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This the budget presentation that was given by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office (Colorado) to the Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) on 10-15-12 at 2:45-3:45 in the BCC Board ...

This the budget presentation that was given by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office (Colorado) to the Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) on 10-15-12 at 2:45-3:45 in the BCC Board Room.



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  • The appropriate step/grade is why most of us signed contracts with the sheriff's office. I said I would work here for two years, and they would give me a step in grade increase until a certain point when I top out. I haven't seen a pay increase in four years, and I am not where I was told I would be, yet I am being held over for overtime to help out with staffing because people keep leaving. I for one am tired and burnt out. I keep exposing myself to the evils of this job in order to keep the public and my brothers safe, and yet I struggle at home. It almost seems inevitable with the increase in every day expenses, and the inactive pay scale that they keep promising I will eventually become a statistic and lose my home.
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  • Is the top where they say we are and the bottom where they would like to be?
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    2013 budget powerpoint 101512v3 2013 budget powerpoint 101512v3 Presentation Transcript

    • Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office 2013 Budget Summary
    • Vision StatementTo contribute to the enhancement and maintenance of the quality of life for our Community. Mission Statement To work in partnership with our diverse communities in providing excellence of service, criminal justice education, and to promote mutual trust and respect. Values Statement A Commitment To Serve Our Community.As law enforcement professionals, we pledge to serve the Jefferson County community, build trust and confidence, and respond to community needs with: –INTEGRITY - We interact with each other and the community we serve with honesty, dignity, and respect. –INNOVATION - We respond to the communitys needs with vision and initiative, relying on both traditional and non-traditional problem solving methods. –PARTNERSHIP - We actively promote a spirit of teamwork and cooperation through open communication and the free exchange of ideas. –SERVICE - We continuously develop our skills and talents to provide top quality, responsive, effective law enforcement services. – ACCOUNTABILITY - We ensure judicious management of human, financial, and physical resources.
    • Duties of the Sheriff• The county sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer of the county, responsible for maintaining the peace and enforcing state criminal laws.• The sheriff operates the county jail, and must maintain and feed prisoners.• The sheriff is the fire warden for prairie or forest fires in the county.• The sheriff must attend to the courts and is required to serve and execute processes, subpoenas, writs and orders as directed by the court.• The sheriff performs certain functions in connection with sales of real and personal property to satisfy debt or tax liens.
    • 2013 Budget Highlights• Funding Salary Schedule Adjustments• Fleet• Building Maintenance• Detentions• IT Disaster Recovery• Mountain Precinct Sub Station• Emergency Management
    • Budgeted Patrol Officers per 1,000 Budgeted Patrol Total Serviceable Patrol Officers Population Population Officers per 1,000Adams 460,846 88,292 125.5 1.4Arapahoe 590,675 86,499 138 1.6Boulder 299,378 43,439 102 2.3Douglas 297,485 172,950 132.5 0.8El Paso 642,538 173,328 121 0.7Jefferson 535,311 188,057 187 1.0Larimer 308,439 73,574 61 0.8Mesa 151,539 71,607 82 1.1Pueblo 160,545 50,700 71 1.4Weld 264,528 42,684 86.25 2.0Arvada 103,773 166 1.6Lakewood 143,195 181 1.3Westminster 106,114 155 1.5Wheat Ridge 30,206 62 2.1Based on Patrol Officers / serviceable population * 1,000 Wt. Avg 1.2
    • Unincorporated Jeffco Schools Number High Schools 5 Middle Schools 9 Elementary 34 Charter 6 Special (Mt. View Det.) 1 Total 55
    • Average Daily Jail Population Average Daily Number of Inmates per Agency Jail Capacity Population Personnel EmployeeAdams 1,735 1,139 282 4.0Arapahoe 1,464 1,159 308 3.8Denver 2,256 886 2.5Douglas 466 294 147 2.0El Paso 1,599 1,333 370 3.6Jefferson 1,326 1,372 371 3.7Larimer 557 454 181 2.5Weld 619 578 213 2.7 Based on average daily population / number of personnel Wt. Avg 3.1
