MDI (diphenylmethane diisocyanate),polyurethane catalysts, epoxy adhesives, epoxy powder coatingsystems, aerospace composites, electrical insulating materials,textile effect chemicals, polyetheramines, ethylene andpropylene carbonates and maleic anhydride.To serve these and other key industries, Huntsman has five businessdivisions: Performance Products, Advanced Materials, Pigments,Polyurethanes and Textile Effects.PerformanceProductsOur Performance Productsdivision manufacturesand markets a wide rangeof products primarilybased on amines,surfactants, carbonatesand maleic anhydride. The Performance Products business is a leading global producer of intermediate chemistries and technologies that add value and competitive advantage to customers worldwide. Our solutions find application in the most diverse markets and industries, and with innovation as our life-blood, the list continues to grow. Our integrated families of industrial and consumer-oriented intermediates are primarily based on amines, surfactants, carbonates, glycols and maleic anhydride. As we strive to develop effective, sustainable solutions for our clients ever-changing needs, customer intimacy and understanding is critical. Our partnerships in turn shape and affect the daily lives of people around the world by enabling continual innovation. We serve a very wide variety of end-markets including agrochemicals, household and industrial cleaning, beauty and personal care, adhesives and sealants, composites, epoxy curatives, inks, paints and coatings, polymers, polyurea, polyurethane coatings and additives, automotive, ceramics, electronics, gas treating, textiles, construction, lubricant and fuel additives, metalworking, mining and oilfield chemicals and paper and water treatment. A Commercial Licensing Group, which sits within the Performance Products business, licenses all Huntsman manufacturing technologies on a global basis.
  4. 4. Advanced MaterialsHuntsman Advanced Materialscapabilities in high-performanceadhesives, sealants andcomposites serve over 3,000customers in 80 countries withinnovative, tailor-made solutionsand more than 1,500 productswhich address globalengineering challenges. Huntsman Advanced Materials is a leading global chemical solutions provider with a long heritage of pioneering technologically advanced epoxy, acrylic and polyurethane-based polymer products for customers requiring high-performance materials that outperform the properties, functionality and durability of traditional materials. Over 2,300 associates at 13 locations worldwide work to fulfil this promise every day. Pigments Huntsman Pigments is an award winning, leading global producer of specialist titanium dioxide pigments. We are passionate about creating value for our customers with titanium solutions that meet the needs of an ever changing world. Our titanium dioxide pigments primarily deliver whiteness, brightness and opacity to a vast range of products; from coatings and polymers to cosmetics and food. They can also help to increase the longevity of products and in some cases help to reduce energy consumption, saving cost and associated CO2 emissions. We have been manufacturing titanium dioxide pigments for more than 75 years and are proud to serve a wide range of market sectors. Our experts have created global brands that include TIOXIDE ® titanium dioxide pigment, award winning DELTIO® free-flow titanium dioxide pigment and our very latest innovation, ALTIRIS® infrared reflecting pigment that gives exterior coatings and polymers in almost any color the power to reflect solar energy.
  5. 5. Polyurethanes Huntsman Polyurethanes is a global leader in MDI-based polyurethanes, serving over 3,500 customers in more than 90 countries. We have worldscale production facilities in the US, the Netherlands and China, and 13 highly capable downstream formulation facilities which are located close to our customers, worldwide.Our MDI-based polyurethanes are used in an extensive range of applications and market sectors,providing key benefits of energy efficiency, comfort and well-being.Our insulation products conserve energy in housing and commercial properties, and play a criticalrole in the food supply chain – keeping products at the right temperature in refrigerated vehicles,chiller cabinets and refrigerators. We provide comfort and well-being in automotive seating, furniture,bedding and footwear. Our adhesive products, coatings and elastomers are used extensivelythroughout consumer and industrial applications.The benefits our products provide mean that we can play an important role in addressing some ofthe emerging global megatrends such as demographic challenges; energy management and theneed to address climate change; access to food and clean water; urbanization and society’s desirefor increased mobility. We do this in partnership with our customers through our innovation,responsiveness and commitment.Textile EffectsWith operations in 110 countriesand 14 manufacturing facilitiesin 12 countries (China, Thailand,India, Mexico, Switzerland,Germany, USA, Colombia,Guatemala, Indonesia, Turkey,Pakistan), Huntsman TextileEffects is uniquely positioned toprovide fast and expert technicalservice wherever our customersare based. Huntsman Textile Effects is the leading global provider of high quality dyes and chemicals to the textile and related industries. Research, innovation and sustainability are at the heart of what we do and we use cutting edge technology to develop innovative solutions to create products and technologies with intelligent effects, such as built in freshness, sun protection or state-of-the-art dyes to reduce water and energy consumption, meeting the needs of our customers and supporting a more sustainable environment.
  6. 6. Global headquartersHuntsman Corporation10003 Woodloch Forest DriveThe WoodlandsTexas 77380USATelephone +1 281 719 6000Fax +1 281 719 6416www.huntsman.comCopyright © 2013 Huntsman Corporation or an affiliate thereof. All rights reserved.The use of the symbol ® herein signifies the registration of the associated trademark in one or more, but not all, countries.