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Adknowledge performance advertising.pptx brands

  1. 1. State of the Space The graphical (display, mobile, video, and social) digital market continues to grow very fast in a very fragmented manner across the internet ad space. Advertisers, agencies and publishers are seeking one company that can bring an integrated platform across display, email, video, mobile and social media to help drive greater value and make it easier to achieve their core objectives.
  2. 2. – Who are we and what do we do. Adknowledge, the leading long tail marketplace, is a single destination for all of your online marketing needs outside of search. We generate millions of clicks per day by targeting your ads through social media, games, display, email and mobile. We work with top agencies and brands to assist with strategy development and generating revenue within the digital ad space.
  3. 3. Introduction| Experience & Knowledge Founded in 2004, Adknowledge is the Recent Awards & Press 4th largest online performance marketplace "The Next Google” - CNBC We are the ONE-STOP-SHOP for hard-to-reach places on the web Similar ROI to search The $100M Revenue Club: $300 Million Annual Revenue "Adknowledge Weaves Web of Ads" 300 Employees Offices in Kansas City, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Fort Myers, London, Toronto Top 20 CPA Affiliate Network Key facts 60+ billion impressions per month One of the “Fastest Growing Over 10,000 advertisers Companies” Reach 300 million people globally3
  4. 4. The Leading Long Tail Marketplace 4th Largest ad marketplace Connect with your target audiences outside traditional search Unduplicated reach Tap into a wide variety of performance and brand-engagement formats Traffic quality similar to search Deliver highly-targeted ads to those most likely to respond4
  5. 5. Growth| Organic and Through Acquisitions Adknowledge Chronology 2004 - 2012 Adknowledge has grown organically and through acquisitions to establish itself as the largest privately held Internet advertising network enabling advertisers to reach the long tail.5
  6. 6. Reaching People Where They Spend Their Time U.S. Monthly Online Time Spent on Most Heavily Used Internet Sectors (Millions of Hours) Social Networks 906 Games 407 Email 329 Videos/Movies 156 Portals 160 Instant Messaging 176 Search 138 Software Info 131 Multi-Category Entertainment 111 Classifieds/Auction 107 Source: Nielsen NetView6
  7. 7. Some of our Advertisers: >>Direct Response and Brands7
  8. 8. Advertising Products and Features Your single source destination to a wide variety of performance and brand engagement formats. Display Contextual Email Facebook Ads Rich Media/Video Mobile
  9. 9. Tap Into our Large Content Network Looking for an audience outside of Search? Reach users across hundreds of categories, including: Automotive 7.5 million monthly impressions Finance 107 million monthly Impressions Entertainment 1.5 Billion monthly impressions Food & Drink 18 million monthly impressions News 715 million monthly impressions Sports 156 million monthly impressions Travel 15 million monthly impressions And hundreds more! Tool Bars In-Text Pop-Overs Pop-Unders 2nd Tier Search
  10. 10. Direct Response (CPC) | Expansive Reach from a single source Self-serve platform provides efficiency & scale Set bid price for each ad click Easy-to-use, search marketing Traffic Estimator: workflow Shows estimated rank, traffic and cost/day Bid on CPC for categories Bids start at $0.10 and are based on what the advertiser is willing to pay Advertisers receive exposure across channels Ads in Games Banners & Video Email & Websites10
  11. 11. Direct Response (CPA) | Pure Performance Scale Fortune 500 Companies Over 2,000 publishers through our Search, Display, Email and Social Channels Brand Integrity and Safety Choose the Performance Receive leads and customers on a CPA basis CPL, CPO, CPS, CPV, CPI available
  12. 12. Social Media | Multiple Channels of EngagementTap Into Social Ads Banner Ads in over 1,200 applications monetize their content Sponsored Ads for Virtual currency Pre-roll video and incentivized video Official Access to the Facebook ads API. CPM, CPC , CPI / CPA and Fan pricing available*
  13. 13. Adknowledge Mobile | Rapidly Growing Reach Grow Your Business in the Mobile Space Generate high-qualified leads with 3 billion impressions per month Yahoo! PTQS (Partner Traffic Quality Score) equals 9 out of 10 Tap into 14 million relevant clicks per month Traffic expected to grow 131% by 2013 Experience high-margin ROI with competitive pricing Target Your Desired Mobile Audience Geo-targeting and mobile device targeting Ability to detect mobile OS in real-time Category-driven campaign targeting allows mobile audience penetration without keywords Smart Pricing™ technology ensures consistent, high-quality mobile traffic with real-time traffic scoring and filtering Slides on our click to call product: UFQ
  14. 14. Understanding Online Marketers’ Strategies, Tactics and Needs What are your online marketing objectives? •Branding •Direct Response •Social What channels do you currently buy through? •Search •Display •Email •Social •Video •Mobile How do you currently buy? •Performance pricing •CPM •Programmatic What are the pain points you’re experiencing today? •Transparency •Performance •Brand Safety •Control
  15. 15. Thank you for considering Adknowledge.For a proposal, Jim Poshek contact: Senior Account Executive Brand Performance Team [d] 646.213.4670 [c] 239.560.7983 [f] 646.213.4663