    • Salary Ranges 2012 Current Sworn Structure   Distance Market Range BetweenOfficial Job Title Job Code FLSA Grade Minimum Point Maximum Spread Midpoints  Deputy Sheriff Trainee SODST1 NE SO1 $47,905 $47,905 $47,905      Deputy Sheriff SODS01 NE SO2 $49,133 $59,004 $70,916 44.33% 23% SDS Specialty SOSDS1 NE SO3 $52,133 $61,107 $73,916 41.78% 4% Sergeant SOSGT4 NE SO4 $72,827 $80,891 $89,253 22.55% 32% Lieutenant SOLT04 E SO5 $89,640 $96,574 $103,508 15.47% 19% Captain SOCPT5 E SO6 $103,428 $108,774 $114,120 10.34% 13%    2012 Mountain States 80th percentile Data Model One   Market Market Distance Delta Minimum Market Maximum Range Between betweenOfficial Job Title Job Code FLSA Grade 80th Point 80th Spread Midpoints midpointsDeputy Sheriff Trainee SODST1 NE SO1 $50,866 $50,866 $50,866     6.18%Deputy Sheriff SODS01 NE SO2 $51,963 $62,566 $73,168 40.81% 23% 6.04%SDS Specialty SOSDS1 NE SO3 $53,824 $65,068 $76,312 41.78% 4% 6.48%Sergeant SOSGT4 NE SO4 $76,039 $84,792 $93,545 23.02% 30% 4.82%Lieutenant SOLT04 E SO5 $88,293 $99,493 $110,693 25.37% 17% 3.02%Captain SOCPT5 E SO6 $96,907 $111,638 $126,368 30.40% 12% 2.63%Model One focuses on the minimum and maximum pay ranges for the 80th percentile pay range for data provided by Mountain States on6/15/2012. Model One is the closest to the current pay structure in terms of steps between positions(see the Delta between midpoints scores).Numbers in red lacked enough data from the survey and needed to be extrapolated.
    • 2013 Salary Request• The County currently pays 6% below the average weighted salary of the other agencies.• The County currently pays 13% below the actual 80th percentile.• Law Enforcement opportunities in other agencies are increasing.• Deputies are leaving our organization for better pay, benefits and compensation certainty.
    • 2013 Salary Request• We have seen 26 sworn employees with 12 yrs average work experience leave our agency so far this year.• Additionally, we have seen 21 non-sworn employees with 9 yrs average work experience leave our agency so far this year.• If our current trend continues, our attrition rate will increase from 3.9% in 2011 to 7.8% in 2012.• Our target attrition rate is 5%.
    • 2013 Salary Request• Based on the data gathered by MSEC, salary adjustments are needed to allow us to meet a standardized pay philosophy and move employees to the appropriate step/grade as follows: 2013 $2,636,426 2014 $1,318,213 2015 $1,318,213 Total $5,272,852
    • Fleet The Sheriff’s Office vehicle fleet is currently on a 6 year replacement schedule based on estimate mileage.• This request adheres to the 20% cut we have seen in previous years. 2013 Capital Request for Vehicle Replacement $1,411,840
    • Building Maintenance Unit• Building Maintenance Unit is responsible for: – 458,883 square feet – An additional 45,000 at Phase One Expansion Project to start in 2013.• Authorized strength is13 employees – Current work load demand requires minimum 3 additional FTE. – 2012 OT anticipated to be $129k. – 3 emergency hires.• Additional Factors: – Age of the facility and equipment – Preventative maintenance program – Expanding facilities – Accreditation requirements – Requirement for building upgrades – Increasing inmate populations• Request of 3 FTE’s is necessary to meet current workload demand.
    • Building Maintenance UnitAdditional FTE’s (3) $ 177,394Level 5 Equipment Replacement $ 400,000Building Waterproofing $ 169,355Major Maintenance & Repair $ 359,650Touch Screen Upgrade $ 30,000Grease Trap Interceptor $ 92,963Nurse Call Lights $ 65,000 Total $1,294,362
    • Detentions Unit• Mental Health Services: • Contract Service – 2012 Contract Service Budget $ 161,245 – 2013 Medical Increase $ 52,643 2013 Contract Service required funding $ 213,888 • Body Scan Machine: $ 49,944• Total 2013 Increase request $ 102,587
    • Information Technology Unit•• IT Disaster Recovery: • Fund Disaster Recovery Site $ 350,000• PC Replacement : $ 396,400• 2013 Increase request $ 746,400
    • Mountain Sub Station• New Mountain Sub Station $10,000,00• 2013 request $ 2,500,000
    • Emergency ManagementEmergency Management:• Equipment Maintenance $ 15,000• S-330 Skid Steer $102,2002013 Emergency Management Request $117,200 Note: The S-330 Skid Steer may be purchased in 2012 by State Reimbursement
    • JCSO 2013 Budget Requests• Funding Salary Schedule Adjustments $2,636,426• Building Maintenance (3 FTE’s)• Capital Requests $3,312,408• Statutory Mandated Functions $ 52,643• Body Scan Machines $49,944• Nurse Call Lights $65,000• Mountain Precinct $2,500,000• EM Equipment Maintenance $15,000 QUESTIONS?