This, That, These and Those + Exercise


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This, That, These and Those + Exercise

  1. 1. This, That, These and Those Singular Plural Here This These There That Those We use this (singular) and these (plural) to refer to something that is here / near. We use that (singular) and those (plural) to refer to something that is there / far. If an action is near in time we tend to use this / these. If an action has finished or is in the past we use that / those. This is a good meal. (at the time of eating) Those girls we met last night were silly. (an event that happened in the past).  "That's" usually sounds much better than to say, "That is."  This, these, and those can't take contractions. Complete each sentence or question. 1. Can you pass me _____ book beside you, please? 2. _____ workers are more productive than those ones. 3. He doesn't like ____ shoes here. Those ones there appear more like his style. 4. Don't paint this room. You can paint _____ room. 5. Look at ____ man over there! He's not wearing any clothes! 6. Hello. _______ Patrick. Can I speak to Murray, please? 7. My grandmother never wore trousers when she was young. In _____ days it wasn't acceptable. 8. I'm going to London again ____ week-end. Do you want to come? 9. Come and smell __________ flowers. They smell really nice 10. _____________ is the first time I have ever seen an eclipse. 11. ______________ was the first time I had ever seen a rhinocerous. 12. ______________ apples were rotten so I threw them away. 13. What's the name of ____ song by Robbie Williams we heard yesterday? 14. Here we are. ____ where I live. 15. I want _____ boxes over there put in the corner with the others. 16. My grandparents live in ____ house over there. 17. _____ time you must try harder to pass the exam and not fail it again. 18. Is the bus station in this direction or ____ direction? 19. _____ workers are more productive than those ones. 20. Yes, he jumped out _____ window and not this one. 21. Please take ____ letters over there to the post office. 22. Does _____ person over there come here every day? 23. No, this is not the correct apartment. _____ apartment is on the next floor.