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Voice Online: Day 1

Voice Online: Day 1






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    Voice Online: Day 1 Voice Online: Day 1 Presentation Transcript

    • The Voice Online
    • Overview of Lessons
      The Voice Online Training
    • This Week
      Thursday: Introduction to Website, Each Section & What is YOUR job?
      Friday: IN LAB: Kapost
      Monday: IN LAB: Kapost
      Tuesday: IN LAB: Wordpress
      Wednesday: IN LAB Google Apps
      Thursday & Friday: Practice
    • Day 1
      Introduction to Website
    • What is it?
    • What is it?
      The Voice Online is the next generation of Publications Productions at Huntley High School
      It will be daily content created by you
      Content will include:
    • Where is it?
    • Now we are going to take a tour
    • Each Month
      You will choose to be in a section in the paper and a team online
      The Echo
      Arts & Entertainment
      Special Projects
      Social Media & Live Coverage
      You must be in both
      You can mix and match these
    • The Sections
    • News
      You are expected to write 4-5 inverted pyramid articles online per month
      Topics can range from Speech Team to Mr. Johnson enacts new policy
      Team Leader: Brendon Urban
      News Editor
    • Sports
      You will be assigned a sport and will do game stories for that sport each week.
      There will be a total of 4 game stories completed each month.
      Deadline: the morning after the game or night of.
      You will also provide some coverage on JV and freshman sports as well.
      You will populate scores into their assigned teams.
      You will be required to contact coaches and players to make sure it is up to date for all the teams and sports in the FVC.
      Team Leader: MarekMakowski
      Sports Editor
    • Social Media & Live Coverage
      You will promote the website and its articles on your personal social media accounts
      Tweet from BOE meetings, Sporting Events, and other Special Events
      You are expected to manage the Facebook and Twitter for one week to promote the site
      You are also expected to do live coverage of 5 events over the period of a month whether it be “live-tweeting,” or Live Video
      Team Leader: Michael Geheren
      Online Editor
    • Special Projects
      You will be required to do the following things over the course of a month:
      Populate at least 20 (TBD amount) of Events in the calendar
      Do at least 2-3 college stories for the database
      Create 2-3 inforgraphics as requested by section editors
      Work collaboratively one one special project like the Harry Potter thing done by FHN
      Team Leaders: Ashley Knipp and Sydney Hellgeth
      Features and Echo Editors
    • Blogs
      Each month you will do either:
      2 reviews or columns for Arts and Entertainment
      2 columns in Opinion
      And the answer to the Opinion question of the month.
      1-2 articles for Arts and Entertainment (don’t have to be long)
      2 Columns in Opinion
      And the answer to the Opinion question of the month
      Team Leaders: Bailey Poczos and Mitch Urban
      Opinion and A&E Editors
    • Multimedia
      In a month you will work on 2 video projects as well as a video documentary series. You will also be asked to do audio editing and slideshows.
      Team Leader: Tyler Davis
      Editor in Chief
    • The Sections
      In print
    • News
      More “feature-type” stories
      Extended coverage of Breaking News
      Editor: Brendon Urban
    • Opinion
      Letter to the Editor
      Editor: Bailey Poczos
    • Features
      Feature Articles
      Big Photos
      Editor: Ashley Knipp
    • The Echo (Doubletruck)
      The normal
      Editor: Sydney Hellgeth
    • Arts & Entertainment
      Feature type Entertainment Stories
      Editor: Mitch Urban
    • Sports
      Feature (SI) type sports stories
      Season highlights
      Editor: MarekMakowski
    • Special Teams
      These are optional teams that you can join
    • Breaking News
      Breaking News team will consist of all the editors plus a few staff members
      How you get in: We are looking for people who care about journalism and not just the grade
      What you will be expected to do:
      Look for stories
      Report them
      Edit them
      In this team you must be “on call” at all times in case the school burns down or breaking news happens
      Team Leader: Michael Geheren
      Online Editor
    • Review Team (Critics Row)
      You will write TV, Movie, Music, Website and Restaurant Review for the newspaper and online
      Only one person will be selected for each category
      Team Leader: Mitch Urban
      A&E Editor
    • Opinion Columnist
      You can apply to be the opinion columnist and your duties would be as follows:
      Write an column additional to your monthly duties in both the print and online editions
      Team Leader: Bailey Poczos
    • Sports Columnist
      You can apply to be the sports columnist and your duties would be as follows:
      Write an column additional to your monthly duties in both the print and online editions
      Team Leader: MarekMakowski
      Sports Editor
    • Your Job
      Here are the duties of each person on staff for the website
    • Online Editor
      Edit Articles
      Design Site
      Syndicate Content
      Aggregate Content
      Push Promotion
      Manage/Plan Content with Managing Editor
      Write Briefs if Content is Needed
      Write Breaking News
      Coordinate Special Projects
      Manage Comments
      AND do all the jobs of a Newspaper Staff Writer
      Michael Geheren
    • Managing Editor
      Assist with Print Editor and Online Editor
      Copy Edit
      Plan content for print and site with online and print Editors
      Manage deadlines and check in on writers
      Check in with section editors everyday to make sure there is a correct balance of content
      AND do all the jobs of a newspaper staff writer
      Randi Peterson
    • Section Editor
      Assign Articles with Managing Editor for Your Section
      Manage Deadlines
      Copy Edit
      Provide feedback to writers
      Make sure enough content is online and in print
      Design Print Pages
      AND do all the jobs of a Newspaper Staff Writer
      Brendon Urban | Bailey Poczos | Ashley Knipp | Sydney Hellgeth | Mitch Urban | MarekMakowski
    • Staff Writer
      Complete your idea sheet for the month
      Write an article for the print
      Join an online team and do requirements set by each editor
      Read/evaluate an article of your choosing
      Sit for an editing exam
      Submit monthly evaluations as assigned by Brown
      Work at least one shift in School Grounds
    • Photographer
      Get assignments from staff (at least 2 per week)
      Check in with photo and section editors
      Take at least 40-50 photos at each assignment
      Upload to server
      Dump bad ones
      Upload to site
      Caption photos
      Create photo galleries if needed
      Complete Idea Sheet
      Upload to selling site
      Work at least one shift in School Grounds per month
      Submit monthly evaluations as assigned by Brown
    • Planning
    • Beats
      You will be assigned XX beats. You will visit them [TIME FRAME HERE].
      Your beat could be the speech team. If that would be the case you would visit who? Mr. George, Mr. Sturm, a Speech student or two.
      Your beat is the business and career exploration department. Who would you interview? Mrs. Eibl (team leader), Mrs. Graft
      You could also be assigned Mr. Johnson or Dr. Burkey
    • Planning: In Print
    • Planning: Online
      Depending on your section you will be assigned articles. We will have rolling deadlines so that new content is on the site daily.
      If you are in sports you will typically cover one team for the entire month. Any other section will have a variety of projects. You and your section editor will come up with content ideas.
      The managing editor and online editor will set the deadlines and make sure content is balanced
    • Tomorrow
      We will learn Kapost in the Computer Lab.
    • Reminder
      Next week y’all start coffee shop
      Photo Deadline 1 is tomorrow
      BOE meeting next Thursday for all interested (hopefully website is approved!!)